1. bbfucknowAUS

    How do you find like minded people

    What is the best advice to find likeminded people in your local communities to share experiences without freaking the wrong people out?
  2. KinkyTopLad

    Vulva Contraction

    :unsure:;)Hey guys, I don't know if any pussy lover has already gone through this experience before but I have and have a doubt, the dog when she has the contraction in the pussy that the dick is trapped inside contracting. the sensation is very tasty. my doubt is... is there any way to...
  3. TheZooWolf

    I wish i was not a greenhorn here

    So I just joined this group yesterday without knowing what to expect and I must say this is the best account I’ve ever made for anything.. it literally feels like I’m with friends when I’m on for obvious reasons! I did more research and found out I need to start posting to join groups/ect so I’m...
  4. A

    Drunk question

    Hey I’m drunk and I wanted to ask a question I have when I’m sober sorry for the dumb user name I just want to be anonymous. But how wrong is doing non forceful zoo stuff like jerking off a horny dog. How wrong is it and I know you’ll say it’s not but people say dogs have the intelligence of...
  5. TankmarkV

    Buscando amigos zoo! talvez con derecho, Venezuela

    Holaa a todos Aunque ya tenga algo de experiencia en el zoo, puro licking, me gustaria conocer mas gente de Venezuela o de otros paises que le interese! Soy hombre Bisexual por si les interesa, siéntanse bienvenidos a mandar PM!
  6. bunnymundpaws

    Dog Pawpads

    What does your Dogs Pawpads Smell like when you play with them?
  7. FluffBall

    Partner into zoo

    I am curious how many of you would feel comfortable having a partner who was Zoo, and one that engaged with other species while you were together. If I had a partner who was into animals, I would be happy to let them explore and I wouldn't consider it cheating, as long as I was informed and knew...
  8. Happydays27

    New Male in the northeast of the US

    Hi, I'm new here and very interested in this lifestyle. I would love to connect with likeminded people and eventually meet up with any ladies / couples to help and / or just watch. I am a 44M in the Northeast US
  9. LoveNottLust1

    Stuff That's Sus , Possible Zoo?

    What are thing's you've seen that are zoo-ish & made you question if it's zoo related or who made it might be zoo ect
  10. thatsusers

    Tell Me You Like Zoophilia and Bestiality Without Telling Me You Like Zoophilia and Bestiality!

    I Go First... My favorite forum is Zooville.:gsd_wink:
  11. PalmWolf

    Can animals be romantic?

    Thank you for entering this thread!:husky_grin: I’ve been zoo exclusive for a few years, but a lot of the time I find myself very insecure and unsure about whether or not being with an animal could be… romantic, I guess. I’ve never been with a human before and I don’t intend to, but I always...
  12. Z

    Buscando amigos zoo en Chile

    hola a todos, acá 24 de Santiago , recién llegado al foro. Buscando conocer para conversar, poder intercambiar gustos y ojalá establecer amistad con personas zoo de Chile, idealmente de Stgo
  13. san47

    alguien sabe de la tik toker zoofilia

    mi gente a ase como 2 semanas mientras navegaba por la red me encontré un a noticia sobre una tik toker brasileña (se me olvido el nombre ) que confeso en un video que avía echo varios videos de zoofilia ( según unas fuentes fue con unimportant productions) cuenta la chica que conoció al...
  14. musclezoo

    When did you notice a deeper connection with your best friend?

    Hey :) I’m curious…when did you notice a deeper connection with your best friend. I have a male dog and a stallion and that deeper connection started slowly after some months. Tell me your story!
  15. Sir's Desires

    K9/Zoo Couples - what's your story?

    Hello everyone! Am interested in how couples who are here found each other and came to join a wonderful site like this. I personally think it is wonderful and amazing that you are here. Were you both into it before you met, did you both discover it after you met? Did one of you suggest it...
  16. W

    How did you meet your sig other?

    I'm asking this because I've been curious how other zoos have found people who accept or are ibto it as well. My 2nd gf got me into it at 17 broke up then to retaliate made people think I was the weird one into it. Other girls knew about it but always backfired. I want to find out how others...
  17. W

    Are kinks passed on?

    The reason I'm asking this is because I've been researching quite a bit about genetics and the way our minds work, I'm 25M and I wouldn't of agreed or believed this until I realized as I grew up my mother only had large male dogs (unfixed) and they always slept in her room. No proof other than...
  18. CaiphusCanineSlut

    Zoo Friends!

    How many Zoo-exclusive individuals have or had real life Zoo Friends? ...and How did you all make these friendships? ...and Did they last? I ask with hopes that I can make some friendships that will last with other Zoo's and maybe some inspiration and role model like examples can keep my hope...
  19. Scurge

    People in zoo relationships, how does it work?

    For those couples into zoo, how did you two find out you were both into it, if you met online how were the first few months of dating? When did everything become comfortable?
  20. Bluephoenyx

    Experiencias cortas para relatar

    Bueno, como el titulo lo dice, la idea es ir comentando aca sin necesariamente utilizar la seccion de stories para poder poner anecdotas que sean cortitas, nada muy elaborado (si gustan elaborarlo mas revisen si no deberia ir en stories). Pero bueno, eso, la idea seria: -Incluir cantidad y/o...
  21. H

    Who is very glad my little pony porn exists?

    I was into horses way before my little pony came out, but as soon as I realized that my little pony porn existed, it was such a relief, since I was gonna be able to get off more to cartoon horses as real horses. I’m a certain sense, that’s what brought me into the show, to be able to watch more...
  22. GoopeyMoose

    Hows it going! New to Zooville, Not To Zoo.

    Well, i guess ill just give a little intro im 30, Male, Bi, and pretty heavily zoo. have been for a very long time. I was homeschooled in MD, grew up on a horse farm and had plenty of horses, rode competitively for years. Dressage, Western, Hunter Jumping, Showmanship. Was very outdoorsy and...
  23. Z


  24. jeffs_ fantasies

    Zoo Life-partner

    Ever had a dream to have a life partner who is a zoo?? Ever though of how exciting and adventurous each day will be? How we would obsess over doggie dicks and bitch pussies? Do you think you could get a life partner of similar interest from here? Or have you already found one? Share your thoughts…
  25. LoveNottLust1

    Zoo's who use Grindr

    Do you use Grindr, & have you met any zoos there?
  26. R

    How many zoos are also furries

    Just wondering how much overlap there is in the communities. Where you a zoo or furry first?
  27. A


    Salut Je viens de tomber sur ce forum Je suis en région paca possibilité de me déplacer même loin, j'aimerai trouver un ou des propriétaires pour me faire saillir par chien mâle, aimerai aussi premier contact avec chevaux ou ânes'
  28. A

    Bi Zoophile paca

    Salut Je viens de tomber sur ce forum Je suis en région paca possibilité de me déplacer même loin, j'aimerai trouver je un ou des propriétaires pour me faire saillir par chien mâle, aimerai aussi premier contact avec chevaux ou ânes
  29. Cookiepatrol

    Morning chat?

    Anybody want to talk this morning? I just woke up, kind of bored, wanna chat with a fellow zoo. Just talking is fine
  30. Brazool

    How was your weekend?

    everyone or the vast majority waits for the weekend to go out with friends and get some things done. unfortunately for me it was not like that because I am unable to do many activities. but how was yours? if possible post a picture.