1. Y

    Guesstimating size?

    I've got a question about my newest boy. I'm a bit morbidly curious about something. I'm not particularly familiar with the variations in sizes or if they really vary much at all. Is there anyway to estimate their size without just getting them excited? He's a former stray and a mutt so no-one...
  2. Sniffr_Pig


    How's it hanging? I'm 37yo gay guy from London. Have always had an attraction towards fit male K9s, I'll try anything twice
  3. ThorianRed

    My best friend and lover

    This is my 5 year old husky/malamute mix Thor. He has been my best friend since about 2 weeks after he was born and with me every step of the way. The first dog to successfully tie with me and make me his.
  4. S

    Male canine orgasm, theory

    I think this is the right place. I was surprised that I could not find this topic discussed elsewhere! I really wonder what having an orgasm as a male canine feels like. Thrusting and getting tied. Since dogs and wolves cannot speak, we can only make educated guesses. Please if anyone has good...
  5. D

    Taste? Smell?

    What does dog dick taste like and smell like? Its semen too. Also horses.
  6. RightRotted

    How to go about sexual relationships with small dogs?

    Hello! I’m hoping in the near future to get a male chihuahua and i wanted to ask how to go about having sex with such a small dog? Note: I’m not basing our relationship on sex. This is just for future reference in the event he would want a sexual relationship. Thank you! edit: i’m a trans guy...
  7. Sheppermutt

    Update/warning on vaginal dilators...

    I made this post earlier. My girl has completed the last bit of her heartworm treatment last year, so we're slowly re-introducing hyper speed and other fun activities. With that she can again enjoy orgasms. I again had the house to myself for a bit. In short, she came twice from my fingers and...
  8. egoldstein

    Neutered male dogs and retained sexual interest poll

    This is for people who have had male dogs who were neutered after becoming adults. Did he lose all interest, some interest, or was he largely unaffected? I'm not aware of any reliable data on the subject, so hoping we can get a rough idea by polling the community to see what anecdotal...
  9. Sheppermutt

    Vaginal Dilators for a canine girl?

    Hear me out. As some of you might remember from my previous posts, I have a spayed 47 pound shepherd mix girl and unfortunately she is too small for me to mate with her. So I was getting some relationship advice from some regular people, (no idea im zoo) and brought up how I physically can't...
  10. Sheppermutt

    Best way to clean cum from a dog's fur?

    Sooo, I was participating in NNN, but then... yeah. The title. Normally she laps it all up, but she can't do that when its on her face/head/radars and in other hard to reach places. It can make her fur... crusty... if she misses any. She really doesn't like being in the shower and typically she...
  11. Sheppermutt

    Issues fingering my canine girl

    Hi all, new here. For some background information... I adopted my girl from the shelter a little over a year ago. She is a German Shepherd mix and is inbetween a medium and large dog classification. (About 46 lbs) They spayed her as was their policy. I think she was in heat when they did it but...
  12. L

    How to tell what a stud is packing?

    Basically the title... Obviously bigger breeds have bigger bits but I was just curious to know if anyone had a method for figuring out what a stud is packing before even interacting with them? The swing of their sheath? The tip of their meat poking out when they sit? Is there any easy tell...
  13. C

    Fantasies about zoophilia being widely accepted

    Ever fantasized about zoophilia being a widely accepted sexuality, just as (most of) the other sexualities are? Imagine zoo farms where properly trained, healthy, and happy animals can mount or be mounted by a loving human with no fear or shame! It would probably cost a decent amount of money...
  14. P

    Zoo and BDSM

    I LOVE zoo. Especially doggies 💕 However, the few instances I've got to see zoo with BDSM ties(pun intended) it drives me absolutely crazy. In the greatest ways! I'm curious what everyone feels about these two themes mingling together, what stories you all might have, or if this is just a...
  15. K

    Questions about shy female dog.

    Hi, this is the first time i ask something like this, and overall my first time posting anything in this forum. I have a female dog called Luna (moon in Spanish), a Dogo Argentino Pit Bull , she's been my partner for almost 3 years now, and I've raised her since she was only a few months old...
  16. L

    Rimming Canines

    Does anyone have advice on how to safely prepare a canine for rimming? Any health risks from eating out a clean dogs asshole?
  17. SabotDingo

    Favorite Species of Wild Canine

    I generally love canines: both wild and domestic. But if I had to pick one... Jackals! Black-backed jackals, specifically. On a side note, I had no idea that dingoes were (classified by some as) a subspecies of wolf until I created this account. I put "dingo" in my account name mainly because...
  18. CDAmber17

    27 y/o Sissy/CD looking for like minded individuals and friends!

    Hey! Finally decided to stop lurking and actually start posting! From the South Jersey/Philly area. Been interested in Zoo type material for a few years now, and looking for friends and others to talk about fantasies and swap stories and such! Mostly interested in dogs, but have been curious...
  19. pes

    Canine anatomical diagrams

    A bunch of various canine anatomical diagrams.
  20. L

    Homemade canine masturbator

    Hello, I'm making this post to share my experience about making my own canine toy with 3D printer and silicon. I'm doing this because American Meat canine 2 holes is often unavailable due to its success (at the time of writing, it is back in Esty store). I will update my post as I progress (and...
  21. L

    Pussy or Ass?

    Looking to see what peoples preferences are. What’s your preference if you’ve tried both? What’re your reasons for preferring one over another? Mainly interested in canines but if you’ve got a good explanation for any other species drop a comment!
  22. pes

    Fake dog cum vs reality (consistency, taste, smell, appearance)

    What does real dog cum look like? Some people may not know so here it is: Real cum: Dogs ejaculate semen as three distinctive fractions: 1. Pre-sperm fraction: this is usually slightly cloudy in appearance and has a volume of roughly 0.5 to 2 ml. 2. Sperm-rich fraction: in normal dogs, this...
  23. Ectogasm

    How to get started?

    Hi, I'm new to this site via someone here sending it to me! I was wondering- how do you find someone to meet up with? I really wanna try getting fucked by a dog for the first time but I'm not sure how to find anyone in my area discreetly to do this. I dont have a dog myself, so this is really...
  24. D

    Doggie cum stains

    Hello everyone, I have been reading a lot for threads and saw lots of people saying about doggie cum stains, how they found them in their friends apartments, their brother apartments, so i wanna know how these stains look like. I don't have a dog, so I can't find it out myself <3. Can you send...
  25. Aetherus

    Ideal Canine Breeds for Sex

    Hi there! I'm new here and I was planning on getting a dog to ideally have sex with her (no idea if this has been asked before, feel free to link threads if it has). I wasn't too sure on what breeds would work best, I know that med-large & large breeds are best, but I was mainly considering how...
  26. R

    I’m writing a PDF instructional e-book: A Complete Illustrated Guide to Dog Love

    So, I’m about halfway through penning a PDF “ebook” with pictures, appendices, and great guidance for beginners. Background: I noticed that there are about 7 threads about different aspects of sexual contact with dogs and I’ll include the following: F-MDog, F-FDog, M-FDog, M-MDog. There’s also...
  27. FloofyNewfie

    Pursuing Missionary with my dog?

    Update: So my girl went into heat but she gave me a little scare when her heat blood started to smell like liquid ass. I was preparing to take her to the vet but oddly enough it cleared up went went back to just musky like normal in only 3 days. I believe my diet is to blame for the smell of my...
  28. FloofyNewfie

    Sloppy Slobbery Dog Kisses?

    How many of y'all like to "make out" with your doggie companions? For myself I absolutely love sloppy slobbery doggie kisses! I go open mouth using my tongue to produce as much saliva as possible. I also love to make out with my girls for as long as they want. Makes me very horny, and I find it...