1. Thisisnotabot

    Positioning when dog is thrusting causing injuries

    Hi there! I wanted to look for knowledge from everyone here on how is it that you place yourself when being mounted by a dog, my reason for this is that the last times I've tried some fun time with him, him thrusting actually caused me to bleed quite a bit, I imagine from poking something...
  2. C

    Female dog is in heat

    My female husky is in heat, and i really want to have sex with her, but I’m not sure. How should i go about this?
  3. C

    Rhodesian Ridgeback and safe sex

    Hey everyone, I used to have an account here once upon a time but I've long since forgotten my password, starting fresh and in need of help. I'm finally out on my own, the next year is going to be a bit hectic with me away in the bush for 7 months but things should be pretty normal after that...
  4. N

    How to have fun with a mare in a field without a shelter ?

    I (24M) am quite new to the zoo world, so I'm asking you for some things that you might find obvious (forgive my ignorance). I have access to two mares in a field next to a trail. I'm currently getting to know them, and I'd love to go further than the classical grooming. To do so, I think the...
  5. M

    How do you avoid being caught by the vet?

    Hey this could apply to any species but I’m asking about horses. They have regular vet and farrier visits, how would you avoid suspicion if the horse is kept on your own land? Besides obvious things like cum on her, what else is there worth looking out for?
  6. A

    Breeds in mind, what are good with cats?

    So bit of a newbie on this site since I spend most of my time lurking, so forgive me for the shitty post. I have a few breeds in mind I'd like to get and wanted to know which are fine with cats, since I'd rather keep all my pets alive and safe. I've owned a dog before, so I do roughly know how...
  7. B

    Is being 18 y/o too young to be a bestiality fan ?

    Hi everyone, I am new here, and want to know if me already liking bestiality at 18 (I am a boy), is acceptable or not. I don't know if it matters or not, but I DO NOT enjoy male humans and female animals. I only like it when male animals consciously themselves come and engage in sex with FEMALE...
  8. TheHound77

    Is this the right place to ask for advice on how to breed my bitch?

    I have been getting sexual with my one and a half-year-old Labrador. She is not a particularly large lab but she is very loving and gets very horny. She has been nodded a couple times during her last hit by a large golden retriever, also I can put a finger into her with no problem and she seems...
  9. N

    Tips or advice on 2 bitches

    So right now I'm very excited as by summer I'll be able to get my own place finally. I am a straight male and was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice for keeping 2 bitches. Specifically 2 German shepherds. I've been looking around and from what I've seen it seems that it's not a good...
  10. Raytonix

    Thoughts on having a fling with friends/neighbours/family’s dogs without their knowledge?

    Very good family friend of mine has a very compatible border collie for my parter, who is ready for her first. Said family friend is going away shortly and I’m hoping to be asked to feed the dog. He’s a loveable character, full of energy and just well, a border collie. I have seen his knot on...
  11. S

    Found out my boyfriend is a zoo. confused and need advice.

    bear with me. english is not my first language. my boyfriend left his laptop unlocked and i saw his posts on here. he is a zoo and he posted about keeping this from me. he posted about wanting to meet up with someone and have his first experience. i am more upset about this as he is planning on...
  12. Galloway047

    Approaching Someone about Bestiality/Zoophilia

    Hello everyone, I’ve been lurking on this forum for quite some time now and I want to be more involved in this community and I figured now is a pretty good time to be so. I am hoping that some of you could share some advice about how to approach someone who’s into the bestiality/zoophilia...
  13. Villi

    Advice Me

    EDIT : Appreciate your kind replies, thankyouverymuch!!! ☹️
  14. ellierose

    Need Advice

    This might seem weird I need advice on how to film myself playing with a dog as I've always been curious to see myself mounted
  15. TheoTheGermanShephard

    All day plug (looking for advice)

    Hay guys TheoTheGermanShephard back on the key's 👍😉 I hope you're doing great ! As mentioned in the title above I would like to wear a plug/Vixenmaker all day long and I'm looking for advice or good tips for a hassle free day. Thinks like how do I manage the hole bathroom thing ? Should I bring...
  16. Texntyler

    How do you keep the knot in if you can't reach it?

    Periodically I left my dog hump and fuck me but because I like to stretch myself sometimes his knot always comes out and it's painful but I would rather be filled up until his dick goes soft is there a safe way for us to stay tied even though I can't reach? Also so I'm a male and he does knot...
  17. Evie

    Preparing for Knot advice (women specific)

    While I'm not there yet, I am wanting to start preparing myself for my first k9 partner. Did you do any such actions for your mate? What can I do to make it so I'm not too tight for him?
  18. Silvervine


  19. S

    Beginnings, acceptance and doubts

    Hello everyone. Please forgive my poor English, but I am learning and I had to go to the translator. I don't have much time in this community. I was in BF for a short time years ago but it wasn't until this year that I entered fully. I am a 20 years old boy(Maybe trans girl in a future) who...
  20. letstaketturns

    Have you ever tried outdoors?

    I was just curious if anyone else has tried anything outdoors? Like on a hike or trail. I've tried a few times but besides a few licks he gets to distracted etc.. If anyone has experience or advice I would appreciate it!? ? Pic is of our recent adventure although it was a pretty public spot so...
  21. A

    Where to find / get to know zoo partners?

    I'm heavily into zoo stuff but I don't know how to approach people like me (this being a taboo is the biggest problem). Is there a page / forum / site that I can go to, so I can meet people with the same kind of sexuality? I would love to have a gf who is into dogs, that's it.
  22. Disanima

    Owning a pig

    Hi there fellows, I've always had a dream into owning a pet pig :pig_love: I have a thing for really large farm breeds, but I think it may be really difficult to manage one of them (or to avoid stupid questions on why I own it without eating it), so, I came to the conclusion that owning a...
  23. Flint

    Achieving Prostate Orgasm

    Hi, I have been wanting to make this thread for a while now, but couldn't decide what category to put it under, so I figured this would be as good as any. I have been experimenting on my own for a little under a year now, I am now 18 and I have never been able to achieve prostate orgasm. I was...
  24. Kubrow

    Problems with my mate

    So ... I'm a male and I've been exploring this new side of me with my male dog for some months by now (5-6). We have few opportunities to "play" but we manage to have some private time from time to time hehehhehe .... But our relation has reached a sort of a "wall" I would say He looooooooves...
  25. werqu

    Tips For Women About Sex With Big Dogs [BeastForum re-post]

    [This was written by user SamanthaJonesUK on beastforum, very useful advice.] I’ve written this document as I really struggled to find real facts that were appropriate. I will cover the facts as I see / have experienced. * Large dogs are not easy to control nor are they easy to do this with...
  26. H

    I've been outed several times. Seeking advice.

    I'm using a throw away account so I don't have these personal details linked to my main one. Sorry if that's sketchy, but I'm pretty paranoid about everything lately. I can't remember all the times I've been outed. CPTSD often causes memory loss around traumatic events. I estimate about half a...
  27. MissKate

    Beginner's questions

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to this world, and my knowledge is mostly from videos I've watched. I have quite a few questions, and I've looked over the tutorials but couldn't find real answers for that. If you could share your wisdom it'd be awesome ❤ 1. It seems dogs in the videos sniff around...
  28. Redleader6

    If anyone is looking for advice or a teacher

    Ive been a trainer for females with male dogs for several years now. Ive done in person and online teaching and breeding. Currently my 7+ years have been exclusively for females with male animals, mostly dogs but a few horses, rarely something else. Im open to helping anyone but im not sure how...
  29. K

    I want a reality check

    I've wanted a dog for a long time but never have been able to get one. Well that's changed and I plan on getting a lovely lady soon now I know that fantasies are never the same as reality. So I need some of you experienced peeps to tell me the negatives of your relationships. Also I'm...
  30. Jëëco

    The best condiments to encourage a dog to lick your penis?

    What is the best kind of condiment, sauce, or food to encourage a dog to lick your penis? I've used ketchup but im sure they're could a better alternative though the bitch i used it on seemed to love it.