1. S

    My friend shows me a lot of signs but are she really suggestive?

    Hi, first sorry for my general quietness. I'm on this place about half of 2022 and it's my first thread. Sorry for my mistakes, english iss not my main language. I used the search tool here and I saw various topics about "knowing if someone is into zoo" just in case, but i'm on a different...
  2. Noxadox

    My dogs and me

    Yo all! I was curious to know if others also have "poly" relationships (multiple canine mates)? I live alone with my dogs (5M), and have been for many years. They all get along (💕) and we are happy. Im an indoor nudist, so I'm always naked when I'm home and I can tell they like it (they do...
  3. L

    ¿Perros machos o hembras?

    les gusta mas los machos o las hembras y por que? Ami me gustan los machos, sobre todo los pitbull, me gustaria probar con uno
  4. RetriverD

    Have you ever thought if you were a dog what dog would you be?

    It can be the kind of dog, or a popular dog (for example famous from tv or something) My girlfriend says i would be German Shepard.
  5. C

    Paw Prints

    Hi Everyone, Im Marina, Im a little new to the zoo life but I need ideas. I want to get some paw tattoos near my waist line just to look fun when Im doing my little boy Scout. Does anyone have ideas of how to hide them from people or other ideas for what to get? Thanks!
  6. sunni shiba

    What small/medium dog breed do you wish came in a large/giant version?

    For me it's shiba inus!
  7. sunni shiba

    Has anyone else taught their dogs to softly bite them on request?

    My lab loves trick training and he loves making me happy. I've always been really into being bit with human partners. And I've always been insanely attracted to sharp teeth. I used a clicker and and treats to show him what I liked and he has fun with it. He'll do it without the treats. Anyone...
  8. Z

    Questions about allergies

    Hello! I have a few questions about allergies, especially dog allergies. I've let a dog mount me once, and I got an anaphylactic reaction. Possibly because of the dog semen. And well that scared me. I've been trying to look into this a lot but with little to no answers. So my questions are: Does...
  9. Scurge

    How do I find someone into the things I am?

    I just turned 27, I’m 6ft and attractive and I make really great money. For pretty much all my life I’ve been lying to myself about zoo but I guess here I am. How do I find a girl who’s also interested in beastiality? I don’t wanna do anything with the pets I guess I want to find someone to be...
  10. Legoshi01

    Hello from texas

    Hi everyone, jusy joined a few days ago and just stopping in to say hello to everyone. I havent been on a related forum in years and really miss connecting with like minded friends. Have experience with mostly male dogs and horses. Have been active since my early teens. I have 2 sweet boy dogs...
  11. RexShepherd

    Wholesome animal memes

    Bleach for your eyes material only. If you've had too much of the bullshit that spoils this site, come here and enjoy the animal related feel-good memes.
  12. lisalaura

    Monkeypox Virus in Dogs

    Hey all So i've been reading that there have been the first possible cases of human to dog transmissions of the Monkeypox Virus. Should i be concerned about my health, and the health of my dog? Or other dogs i'm having conact with...
  13. O

    No idea how to start...

    Well, I started by joining this forum. I'm bi, and I watch zoo porn here and there when I 'accidently' stumble across it. Usually men with canines. I don't know what exists, or what kind of logistics would be involved. But ideally, I would like to find a small group or something in my...
  14. Damian25

    Hello :) new here, /uk/

    Hello everyone, i'm new to the site, hoping to make some friends on here😊 im 30 m, UK, planing to. Build a small farm and have meetings with couples females, to experience and enjoy, wish everyone all the best😊
  15. D

    found a youtube video. under comment section

    I was watching a couple videos of WW (rhymes with Britney and this state has cheese) but I like to read the comments on these videos on youtube. But 1 comment caught my attention real fast. Some user posted this under 1 of her videos on youtube. the reason why I think a girl should try stuff...
  16. B


    very happy to be here im a bi guy 26 yo though i prefer guys more over women in vers roles. i have some experienxe with animals and want to get to know some guys or couples and have fun online. i am from grwece but move to bulgaria and italy sometimes for vacations.
  17. HugDoggy

    Walking the walk

    Hi everyone, I've had an idea for a little video and I need to try and find as many dogs as possible. All they need to do is basically just walk into and out of camera frame in front of a solid colour background, so I can key out the back ground and just leave the dog. No collars or harnesses...
  18. serendipity

    "The Peanut Butter Question"

    I've seen a fair bit of discourse on the subject so I thought'd I ask you guys what you think about using peanut butter (or any other incentive to that effect) to get a dog to lick you, Idk this may already a thread somewhere but whatever, it's an interesting question nonetheless.
  19. benjaminwonders

    Lesbian and Dog Lover?

    Is it possible to be lesbian but having sex with male dogs? Is there any example of this 🤪?
  20. L


    Hi all!
  21. A

    Possible solution to the consent issue with dogs

    So i've recently spoken to someone who practices something called 'cooperative care' with their dog, which is simply put, giving the dog options to agree or disagree to, or continue/discontinue an activity. The dog chooses between two options via hand targeting (touching their noise to the...
  22. Lolpaido1793

    Being a sex toy forever

    I always been a very submissive femboy and well, one of my most horny fantasies is to be used as a dogs sex toy, I would just love to be collard up naked with a big pack of big aggressive dogs that will take me as his sexual toy and just breed me till im full of cum and my belly extends a...
  23. C

    Hey guys. 30s male, wide ranging curiosity

    Well hopefully I’ve finally found a place to explore my wild side. I’m a good looking guy on the west coast, I have experience with women but none with men, animals, or male animals, and I’m interested in all of the above. I’m a perpetually horny guy with few limitations that I’ve found. I’m...
  24. R

    Anyone ever out themselves by talking in their sleep?

    So recently I have started dipping my toe into opening up about my zoo interest to my fiance. Its not something we've discussed in much detail but I did tell her that I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that I was being "ridden" by a horse. This didnt surprise her "too" much as she is aware of...
  25. 1

    how many milliliters does the dog ejaculates

    I wonder which breed of dog ejaculates the most if you have photos and videos, feel free to show me your record
  26. Kuvaszfucker111

    Canine Megacolon Awareness

    Congenital megacolon is primarily prevalent in livestock guardian dogs such as the maremma sheepdog, the great pyrenees, and the Hungarian kuvasz, but can occour less commonly in any breed. Aquired megacolon on the other hand occours more frequently in large yet narrow hipped dogs, as the anal...
  27. ZetaMachine

    Canine Body Types

    I was wondering, what kind of body types do you lot find attractive in dogs. Big and muscular Dogs, a more sleek streamlined body like with greyhounds, and so on. Doesn't have to be a sexual thing, but if it is I'd love to know what about a specific breeds build turns you on
  28. D

    Describe your attraction.

    For example, I am most attracted to women, I think they are the sexiest and I really love them. I like femboys or traps too. But at the same time I don't love dogs or horses romantically but more like friends or my "owners" whom I would like to please and suck every drop of their hot cum, be...
  29. DogAlpha

    Hellooo Zooville 29M Owner

    Hey all! New to the community! Early 30s/M Since beastforum is offline i searched for an other forum and im happy i found this one. Im a K-9 lover and owner of 2 dogs a boy and a girl I have experiences with my male dog and my female. I have attached some pictures to my post I am looking...
  30. Mutt_luvr

    What is your most desired fantasy?

    Mine is owning a big or large male dog, preferably a Doberman, GSD, or a big great dane, and then letting them have their way with me for hours, maybe even days. I would put shackles around my wrists and my ankles so I can't get away, and let them knot me over and over and over again. Once...