female dog

  1. D

    Can a Staffy accommodate me?

    hi everyone i have a blue female staffy and have always been curious about mating with her, my main question is would she be able to accommodate me (6-7inch) without hurting her? just looking for some general advice, thanks in advance everyone!
  2. M

    Can you get an illness from a dog?

    Hey, guys so last night I ate out my dog (female) and she also licked my dick and I was wondering if you could get any Illness or disease from it? Thanks
  3. B

    Female dogs, how would you know that they want it, and if they are enjoying it?

    I know that male dogs in the wild would fuck bitches at any chance they get while they are fertile, but how would I know when the female dog wants sex? Will she make it obvious? And how would I know if the dog likes it or not? Also as a side note, from the videos I’ve seen male dog don’t take a...
  4. Glowing Malevolence

    My aunts lab got me addicted to dog pussy~

    I fucked my Aunts labrador retriever while I was visiting. She took my cock so well and her tail was wagging the entire time <3 When I pulled out and came she immediately turned around and started licking my cock clean which surprised the hell out of me This was almost a month ago but I still...
  5. C

    Spayed dogs?

    Hello everyone new to the group, was a long time member of BF and GB. And haven't found any site like it, and find this and thought why not try? But I don't know if I have this in the right area or not, and if not please remove. But is it possible to have sex with a spayed female? And how long...
  6. A

    Breeds in mind, what are good with cats?

    So bit of a newbie on this site since I spend most of my time lurking, so forgive me for the shitty post. I have a few breeds in mind I'd like to get and wanted to know which are fine with cats, since I'd rather keep all my pets alive and safe. I've owned a dog before, so I do roughly know how...
  7. benjaminwonders

    Do you like sucking male dog or licking female dog?

    What is your favourite?
  8. B

    How to convince her to let me in

    My neighbor has a dog who recently came into heat (not the first one, she has had puppies before), I've always been interested in her and I've always waited for this moment, but she just won't let me in. initially in the early days of heat I thought it was just natural behavior, but now it has...
  9. SalemCromwell95

    dog breed advice

    I've been wanting to adopt a bitch and im looking for size and temperament advice. I want a breed that is on the calmer side. Im not the biggest guy in the world (just under 6'' but im thick about the size of a half dollar coin) so im looking for a dog that can take me completely in the vagina...
  10. D

    How do you even start?

    Hello guys. I have been a lurker here for a while because I was curious of animal sex. After a fee months of reading evdrybody post here, I see that having sex with an animal is possible even with all the laws and restrictions. I am curious about female dogs, cows and maybe pigs. I get super...
  11. jaceybutton

    22 m usa

    22 m usa- trying to get into zoo as a lifestyle lately, so i’m looking for some advice. i like f dogs i’ve been into zoo since i was 13 and the family dog licked me off- and reignited the flame when i ate a f dogs pussy in january just trying to find some likeminded guys hopefully around my...