1. todeshund

    What is something that you tried but should have remained a fantasy?

    So we have a thread "What is a turn on for you that surprises you?" - but what is a fantasy you had that surprisingly wasn't as great when you tried it? I thought I was into watersports, nutted just before having my gf pee into my mouth but as soon as she started I realised it was better in...
  2. Mosteel

    Fish lovers thread? (Sorry dolphin lovers, better luck next time!)

    Ok ok, i can immediately tell the problem here, so i guess we need ground rules? Lemme know if this is still a no, mods. No talk about *actually* having sex with fish. Fantasy and fiction and yearnings only, for several reasons. 1.Sex with fish is not. possible. Human and fish genitalia are so...
  3. C

    Fantasies about zoophilia being widely accepted

    Ever fantasized about zoophilia being a widely accepted sexuality, just as (most of) the other sexualities are? Imagine zoo farms where properly trained, healthy, and happy animals can mount or be mounted by a loving human with no fear or shame! It would probably cost a decent amount of money...
  4. ZetaMachine

    Fantasies turned reality

    For anyone out there with a zoo fantasy, not just getting to sleep with a certain animal but something extra like getting to do it in a special location, or with a special someone, etc. What was your fantasy that you made a reality? And was it everything you hoped for?
  5. R

    Human Cattle

    Hi, I was wondering if there's anyone here thats into the hucow fetish that's ever thought about what it would be like to become a live in dairy cow? It's a fantasy I've recently realised I'm turned on by and wondered if I wasn't alone on this one 😅 think it's come from reading human to cow...
  6. Memprys

    Which Disney animal would you most like to have sex with?

    For purposes of this discussion, I suggest naming only animal characters and not furries. Otherwise, a threesome with Robin and Marion would be my choice. However, for a true zoophile encounter, I would love to be knotted by Pongo while filling Perdita's puppy hole. You could also choose...
  7. Mutt_luvr

    What is your most desired fantasy?

    Mine is owning a big or large male dog, preferably a Doberman, GSD, or a big great dane, and then letting them have their way with me for hours, maybe even days. I would put shackles around my wrists and my ankles so I can't get away, and let them knot me over and over and over again. Once...
  8. Ggjester

    Got Creative Masturbator Ideas ? Share here

    Fun Question: Anyone go creative ideas for your masturbator? I’ve had such an awesome experience by having a BD or even my AM Two Hole Dragon with a vibe bullet down the other end. Especially since the Two Hole Dragon came with these plugs that adds suction, my god! ( yes, it can even work...
  9. BlackMesa1996

    What would you do if your animal lover could actually talk?

    (First off, admins, Idk where this would belong, it's a question, but also has a picture of art, so place it in the correct spot if it's not there already) So, I've been doing my daily porn hunting, and I saw this, and it made me wonder, for the people here who are lucky enough to experience...
  10. Dawniedoosey

    Need to borrow a big male dog but don’t know how

    (First post on any forum forgive all ignorances I have.)I’ve never been able to fulfill my intense desire I have to be fucked by a dog, I’ve been into beastie honestly since I was a kid. My dogs have been eating my pussy for as long as I can remember, and it feel better than any man can make me...
  11. VulgarframeMN

    Hints from significant other?

    Hey all, longtime lurker, first post. A bit of a story-time and simultaneous inquiry. So, my ex and I once were playing World of Warcraft together when the subject of the "hottest race" came up. To my surprise, my then girlfriend told me she found the Worgen race (essentially werewolves) to...