zoo exclusive

  1. Wolfspirit

    Survey for zooladies: Who sexually/romantically prefers female dogs over male dogs? Zoo exclusive or desires for a human zoo partner to join the pack?

    Disclaimer: Use of the word "bitch" in the context of this post, for any readers unaware, is not derogatory in nature. That is the proper terminology for female dogs used by professional breeders, vets, etc. My use of the term "male dog" is slightly redundant since "dog" automatically infers...
  2. PalmWolf

    Can animals be romantic?

    Thank you for entering this thread!:husky_grin: I’ve been zoo exclusive for a few years, but a lot of the time I find myself very insecure and unsure about whether or not being with an animal could be… romantic, I guess. I’ve never been with a human before and I don’t intend to, but I always...
  3. pes


    There is a lot of confusion around terms used in the zoo community, so here is how science defines these terms: Bestialist: There are the “bestialists” who have one or a few sexual contacts with an animal, or they use animals when a more “normal” outlet is not available. (2002, Understanding...
  4. NexusTheDergVR

    Is it safe to mate with a Giant Lizard?

    I have always wanted to get myself into one of these beauties. Especially female. Is it even safe to do so. I have heard their slits are warm and squishy. So good pleasure.
  5. KadeBoltz

    Any Info for those New to the Community...

    I am fairly new to being part of a Community and I keep hearing others talk about or mention the abuse of animals in porn. So that made me wonder what others that identify as Zoo Exclusive consider sexual abuse on animals. I'll admit that I have not watched a lot of Zoo Porn, so my definition of...
  6. rainbowzluzhy

    New me new introduction

    I've been dead here until recently and I've changed a lot since the past, I know I started some shit on here but for the time being I'm staying away from the dumpster fire since there's a lot of transphobia and stuff ☠️☠️☠️ So hello: I'm a cartoonist and a furry, I go by any pronouns and I'm a...
  7. ZetaMachine

    When did zoo 'ruin' you

    Anyone here that's zoo exclusive was there a specific moment you had with an animal that "ruined" humans for you aka make you see animals as a better life companion? If you did I'd love to hear about it sexual or otherwise
  8. C

    What’s it like to be only into dogs?

    I’m into almost every kink including humans and have 2 partners. Never done anything w a dog but I want to. Obv. Lol. I’m curious. Do you have romantic relationships? Would you marry your partners? I’m new to zoo stuff so forgive me if I offend anyone.
  9. Texasmonkeyboy

    When people say zoos can't get human partners... zoo exclusive life style for abused and traumatized people

    So, I know inflammatory title. Recently I've discovered that I'm pretty traumatized from dealing with human relationships especially with gay men and as a gay man I just don't really feel like I'm attracted to men anymore and I think that I've been through a lot of sexual trauma recently and...
  10. Zalanthe

    Zoophilia, bestiality, love, attraction, and semantic gaps

    As the introduction, let me start by A: Apologizing for if this topic has already been flipped before, it is not exactly easy to search for unless I hit the exact keywords that the search function wants. B: Apologizing for if this isn't the right place to post it, though having finally dared to...
  11. Rick

    So I'm Considering Zoo Exclusive

    So I'm Considering Zoo Exclusive. apart from a female fuck buddy (who's always hinting at more but shes not Zoo) i'm already pretty much K9 exclusive, male and females. the last week ive been spoiled with my own k9s X3 (1x male /2 x females one on heat) and a friends female on heat for a planned...
  12. NK101

    Being a romantic exclusive zoophile?

    Ever since I hit puberty, I've always fantasized about having sex with animals. But this would then transform to me exclusively liking yiff and furry porn, I don't think I would ever have sex with an animal. But looking at them does arouse me, and the thought of being romantically involved with...
  13. Disanima

    Why zoo exclusivity is always a cause of discussions?

    I have read many threads where zoos argues on the zoo exclusivity matter and I've come to a conclusion: there are basically two factions, the ones that I will call zoo exclusive "purists", which consider zoo exclusive only those who only had relationships with animals, and the other faction, the...
  14. Shardone

    Hi to all exclusive zoo!

    Actually, hello everyone! I'm 26 and often visit Europe, have experience with horses, goats, deers, cows and some others animals. I love a lot herbivores animals. With years I undetood what I don't have any sexual intersect to humans, they never was sexy to me. Only animals makes me horny. I...
  15. pes


    I have been here for a while and somehow I completely missed the introduction section. So nice to meet you all. I have been an exclusive zoophile for the past maybe 10 years active with an animal partner most of the time. Now that this is out of the way. I have been missing some sort of a...
  16. Fido’s Fertile Boy

    I think I might be zoo exclusive?

    I’ve been in denial of being a zoo for years and I just came to terms with me being attracted to animals both romantically and sexually(specifically m k9). Since this revelation, I’ve shown no interest in human men. But years ago I suffered through abuse from a human male partner of mine, so...