When people say zoos can't get human partners... zoo exclusive life style for abused and traumatized people

So, I know inflammatory title.

Recently I've discovered that I'm pretty traumatized from dealing with human relationships especially with gay men and as a gay man I just don't really feel like I'm attracted to men anymore and I think that I've been through a lot of sexual trauma recently and for me I think that being zoo exclusive is something that I'm interested in because I just don't seem to be able to trust guys I've been traumatized by a lot of men that I've met and recently I was sexually assaulted and I cannot perform well with people anymore so I just wanted to get people's opinions about that and maybe see what you guys thoughts are. I obviously need counseling but I can't get it where I live. But I want to here y'all's thoughts. Am I wrong to be zoo exclusive just because of truma and sexual abuse from humans? thanks.

Ps I was interested in zoo before all this. I've been attracted to dogs before I ever found a human I was attracted too!🐒


Citizen of Zooville
You don't get zoo-exclusive like that - you either are it or not. Or rather you're a point on a scale that ranges from only liking humans to only liking animals. What you describe is that you do not want to have anything to do with humans sexually anymore, but wanting that won't make your future feelings change when you might find someone attractive again. Also I'm sorry to hear about your bad experiences.