I was young when it first happened.

A glance here, a look there. Why was I feeling strange things while looking at dogs and horses? At the time, with no reference, I thought it was 'normal'. I would come to find out, society would see it as anything but.

It was when we had our first computer that I first discovered zoo porn. The old BeastForum had so much. It quite literally changed my life, to know that I wasn't alone in my struggle, to know that there were others out there just like me, to know a mating like this was even POSSIBLE. So much changed that day.

I realized I had been a Zoo my entire life.

Playing as an animal as a child, always watching Disney films with animals in them, preferring the companionship of even a stuffed animal over a human sometimes. A part of me always leaned towards the 'wild'.

But to know that somewhere out there, there were others like me, like this, that I wasn't a freak... it changed my life.

There was guilt. Oh, there was guilt. I felt guilty every day of my life once I found out how people truly felt about those who are like us. It was so natural to me I never considered the other side until I read responses for myself.

I even tried to kill myself over it, how guilty I felt that I looked at animals in such a 'disgusting' way. Having such hate for myself for something I couldn't change for a while ruined my life. I had an abusive childhood, a whole lot more going on that made me depressed, but it didn't make things any easier to come out to myself as an 'animal fucker' and even though I knew for years I denied.

This is why I want to explain why this community is important to me.

More to come in Part 2, explaining WHY I am a zoo and WHY I am proud to be one.
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  1. Part 2

    Long awaited part 2 :) I knew I was zoo from a very young age. Maybe itw as mistreatment, maybe...

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What you have wrote so far is very good and I would love to hear more
Thank you for sharing. I'm so sorry that you attempted to end your life. Guilt is a choice. You don't have to feel guilty, nor should you. You're harming neither yourself or anyone else so long as the sex between you and your non-human partners is consensual.
I happy for you
I read this with interest your story , and i know that your life experience is shared by some .
But i have an entirely different one i started or rather became a bestiality doggie girl much younger , in part by accident the one thing in the best part of 20 years as an active K9 girl i have never felt is guilt of any kind .
I relate to this so much. I'm glad you found a happy ending to your story :)
Zoo-girl and proud <3
You're not alone and nothing you think is abnormal. Stay perfect the way you are.
Very touching and informative. Thank you for sharing your journey.
A very touching and intimate story. Thank you for your honesty and may you receive all you wish for on your journey.
Thank you for sharing your experience.