1. A

    Has anyone found love or a partner on this site?

    Having such a unique kink can be isolating when only a very small percentage of people around the world are into it.I would love to hear of some success stories of people finding love with a mutual desire for beastiality. I'm a straight male but from what I can see it's more a sausage fest on...
  2. C

    How would you feel about a zoo dating game?

    Has anyone ever seen or thought of a zoo dating game? Like, one where you could romantically bond with various animals and have a partner? Like, mostly wholesome of course since, y'know, sex isn't everyone's idea of romance. I think it'd be really cute to have that, maybe even something about...
  3. K

    I think my bf is dropping hints?

    …Okay, before you say that’s it’s obviously either of the options, let me just state that I’m autistic, so it can be easy for me to miss obvious things. Anyways, I’ve been with my partner for over 4 years. I’ve had a thing for being eaten out by dogs ever since I learned about sex…. It’s...
  4. K

    Best places to find someone who’s Zoo?

    I know there’s no guarantees when it comes to finding someone compatible in normal circumstances when it comes to dating, and finding someone zoo-approving just makes things more difficult and unpredictable, so I have my doubts if there are any ‘better’ places to find a zoo significant other the...
  5. I

    Hi world

    Hello everyone, a girl of 25 years, I am looking for communication and exchange of experience I prefer the language Russian but you can also write in English, thank you
  6. N

    Norwegian male locking for girlfriend with horse to suck and be fucked

    Hello world of zooville help me meet a girl to date and travel to Russia to meet and talk about the dream I have to be a part of a family living in an area where you can find a horse to make a great photo shoot with me and you can get the best boyfriend ever. I don't have to work or worry about...
  7. I

    Hi, everybody

    Hello everyone, looking for good and reliable friends on the site, interested in the topic for a long time but no friends yet, my name is Irina, I am 24 years old,I live in a small town, I will be glad to meet new people, for trifles and nonsense do not write me, thank you
  8. C


    Anyone else feeling lonely? Wish i had a partner to enjoy with... Sorry, not complaining, just wondering if anyone is feeling the same?
  9. Y

    Does anyone know good zoophilia dating sites?

    I used to use k9 before it was revealed to be a honeypot, and now I need another place. Anyone have any good suggestions? I don't like using credit cards btw, but if I have to its alright. Please help!
  10. SadSatania


    cring e
  11. Z

    Issues with human relationships (how to date a zoo?)

    There are several issues with human relationships that are worth discussing (specifically, humans who are into animals sexually). This thread is about people who want to have a sexual relationship with a human AND have a sexual relationship with an animal (at the same time). The first issue is...