1. redstarlight666

    Dating and Zoophilia

    So I've got a boyfriend. I know he loves me more than anything and that there's nothing I couldn't tell him. Well, almost nothing. See the older I get, the more constantly obsessed with the idea of being an animal whore drives me crazy. For the longest time I was really ashamed of my tastes, but...
  2. incubusyiff

    Wouldn't deplatforming us be a violation of First Amendment Rights?

    Simply put everybody has the right to peaceful assembly, am i right or wrong?
  3. CapyBaraBones

    Are there any SAFE sites that are like Grindr or tinder where you can see about zoos in your area and posibly like a dating app or site?

    I want to be clear, SAFE SITES… but it don’t have to be dating I just kinda want to see if there’s any zoos near me. That’s my main point. But if there is a zoo dating site/ app could you drop it below as well?
  4. D

    Finding Someone I Can Be Open With

    Just making this account and the few comments and posts I’ve made feels great. This is something I’ve been into for a long time. Hiding it from the women in my life sucks to put it simply. Kinda just been hoping I’d find a chick that springs it on me so I can fake act surprised. It would feel...
  5. PhinGuy

    Identifying Zoo's

    Hello all, for a fair bit now I've been looking to hopefully date a fem zoo. Very quickly as I've picked through communities I've noticed we're pretty heavily male dominated. However I've also noticed there's still couples on here so there's definitely some sort of connection happening...
  6. Hassathra

    How do you meet people who are into bestiality?

    Do you know of any ways to make it easier for bestiality lovers to find each other and reunite? And by what signs could you find out whether a person is a follower of bestiality or is at least interested in it? And also techniques that would help persuade a non-bestiality person to this side?
  7. privatemiller5

    Request Dating Help/ Vent

    Ive known that im slow to pick up on girls signals, but i got to thinking recently and found how fucking dense i am. So im venting/ranting but also seeking help to hopefully combat me being dumb af lol. So im away from home for work rn, and it doesnt really give me time to rub one out, so...
  8. Belka83

    Hi Forum

    Hello everyone,I would like to remind you about myself once again,the newcomers also have a big hello,and by the way,my name is Larisa,if anyone is interested in personal messages,I can say my last name,I'm looking for friends,gender,country and nationality does not matter,I'm a simple woman and...
  9. FreeGirl

    Hello Forum

    Hello everyone:), friends, how are you? I have been on the site for some time and still haven't written anything about myself, so I decided to correct this omission,my name is Lydia, I am 26 years old, I am from Ukraine 🇺🇦,in search of good communication and friends,I have some experience in...
  10. stoic88

    33M/LA Obsessed with Beastility, mostly watching women with horses

    Hi there, name is Paul and I have always had the phantasy of having a women partner, where we could explore sex with a stallion and more. I am a straight, athletic good looking dude. I feel ashamed of my Zoofilia and just want to embrace it, tired of feeling like a little bit of a outcast I...
  11. I

    hi people

    Hello again, hello newcomers, I have been on the forum for a relatively long time, I will say that there are several positive moments from the life of the forum and negative ones, I will be glad to communicate with good people, I will remind you that I am from Ukraine, I am 27 years old, my name...
  12. Makuu

    Москва МО, знакомства

    Привет, ищу знакомства по теме :3 Надеюсь в Москве или в московской области найдутся те с кем будет приятно~ 20 лет (почти) 1.74 рост. 56 вес. Есть небольшой опыт с кабелем Иногда бываю в СПб Буду рад общению! :3
  13. Angel28

    Всем Hello!

    Привет всем,все стесняются это делать,покажу пример Мое имя Анжелика,можно Лика или просто Анжела, Страна Украина-Россия Возраст 28 лет(на момент создания поста) Рост 174 см Вес 63 кг Размер груди-3 Цвет волос -темный Глаза -голубые Характер общительный(в меру и смотря с кем) Опыт секса с...
  14. I

    Hi ZV

    Hello everyone on the forum, this is not my first message here, I would like to meet an adequate and normal person who knows his business and the one who can keep secrets, by the way, my name Irina is really my real name, I can say my last name but not in the general forum, although it seems to...
  15. Scurge

    People in zoo relationships, how does it work?

    For those couples into zoo, how did you two find out you were both into it, if you met online how were the first few months of dating? When did everything become comfortable?
  16. Belka83

    Hi Forum

    Greetings to the residents of the forum, I have just registered on the forum, this is my first visit,I came here on the advice of people I know,by the way my name is Larisa,I am 38 years old,I have a certain experience in this lifistyle,I do not like to brag or invent something,I will say that I...
  17. Angel28

    Hello People

    Hi people, I haven't been on such forums for a long time, for sure for several years, I think a lot has changed, I hope everything will be fine since there are few platforms for communication, by the way I'm a girl, I'm 28 years old, I think the goal of many here is to find their people by...
  18. A

    Has anyone found love or a partner on this site?

    Having such a unique kink can be isolating when only a very small percentage of people around the world are into it.I would love to hear of some success stories of people finding love with a mutual desire for beastiality. I'm a straight male but from what I can see it's more a sausage fest on...
  19. C

    How would you feel about a zoo dating game?

    Has anyone ever seen or thought of a zoo dating game? Like, one where you could romantically bond with various animals and have a partner? Like, mostly wholesome of course since, y'know, sex isn't everyone's idea of romance. I think it'd be really cute to have that, maybe even something about...
  20. K

    I think my bf is dropping hints?

    …Okay, before you say that’s it’s obviously either of the options, let me just state that I’m autistic, so it can be easy for me to miss obvious things. Anyways, I’ve been with my partner for over 4 years. I’ve had a thing for being eaten out by dogs ever since I learned about sex…. It’s...
  21. K

    Best places to find someone who’s Zoo?

    I know there’s no guarantees when it comes to finding someone compatible in normal circumstances when it comes to dating, and finding someone zoo-approving just makes things more difficult and unpredictable, so I have my doubts if there are any ‘better’ places to find a zoo significant other the...
  22. I

    Hi world

    Hello everyone, a girl of 25 years, I am looking for communication and exchange of experience I prefer the language Russian but you can also write in English, thank you
  23. Nakennerd

    Want to meet girlfriend and I am interested in horse and girls

    Hei verden av zooville hjelpe meg med å møte en jente til dags dato og reise til Russland for å møte og snakke om drømmen om å være en del av en familie som bor i et område hvor du kan finne en hest for å lage en flott fotografering med meg og du kan få den beste kjæresten noensinne. Jeg trenger...
  24. I

    Hi, everybody

    Hello everyone, looking for good and reliable friends on the site, interested in the topic for a long time but no friends yet, my name is Irina, I am 24 years old,I live in a small town, I will be glad to meet new people, for trifles and nonsense do not write me, thank you
  25. C


    Anyone else feeling lonely? Wish i had a partner to enjoy with... Sorry, not complaining, just wondering if anyone is feeling the same?
  26. S


    cring e
  27. Z

    Issues with human relationships (how to date a zoo?)

    There are several issues with human relationships that are worth discussing (specifically, humans who are into animals sexually). This thread is about people who want to have a sexual relationship with a human AND have a sexual relationship with an animal (at the same time). The first issue is...