1. D

    Husky Sex

    My husky has sex with me a lot, most of the time whenever I want to. This is normal? I’ve seen some people say their girls only want it during theyre heats, but mine wants it regardless. Thank you
  2. C

    Introducing myself, Colorado husky owner.

    Hey everyone!!! Chill 30 M here stoner and EDM vibe very kinky and open minded never would guess I have the tastes that I do and love chatting with and becoming friends who are open minded as well! I’m not new to the lifestyle but new to the community and am hopeful and excited. I’m open for...
  3. Jesky

    Rookie me

    Its been a couple weeks now im here and i dont know if i am just stupid or something else but i dont know how to react from people posts, as put a like or a heart. Btw u guys are all awesome, hope one day ill have something to talk about too, im still trying to have a life that makes sense and i...
  4. DoggyQuest

    What is the largest penis a female Husky can take?

    Hello, Question is just as the title reads. What is the biggest penis a female Husky can take (on average) also if anyone is willing to list their size who has had sex with a female Husky that would also be great.
  5. H


    Hey everyone. I know that I haven’t been posting lately—I’ve just been really busy. Max is a handful, Lily is too, but she’s been getting a lot better at sex. I’m currently traveling, and I brought her with me. It’s hard to find hotels that allow pets, but it’s very rewarding to have sex...
  6. H

    Dog Jealousy?

    I recently achieved penetration with my newest female dog, Lily, and ever since then my other female dog Luna has started not to leave my side, ever, and hasn’t been spending time with Lily. Is it possible that she’s jealous of Lily, because I’m the only one who’s had sex with her before? Or is...
  7. H

    Sex Vid?

    Would anyone like it if I posted a video of me and my first husky going at it? Honestly I still have to consider if I would even want to put a video like that up, but still, would anyone be interested?
  8. H

    Dogsitter help

    I think my dogsitter had sex with my husky. I haven’t done anything with her today, but earlier a string of cum was falling from her vagina, and my bedsheets were a lot messier than I left them when I got home. I could be wrong, but there are a lot of signs. She seems to be her normal self...
  9. H

    Being Ready

    How do female dogs show they're ready for penetration? I just got a new husky, and I want to know for future reference, for whenever she's ready for it. Thank you!
  10. H

    New Dog

    I’m thinking of getting another female husky pup. I already have one who’s two years old. Is there anything to look out for for compatibility in the future (I’ve seen posts where people can’t fit inside them when trying to penetrate). Obviously it’s not the only reason I want her, but still...
  11. H


    For guys with female dogs, do you pull out or cum inside? I personally cum inside, but I wanted to know some other peoples opinions. Any pics?
  12. H

    New here! (Dog picture)

    Hey everyone! I’m new here, so I just wanted to say hi. Any advice for the site? Here’s a picture of my girl.
  13. H

    First time with female husky

    Anybody have pics or advice of their first time? Im a bit nervous, but also ready to try out her pussy.
  14. YoungFemboyUndHusky

    (Myself) Femboy and Husky Chilling Together!

    Any other femboys here? Anyone wanna share with me their Husky videos?
  15. WolfLikeBehaviore

    Thoughts on anal and huskies?

  16. H

    Everyday live with our Animal companions

    Hi everyone I'm new on this forum and I would be interested to hear your everyday live with your animal companions. For example how you start your day, what you normally do after work and what kind of romantic relationship you have. I myself don't have animal companion yet, but I'm interested...
  17. Furry Husky Slut

    Indiana male, new to all this.

    Hey y’all, I’m from north central Indiana. I’ve recently accepted that I’m a zoophile. Im also bisexual. I’m still trying to work out how I’m gonna get into all this but I’m looking forward to the journey. I have a serious thing for huskies so I’m hoping to have a couple of husky partners someday.
  18. loljoemoe

    Do spayed dogs enjoy vaginal sex

    My husky has been spayed and I want to maybe get sexual with her but I’m afraid she either will not like it which in that case I would immediately stop what I’m doing I’m not dumb or the spay would make it impossible without causing damage I’m basically just looking for some info on the topic...
  19. J

    Showing interest

    So a few months ago I made a post about my husky not being interested in sex. We tried a few times but he’s just walk away. To my surprise the other day I got out of the shower and walked into my room and noticed that he followed me in. As soon as I closed the door he got super playful I thought...
  20. lewdexo

    Huskies imitating humans and be weird.

    IDK which category in this forums I could post something random like this but there it is Hehe..
  21. JohnDoggie

    Ich hatte letztes WE zum ersten mal sex mit meiner süßen (Husky mischling)

    Hi, das ist mein erster beitrag hier! ich habe den account jetzt schon länger und weis auch schon seit einiger zeit dass ich selber zoo bin. Aber jetzt kann ich auch mal von meiner persönlichen erfahrung berichten :husky_happysmile: Ich selbst bin m27 und lebe zusammen mit meiner süßen Hündin...
  22. J

    Husky size

    Hey y’all I have a question my pup is about a year old he’s about 52 pounds. I’m curious how much bigger will he get? Also what’s there size you know down there??
  23. huskylove2020

    Zoo Fun at Work

    Anyone who works with animals have any fun? I’m huge into animals and have worked for kennels, vets, and shelters. At one of my dog daycare jobs, I once was asked to give my managers husky a bath. His name was Apollo. Best day I ever had at work. I had to take him into the employee bathroom...
  24. Z

    Huskie breeds and introduction into zoophilia

    I've never owned a dog personally except for when I had to babysit a friend's dog for a few months (pitbull) and I wanted to know how much it would cost me to adopt a pure blood wolf husky or white husky since they're my fav (2nd are pitbulls). I know very little about dogs and want to change...
  25. Okami

    I got Another Puppy

    Always wanted a Malamute, so I finally went and got one. Only gonna post 1 pic for safety/security as she is pretty recognizable. She is so sweet and loyal already. Can’t wait til she gets bigger.