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  1. B

    Hi from Czech Republic!

    Hi all! I am 33 years old man and I am into zoo from my 13-14 years. I have experiences with male dogs and one female (I lost my virginity with her at the times, before a girl). I was thinking about this "coming out" for a few years and it seems I finally got the courage. I am looking forward...
  2. LoveNottLust1

    Equal love?

    If non zoo exclusive & are in a relation ship with a person & animal that you consider your mates or soulmates not just sex partners ,do you love them equally & does your human love mind it ?
  3. FloofyNewfie

    Write a love poem about your animal partners!

    So, I was joking around in another thread and wrote a love poem about my dog. I actually ended up really liking what I wrote because it had a lot of meaning to me. Here's my love poem, (with a few tweaks) "My newfie is truly great. It's love, always love, and never hate. This is not a debate...
  4. Dingo


  5. Lucyfer87

    Pani z Pupilem poszukuje

    Witam serdecznie. Szukam kobiety z pupilem na mały pokaz bądź na stały układ. Fajnie byłoby śpotkac bratnią dysze. Singiel więcej nic nie wykluczam. Łódź okolice
  6. L

    Hello! Here to learn, esp about zooromanticism

    Good morning. I’m a pretty well established artist in the world of sequential art and am here for research. I’m working on a graphic novel, pretty abstract and non-linear, about the sexual and romantic and spiritual relationship between people and animals, both currently and across our shared...
  7. ukbiuk

    Love vs Lust , Humans vs Animals

    This is a tricky one to explain, and the topic is inspired by some of the answers in the thread , men preferring animals to women, So.. if an active zoo met a human and fell totally in love, mind body and soul, do you think zoo activities would stop ? I think what im trying to say is , are we...
  8. Pillar

    Do you love your lovers more than your family?

    You know, I just have to get this out there. Why do so many people say, "you have to love your mom/dad more than your lovers," or "If you love your partner then you'd love them more than your parents...," and all kinds of crap like that. My question is, "Why? Why act like it's a competition?"...
  9. FloofyNewfie

    What are your animals to you?

    So I've seen the answer to this question vary wildly. Some people call their animals Mates, Husbands/Wives, or even just companions. I tend you use the word "Mate" to describe my Newfoundland girl, while I see my mutt girl as more of a pet, but in some ways still a mate as well. But I do treat...
  10. Latina Lover

    Zoo Boyfriend/Girlfriend

    Hello Guys I am curious to know who is looking for a potential boyfriend / girlfriend and what are the special quality, personality and values you are interested in.
  11. O

    History in the making...

    You know how exclusively homosexual people call themselves "gay" to make the whole concept super squeaky-clean and easy to understand? Well... ladies and gentlewolves, the time has come for the most historical post of this whole section of the forum (thus far). The analogous term for...