new here

  1. I


    Dont have an Dog or anything special just love talking about zoophilia and idk i just wanted to say hi
  2. SissyV

    New to this. Looking for a community

    I am a 35yo very attractive Sissy. I just started being myself. The truth is, I've always beat myself up for being a zoophile. I have finally accepted it and now I'm looking for friends who can help me not feel so bad about my thoughts.
  3. kittenlovespups

    Hey. New here. But not to zoo

    I’ve always found animals intriguing and one of my first sexual experiences was when a dog licked me down below as I was already playing with myself. I have only told one person in my life and that’s only cus I knew he liked it first. I want to meet people that will help me feel safe in this...
  4. Wantspups

    WOOF~! It's nice to meet you!

    It was about time I made one of these~ Hello!👋 You can call me Jay (or simply "pup"). I'm 27, cis female, entirely a bottom bitch 💜, bi-sexual, an artist, and an avid lover of the canine variety. Someone on here recommended me to join and so far I've enjoyed my time here. It is nice to find a...
  5. Red Zoo

    Im new into bestiality and my dog has no interest and i need tips

    I have an male husky, 1 year old, and he has no interest in fucking me. i bend for him but he does nothing. i tried to stimulate his cock a little first, tried to run with him and play to get him more excited, tried petting him to get him more comfortable, but he just doesnt get along. any tips...
  6. BunnyBoyUsagi


    Hi there! I’m new to this site, so I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Bunny, a 21 year old trans guy who’s curious about the world of zoos and everything related. I’ve always had a special interest in animals, and since becoming an adult that’s starting to develop into something more. My main...
  7. mryucky

    M 18 newbie

    Hi I'm 18 male, furry, and neurodivergent... Got the courage to come onto here finally! I think big dogs are the sweetest things, animals are always way easier to be around than people for me
  8. N

    Hello, I'm new here and I need help with my account name

    First of all, hello, not long ago I discovered this forum, I've always wanted to have a place where I can express myself, without being judged, I just wanted to know if it's possible to change the profile name, because I admit that I made this profile in a hurry, so if there is a way for me to...
  9. W


    Heya, Im new to the site and all that.. ive been intreasted in zoo for a few years now and sadly have never got to try anything. The main thing that made me want to try this site was the hope that someone may be willing to let me experience something with a dog or another animal. Im male...
  10. DanishStallion

    Hey. New here

    Hey. 21 year old male, I have been into beasteality for about 3 years now and have only interacted to porn. love the idea of it and hope to experience it one day. Realy happy to have found this site whit other likeminded people:)
  11. nomc1996

    Stupid Question Incoming!

    So I have a potentially stupid question; what are some good videos for learning how to be intimate with a female dog? I only ask because I’m more of a visual learner. I’m pretty well versed on male, but I read the guides and past experiences of men with females, and I just can’t wrap my mind...
  12. magater

    New here!!

    Hi guys, you can call me mag and i am 28!! i was part of BF before, been interested in zoo for a few years, it started when i read a manga about it when i was younger. glad to be here and share histories and chat with everyone else here! thanks for passing by and saying hi!
  13. cathead_biscuits

    Should I just give in to the lewd?

    I try to hold back my urges to discuss my sexual fantasies with others, especially with strangers. I have bad and good experiences sharing with my partners my zoo ways. But I would like to find someone who is mentally stable but just has my zoo tendencies as well right off the bat 🦇. It’s...
  14. R

    26 M hoping to explore

    Wisconsin furry with a partial fursuit. Been a zoo and a furry since I was a teen but haven't ever done anything with it and never really found any community for it. Would like to do more but for now just hoping to meet new people of a like mind.
  15. L

    a new slut

    hi all, i’m new here and just wanted to say hi. i’m a little pet playing puppy slut who has always wanted to be a cocksleeve to a knot but has yet to have the opportunity. i’m a submissive pet who wants to be collar and dominated by an owner and his dog or dogs. i’m really hoping i’ve found...
  16. B

    Tips for a newbie?

    I've only recently admitted to myself that this is something I want to actively explore. Unfortunately I don't have an animal I can try anything with, so does anyone have any tips or advice for a beginner?
  17. V

    New and confused.

    Hey there. I don't know how to start this off but I am a young 20 year old man and I've been kind of confused as of late. I joined this site to maybe understand my feelings and thoughts when it comes to zoo stuff. I'll be honest I am very uneducated on this. I am so confused and lost but I hope...
  18. L

    New Lobo here

    Hi! I'm Lobo91… a 31 y/o male from Germany who got interest in animals since I was a child. Started to do research in Social behavior of animals in school and later at my free time and noticed that the border of interspecial Love and Sex is fluid. My Personal interests are bigger female dogs...
  19. F

    Just wanted to introduce myself (Dutch/M)

    I just found out about this amazing community and I just had to join. Zoo has always been a guilty pleasure of mine to watch and to be able to indulge and share with like minded people is something amazing I can't wait to be a part of. Anyway, I just wanted tell you all a bit about myself and...
  20. K

    New to ZooVille

    Hello all! I am new to ZooVille jumped on here to see if there was a post about any good Beast sites and started to read some forms then decided to join. And sense there still aren't very many I'm in the progress of learning HTML and JavaScript to get one up an running (hopefully). The one I...
  21. mang0ding0

    hey all im happy to be starting a journy

    hello from Melbourne Vic and have been intrested in beastialty for a few years now im a furry whos very much into cars and would love to meet new people and hear stories :), ive always had a fascination with canines there biology and the way they act. im a 19 year old boy whose very open minded
  22. laplacespace

    New to Zoo

    Hi all. It's a pleasure to join this community. I've been a zoophile for almost a decade, but always hesitated about actually joining any groups for fear of being...idk...shamed, I guess? But I finally decided to take the plunge into joining this community, and actually talking with like minded...
  23. D

    New to the Community 34M

    New to this community and finally feel free to talk w/ others in the lifestyle. Looking forward to the support from everyone and hope to share experiences and fantasy’s.
  24. azebraofcourse

    Hello! I'm new here.

    Discovered this site not too long ago and decided to join in. Figured I should say hello! Currently living in AZ. Haven't been active in quite some time, but I have some nice toys to keep me company ;)
  25. N

    New Here

    Hey hey, I'm a guy, 18 years old, from Czech Republic. I love dogs, but I've never tried anything yet. Really vibe with this forum and would like to make some new friends.
  26. firstexp

    new here

    good morning, I'm glad I found this forum. I am a 44 year old man from Italy. this theme has always intrigued me but I have never been able to experiment. I would like to meet friends (males or females) online and closer to me with whom to share this passion. thanks to all who will say hello Marco
  27. KnotHappyBoy

    New here

    So, I've known for about three years now that I have attraction to animals, and for the last four months I've been contemplating whether or not I wanted to make an account here. Every time I hear people say things against zoosexuality I feel dirty, but I want to get over that guilt, I shouldn't...
  28. K

    21M from Australia

    Just saying hi, new to the forum but not new to zoo. Would love to chat with others about their experiences, ive only ever had a couple of experiences but that was years ago and im starting to miss it haha.
  29. knottygay


    Hi there! I wanted to say formally say hello as im pretty new here. I have been interested for a long time but always never had courage to act on it including uploading a pic of myself which is a big step. (Avatar is me) I have always had some sort of animal magnet since and the animals around...
  30. ChrgdPup

    33 M Newbie in San Diego

    Hello! Recently took the plunge and joined. Mostly a gay dude, but keeping an open mind. Looking forward to forming relationships and exploring together. Hoped find someone into helping me through some firsts 😅😁