1. superboyaiden

    23 y.o. Male, looking for buddies all alike!

    Hello! First ever actual introduction I’ve done so far, so bear with me. My name is Aiden, I’m 23, and I’m a zoophile. (More on the Male and Female Canine side.) I haven’t actually done it yet, considering I don’t have anyone around to do so, but I am looking forward to whenever the time comes...
  2. blobbyblob

    Zoophilia and formicophilia

    Hi. Although I love dogs and horses ζ very much, I also have a passion for snails, slugs and worms. I believe this comes under the title of Formicophilia. Is this still a part of zoophilia or have I got two things going on here? xx💕
  3. Z

    Questions about allergies

    Hello! I have a few questions about allergies, especially dog allergies. I've let a dog mount me once, and I got an anaphylactic reaction. Possibly because of the dog semen. And well that scared me. I've been trying to look into this a lot but with little to no answers. So my questions are: Does...
  4. Lusty Wolf

    Ronnie The Rat

    Anyone here a furry? I saw a video of him talking at some community meeting and he made us look so bad. I am a furry and I believe they should be a adult thing mostly. Dont get me wrong if someone is 14 and finds out theyre interested in animals on their own like I did then thats one thing but...
  5. doggy.fun2022

    Wondering life

    How do guys go on your day without having sex with your dogs or watching dog porn? cuz I can’t really do that 😞🥵🐶
  6. C

    What do you think is the sluttiest animal?,

    Out of all the animals you have had personal experience with, which would you say are the sluttiest? I know that dolphins and penguins are notoriously sexual, so I figure some breeds must have stronger sex drives than others.
  7. LoveNottLust1

    Zoo's who use Grindr

    Do you use Grindr, & have you met any zoos there?
  8. Leonschkie

    Reason for Zoophilia

    Can someone explaine why we are sexually or emotionally attracted to animals, and other people find that disgusting? Like is there a reason for this fetish to come into your life or did it just Happen?
  9. Cumberlust

    Things you know now from experience that you were doing wrong when you started +tips!

    Example: like getting his knot all the way out of his sheath before it swells
  10. noperson69

    Newly-minted beast enthusiast looking for friends/mentors!

    I’m a 24yo girl who has fantasized about mating with animals (esp. dogs) for quite a while now, but up until recently these feelings are something I’ve tried to suppress/ ignore bc they seemed immoral. This changed just recently, after a link on red dit led me to an video of a mature woman...
  11. Devianthell_1976

    Hi looking for like minded individuals in OC

    Are you in the 714, 657, 949, 562, 310, 909 or 951 area... Would love to hear from you! I am conveniently located in OC. Looking to meet like minded individuals.
  12. G

    What was your first time with an animal like and what animal was it with?

    My first time was when I was 11. My girl cat was in heat a lot and she loved to lick my cock. She constantly begged me to fuck her but she was way too small for me to fit. A couple years later I started getting into dogs and now I'm here.
  13. Evie

    ZOO and pets

    Being ZOO, of course you have or want to have an animal partner. But does that exclude have other animals as pets? Me, I'm looking for a boy to be tied with, but I also have non-sexual pets. What is the line for you? What determines it?
  14. N

    Who's in control?

    Who's in control? A woman or the dog? Who is in control of the action, at the moment they are fucking deliciously I saw this video with this question, and I decided to know your opinion
  15. maidfork9

    New Girl with a Question!

    Hello hello! I’m pretty new to all of this and recently just came across this forum :) For the past 5 months I’ve been watching zoo porn with women being fucked by dogs. I can’t really remember how I got to this point, but all I know is that it has been a doozy learning so much and taking in the...
  16. FloofyNewfie

    Songs About Zoophilia!

    Hey all! So, I'm wondering if anyone can post some songs about or related to zoophilia or bestiality? I remember a thread on ZF back in the day about this very same subject. The only two I can think of is... Blink 182 - I wanna fuck a dog in the ass...