1. Bluephoenyx

    Experiencias cortas para relatar

    Bueno, como el titulo lo dice, la idea es ir comentando aca sin necesariamente utilizar la seccion de stories para poder poner anecdotas que sean cortitas, nada muy elaborado (si gustan elaborarlo mas revisen si no deberia ir en stories). Pero bueno, eso, la idea seria: -Incluir cantidad y/o...
  2. H

    Who is very glad my little pony porn exists?

    I was into horses way before my little pony came out, but as soon as I realized that my little pony porn existed, it was such a relief, since I was gonna be able to get off more to cartoon horses as real horses. I’m a certain sense, that’s what brought me into the show, to be able to watch more...
  3. GoopeyMoose

    Hows it going! New to Zooville, Not To Zoo.

    Well, i guess ill just give a little intro im 30, Male, Bi, and pretty heavily zoo. have been for a very long time. I was homeschooled in MD, grew up on a horse farm and had plenty of horses, rode competitively for years. Dressage, Western, Hunter Jumping, Showmanship. Was very outdoorsy and...
  4. beastbottombabe

    Why bestiality?

    What is the best part of being a zoophile?
  5. Zaruxin

    Zaruxin - Zoo Related Nightmare

    I had a zoo related nightmare recently and it took me an hour or so to convince myself it wasn't real. It was about some man getting caught with horses and it ruined the whole setting for everyone else involved. From that point on there where new rules, no men where allowed to be alone with...
  6. jeffs_ fantasies

    Zoo Life-partner

    Ever had a dream to have a life partner who is a zoo?? Ever though of how exciting and adventurous each day will be? How we would obsess over doggie dicks and bitch pussies? Do you think you could get a life partner of similar interest from here? Or have you already found one? Share your thoughts…
  7. LoveNottLust1

    Zoo's who use Grindr

    Do you use Grindr, & have you met any zoos there?
  8. R

    How many zoos are also furries

    Just wondering how much overlap there is in the communities. Where you a zoo or furry first?
  9. A


    Salut Je viens de tomber sur ce forum Je suis en région paca possibilité de me déplacer même loin, j'aimerai trouver un ou des propriétaires pour me faire saillir par chien mâle, aimerai aussi premier contact avec chevaux ou ânes'
  10. A

    Bi Zoophile paca

    Salut Je viens de tomber sur ce forum Je suis en région paca possibilité de me déplacer même loin, j'aimerai trouver je un ou des propriétaires pour me faire saillir par chien mâle, aimerai aussi premier contact avec chevaux ou ânes
  11. Cookiepatrol

    Morning chat?

    Anybody want to talk this morning? I just woke up, kind of bored, wanna chat with a fellow zoo. Just talking is fine
  12. B

    How was your weekend?

    everyone or the vast majority waits for the weekend to go out with friends and get some things done. unfortunately for me it was not like that because I am unable to do many activities. but how was yours? if possible post a picture.
  13. Cookiepatrol

    Is there a scientific reason for animal attraction?

    I'm actually very curious about this but am too afraid to research it too much. Are there scientific reasons for being a zoo? Ive tried to get rid of the liking but it seems hardwired into me, been this way since i was a child. If there is a reason, I'd like to know
  14. B


    What's your plans for this weekend?
  15. B

    What did you do yesterday or last night?

    Tell to us, what did you do with you pet last night? Details are very nice to know. Lol 😆 😉
  16. W

    Zoo en Monterrey?

    Hola, soy nuevo en esto! Soy de Apodaca y me gustaria conocer a mas gente asi, para intentar cosas. Siempre e querido cogerme a una callejera la verdad!
  17. S

    When you go Zoo. Do you ever go back?

    Something I'm curious about. Once you have sex with an animal, are you still able to enjoy sex with a human afterwards? Also are there any married couples that have fun with their animals as well as eachother.
  18. girlzoo.bcn

    Hello from Barcelona

    Hello! Im a young woman and Love zoo.
  19. T

    Alguien de tijuana?

    gente de tijuana?
  20. jaysee12

    New here and looking for my Zoo Queen

    Hi All, One thing I’ve noticed while lurking the past few days is now nice and welcoming everyone is. I just wanted to introduce myself, tell you a little about me and what I would ultimately love to find I’ve been into zoo for as long as I can remember. I stumbled upon a video in the 7th...
  21. BPD2


    Hey there. Joined awhile ago but just haven’t been on much. Just found out I have to have a minimum of 10 posts to pm so figured I’d start with an intro lol. Always been curious about zoo pussy. Would definitely love to try dog and mare. 25 in California in the east bay here by SF.
  22. T

    Shame and confusion

    Good evening everyone. Welcome to my thread where I seek input and help with understanding myself and my sexuality. So, for as long as I can remember I have had a facination with animals. I would not say it has always been in a romantic/sexual sense, but some type of attraction. In my early...
  23. Z

    New looking for some info

    Hey folks I’m very new to the zoo scene to the point I haven’t done anything with an animal yet but I LOVE zoo porn and I think I’d really like to try it with a female dog but have a few questions. Things like, how do I warm the dog up to it because I don’t wanna molest her, is there any...
  24. Juanrint

    A alguien aqui le gusta el manga zoo?anyone here like the manga zoo?

    Yo empeze viendo manga zoo y despues por curiosidad empeze a ver lo real y quede fascinado/ i started reading manga zoo and well by curiosity i started watching the real thing
  25. AlexSlumpx

    How does the community feel about beast stars' social media?

    Serious question. I've seen some zoo stars' real info like name, social media accounts etc. posted before. Just wondering what the mods' stance on these kinds of posts are. Not talking about obvious ones like Lise etc, but more niche ones like Pornstar XYZ that did one video for AoZ also...
  26. Enis_Pitbull

    My Balkan Zoo members group in Zooville Chat

    Hi, This post goes to all Balkan people in Europe who are here and want to connect with us :) I have created an Balkan Zoo members chat room in the Zoville Chat and want to introduce to you all who likes to join. Feel free to write me there in Zooville Chat and I will add you in our room. The...
  27. B

    Newcomer from Ontario, Canada

    Hey there all! I’ve been in this site for a bit and BF in the past too. More of a lurker then anything lol I am a 30 year old male who is bi and sexually flexible but have been into zoo for probably 15 years. Have always had fantasies and love reading stories about experiences. I am in Ontario...
  28. shitoast

    Best zoo stars

    I'm curious to see who is everyone's favourite zoo actor and why? thank u!
  29. Texasmonkeyboy

    When people say zoos can't get human partners... zoo exclusive life style for abused and traumatized people

    So, I know inflammatory title. Recently I've discovered that I'm pretty traumatized from dealing with human relationships especially with gay men and as a gay man I just don't really feel like I'm attracted to men anymore and I think that I've been through a lot of sexual trauma recently and...
  30. animalsucker95

    Baja California Norte, Sur y alrededores!

    Algún dueño disponible en los alrededores? Yo joven de 25 años bisexual por el área de tijuana Busco dueño de Perros machos o caballos dispuesto a entrar en encuentro con el dueño también Pueden grabarme también sin problemas