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Interesting to read and some of it is cool ps sigma how did you get so smart?????
The trick is that I am not really special at all. Yes, some people are born with "gifts," but those "gifts" are usually narrowly defined. People that have them can struggle in other specific areas, interestingly. In the end, what matters more is what you are interested in and how willing you are to pursue that interest. I have a few narrowly defined interests, so I read a lot about them. I care about those interests, and caring deeply about something, for years at a time without ever losing interest, is really more powerful than ability.
Newest ep was funny as hell amazing job
New here was on bf for years just found this site. Good article.
Interesting read with some not unsurprising conclusions considering its limited and in some cases irrelevant to today source material .
But yet again it gives little time to the continuing influence on limiting true investigation of modern zoophillia by organised religious groups , acting in there role as the arbiters of moral acceptivity .
Love the podcast! Toggle you rock. Keep up the good work. I’m only just finishing the traveling zoo can’t wait for the rest!
It keeps getting better, imo!
The message is obvious as well as friendly. As a bonus it's very informative
We do our best <3
I always felt abnormal and ashamed.. I had no idea I wasn't alone until I found this forum. It's been such a help thank you.