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for my part dogs neutered / neutered too early when the growth is not finished include big future problems for the dog .. I had the painful bad experience. since then I refuse castrations in male dogs unless medical problems
Please do leave more. This is so apropos to me, except I'd be anthro instead of human, among other anthros. This does reflect my life at present. Though Tolkein said "not all who wonder are lost." I feel as if I am a new forest, that feels like home, but also feels new.
As its is said in the abstract the author did a search of key words and focused on sites specializing in mental health issues, correlating the comorbidity of such to zoophilia. Its like doing a key word search of "tire" "accident" "demolition derby" and then focusing on forums about demolition derbies and finding out a significant amount of cars with wheels had a collision, then concluding that cars with wheels are highly likely to crash. Another case of biasing research methods for a more desired outcome, an attempt to alter perceptions increasing the image of deviance and illness to give feelings of support to those against zoophilia and its irrational classification as mental illness to justify some of the barbaric treatment methods proposed which look more like punishments than true solutions (at least they haven't proposed lobotomies, yet. Maybe Anil Aggrawal does it in a few years).

Another search for any negative correlation to it, from penile cancer, Alzheimer and now a high comorbidity to other classified mental issues. As stated by others the author of the study also makes a noticeable insinuation that zoophiles are likely to be pedos and psychopaths even when other studies have showed the opposite at least in psychopathy and violence.

And after further research (I apologize for replacing my review 2 times but I had to link to the original article were he was exposed) I decided to change my rating. My critique stands even when it becomes kind of unnecessary. I have found that the author; Damian Jacob Sendler is an unlicensed and untrained psychiatrist and sex specialist, already caught and uncovered as a fake sex expert. for anyone curious about that please read the next report

So as it can be read, he envelops himself as a benefactor then works in favor to whatever might give him the most gains. Zoophilia being such a taboo and abhorrent concept for most people he can get big bucks to use his fame to publish such kind of crap research against us, anyone who wants to see us classified as deviant sure would have the interest of financially supporting him, money is after all what he seems to seek and the reason of his fraud
I love hearing your have come to grips with your guilt and feelings - I am always interested in how people started down this road. Looking forward to part 2!
The zoo community needs more female perspectives on the zoo lifestyle. It's very refreshing to read real life events that apply to a lot of zoosexual's from a woman's point of view. Keep writing and I'll keep reading! Thanks
You're wonderful, hope we can chat soon...
Found the podcast through a YouTube video denouncing it and portraying it as a disgusting and evil thing. But they managed to get you guys a new subscriber lol. I guess sometimes bad publicity can be a good thing.. love the show, and keep up the great work
All publicity is good publicity! I'm glad you found your way here <3