1. ZephyrZoo

    What are these little spots on my dog's skin?

    Hey everyone, So this is my girl, she's a young, female pitbull and she's always had one or two little bumps on her skin (she's always had sensitive skin issues) but lately I'm noticing more and more and at the moment it looks like she's been bitten by a thousand mosquitoes. I edited the...
  2. ballerinacat

    I want to go further

    I first started getting eaten out by a dog a couple years ago but never really tried anything else... I'm do want to start getting knotted but I was looking for tips on how to do it and if there are any safety measures I should take!
  3. Maracas

    Europe trip

    Hi there I'm planning a trip to Europe from December to January and wanted to ask my fellow here for suggestions for where to go, what to do and any other suggestion you can give me for the trip PS: Sorry if this is in the wrong, I didn't know where else to publish it
  4. C

    Nuetered dog inexperienced

    I have only tried 2 times to masturbate him, and he seems to have fun each time. He is a smaller breed (a dachshund) and is nuetered as a pup (about 4yrs old now). I start by playing with his sheath and his knot. His knot swells up pretty big and he gets at least a partial erection. If he is...
  5. LittIePuppy

    Dating people and zoo lifestyle. (read thread guidelines)

    Don't know if I'm allowed to set my own guidelines for my thread so excuse my ignorance I'm attempting to seek forgivenness instead seeking permission cause tbh I'm wrecked so.. Fair warning excuse grammar and mistakes and if I'm making thread that exists or is pointless i've had a few. My idea...
  6. WizNick

    What States have the biggest zoo communities?

    I've mostly been a midwest guy with a few years in Tennessee as well but never encountered anyone else into this stuff. What states have the biggest communities so I can consider moving to one in the future?
  7. huskiesanddogs


    Hey everyone. I know that I haven’t been posting lately—I’ve just been really busy. Max is a handful, Lily is too, but she’s been getting a lot better at sex. I’m currently traveling, and I brought her with me. It’s hard to find hotels that allow pets, but it’s very rewarding to have sex...
  8. G

    First time in a few hours any tips?

    So it will be male with male dog. He’s a smallish dog so I don’t know what postion would be best for me he’s a cavapoo. Gonna try suck him then see if I can take him Any advice would be great thank you
  9. R

    A New Zoo's First Breed Recommendations (Request)

    I'll make my introduction with the fact that this dog will likely be a companion and I'll definitely chicken out and just love the thing like all dogs I've had before... BUT I would be lying if I said I wasn't interested. The only problem is the laundry list of requirements for this dog, as it...
  10. huskiesanddogs

    Dogsitter help

    I think my dogsitter had sex with my husky. I haven’t done anything with her today, but earlier a string of cum was falling from her vagina, and my bedsheets were a lot messier than I left them when I got home. I could be wrong, but there are a lot of signs. She seems to be her normal self...
  11. huskiesanddogs

    New Dog

    I’m thinking of getting another female husky pup. I already have one who’s two years old. Is there anything to look out for for compatibility in the future (I’ve seen posts where people can’t fit inside them when trying to penetrate). Obviously it’s not the only reason I want her, but still...
  12. privatemiller5

    Request Dating Help/ Vent

    Ive known that im slow to pick up on girls signals, but i got to thinking recently and found how fucking dense i am. So im venting/ranting but also seeking help to hopefully combat me being dumb af lol. So im away from home for work rn, and it doesnt really give me time to rub one out, so...
  13. G

    Tips for tether training?

    Does anyone have any tips on how to train a dog not to run to the end of the tether and basically clothesline himself? I just recently picked up a dog from someone and he is not very well trained. I have training classes scheduled, but in the meantime, we are just working on the very basics...
  14. V

    New Zoo testing the waters

    Hello all! After finding this forum and reading a few posts I couldn't help but feel curious and interested in human x animal cross breeding. I guess to start off, I watched a YouTube video condemning Zoo's and how there is even a Zoo podcast on YouTube called "Zooier Than Thou" or something...
  15. UnknownEgghead

    [Advice] Complete Beginner in Need of Advice

    Hello everyone! I'd like to start off by saying I [M21] am completely new to this website, but have had zoophilic interests for years. Found this forum site by total accident, but I have to say it's like I've entered heaven. In terms of actual experience, I've had fairly little. I make out with...
  16. T

    How to safely store & encrypt your own video/content

    So, seems some people are reluctant to record their activities for their own little porn stash, because it is too risky. Some people are storing their goodies in flash drives or even in cloud storage, and even worse, some store things on their smartphones. One way to mimigate risk is to safely...
  17. F

    Compare two types of two

    Vixen inflatabe with cum tube from elypse art and growler inflatable from Primal Hardware which one do you recommend, like the Vixen is realistic while the growler is more werewolfish and much more bulky,
  18. Dog5353

    Best practices for guiding newbies

    I have found myself online chatting now with multiple women who are curious or become curious about mating with dogs. I can't pretend to be an expert, so I often refer back to information from this forum, but often what people need most is a friendly ear. It's definitely possible to end up...
  19. L

    Hi everyone, I want to put my dick where a dog has been (dick pic) I'm from Mexico

    Hi everyone, i'm from Mexico City. I think k9 sluts are so hot. To be honest I'm a little bit jealous of those who had a wife that loves to be knotted. Those girls are the best. For now, one of my fantasies is to fuck a k9 girl. I started in this zoo world like 1 year ago, so let your advices...
  20. SouthPupUK

    Beast Forum Orphan - experienced bi guy looking for friends

    Hi all, used to be on BF. Met several wonderful owners on there and plenty of other friendly people. looking to make friends, give advice and chat. And if a nice person with an entire dog would have me over to play, that would be 100% bonus 🥰 now based in and around Oxford but travel around a...
  21. subbybiguy1203

    Recommendations for toys to prep with?

    Hello, I’m 19 and bi and really wanna experience being knotted one day and maybe even filled by a horse if im able to. I was wondering if there’s any good toys to begin preparing for knotting, I’ve got a super thick wolf cock but it’s so thick I can even take the shaft yet, I’d also wanna get...
  22. A

    What do you do before anal sex with a toy?

    I ask this question because several times it happened that during anal sex there were traces of poop on the toy. Because of this, I also cannot fully enter myself. I heard somewhere that you should do an enema before that. Perhaps you can advise something in this regard.
  23. A

    How often can you have sex with a sex toy?

    I am interested in whether frequent sex, especially anal sex for a guy can really lead to negative consequences. Maybe I'm worrying too much and I shouldn't do that.
  24. A

    The best dog for sex with a man

    I have been sitting on the forum for a long time and have not yet seen threads with discussions about sex with dogs and men and the best breeds for them. Maybe you have some ideas? Can you advise something?
  25. C

    Potential first time owner: should I start with a puppy or an adult dog?

    I've grown up with dogs, and I am planning to move out of my parents place. I've only ever had adult dogs (up until April), and rescued a pup who was thrown out of a car on the highway, which has been an interesting challenge. But I plan to get my own place in the next few months and would like...
  26. Saladdressing2000

    How to get a stallion hard?

    Hi all. I’ve experimented a little with a stallion. Massaging his sheath. Rubbing his belly. Couple other things. Any advice on trying to get him hard. I understand he may just not want it but hes usually pretty active. Any advice? Thanks. Secondly im looking for some tg groups if anyone knows...
  27. Thisisnotabot

    Positioning when dog is thrusting causing injuries

    Hi there! I wanted to look for knowledge from everyone here on how is it that you place yourself when being mounted by a dog, my reason for this is that the last times I've tried some fun time with him, him thrusting actually caused me to bleed quite a bit, I imagine from poking something...
  28. C

    Female dog is in heat

    My female husky is in heat, and i really want to have sex with her, but I’m not sure. How should i go about this?
  29. C

    Rhodesian Ridgeback and safe sex

    Hey everyone, I used to have an account here once upon a time but I've long since forgotten my password, starting fresh and in need of help. I'm finally out on my own, the next year is going to be a bit hectic with me away in the bush for 7 months but things should be pretty normal after that...
  30. N

    How to have fun with a mare in a field without a shelter ?

    I (24M) am quite new to the zoo world, so I'm asking you for some things that you might find obvious (forgive my ignorance). I have access to two mares in a field next to a trail. I'm currently getting to know them, and I'd love to go further than the classical grooming. To do so, I think the...