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  1. R

    I’m writing a PDF instructional e-book: A Complete Illustrated Guide to Dog Love

    So, I’m about halfway through penning a PDF “ebook” with pictures, appendices, and great guidance for beginners. Background: I noticed that there are about 7 threads about different aspects of sexual contact with dogs and I’ll include the following: F-MDog, F-FDog, M-FDog, M-MDog. There’s also...
  2. FloofyNewfie

    Pursuing Missionary with my dog?

    Update: So my girl went into heat but she gave me a little scare when her heat blood started to smell like liquid ass. I was preparing to take her to the vet but oddly enough it cleared up went went back to just musky like normal in only 3 days. I believe my diet is to blame for the smell of my...
  3. FloofyNewfie

    Sloppy Slobbery Dog Kisses?

    How many of y'all like to "make out" with your doggie companions? For myself I absolutely love sloppy slobbery doggie kisses! I go open mouth using my tongue to produce as much saliva as possible. I also love to make out with my girls for as long as they want. Makes me very horny, and I find it...