first time

  1. Minty

    First Time Today!

    Happy thanksgiving today! I had my first time with a cute golden lab mix today as I was out in my neighborhood. Two dogs both start to follow me and I knew that once I saw they were both unfixed I thought I could have my chance to say! I stayed with the lab and started to stroke him off...
  2. C

    Potential first time owner: should I start with a puppy or an adult dog?

    I've grown up with dogs, and I am planning to move out of my parents place. I've only ever had adult dogs (up until April), and rescued a pup who was thrown out of a car on the highway, which has been an interesting challenge. But I plan to get my own place in the next few months and would like...
  3. I


    Recently I've been trying to fuck my dog, I havent forced anything on her, last thing I want to do is hurt her, I fingered her a bit but she didnt seem to enjoy it, should I try again when shes in heat?
  4. Scurge

    How long did it take to come to terms with beastiality?

    How long did it take to admit to yourself you liked dogsex or beastiality in general? Then after how long until you tried it or it became enjoyable?
  5. Scurge

    How do I find someone into the things I am?

    I just turned 27, I’m 6ft and attractive and I make really great money. For pretty much all my life I’ve been lying to myself about zoo but I guess here I am. How do I find a girl who’s also interested in beastiality? I don’t wanna do anything with the pets I guess I want to find someone to be...
  6. E

    any advice for sex with dogs (female dog)?

    I'm still kinda new at this... I mean, maybe not that new because I just had sex with my dog some days ago for the first time (Border Collie, 3 years old) but maybe I didn't think enough about the problems (post nut clarity intensifies) and I'm afraid of doing something that can hurt her. She...
  7. FriendlyFoxBoi

    Well, I finally got some experience.

    Hey there folks! I finally had my first zoophilic experience a little while ago, but I didn't think to share until now. For privacy reasons I can't give too many details, but a dog I've known and loved for several years surprised me with a long lickjob session (long for me, anyway...)! I wasn't...
  8. I

    Is it dangerous to fuck with a street dog?

    Some time ago my girlfriend and I went for a walk in a forest far from the city. Although we had talked about it, it seemed like fate that we found a dog alone in the middle of the forest. First she sucked me, and the dog approached us, she asked me, is he looking? I told him yes, maybe he wants...
  9. N

    How to have fun with a mare in a field without a shelter ?

    I (24M) am quite new to the zoo world, so I'm asking you for some things that you might find obvious (forgive my ignorance). I have access to two mares in a field next to a trail. I'm currently getting to know them, and I'd love to go further than the classical grooming. To do so, I think the...
  10. Glowing Malevolence

    My aunts lab got me addicted to dog pussy~

    I fucked my Aunts labrador retriever while I was visiting. She took my cock so well and her tail was wagging the entire time <3 When I pulled out and came she immediately turned around and started licking my cock clean which surprised the hell out of me This was almost a month ago but I still...
  11. mxthmr88

    Small dog oral

    I had my first experience with my small dog today, which was just making out with her on my lap while I masturbated. I think I might want to try performing oral on her (starting with baby steps just to make sure she's comfortable of course, i have no intention of using her like an object) but...
  12. mxthmr88

    Had my first experience so i joined!

    I've been lurking for a good while but I just had my first zoo experience as an adult and I'm so overwhelmed I'm shaking! I didn't have intercourse, but I made out with one of my dogs while touching myself and omg it was one of the most erotic experiences of my life 😭 She's such a sweet girl and...
  13. Y

    Need advice on when to introduce bitch to sex

    I was living with a friend and he had a young pitbull I got along with, I would give her belly rubs and play with her quite often. He wasn't really around much and I have thought about doing things with her but I wasn't sure how to go about doing it at the time. I live alone now and could get a...
  14. ZooBag

    What was your first time with beastiality?

    Would be interesting to know how they ended up being who they are now.
  15. Ectogasm

    How to get started?

    Hi, I'm new to this site via someone here sending it to me! I was wondering- how do you find someone to meet up with? I really wanna try getting fucked by a dog for the first time but I'm not sure how to find anyone in my area discreetly to do this. I dont have a dog myself, so this is really...
  16. lucyfuu91

    My very first time

    Hey everyone I would like to share my very first time experience with a dog. At the time, I had a golden retriever who regularly slept in my room. I started watching zoo porn really young and it turned me on every time. I used to regularly touch myself on it, but I never had the idea of trying...
  17. JohnDoggie

    Ich hatte letztes WE zum ersten mal sex mit meiner süßen (Husky mischling)

    Hi, das ist mein erster beitrag hier! ich habe den account jetzt schon länger und weis auch schon seit einiger zeit dass ich selber zoo bin. Aber jetzt kann ich auch mal von meiner persönlichen erfahrung berichten :husky_happysmile: Ich selbst bin m27 und lebe zusammen mit meiner süßen Hündin...
  18. Breedinglover951

    Early breeding season...

    So if you go through my previous posts I am anxious to be bred this year to my Boer buck. He was showing interest in our Boer doe back in June but wasn’t mounting, just sniffs and talking to her. She wasn’t very receptive to his flirting as well. Well yesterday I went to the barn and he was...
  19. Glowing Malevolence

    What was your first time with an animal like and what animal was it with?

    My first time was when I was 11. My girl cat was in heat a lot and she loved to lick my cock. She constantly begged me to fuck her but she was way too small for me to fit. A couple years later I started getting into dogs and now I'm here.
  20. ZetaMachine

    Virginity Rocks!

    So I'm a Male early 20s and still a virgin (by choice) I want my first time to be with an animal. So my question is, what animal would you all want/reccomend losing your v-card to. I'm hoping for a cute female dog especially a nice big pitbull -woof they're sexy!-
  21. T

    Good News....

    I have been wanting to have my first experience with dog for so long and later today might be happening tonight. Hubby is excited to watch me. Wish me luck. Any tips/advice is welcome. Especially from you ladies...
  22. BrownsAssScamCaller

    I recently turned 18 and want a friend/partner

    I am 5'7" petite indian guy, as I turn 18 a couple of months ago i started to feel lonely and feeling kept growing in me, soon i realised that i lack someone to love, not that i don't have people who love me but i want to have a intimate relationship. I tried getting a girlfriend but it didn't...
  23. k9able

    first experience 🎉

    I finally had my first k9 experience! Was a "family dog" type scenario but unfortunately not a dog I get to see very often 😞 I had some alone time with her and along with the help of some peanut butter she licked my dick for a while and make us both very happy, hopefully we're able to do it...
  24. C

    New to zoophilia

    So I have a female dog, and she is very small so penetration is a no go. But I was wondering how safe her licking my dick is? can It get infected? Should I just wear protection and be good? Sorry for the noob question
  25. T

    First Time How To's (Questions)

    Hi, I'm newly interested in trying Zoophillia. I found out a while back that I was. Something about seeing a woman get mounted by a dog was very hot to me. (I'm male). I have a few questions regarding my interest if some of the community could help out. 1. Where would I find a female dog to...
  26. C

    Me and my girlfriend want our first experience

    Me 37 and my girlfriend 22 . I’ve been watching dog porn for some years and never spoke about it to anyone , and for some reason I showed my girlFriend some videos thinking maybe she’d go mad And call me some pervert , but she actually loved it and made her so so horny , so now we are planning...
  27. knottyshep

    friend is about to take his first knot

    he doesnt use toys or butt play. hes going to be fucked by a pit with maybe 6-7inch dick, the width worries me. will there any problems for him?
  28. J

    How to have safe sex with a male dog? (I'm female)

    So I'm completely new to this, I'm female & I want to know how to safely get f*cked by a male dog. Is there risk of infections? Such as BV (bacterial vaginosis) when their PH of their skin throws off your PH down there, or risk of UTIs? (Urinary Tract Infections) bacteria going up the uretha...
  29. J


  30. B

    took my first knot today- total surprise