1. FloofyNewfie

    Are you Zoo-exclusive?

    Would you consider yourself to be zoo-exclusive, as in you only plan to/currently in a relationship with non-human animals, and don't desire a human partner at all?
  2. superboyaiden

    23 y.o. Male, looking for buddies all alike!

    Hello! First ever actual introduction I’ve done so far, so bear with me. My name is Aiden, I’m 23, and I’m a zoophile. (More on the Male and Female Canine side.) I haven’t actually done it yet, considering I don’t have anyone around to do so, but I am looking forward to whenever the time comes...
  3. S

    I think I am a Zoophile, However I am unsure...

    Hello, Zooville, nice to meet you all! I believe I am a zoophile, however I am unsure if I am... Background on me: I have been looking at zoo porn mostly all my life, starting as young as when I was still in my single digit years. However, away from porn I always recall having dreams about...
  4. 9

    Questions for those who would want to discuss or explain.

    This is for those who are ok with these questions and are ok with talking about this, sorry in advance if this seems like a sensitive topic. What do you think of the intelligence level of commonly partnered animals, like dogs and horses? Just that, at first I was a bit zoo curious, but didn’t...
  5. 9

    Curious Visitor.

    Hello, after questioning if I was a zoophile or not, and finding that I wasn’t, I began to think deeper about what I really thought what was right and wrong. And I wanted to ask a question. I think one of the main reasons why zoophilia isn’t accepted, is because animals often share...
  6. M

    Any Zoophilia discord servers?

    Looking for fellow zoos and would be nice to join a discord server. Anyone have a server they can share with me?
  7. Rainn_in

    How does the dog penis penetrate.

    I'm curious about how does the dog penis penetrate a woman's pussy the moment the dog mounts her. I'm aware that it only gets erect once inside but I wanted to know in detail as to how it feels when the penetration occurs. How much of the penis enters at first when the dog suddenly starts...
  8. Mn42as


    Just wanted to wish everyone a happy and knotty 2023 may all your zoophile wishes come true this new year. Stay safe and stay knotty everyone. 🐕❤️
  9. BigDaddyZ

    New Z from France

    Hi there I’m a beginner in zoophilia and I’m here to meet peoples and learn more about the practice of zoophilia and much more!
  10. pes


    There is a lot of confusion around terms used in the zoo community, so here is how science defines these terms: Bestialist: There are the “bestialists” who have one or a few sexual contacts with an animal, or they use animals when a more “normal” outlet is not available. (2002, Understanding...
  11. LittIePuppy

    My introduction

    Hi I'm new to this site Been a zoo since I was a teen Been active with my partner nearly 5 years Joined site to actually just be open and chat freely I'm from northern Ireland IAM willing to meet people but people gotta get to know me alot first I'm a proud ZETA follower . Only way we...
  12. lisalaura

    «Zoophilie» - Award-Winning Documentary

    So the documentary «Zoophilie» from Ursa Kastelic won the Alexis Victor Thalberg - Price at the Zurich University of the Arts in 2020. The 18min long documentary is available here with subtitles. https://youtu.be/wMxcay2go1M https://www.zhdk.ch/person/ursa-kastelic-222440...
  13. flzoogirl

    dealing with guilt.

    hi, im a 20 year old person from florida, and i just like really desperately want to be fucked by a dog, but the guilt surrounding it eats me alive. i have a huge list of links to hot zoo vids i used to indulge in when i was at the worst of being into it. i havent looked in a long time but i...
  14. T

    Do you listen to Carti?????

    Hey pals, when you're getting dicked down by a dog horse or what(knot) hehehehe get it???? do you like to put on some jams? if so what are your go to's??? I personally love Playboy Carti, especially his hit song, jumpoutthehouse. Thanks gents, keep suckin fuckin and cuckin. (also send your...
  15. D

    Tipps um Leute zu treffen

    Hallo, hat jemand tipps wie oder wo man menschen treffen kann, die die selben vorlieben (z.b. hunde) haben? ich würde gerne mal leute kennenlernen die meine vorlieben teilen. Hat hier vielleicht schon jemand erfahrung mit treffen? Ich bin mir durchaus bewusst, dass es online riskant sein kann...
  16. petite-pony

    Why I Am A Zoo

    I was young when it first happened. A glance here, a look there. Why was I feeling strange things while looking at dogs and horses? At the time, with no reference, I thought it was 'normal'. I would come to find out, society would see it as anything but. It was when we had our first computer...
  17. Zooey20886

    Hello all!

    Maryland based zoophile who is slowly accepting this part of myself.
  18. FloofyNewfie

    Problems that are uniquely zoo.

    So, about a week ago I was combing and wiping some cum out of my girls fur, which had leaked out of her vagina and had gotten in her long butt/leg fluff. As I was cleaning her, it came to mind that only a zoophile... Only a zoophile, would ever be in a situation where they are cleaning their own...
  19. FloofyNewfie

    Involuntarily Exclusive!

    To start out I'm not an Incel! Lol That header was to grab your attention! xD So right now I'm technically exclusive as I'm only in partnership with a doggie girl. While I'm not actively looking for a woman, if I found the right person I'd have no problems with dating one. I haven't dated a...
  20. Z

    Another zoophile

    Hey zoo lovers :D I could not find any discussion about this forgive me if this already exists. How many of you would trust your pet with other zoophiles. Lets say someone came to you and told you they too were zoo lover would you trust them being around your pets? Also what would you do if you...
  21. Creamraven

    How could we get the opportunity for a dog?

    My girlfriend and I are both in beastiality. I enjoying watching an animal take a woman. And her, loving an animal to take her. We want to have fun with a dog, but we’re in an apartment and don’t have money, nor space to get a dog. Does anyone have suggestions as to where or how we could get the...