first time

  1. C

    my first time, I count on your help and support

    Hello everyone, I wanted to share with you my first experience with a dog. I found this site this weekend, although I had already seen and read about it on other forums. I never got to talk to anyone about it, but now I'm determined to continue. I get really wet when I think about a dog's dick...
  2. K

    Anyone woman out there whos first sexual intercourse was actually with a dog, not a human?

    Really intersted in this matter. And would like to hear how that happened?
  3. d_oguin

    Pros and cons on sexual intercourse with a dog

    Well, I just wanna know the logical reasons why this could be a bad or good experience. Please explain every possible good and bad aspect about it, I really wanna take a factual desicion on this :3 and i hope there's no regrets after it.
  4. andy waters

    Straight heterosexual 42 uk m new to this and curious

    Straight heterosexual 42 uk m new to this and curious Hey, always been interested/drawn to this since a child, I’m new to all this in the way that I finally can’t deny the overwhelming sexual need to experiment with this now. I desperately fantasise and want to have sex with an animal/s, I want...
  5. N

    New F Dog

    Hi i recently save a dog from a home but they didn't tell me that she was operated, is it possible to bring her with time to this(if yes how) or it's just lost cause ? she is 3 years old it's a Australian Shepherd 35-40 pound. I tried to put a finger in her but she seem to have a real discomfort...
  6. Matthew_6162

    Regans first time taking her boy Mika

    Anyone out there have experience or who would like to chat and brain storm ideas please message me or if u have a brown or black lab what has been ur experience with them especially when knotting . Regan is new to beastality and she is scared of his knott swelling in her and hurting her .
  7. Ecomouse123

    Zoo vacation!

    Where on earth can someone go on vacation to experience being knotted in relative safety?
  8. B

    has your dog ever been someone’s first time?

    i’ve been into zoo for years but i’ve never been fucked by a dog, but i really want to. no dogs i’ve been around have been interested but i just wanna be railed by a massive dog. i love all the big breeds. mastiff and rottweiler are the dream. any owners ever let their dog take someone’s...
  9. P

    Curious about my neutered dog

    Hello, I recently started “playing” with my neutered dog. He is 4 years old and has been neutered since before he was young. I became intrigued from reading fiction stories so I wanted to see if my dog was up for it even though he was neutered. We’ve only “played” twice. So far all we have...
  10. N

    First time gone bad (?)

    Hi, "i'm asking for a friend", let's say he's me (male). So i have a mild allegry to dogs - after they lick me or brush their fur on my skin i get a little rash, but nothing to be woried about. Sometimes i also sneeze a few times and thats it. Some time ago i tried my first time with dog (male)...
  11. HuskyFluffer

    Hello! need advice for a first timer

    this is my first post, so im sorry if i do anything wrong or incorrectly. but basically I'm looking for guidance/help. my lady is on her 6th or 7th cycle currently. we've never done anything regarding it, though i have made unsuccessful attempts. i care about her deeply, and wouldn't ever hurt...
  12. S

    How to initiate with a bitch?

    I have a smaller female bitch (mini breed), and I’m thinking about ways to initiate with her. Obviously, penetration is a no-go due to size, but I’d like to try oral/hotdogging/fingering. Problem is, I don’t know how I’d tell her enjoyment. She’s not splayed/neutered and has given birth once...
  13. efmm8

    Need some help trying

    So I want to try something with a horse, like at least touching it while hard. I've done it before when I was younger but I didn't put in much work. I was finally able to be alone with two yesterday and I could not get their dicks to come out. I played with their balls for awhile and nothing...
  14. BlackerThanWhite

    Gave my first BJ!!

    Today I've given my dog his very first blowjob he's starting to get used to it but he kinda likes it!
  15. shadAD88

    Need some advice

    So I have a Male GSD still intact and I REALLY want him to mount me. He's 21 months old so 2 years in october. Would it be safe for him to and would it cause a change in behavior as I dont want him to try anything with anyone else in the house. I do still need to have his hips looked at as his...
  16. elbowdeep

    What would you do differently

    What would you have done differently about your first time off you had all of the knowledge and wisdom you have today?
  17. J

    Men who have had experience with a dog, (any gender) how was your first time/what was it like?

    I am a male and a new member of the zoo community and I've just been really curious about other peoples experiences, how it was like and stuff like that. Im looking to hear about first times, because I find it interesting and it might help prepare me when I decide to venture into the sexual...
  18. elbowdeep

    For your first time, would you...

    For ladies out there who have never been with an animal, but have thoughts, I wonder how far would you go your first time?
  19. G

    I'm new to the zoo scene but I've spent quite a bit of time watching content about.

    I'm a 21 year old male, I'm south of St. Louis MO and I am looking for anybody who can help me get my first zoo experiences out of the way. I'm currently only wanting to interact with K9s male or female but preferably male, and in the future I want to try equine stuff aswell, same gender...
  20. jacobainsworth257

    Would anyone like to talk stories about first times with BIG dogs? When was it?

    I dunno why but the size difference compared to smaller dogs makes it so much hotter! Dms are also nice as well!
  21. jacobainsworth257

    When did you first make out with a dog? And what was the biggest dog you have made out with? Longest time?

    Hello! I’m really uncertain of how To wird it, But Ive always been a massive fan of French kissing! If you have any stories do share or dm me, as I’m very curious!
  22. stuck2gether

    A mentor for Mei

    Hi my name is Mei and I’m a twenty year old female I find it’s very difficult to make long lasting friends here and it’s a bit discouraging chatting with a bunch of people for it to end up not working out because of their intentions. I guess I’m naive in a sense because i want to make long...
  23. E

    any advice for first time M dog x female

    hi everyone i been fantasizing about having sex with my dog but im kind of scared, he is a male border collie he is not very sexual but i have given him a blowjob and handjob. I try once to put myself in position for him to fuck me but he didnt. The more I read and see videos on this place the...
  24. Minty

    First Time Today!

    Happy thanksgiving today! I had my first time with a cute golden lab mix today as I was out in my neighborhood. Two dogs both start to follow me and I knew that once I saw they were both unfixed I thought I could have my chance to say! I stayed with the lab and started to stroke him off...
  25. C

    Potential first time owner: should I start with a puppy or an adult dog?

    I've grown up with dogs, and I am planning to move out of my parents place. I've only ever had adult dogs (up until April), and rescued a pup who was thrown out of a car on the highway, which has been an interesting challenge. But I plan to get my own place in the next few months and would like...
  26. I


    Recently I've been trying to fuck my dog, I havent forced anything on her, last thing I want to do is hurt her, I fingered her a bit but she didnt seem to enjoy it, should I try again when shes in heat?
  27. Scurge

    How long did it take to come to terms with beastiality?

    How long did it take to admit to yourself you liked dogsex or beastiality in general? Then after how long until you tried it or it became enjoyable?
  28. Scurge

    How do I find someone into the things I am?

    I just turned 27, I’m 6ft and attractive and I make really great money. For pretty much all my life I’ve been lying to myself about zoo but I guess here I am. How do I find a girl who’s also interested in beastiality? I don’t wanna do anything with the pets I guess I want to find someone to be...
  29. E

    any advice for sex with dogs (female dog)?

    I'm still kinda new at this... I mean, maybe not that new because I just had sex with my dog some days ago for the first time (Border Collie, 3 years old) but maybe I didn't think enough about the problems (post nut clarity intensifies) and I'm afraid of doing something that can hurt her. She...
  30. D

    Well, I finally got some experience.

    Hey there folks! I finally had my first zoophilic experience a little while ago, but I didn't think to share until now. For privacy reasons I can't give too many details, but a dog I've known and loved for several years surprised me with a long lickjob session (long for me, anyway...)! I wasn't...