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Latest reviews

Phenomenal read. The research paper dissected the history, practices, and modern trends around zoophlilia around the world without implicit western-bias.
Zoophille podcast full of humor, loves and good discussions!
When I joined ZV and found link to this show, I was amazed, that something like this even exists. Even more amazed I was after I listened to several episodes! Great hosts, great topics, professional quality, fun to listen to! Great job, keep it up!
I like how this podcast appreciates the non-sexual side of zoo relationships, as all some people seem to notice about zoo is the sexual side. I am also thankful that this show respects the subjective experience of nonumans, and realizes that humans are not the sole inheritor of the Earth. However, quite a few episodes seem to be dedicated to personal anecdotes, which are all nice to hear and certainly have their place, yet they may not be an applicable resource to every zoo listening. Plus, the upload schedule is a bit erratic and shy, yet that may just be due to bad luck on the hosts' part.

Unrelated note: I'm the 100th sub! :) I hope there is much more to come, and that the hosts suffer less hindrances in the future. Good luck out there!