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I share the same point of view on this subject, the scalpel should be directed towards "the men" in view of the galloping overpopulation instead of this concern of dogs in general ways
It's been a weird secret for me for a while now, I'm glad I'm not alone in it. I don't think there's anyone i know anyone that would I would be willing to tell.
It's always something i felt was there playing on the back of mind and now recently I'm accepting its who I am and I yearn for the day I find the courage to take things further with my boy outside of kisses and cuddles. Thank you for creating this blog
I love listening to you in the car you are all so nice and funny.
Thanks for listening! I'm glad someone enjoys our dorky brand of humor <3
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I always thought my intimacy with horses was based on true love and a way I could give of myself totally and uniquely to my horses. Your words have given me peace.
always thought i was wierd