1. C

    Rhodesian Ridgeback and safe sex

    Hey everyone, I used to have an account here once upon a time but I've long since forgotten my password, starting fresh and in need of help. I'm finally out on my own, the next year is going to be a bit hectic with me away in the bush for 7 months but things should be pretty normal after that...
  2. B

    How to fuck a bitch

    hey everyone i’m want to fuck my bitch properly and from past experiences she is very tight and always moves, any tips on how to get in her ? 🥰
  3. N

    Need help getting my dog to lick me

    I really wanna get started with having my girl lick me (I’m afab) and idk how to go about it i was able to get my old dog to do it but he was already a peppy fellow so he did it right away edit: my dog has shown interest before constantply putting her face in my crotch and humping me quite a bit...
  4. B

    Female dogs, how would you know that they want it, and if they are enjoying it?

    I know that male dogs in the wild would fuck bitches at any chance they get while they are fertile, but how would I know when the female dog wants sex? Will she make it obvious? And how would I know if the dog likes it or not? Also as a side note, from the videos I’ve seen male dog don’t take a...
  5. R

    How long will a female dog be in heat

    And how much for that time will she be bleeding compared to the amount of time she'll be penetratable
  6. N

    Tips or advice on 2 bitches

    So right now I'm very excited as by summer I'll be able to get my own place finally. I am a straight male and was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice for keeping 2 bitches. Specifically 2 German shepherds. I've been looking around and from what I've seen it seems that it's not a good...
  7. H

    Generally, what bitch breeds can fit an Average

    Hi there, new to this whole scene. I've been thinking, for a long time, about getting an Irish Red Setter. I had a dog when I was younger and I loved him to bits, they're so nice and they're good with people which is a definate must! I have a average penis of about 6.7 inches and about 3...
  8. SpagooterMcGee

    Who Initiates? You or your dog?

    New and former lurker to the site and I'm just curious on who usually makes the first move on an average basis? You or your canine lover?
  9. bitchlover97

    female dogs in Heat

    Hello everyone, i was out doing my shopping today i walked along the sea front along the prom, i saw many dogs but in front of me i saw a dog walker with his dog, she was a gorgeous Mastiff, as i got closer i saw her pussy was swollen and she was wagging her tail, as i got closer anither walker...
  10. D

    Human pussy vs dog pussy? Is there really a big difference?

    I've been here for a while and I am curious. I see a lot of people talking and worshiping a female dog pussy compared to human pussy. I never had sex with an animal and fucked a lot of ladies in my life. I am really curious to know if there is really a big difference between the two? Is dog...
  11. TheoTheGermanShephard

    Inflatable cockring (for knoting) UPDATE thread !

    Hay guys ! I hope you're all doin great ! :gsd_happysmile: The user ldb0475 Original Thread sparked the idea of an inflatable cocking wich you can inflate in your bitch and what should I say, I loved the idea ! Good thing is that I have a decent CAD and 3D printing knowledge so I jumped right...
  12. bitchlover97


    I know christmas day is a busy day, but does any of you try to have a little fun with them, what i would love to see and havent seen any video of is a guy fucking his dog by the christmas tree, that would make a great xmas video
  13. C

    New to zoophilia

    So I have a female dog, and she is very small so penetration is a no go. But I was wondering how safe her licking my dick is? can It get infected? Should I just wear protection and be good? Sorry for the noob question
  14. bitchlover97

    Bump if you not long fucked your mare/bitch

    For those with the love of animal pussy type bump if you not long enjoyed there pussy hole
  15. bitchlover97

    top 5 dogs you would have sex with

    As you know I'm a donkey lover but I love dogs I find certain breeds sexier than others to me Dobermans and Danes are the sexiest dogs I like, if you had 5 dogs you would fuck what breeds would they be?? mine would be 1, Great Dane 2, Doberman 3, Mastiff 4, Rottie and 5 a German shepherd...
  16. FloofyNewfie

    OSS and a resuced sex drive?

    So, for right now my Newfoundland girl is unaltered. I've been kicking around the idea about get an Ovary Sparing Spay done when she reaches the age of 6 (she's 3 right now) Even in the times when I am not constantly making love to her, she's always has a strong musky vaginal smell. I fear she...
  17. D

    Owning a dog questions.

    I am lonely. Dating sucks. I need constant affection. I wonder if owning a pet could help with this but I know that owning one can have some challenges as well. Those are my questions. 1-I know that you need to be outgoing to own a dog and have A LOT of time for them. I am curious to know if...
  18. D

    How do you even start?

    Hello guys. I have been a lurker here for a while because I was curious of animal sex. After a fee months of reading evdrybody post here, I see that having sex with an animal is possible even with all the laws and restrictions. I am curious about female dogs, cows and maybe pigs. I get super...
  19. S

    Sighthound Bitches?

    Hello all, zoo curious guy wondering if its possible to have sex with sighthound bitches. Mainly curious is if my dick will be able to fit in one or not. Obviously a whippet won't be able to, but i am curious if maybe an Afghan or a saluki might. This is my first post on the sight and i look...
  20. FloofyNewfie

    Stretching a dogs vagina out?

    Oh boy, I hope I'm not opening a big can of worms by posting this. Try to keep things civil. So many zoos attest to the ability of stretching a dogs vagina out. But there seems to be an equal amount that says it cannot be done. The method I was told about involved starting out with small sex...
  21. D

    Animal taste?

    I've heard consistently that mares taste and smell distinctly of fresh hay or recently cut grass. I'm curious, though, what other female animals smell/taste like. Such as dogs, cows, goats, sheep, llamas/alpacas, if donkeys are the same as horses, etc. If you know, please share!
  22. FloofyNewfie

    I'm Scared to Take My Female Dog to The Vet

    Hello all, don't worry my girls are in good health. So my fears may or may not be rational. I fuck my Newfie girl quite often and sometimes cum will just leak out of her vagina. I fear that it might happen one day when I eventually do need to take my girl to the vet. One time I hadn't fucked...
  23. Noel

    Interesting underwear for women to keep dog's knot in

    Pretty interesting concept that makes human vagina a bit like dog's. Not only do these stripes make the vulva stick out more, but they also make it harder for the dog pull out.
  24. K

    Need help,bitch sex

    This is my first post ever regarding bestiality.I'm new to zoophilia,got myself a lab bitch last year,she is 10 months old now and its her first heat,her bleeding has stopped yesterday so I tried to to have intercourse with her today,but there's a problem..I was stretching her for over an...
  25. Adaji

    Would a female lab be too small?

    What breeds of females, starting with minimum size can an average male 5 1/2 -6 inch non girth male penis fit into? Is a Labrador retriever too small? Is it true after a couple litter of puppies they “loosen up”? I have a friend with a female lab who Uses toys of different sizes on his bitch...
  26. K

    I want a reality check

    I've wanted a dog for a long time but never have been able to get one. Well that's changed and I plan on getting a lovely lady soon now I know that fantasies are never the same as reality. So I need some of you experienced peeps to tell me the negatives of your relationships. Also I'm...
  27. Pitbull6565

    Spayed or not?

    I'm gonna get a dog soon, ill probably wait a few years to spay her tho
  28. V

    Female dog nipples and dog milk.

    I am curious to know if female dogs likes us to play with her nipples. Also, how is the taste of dog milk compared to cow milk? I am curious. ? ?
  29. V

    Women pussy vs female dog pussy

    I am really curious to see if a female dog pussy is better than a woman's pussy.
  30. V

    Curious blackman here.

    Hello. Good bye