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I particularly appreciated the statement: "And scientific researchers appear to be slowly conceding that zoophilia may be a genuine human sexual orientation."

I remain forever hopeful that one day Zoophilia will be accepted as a "sexual orientation".
Don't completely agree to all of their writings, but mostly good enough
An excellent piece which neither explicitly promotes or condemns zoophilia, but rather approaches the issue from a neutral, educated, non-zoo perspective, dispelling common myths such as the idea that zoophiles are intellectually impaired, that zoophiles only seek animals because they lack human partners, that zoophilia and zoosadism are one in the same, etc.
I'm enjoying this and fun artwork
I also felt similar and I also experimented when younger and tried to get a dog to mount me lick me etc and experienced a decent bit of shame cause of it. I have also recently come to grips with my sexuality related to animals. Its nice to see someone share a similar perspective to mine :)
Excellent read! So fascinating to see data being gathered and used to advance our understanding. Thank you everyone!
Interesting approach from the perspective of queer theory. I found it a very valuable read.
I find this whole series pretty silly and kinda cringe.

• Art thats mediocre at best
• Poor, basic talking points and arguements that may be convincing some specially ignorant people within our bubble, but would never change anyone's mind on the outside (Bs false equivalents like "gays used to be shamed in the past as well" etc.)
• Extremely unfrequent posting
• Poorly written, stiff dialogue
• Admin self inserting in a really cringe smug mannor
• Incredibly onesided narrative

If we ever want zoophilia to be normalized or at least less condemned, we need to realistically adress the whole picture.

Yes, animals can enjoy sex, they can consent, but do it differently.

But abuse does happen and it does happen frequently, to say the least.

It's important to be attentive, sensitive and respectful.
It's such a common occurence in animal porn- honestly even the majority, sadly- that some guy fucks their dog, horse, cow etc. and it's blatant rape.
Sure, the animal doesn't try to do shit, but it's just cause they know the power gap- they have given up, basically.
How many videos on here do we see, where a bitch just endures the sex.
And most users here don't know/ don't give a shit.
It's sad and gross, In my opinion you don't adress this enough at all, please make it a topic in the future.

(Please don't ban me for this harsh review, I'm not trying to be mean, it's just my personal opinion)