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Thank you for sharing this! These really go into a depth of factual information!
It's pretty much my only link to this community, this part of myself. I could gush about it forever, but I love how informative, humanizing (somewhat ironically, that is the best word I could find), amusing, thought-provoking, and positive it is. Not all episodes are for everyone (some are kinda depressing), but these are important topics regardless. The thing I enjoy the most is the compassion and care the team shows towards people of various species, how they're always willing to flip the script of how we treat other animals in order to make a point. Obviously, I also love that a fellow autistic zoo, Toggle, is a prominent figure in our movement. It makes me feel like there are people out there like me who are fighting to establish a community with unified values surrounding the treatment of animals.
Its interesting but the title of this seems incorrect, I feel most people believe homosexuality does not occur in animals or only happens very rarely.
In agreement, There are however legitimate health reasons. but i generally agree. ive always hated the idea of spaying. if i could have stopped my parents from spaying my best friend, well, things could have developed to be more than friends haha. but in all seriousness its an important issue to me, i get similarly frustrated hearing about it.

As so many of the countless dog porn videos prove beyond all doubt there is always something so indescribably erotic, unspeakably intimate, and most of all unimaginably passionate in the whimpers, moans, and cries of a human male kennel bitch in pain, discomfort, and most of all in the agony of unbearable physical ecstasy and unfathomable sexual pleasure. Caused by any Alpha Male K9 Sex God using, abusing, violating, fucking, and be(a)st of all raping his human fuck slut and dog sperm receptacle the way only a Four Pawed Furry Stud is capable of.

So we are left with nothing but the heartfelt instinct to accept the sexual beauty of an infinite number of self-evident Truths that unquestionably prove beyond all rational doubt the morality, sacredness, and sanctity of interspecies sexual relations.

Therefore it is to be expected that we would unselfishly surrender every last vestige of our humanity to the simple and indisputable evolutionary Fact of Life that we are powerless to resist the nonhuman male beast's insatiable lust and unquenchable sexual desire that he naturally has to have, conquer, and utterly possess to the core of a human sex slave's very being every last vestige of the animal whore's mind, body, and soul.
So far I have only read the book related to dogs and it is very educational and so interesting.
I'm relatively new too the site, just started listening. so far i've really like listening to the documentary like episodes.
Hooray! We're doing another one this month! They're a LOT of work!