1. S

    Hund will, aber nicht so richtig

    Hallo. Mein Hund ist jetzt 2 jahre alt und mag sex sehr. Wenn ich mich auf den rücken drehe, steht er sofort neben mir und will das ich ihm einen runterhole. Er wird allerdings unsicher sobald ich mit meinem kopf näher komme und geht kurz weg. Er hat wahrscheinlich angst das ich ihm weg tue. Der...
  2. Zon

    Goats who crave human pee

    This sounds like it could be an exciting scenario except there is a danger. Perhaps if there was some sort of gloryhole surrounded by a sturdy fence to form a safe barrier away from the horns. If it wants your pee then maybe it can be trained to suck a dick too...
  3. Mosteel

    Oral and tongue

    Does anyone know any good toys for simulating canine tongue kissing and/or oral? A full head with a fine textured nose, hard, pointy and smooth teeth to lick, and a wonderful, flexible tongue? Mimicking saliva would be the absolute game maker here. It would be it's own lube. Is there any way to...
  4. M

    First time oral (M/M) tips/tricks/suggestions

    Hello all, I have never had a real life zoo experience before. I’ve been very interested for as long as I can remember but have always been to nervous. But I have decided it’s time I try it out. I have a 4 year old Toller who is unfortunately neutered. I want to try to make him feel good by...
  5. D

    Well, I finally got some experience.

    Hey there folks! I finally had my first zoophilic experience a little while ago, but I didn't think to share until now. For privacy reasons I can't give too many details, but a dog I've known and loved for several years surprised me with a long lickjob session (long for me, anyway...)! I wasn't...
  6. serendipity

    "The Peanut Butter Question"

    I've seen a fair bit of discourse on the subject so I thought'd I ask you guys what you think about using peanut butter (or any other incentive to that effect) to get a dog to lick you, Idk this may already a thread somewhere but whatever, it's an interesting question nonetheless.
  7. KnotMagnet

    I'm able to handle being orally knotted, ask me anything

    I've looked around on this forum and it seems a lot of people either haven't been able to do it or they're too afraid to do it, so I thought answering people's questions about it might help them out
  8. pes

    The thing that gives me a boner

    I am giving my dog a blowjob massaging the knot and sucking on the tip. He is ejaculating in my mouth, I look in his face and he has both his eyes closed and he is panting with his tongue out.
  9. P

    How do I do oral with a dog?

    I heard that I should not do a up-down motion like a human cock, and the middle of the penis is not an erotic region. What should I do then? French kiss the cock like it was a tongue? Should I stimulate the top or the knot? How do I bring some erotic pleasure to my little fur ball?
  10. elshara

    Have You Ever Tasted?

    Try to put the name of the species you have been with and what your experience was like. Optionally, make a suggestion to what you'd like to try. See if someone else can respond. Oral only!
  11. pes

    Training animals for sex

    1. Training animals for sex. 2. Preventing animals from requesting sex in awkward moments. 1. Training animals for sex with people: This question does come up from time to time and people often have different opinions about it. I am going to present an explanation of what it means to train...
  12. k9able

    first experience 🎉

    I finally had my first k9 experience! Was a "family dog" type scenario but unfortunately not a dog I get to see very often 😞 I had some alone time with her and along with the help of some peanut butter she licked my dick for a while and make us both very happy, hopefully we're able to do it...
  13. pes

    How to masturbate and orally please a male dog: A guide to oral sex.

    Oral sex it more or less about masturbating a male dog with the added benefit that in the end you do the masturbation with your mouth. So lets begin with how to masturbate a dog. Castration/neutering: The purpose of castration is the removal of sexual behavior. "Another benefit of castration is...
  14. J


  15. A

    Breastfeeding who tried it?

    So, We have 3 kids and hubby been breastfeeding off me for about 6 years on and off. Who else is into it, tried it loves it? Who loves it during Sex?? X
  16. Y


  17. H

    Horse Oral

    Curious to try performing oral sex on a horse, but I can't find anything online about how, or more specifically where, to go about this. It's not like people openly advertise that you can blow a horse on their farm lol Short of owning a horse, where could one find a horse to do this with? Or is...