1. Z

    Nouveau ici

    Bonjour :), je me présente, je suis un zoophile de Lorraine📍. J'ai toujours aimé le zoo, mais je n'ai jamais pu en parler autour de moi. Maintenant que j'ai trouvé ce forum par hasard, rempli de personnes avec la même attirance que moi, je suis ravi de faire votre connaissance n'hésitez pas si...
  2. Knutshack

    Hello! 18M from UK

    I've been on the site for a while and have the official status as a citizen here 😊💗 however I've never introduced myself in this section I'm a guy, 18, from the south east of UK, I'm here to chat with other like-minded people into what I am into. I'm also looking for meetups, but that will...
  3. partyhardy

    How was everyone’s weekend? Anyone with same interest wanna be friends?

    Hello all I hope you’ve had a great weekend :) what did you guys do? I went on a family vacation and upon staying at a friends his female Dalmatian was playing with me and I couldn’t help but stare at her big 🐱 however I couldn’t do anything because I was around too many people.
  4. Hihoward

    AYUDA! Perro agresivo?

    Después de experimentar con un perro y una perrita hembra, de mucho más pequeño, no volví a hacer nada desde los 14, y lo intente una que otra vez sin exito y sin conocimiento alguno. Tengo 3 perros machos, diferentes edades, pero rondan los 4 a 6 años. 2 de ellos, no dejan tocarse, gruñen o...
  5. A

    New From MN, looking for like minded

    19M been curious in Zoo for awhile, now looking to seek for experience! From the TC/Metro area!
  6. redstarlight666

    Zoo Trip Thoughts & Questions

    Today is officially my 21st!! In celebration I took a trip to the zoo and it began to make me think a lot about how truly small I am in comparison to so many of my favorite animals. I think I often forget how truly massive wild animals are as I'm so accustomed to our domesticated companions. To...
  7. allistair_crowe443

    chronology of zoo media

    Is there a page or website where it's possible to view a chronology of all major Zoo releases, both amateur and professional? For example when a certain studio or website was active, or which videos were released by certain actresses
  8. Wildwolfff100

    site de rencontre pour zoophile?

    salut j'ai 18 ans et je cherche désespérément une fille entre 18 et 21 ans, il est pour moi quasi impossible de me mettre en couple avec une fille qui n'a pas les mêmes fantasmes que moi (les chien(nes)) et je ne sais pas vraiment ou chercher à part ici .. j'ai quitté mon ex y'a 3 mois parce que...
  9. TabooPerv69

    M 24 looking for friends and etc;)

    Hey what's up? Ive been into zoo for awhile and glad I found a forum for this type of group.😊
  10. D

    Общение дружба возможные встречи

    Всем привет. Я в теме давно но основном с собаками. Я сам би-пассив. Мне 35. Конечно хотелось бы новое попробовать с конем но сложно найти. А так ищу друзей и единомышленников по теме зоо.
  11. T

    New to zoo, nice to meet everyone

    Hi everyone nice to meet you. New to zoo and looking forward talking with everyone
  12. D

    Post your best pictures or your favorite movies

    Let’s start a thread
  13. tsula

    help for skyrim zoo

    hey there I've been seeing quite some content of Skyrim and wanted to play it myself but the zoo part of course :) the thing is i will need help and id love for anyone to help me out with this : -Skyrim -zoobundel(s) -more creatures (canine, horse, fox, tiger etc. but no aliens or bugs)...
  14. angrybeaverzz94

    Pornstar reincarnation

    If you had to choose a type of animal(humans excluded) to reincarnate as and become a zoo pornstar, what which would you choose, and why??
  15. WizNick

    What States have the biggest zoo communities?

    I've mostly been a midwest guy with a few years in Tennessee as well but never encountered anyone else into this stuff. What states have the biggest communities so I can consider moving to one in the future?
  16. san47

    ¿ paginas ?

    alguien que me recomiende buenas paginas para ver zoo , la mayoria son de dudosa procedencia
  17. shepardt

    Dog Sex Tattoos - Which One?

    Ladies would you get one of these tattoos and if so which one? The first one could be played off as you just like dogs if someone saw it - if they know they know The second is a little more obvious with the inverted paws in the same position and orientation as if a dog mounted you.
  18. E

    Using telegram

    I’m new to this and keep hearing about telegram. How does it work and what are the benefits. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. M

    Any Zoophilia discord servers?

    Looking for fellow zoos and would be nice to join a discord server. Anyone have a server they can share with me?
  20. Kondama

    29M USA, Zoo and Furry | Hi everyone! <3

    Hi, I'm Kondama the blackbuck! I'm a guy from somewhere in the US with a great love for animals. I've been a zoo and a furry for over a decade now, yet I have not interacted with either community often. I'd like to change that and get to know people :) I consider myself bisexual but I have a...
  21. ELL2467

    newish zoo 19 queer

    haii im L im new to the community but ive known that i am a zoo for a while im very excited to meet more like minded people :D😁😁
  22. bbfucknowAUS

    How do you find like minded people

    What is the best advice to find likeminded people in your local communities to share experiences without freaking the wrong people out?
  23. KinkyTopLad

    Vulva Contraction

    :unsure:;)Hey guys, I don't know if any pussy lover has already gone through this experience before but I have and have a doubt, the dog when she has the contraction in the pussy that the dick is trapped inside contracting. the sensation is very tasty. my doubt is... is there any way to...
  24. TheZooWolf

    I wish i was not a greenhorn here

    So I just joined this group yesterday without knowing what to expect and I must say this is the best account I’ve ever made for anything.. it literally feels like I’m with friends when I’m on for obvious reasons! I did more research and found out I need to start posting to join groups/ect so I’m...
  25. A

    Drunk question

    Hey I’m drunk and I wanted to ask a question I have when I’m sober sorry for the dumb user name I just want to be anonymous. But how wrong is doing non forceful zoo stuff like jerking off a horny dog. How wrong is it and I know you’ll say it’s not but people say dogs have the intelligence of...
  26. TankmarkV

    Buscando amigos zoo! talvez con derecho, Venezuela

    Holaa a todos Aunque ya tenga algo de experiencia en el zoo, puro licking, me gustaria conocer mas gente de Venezuela o de otros paises que le interese! Soy hombre Bisexual por si les interesa, siéntanse bienvenidos a mandar PM!
  27. bunnymundpaws

    Dog Pawpads

    What does your Dogs Pawpads Smell like when you play with them?
  28. FluffBall

    Partner into zoo

    I am curious how many of you would feel comfortable having a partner who was Zoo, and one that engaged with other species while you were together. If I had a partner who was into animals, I would be happy to let them explore and I wouldn't consider it cheating, as long as I was informed and knew...
  29. Happydays27

    New Male in the northeast of the US

    Hi, I'm new here and very interested in this lifestyle. I would love to connect with likeminded people and eventually meet up with any ladies / couples to help and / or just watch. I am a 44M in the Northeast US
  30. LoveNottLust1

    Stuff That's Sus , Possible Zoo?

    What are thing's you've seen that are zoo-ish & made you question if it's zoo related or who made it might be zoo ect