1. zoofeelya

    ¿Question for the fems? ¿Reason why are you on this site? :3

    Basically just curious why everyone is here? I know the ultimate reason, but what is everyone looking for? Me? Ultimately, I would love to find or connect with another owner and/or play partner. Perhaps even find a girlfriend, but I know that is a perfect dream. I know for some it's just a...
  2. R.Grimrose

    New F. 26

    Hello, I'm Rane I'm 26 and a female. I'm here hoping to make some friends, been secretly into zoo for 2 years now and just found this site.
  3. ttk9

    are you a squirter too?

    A question for the ladies out there Hi, i'm F, in my mid 20's. I recently found out that im a squirter and i have a couple questions... are you a squirter too? if so, how easily and frequently does it happen? Do you always orgasm when you squirt or not every time? My man can make me squirt so...
  4. E

    Hätte gerne

    Vor Jahren kannte ich jemanden der eine Hündin hatte und es mochte doch ich war zu Schüchtern. Hätte ich mal. Geht es nur mir so?
  5. PinkNinja

    Female 31 Owner Cane Corso

    HI! I've never tried using a forum like this before so I'm a bit nervous. I'm Female 31 I am the owner of two dogs Cane Corso Boys. I've been attracted to K9 for as long as I can remember What seemed like me just growing up dog crazy evolved into something much deeper It wasn't until I had an...
  6. X

    Besides beast stuff any ladies/trans want to show off their booty

    Let’s switch it up for a little bit aha
  7. Juan Lobo

    If you could have chosen your sex before you were born, what would you choose?

    What sex would you have chosen before you were born? Your votes are anonymous, so don't feel ashamed.
  8. Sub_teefje

    Freshly arrived here!

    Hey all, Freshly arrived today i would love to introduce myself to yall. I am a 31yr Female, Short (4.9 for the Americans, 150cm for EU). I am a bit heavier built with quite the ass, if i may say so. I absolutely love to be dominated/used in good understanding. I am in a long distance open...
  9. K

    27F Longtime Video Watcher

    Like the title states I’m 27F who has been watching videos off and on for maybe the last 10-13 years? I’ve never taken the next step but lately my curious .. it’s grown more to know what the women in the videos are feeling .. and if it’s really as good as people claim Just finally joined here...
  10. missadventure

    New from Australia

    Hi All!! 35/F from SE Queensland, excited to be welcomed fully by such an amazing community ❤️
  11. horselover4life

    LADIES, please tell us what turns you on

    Us men are easy to get sexually excited, but what can us men, women or animal lovers do to turn you on big time?
  12. A

    New to this 29 f Texas , rediscovering myself and zoo

    New to the lifestyle and everything
  13. CuntSleevee

    Why so expensive 😭😭

    I want to get a knotted toy from Bad Dragon so much but they’re so expensive and I can’t afford it right now😭😭😭 I wanna train my holes to take big knotted cock so so bad, but it’s going to be a while. Anyone else feel this pain???
  14. K

    Question and female dogs.

    New here and no idea if this is on the correct spot, question is do female dogs have a hymen like a virgin human girl?
  15. lihal86511

    Sexual arousal from riding horses

    This really stupid question came to my mind: Ladies, does horseriding - or more specifically the contact between the saddle/horse and you - stimulate your vagina or clitoris? If yes: Is this common or rare/do you have to force it? Has anyone ever gotten an orgasm from this? Maybe I'm just...
  16. F

    37/m looking for female from Arkansas

    So I'm new to this site but I'm a 37yr old white Male from central Arkansas and would love to find a female that is into beastailty. I still have a lot to learn myself but have been into this for year's I'm just now getting to where I can explore this lifestyle.
  17. D

    22 y/o SoCal female with multiple dogs

    Hellllo 🥰 Just made this account…I have multiple dogs and experiences and now I’m looking to meet likeminded people. I’m in SoCal, specifically OC. Feel free to message ☺️🐶
  18. petite-pony

    Why I Am A Zoo

    I was young when it first happened. A glance here, a look there. Why was I feeling strange things while looking at dogs and horses? At the time, with no reference, I thought it was 'normal'. I would come to find out, society would see it as anything but. It was when we had our first computer...
  19. D

    I'm too curious to try now...

    My curiosity is killing me. I am too curious to know if animal pussy is better than female pussy. I try hiding it away but.... I can't take it anymore. I got some questions about thia lifestyle thought. 1-I see a lot of videos of men having sex with no condom. Is it safe?! Can't you catch...
  20. IsabelleAnkha

    Lurker girl here, attempting to unlurk myself

    Heyyy, I've been lurking on this site for like, almost 7 months or so, and I never decided to post anything or really interact with anyone because I'm kinda shy and weirded out by my interest in animals. I guess I wanted to kind of try to introduce myself to the community as a way to adjust to...
  21. A

    Introduction: Female (20) Zooporn Watcher

    Hey super excited to be here and i hope to make some friends. I’m an avid zoo watcher and kinda have been since i was 14. I get so turned on my guys fucking animals of any kind! Anyways pm me I would love to chat with some of you so I can create some sort of community here. And Yes, that’s me in...
  22. VelvetTastes

    28 f Here

    Hello and hi! My name's Velvet and I'm new to the site. I've experienced the lifestyle before but it was well over ten years ago (family dog, like so many other girls). I'm looking for a nice community to settle into that respects their animals and loves them deeply! It's great to meet you all!
  23. FloofyNewfie

    OSS and a resuced sex drive?

    So, for right now my Newfoundland girl is unaltered. I've been kicking around the idea about get an Ovary Sparing Spay done when she reaches the age of 6 (she's 3 right now) Even in the times when I am not constantly making love to her, she's always has a strong musky vaginal smell. I fear she...
  24. B

    Female Donkey vs Female Horses

    Are there any difference between the two? In behavior etc??
  25. FloofyNewfie

    Dildos safe for a female dog?

    So lately, my girl has been starting to beg me for more sex than I can realistically handle. I've been considering getting a dildo to satisfy her needs whenever she has them. I can try to get her off by fingering her, but she's often begging for more. PLUS, I've been thinking about making some...
  26. FloofyNewfie

    Pursuing Missionary with my dog?

    Update: So my girl went into heat but she gave me a little scare when her heat blood started to smell like liquid ass. I was preparing to take her to the vet but oddly enough it cleared up went went back to just musky like normal in only 3 days. I believe my diet is to blame for the smell of my...
  27. petite-pony

    Back in the Saddle (Again)

    Great big 'hello' to everyone here at ZV ...again! Looking to connect with new friends and find some old ones as well. You can call me Pony and I'm by no means new here but it's been so long I think I'll introduce myself again. I'm a horse and dog loving girl who enjoys talking to other like...
  28. aurorapuppy

    hi there! female, 22

    hey:) female, 22, from north carolina. always been into animals but i especially love dogs. i worked at a doggy daycare for a while, funny enough. anyways, got fucked by one recently actually, so much fun!<3 looking for friends especially ones in state:)
  29. FloofyNewfie

    Stretching a dogs vagina out?

    Oh boy, I hope I'm not opening a big can of worms by posting this. Try to keep things civil. So many zoos attest to the ability of stretching a dogs vagina out. But there seems to be an equal amount that says it cannot be done. The method I was told about involved starting out with small sex...
  30. D

    Animal taste?

    I've heard consistently that mares taste and smell distinctly of fresh hay or recently cut grass. I'm curious, though, what other female animals smell/taste like. Such as dogs, cows, goats, sheep, llamas/alpacas, if donkeys are the same as horses, etc. If you know, please share!