1. pes


    There is a lot of confusion around terms used in the zoo community, so here is how science defines these terms: Bestialist: There are the “bestialists” who have one or a few sexual contacts with an animal, or they use animals when a more “normal” outlet is not available. (2002, Understanding...
  2. zetaoptimis

    I done goofed 😅

    So I work as an Assistant Camera/DIT for television. This shoot I brought my personal laptop as backup incase any drives were formatted for Windows and to offload faster. Unfortunately, I forgot to move my very discreet "Bestiality" folder from my desktop and accidentally clicked it while on...
  3. badnewsblack

    Involvement bestiality and non-involvement bestiality

    There’s obviously two types of bestiality. The people who like to watch/assist and the people who like to engage. I personally like to watch/assist. I have no interest in any sexual involvement with animals myself. I do absolutely love watching other people though. Gender doesn’t matter to me...
  4. Polish Rat

    Dog Days (Psie Dni) i Dog Sitting (Psia Opiekunka) [PL]

    Tak więc tym razem to nie manga tylko bardziej komiks ale jest chyba na tyle ciekawy i ładnie wykonany że chyba warto było go przetłumaczyć. Niestety bez polskich znaków bo ciężko znaleźć pasującą czcionkę która do tego ma polskie znaki. Mam nadzieję że to nie będzie jakiś duży problem. Jest...
  5. Polish Rat

    Sieć kanałów z materiałami dla dorosłych na Telegramie

    Pewnie nie raz natknęliście się na kanał na telegramie. Kanał na telegramie to nic innego niż swego rodzaju grupa gdzie administratorzy piszą wiadomości, udostępniają zdjęcia albo linki. Osoby które śledzą taki kanał mogą czytać i oglądać te wiadomości ale nie mogę nic na takim kanale napisać...
  6. Polish Rat service

    Hello, while browsing the web, I came across a website that archives photos and videos about bestiality. After taking a closer look at the links, I noticed that the site offers 1 TB of free file space and a file sharing option. I wonder if this is a good option to save some photos there that I...
  7. benjaminwonders

    Is there a wide range of research and statistics?

    Hi, i wonder the physchology behind bestiality so want to get more info and statistics. For example who are more into it, girls or boys? How about veterinarians? You think what is the percentage of them being into? You think all girls who have dog(s) do something certainly? Let's dig this topic :)
  8. Cumberlust

    Things you know now from experience that you were doing wrong when you started +tips!

    Example: like getting his knot all the way out of his sheath before it swells
  9. Oily

    Bestiality in computer games

    Let's be honest here though really, for most games that have bestiality in them it's male feral on female human and it's heavily focused on the degradation/debasing aspects of it. Male feral on male human is rare (and still degradation oriented) and female feral on male human (and female feral...
  10. C

    Countries and bestiality

    I've always wondered which countries have some kind of tradition in bestiality. I mean, countries where it's widely practiced despite being taboo, maybe in the countryside, or countries that have important historical records.
  11. Zhike

    Officially discussed bestiality with my boyfriend

    Gay male here. I've been with my boyfriend for a little over a month now, and when we first met it was through online messaging. We pretty quickly delved into kink discussion after the first time we jacked off together, and the question came up of "what's the most extreme or taboo thing you're...
  12. Devianthell_1976

    Hi looking for like minded individuals in OC

    Are you in the 714, 657, 949, 562, 310, 909 or 951 area... Would love to hear from you! I am conveniently located in OC. Looking to meet like minded individuals.
  13. Juanrint

    Anyone here read bestiality manga

    There are some good mangas and i like to see if anyone has read it or we can share
  14. Glowing Malevolence

    What was your first time with an animal like and what animal was it with?

    My first time was when I was 11. My girl cat was in heat a lot and she loved to lick my cock. She constantly begged me to fuck her but she was way too small for me to fit. A couple years later I started getting into dogs and now I'm here.
  15. Memprys

    Which Disney animal would you most like to have sex with?

    For purposes of this discussion, I suggest naming only animal characters and not furries. Otherwise, a threesome with Robin and Marion would be my choice. However, for a true zoophile encounter, I would love to be knotted by Pongo while filling Perdita's puppy hole. You could also choose...
  16. Evie

    Waiting to knot, have questions

    I'm a woman who has had a sexual attraction to male dogs for a long time, but am only now starting to let myself look at taking real action. While I don't have a boy I can bond with -Living with family- I am interested if there's any advice other woman can give in regards to expectations you...
  17. hisnastybitch

    Bestiality Books - anyone have access ?

  18. B

    On the hypocrisy of certain communities

    Hello everyone, I would like to let you know. Today I am in favor of content sharing, communities like Iknot club and Seamless flow are a bunch of hypocritical mercenaries, who are willing to take damage. A huge bureaucracy to enter, stupid actresses and producers who are showing their face as...
  19. B

    Is camping an opportunity to connect with animals?

    I am wondering if camping is an opportunity to connect with animal pets. Have any of you experience zoophilia in camping trips?
  20. A

    Many couples on here?

    Hi How many of you are couples? Do you do it together or one of you is just the assistant/cam person? Xx
  21. A

    Will a male dog be loyal to me long term?

    Hi So... assuming I get a puppy and bring him up/let him grow up and start to play with him when hes mature enough. To start with I would let him get my scent/lick me few times before I let him penetrate me. Long term will he stay loyal to me or as soon as he sees a dog bitch he will go after...
  22. E minor

    Does “Bestiality Personal Ads & Meetup” really works? ?

    All users of ZooVille! Do you ever use this section on our forum for having sex with animals? Did it help you to find animals? Is there any danger or risks, if I have found an owner on ZV and meeting up with it IRL? I wanna found dog owners who can give me it’s pet (male or female, it...
  23. Pillar

    Bestiality in China (and the East)

    Does anyone have more information on how things are for beast sex specifically in China? How about the East in general? (Think Cambodia, Mongolia, etc.) I can't seem to find much other than that the Chinese government is controlling everything but I would like articles and sources clarifying...
  24. Bulldozer72

    Choose the way of life

    Many years back I came over a video of a stallion fucking a Brazilian girl and since I was completely inexperienced with zoo porn and knew there is a massive taboo about it I immediately dismissed the video. Days went, maybe weeks and every time I was watching my “normal” porn that horse video...
  25. J

    How to find people who will let their dog f*ck you?

    Unfortunately, I don't have a dog/any other animal that can fuck me or I can fuck. I also don't know anybody that would let their dog fuck me and don't know of anywhere to find someone who would. I live in a state where bestiality is illegal, so I don't want to go around yelling it out for all...
  26. D

    Would you like to consummate and reproduce with your animal mates?

    Assuming we live in an alternate universe where anyone can get pregnant by any creatures. Because of this, zoo marriages and reproduction are the normal thing everywhere you go. There will be no altar "you may kiss the bride" scenario if you choose to have an animal mate. It is the stick the...
  27. VulgarframeMN

    Hints from significant other?

    Hey all, longtime lurker, first post. A bit of a story-time and simultaneous inquiry. So, my ex and I once were playing World of Warcraft together when the subject of the "hottest race" came up. To my surprise, my then girlfriend told me she found the Worgen race (essentially werewolves) to...
  28. B

    What toy to use without dog at home?

    Hey Guys! I don't have a dog atm and wondered if you have any recommendation on toys to use for myself? Are there any online stores to buy them? thx
  29. RobittusinGBR

    Bump if you've just had sex with your dog

    With ZooVille now rebuilt and relaunched, some of the favourite threads need reinstating. This thread from BF and previously on ZV is a fav of mine. Please bump to share that your dog recently loved you. All other animal lovers, such as with horses, are equally welcome, so don't be put off by...