1. TheBod

    New to this and curious

    Hello there I am very attracted to female dogs, but currently don't have the means to own a dog. But I am very curious. Are there any places, I can experience sex with one. I live close to the Hungarian border, and heard it's legal there, is this true? I know these are probably stupid questions...
  2. AnimalLover2004

    How do I encourage my male cats to lick my pussy?

    (he/him ftm trans guy here- hi!) i've been into beastiality ever since i can remember and now i feel i'm ready to begin physically engaging! We have two male cats, one intact 5 month old and one neutered nearly 2 year old. The younger is actually a fair bit interested, and has given a couple of...
  3. ZZkie

    I wanted to give consent to my Best Friend's (F) Dog

    I've been recently into Beastiality this past week and I really wanted to fuck a female canine so much. And then I remembered that I have my Best Friend's Dog, she's Female and her name is Delcy, she's a half-Pomeranian and half-Dachshund breed. Every time I visit to my friend's house, she...
  4. WizNick

    Advice on training a butt to take a dog

    So down the road if an opportunity presented itself I'd love to experience getting mounted by a dog and filled, but with that said I never really do anal stuff. So what are some tips, devices, etc to help prepare me for that moment when a dog takes me? My first thought is Bad Dragon dildos but...
  5. WizNick

    What States have the biggest zoo communities?

    I've mostly been a midwest guy with a few years in Tennessee as well but never encountered anyone else into this stuff. What states have the biggest communities so I can consider moving to one in the future?
  6. fuckedbydog01

    When's a good age to have my dog mount me?

    I have a 6-7 month old intact male golden retriever. Was just wondering if that's too early to try to have him mount me. If it is please let me know and what age is a good age to start. Sorry if this is the wrong thread
  7. P

    [I need advice] Will people find out, how can I avoid being caught

    I do not wish to explain my exact situation, but im in a situation where I want to get into zoophilia, and have had oral sex with my female dog. Either way because I still live with my parents due to econonical reasons, I have to keep things hidden, but as my parents wish to take my dog to...
  8. Cali_been

    My first post

    Hello everyone!!! I'm pretty new to zoo but it turns me on so much. I would love to get to know some people in the community. Also since I'm such a newbie, I would love to get some advice from some more experienced people. I have a German shepherd and his name is Winston. Would love to get some...
  9. J

    I need advice on my GF and her dog

    So I have never had any experience with this stuff and I was afraid to try reddit so I went this a site more anonymous to protect our identities. I've been with my girlfriend D for about 3 months, but I have known her since we were kids over 10 years as really good friends. we started having...
  10. Canine Smith

    Advice on dealing with loneliness.

    Zoophilia was something I that just came alongside my puberty, to the point when I'd get family pointing out nice looking women walking dogs I often didn't spare the woman more than a passing glance as I wanted to check out the dog. Fantasize about if it were my own dog, I've never been opposed...
  11. alana22

    How do I teach my dog its okay to lick?

    Hi! Im realatively new to the zoo scene and to this forum aswell and I was hoping for some advice. So my dog was trained to not lick people by her previous owners when she was a puppy and I was wondering how do I encourage licking not just in general but also in a sexual sense. Ive been trying...
  12. F

    Corgi Relationship

    I’ve been thinking about beginning one with a corgi for quite some time and have tried to research things to note about them but was wondering if anyone on here has any experience or advice on the matter? Honestly love them but want to know if they make good partners :) Thanks for the help ❤️
  13. N

    How to have fun with a mare in a field without a shelter ?

    I (24M) am quite new to the zoo world, so I'm asking you for some things that you might find obvious (forgive my ignorance). I have access to two mares in a field next to a trail. I'm currently getting to know them, and I'd love to go further than the classical grooming. To do so, I think the...
  14. Y

    How to make dog more interested?

    Hello I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but my GF and I recently wanted to try having some fun with her dogs she has an older dog 5 years and a 8 month old pup both boys. Thing is they're both neutered and don't seem interested in her at all? The pup licks her if she uses...
  15. S

    My life is waiting for me

    Hello, I’m new here. I’m a french canadian so I’m sorry if my english is not good as yours. It’s so good to meet people who share the same kind of love and pleasure as me. I don’t feel so alone anymore. For those who are in a relationship, how did you confess your wild side, how did it goes and...
  16. B

    Is being 18 y/o too young to be a bestiality fan ?

    Hi everyone, I am new here, and want to know if me already liking bestiality at 18 (I am a boy), is acceptable or not. I don't know if it matters or not, but I DO NOT enjoy male humans and female animals. I only like it when male animals consciously themselves come and engage in sex with FEMALE...
  17. Mammal-lover

    Im torn on if i should get a dog or go to school for dream job.

    So im posting this on zooville rather someplace like reddit as you guys and gals can fully appreciate and understand the question I am asking. I've been working a really good job that I hate for awhile now and because of it I have the resources to be able to support a dog at long last even if...
  18. N

    Tips or advice on 2 bitches

    So right now I'm very excited as by summer I'll be able to get my own place finally. I am a straight male and was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice for keeping 2 bitches. Specifically 2 German shepherds. I've been looking around and from what I've seen it seems that it's not a good...
  19. Y

    Need advice on when to introduce bitch to sex

    I was living with a friend and he had a young pitbull I got along with, I would give her belly rubs and play with her quite often. He wasn't really around much and I have thought about doing things with her but I wasn't sure how to go about doing it at the time. I live alone now and could get a...
  20. StellasFallow

    Dog cant mount properly?

    Hi! im stella (not real name), and i registered, pretty much just to ask this, me and my dog have been attempting things, but despite him being a very large dog, unless im on my back and on a square straw bale, he cant seem to get it in, when i can get him to mount me on the ground, he seems to...
  21. Z

    New looking for some info

    Hey folks I’m very new to the zoo scene to the point I haven’t done anything with an animal yet but I LOVE zoo porn and I think I’d really like to try it with a female dog but have a few questions. Things like, how do I warm the dog up to it because I don’t wanna molest her, is there any...
  22. S

    Found out my boyfriend is a zoo. confused and need advice.

    bear with me. english is not my first language. my boyfriend left his laptop unlocked and i saw his posts on here. he is a zoo and he posted about keeping this from me. he posted about wanting to meet up with someone and have his first experience. i am more upset about this as he is planning on...
  23. Zeb

    Introducing Myself / Looking for Group Chats

    Hi, I'm Zeb (or ζeb). I'm an 18 year old male. I just joined the forums today, but I've been a zoo for quite sometime now. At least a few years. Though, I don't have any experience and I'm looking to join a group chat so I can gain advice on what to do, or just meet other zoos and make some...
  24. SalemCromwell95

    dog breed advice

    I've been wanting to adopt a bitch and im looking for size and temperament advice. I want a breed that is on the calmer side. Im not the biggest guy in the world (just under 6'' but im thick about the size of a half dollar coin) so im looking for a dog that can take me completely in the vagina...
  25. kcj

    beginner advice

    im new to the site and animal intercourse i would like some advice on the best animal to be my first. Any suggestions?
  26. monkeyman

    How to not be afraid of horses

    Hi everyone, this is my first post. Ive always wanted to have a passionate relationship with a mare, but the problem is, im afraid of them. I always fear they Will harm me. Are there any ways to overcome this?
  27. dolly1

    Best breed for a beginner

    So I’ve been interested in Female x Male Dog sex for a while but never had the opportunity to fulfill my fantasy. Now that I’m in the position to own a dog, I’m curious at dog penis sizes. How did you choose your first dog to mate with? I’ve stumbled on a post here about breed sizes and all I...
  28. Flint

    Achieving Prostate Orgasm

    Hi, I have been wanting to make this thread for a while now, but couldn't decide what category to put it under, so I figured this would be as good as any. I have been experimenting on my own for a little under a year now, I am now 18 and I have never been able to achieve prostate orgasm. I was...