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The article seems to assume a big cock in a small (pony) mare vagina.
My experience with an average man cock and a full-sized mare is that she will hardly feel you penetrating. For pleasuring her, I use my arm, and I stimulate her clitoris with either finger or mouth.
Our experience differs then. I've been 'with' well over 100 different female equines in my close to 50 years interacting with them. I haven't had any difficulties with my equine partners 'experiencing' me and I'm not overly endowed. The majority of my equine partners have been full-sized mares, not ponies...
The art is probably the only redeeming quality. The story/dialogue is pretty cringy, and just not realistic if you're trying to truly explain/justify zoophilia.
I'm a bit scared this mythical feral character will act as a "translator" to non-humans as a way to prove they are consentual and happy which is not relevant in real life :/
What you have wrote so far is very good and I would love to hear more
Thank you for sharing. read different perspective was really inspiring to continue with zoo.
Thank you for sharing. I'm so sorry that you attempted to end your life. Guilt is a choice. You don't have to feel guilty, nor should you. You're harming neither yourself or anyone else so long as the sex between you and your non-human partners is consensual.
wonderful writing
I happy for you