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Your podcast has changed my life for the better. I hope some day to meet you Toggle and shake your paw. If I never do, you have changed the world for the better.

Humble thanks.
An excellent read, fantastically compelling.
Zoosexuality is becoming more and more normalized.
Logical use of moral principle and relativism to show the absurdity of making ethical zoophilia illegal. Good paper.
The human species cannot be trusted to speak on behalf of those who cannot.

Zoophilia needs to remain illegal. And I say this as someone who is very sexually attracted to horses. It's better this way. Animals don't deserve to be raped, and most "zoos" have an interest in doing just that.
While it is pretty good and humorous at portraying the hypocrisy and logical flaws of the general public and lawmakers I cannot say this is prozoophilia work.

It is an anti-meat eating comic were vegans realized the tremendous hypocrisy and logical flaw of banning zoophilia but not slaughter, artificial insemination and many other common practices that are fully legal and accepted but can be far more harmful physically and psychologically to animals. So it is important to note, this is helpful only raising awareness about how some bestiality acts are not inherently harmful to the animal but not really supporting of our cause, is more about using the "wisdom of repugnance" of a taboo subject that hits right in the ego to further their cause.

However at the same time shows vegans true colors, hypocrites themselves, by acknowledging they see animals as so inferior they consider having sexual contact with them to be against human dignity, when in reality sexual contact that is not harmful should not matter, that's each individual's issue human and animal. It seems animals are important for them as long as it makes them feel like enlightened moral warriors fighting for a cause but if you make them feel at the same level as animals then its not good, that's against human dignity, I wonder how many vegans use the word animal as an insult.

If human dignity is so important people should worry about other matters first like, reducing environmental destruction as much as possible, ending racism, violence, less wars, actually considering animals as beings with similar value as us and promoting a true culture of logic, compassion and empathy.

They cannot argument sexual contact with animals is against human dignity because animals are unable to consent, because animals can definitely acknowledge desire or rejection and ignoring that would be denying them the recognition of their right of autonomy. So many portrait animals akin to a underage human when is about furthering their point yet they will be the first to oppose giving the equivalent rights as a child to an animal and would support euthanasia of an animal that endangers a human life even in circumstances were the human was the one at fault, then flip around and seek the punishment of a criminal not as a solution to a crime but due the mere satisfaction of punishing a perceived wrong doer, supporting war which causes so much waste of resources, death, suffering and decadence to innocent members of their own species and even animals over an abstract idea etc. Were is the human dignity, superior morality and value? Its all egocentric hypocritical bullshit.

"Zoophiles are bad because they do dirty things with animals and is against "human dignity" don't you agree? yet you eat meat! that involves far worse things, help us ban slaughter and other practices of the breeding industry because until that happens you are worse than those dirty zoophiles which are below animals!"--this comic.

There is some truth in there just as hypocrisy. If people really has the balls to claim humans as moral and of high dignity they should be willing to put away their ego as humans, to look things with pure logic and figuring out what they really want, what is their driving force for the pursuit of their goals, is it true empathy or is their ego behind that "empathy"?
Interesting and the utter hypocrisy and self-righteous arrogance and ignorance of the majority of humanity is humorously depicted...
This comic is great to read and excellent at explaining what is and isn't zoo. Also, I'm enjoying the argument of consent from animals. I just wish that more comics could be uploaded quicker. Also would love to know how many issues and what other subjects you're going to tackle in the future through your work can't wait to see it Fuck the haters keep going and keep making great content!!!!