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  1. huskylove2020

    Zoo Fun at Work

    Anyone who works with animals have any fun? I’m huge into animals and have worked for kennels, vets, and shelters. At one of my dog daycare jobs, I once was asked to give my managers husky a bath. His name was Apollo. Best day I ever had at work. I had to take him into the employee bathroom...
  2. Z

    Huskie breeds and introduction into zoophilia

    I've never owned a dog personally except for when I had to babysit a friend's dog for a few months (pitbull) and I wanted to know how much it would cost me to adopt a pure blood wolf husky or white husky since they're my fav (2nd are pitbulls). I know very little about dogs and want to change...
  3. Shepherd1919

    I got Another Puppy

    Always wanted a Malamute, so I finally went and got one. Only gonna post 1 pic for safety/security as she is pretty recognizable. She is so sweet and loyal already. Can’t wait til she gets bigger.