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  1. K

    first experience 🎉

    I finally had my first k9 experience! Was a "family dog" type scenario but unfortunately not a dog I get to see very often 😞 I had some alone time with her and along with the help of some peanut butter she licked my dick for a while and make us both very happy, hopefully we're able to do it...
  2. pes

    How to oral a male dog: A guide to oral sex.

    A short introduction to the wonders of orally pleasing a male dog. Oral sex it more or less about masturbating a male dog with the added benefit that in the end you do the masturbation with your mouth. So lets begin with how to masturbate a dog. Masturbating a male dog: I am going to describe...
  3. J


  4. abc2020

    Breastfeeding who tried it?

    So, We have 3 kids and hubby been breastfeeding off me for about 6 years on and off. Who else is into it, tried it loves it? Who loves it during Sex?? X
  5. Y


  6. H

    Horse Oral

    Curious to try performing oral sex on a horse, but I can't find anything online about how, or more specifically where, to go about this. It's not like people openly advertise that you can blow a horse on their farm lol Short of owning a horse, where could one find a horse to do this with? Or is...