1. beingmyself101

    Relationship Thoughts Poll

    Perfect Relationship- we both have our own animal partner and don’t get jealous at eachother but we also still breed with one another!
  2. ropervto

    People with non zoo partners, how do you handle your zoo self in the relationship?!

    Currently I’m in a relationship with this guy and I really do love him, but i can’t deny my zoo self. Part of me just wants to keep this to my self but sometimes I feel like I’m doing him wrong…I just don’t want to loose him tbh. How do y’all handle these feelings/situations?
  3. Cowboi69

    Human food that's ok for dogs

    You treat him/her as your lover, so why not feed her like she is. She probably feels left out that you get to eat tasties but she can't. and this would be a another way for you two to bond on a deeper level. Eating at the dinner table together as couples should. so to do this we'll need some...
  4. Dogsuckergirl

    About sexuality..

    I'm just curious...many zoo practitioners relate to people too, but some only relate to this case, these people just aren't attracted to humans or in some cases these people can be repulsed by humans? I would like to know if anyone here is extremely disgusted and uncomfortable with...
  5. C

    Need some tips for an equine relationship

    Hello, I'm going to see a mare I like next week and I'm thinking of buying her. I would like to establish a real relationship with her, a kind of connection with her. So I would like to know if any of you have experience with human-animal relationships, especially with mares. I'm really bad at...
  6. X

    What Made You Break Up?

    Sometimes you find that zoo partner, but things don't work out. What made you break up with your partner despite having the same affinity for zoo? In my case, she loved the dog so much that it got in the way of our daily lives. After a year, I felt neglected and broke off the relationship. I...
  7. Skorpion-DX

    Would you like a relationship like this in real life?

    If it were possible that anthro animals existed, what animal would you choose as your life partner in a relationship?
  8. Pillar

    Marriage? Cuckoldry? WTF?

    Something just hit me. I just asked myself, is "marriage" supposed to be a closed relationship? If it is, but someone in the "relationship" changes their mind or feels like being true to themselves and their feelings and feels like sleeping with someone else (or an animal), wouldn't this be the...
  9. A

    Will a male dog be loyal to me long term?

    Hi So... assuming I get a puppy and bring him up/let him grow up and start to play with him when hes mature enough. To start with I would let him get my scent/lick me few times before I let him penetrate me. Long term will he stay loyal to me or as soon as he sees a dog bitch he will go after...
  10. Latina Lover

    Zoo Boyfriend/Girlfriend

    Hello Guys I am curious to know who is looking for a potential boyfriend / girlfriend and what are the special quality, personality and values you are interested in.
  11. Bulldozer72

    Choose the way of life

    Many years back I came over a video of a stallion fucking a Brazilian girl and since I was completely inexperienced with zoo porn and knew there is a massive taboo about it I immediately dismissed the video. Days went, maybe weeks and every time I was watching my “normal” porn that horse video...