1. O

    Any tips on how to analy penetrate a dog?

    How can I analy penetrate a dog without making him or her feel pain?
  2. K

    When a human female pegs a human male.

    What do you like about seeing a women peg a guy? 1. Is it the way her hips move, 2. The way her tits bounce up n down, 3. The size of the strap on she is using, 4. The color of the strap on dildo, 5. The dirty talk, 6. You like it fast like a jackhammer or slow n steady. Let me know if this...
  3. K

    Favorite Training Toys?

    What are you best suggestions on toys for training?
  4. HorseLoverPerv

    23M Obsessed with horse ass

    Hello everyone. I’ve been here a while but never made on of these. I’ve completely obsessed with big, thick horse asses and their donuts. Male or female. So exciting. I want to make a telegram group so like minded people can chat there. Message me if you’re interested.
  5. D

    What should I do to bave my dog want to hump me more

    I’ve been wanting to have my dog (german shep) to hump me more and try breed me but I dont know what to do who can help me have my virgin ass bred
  6. T

    How to? Male human and male dog

    How do I have sex with my male dog? (Him receiving) He's a fairly large dog, about 10? Not neutered. I wanna have sex with him anally but I don't know how to go about doing it.
  7. WizNick

    Advice on training a butt to take a dog

    So down the road if an opportunity presented itself I'd love to experience getting mounted by a dog and filled, but with that said I never really do anal stuff. So what are some tips, devices, etc to help prepare me for that moment when a dog takes me? My first thought is Bad Dragon dildos but...
  8. K

    Need some Advice please

    Hello one and all, I'm a male in my 30s here. hope everyone is well! Sorry if I go into details, here I might be a little bit disgusting, but I am scared and I don't know who else to ask.. I am a little scared tbh and need advice.. So about 2/3 weeks ago I had sex with my sister's dog and...
  9. WolfLikeBehaviore

    Hello from IL

    Hi, Wolflikebehaviore from IL During my adolescence I moved to the country in a farm where I spent some summers there. I had some experience and I am fond of anal sex both giving and receiving. I hope to learn lots from this community.
  10. WolfLikeBehaviore

    What is the best and safest type of lube for anal on dogs

    water based? silicone?
  11. WolfLikeBehaviore

    Thoughts on anal and huskies?

  12. X

    Any females have knotting advice for a first timer?

    How many females have actually gotten knotted by a dog? My wife’s very curious (just recently told her my fetish and she’s open to it) she really wants to try getting knotted. What tips and advice do y’all have for her? I know that she wants to try anal sex with our dog first. Any females/males...
  13. mrbones

    Anal penetration of male dogs - what size or weight should dog have

    Hello, I know that active anal penetration with dogs is disputed, but I have friends with dogs that seem to enjoy it. Al least they definitely do not suffer, maybe it was introduced softly with education, training, rewards etc. But I would rather not want do discuss that here. MY question...
  14. B

    How can i excite him?

    My boy don't undertsand my behavior. I adopt him from a street, he kinda some mix of husky and outbred. I cured him from parasites, give hime a really good food and playing with him a lot. Three weeks ago he had a booner and i got him a helping hand(and some mouth also lmao), he looked like he...
  15. BeastMasterKassandra

    Male dog anal insertion question

    I have a small dog (2 years old Dwarf-Dachshund), and I want to insert my finger into his ass, but I don't have any idea, how should I do that, I do not wanna hurt him or anything. He let me touch his anus. Should I use saliva, or something else for lubricant?
  16. C


    Hi Everyone, Im Marina. Im still new to zoo but there is one issue I am having. I love my dog, and he is really good at knotting. He learned quick and caught on easy. The one problem I have is it still really hurts me when he knots. Is there any way that I can relieve some of the pain, or is...
  17. B

    Bi Curious Married Male - Ontario, Canada

    Looking to chat with people
  18. Kittü

    Possible safety during sex

    Heya! Sorry for stupid questions. Are there any way to catch some STD's from dogs or horses during intercourse? If there is, would a condom prevent these if there were a big enough?
  19. H

    Latest sex

    Tell about your latest sex . With? Give or take? First time or new kinks? When? Or something other you would like to tell Picture of the sex is optional I start, today now did suck my dog, he did lick up my sperm.
  20. HorseLoverPerv

    I have a few questions for those who enjoy fart/stink, in particular with horses!

    I’m reposting this because my previous post got deleted due to a certain tag. I firstly want to say how excited I am to be joining a community that is open and welcoming to beastiality. I have been obsessed with horses for a long time and thought I wouldn’t fit in anywhere with my...
  21. A


    How does it's feel when a dog insert his dick in man ass?
  22. Partialpressure

    Does regular anal sex affect the appearance of the anus?

    I have a dog(girl), and she ok with anal, But she doesn't have a tail (it was removed when she was a puppy), and I wonder if I will have anal sex with her more often, will it be noticeable? Anyway, I'm just wondering if it's possible to identify a dog that gets fucked a lot. Since I was out for...
  23. quintquint

    Getting your male animal into gay activities

    I thinking about how qre you feeling with that, if you acting some gay things with your compqnion. I dont thinking about male-male handjob or blowjob, but rather anal (eg. you top, male dog bottom). At the beginning the animal probably feels pain, not pleasure and probably dont want to take part...
  24. AlysK9

    Who has been figged?

    Hubby has brought up the idea of figging me. Which means I'm going to get figged soon. Who has experienced figging? Which hole was figged? How did it feel and how long did it last? I'm hoping someone in this community can answer these questions. Thanks
  25. Bdrizzy2

    Anal how to

    Hello everyone, longtime lurker but am trying to get a little more involved in the community. I know there has been plenty of posts regarding this. But I have not been able to find anything with an exact step by step process to make it as clean and fun for everyone involved as possible. I’m...
  26. Lukasdvs

    Neutered but hard

    The kids I have access to is infact neutered. I'd love to have him dump his cum in my ass and knot me. But nonetheless he can still get hard. He will let me jerk him off and he will fuck me with excitement. He hasn't knotted me yet. And he does not cum. Once he fucks me for about 30 seconds he...
  27. wolfyguy

    Mares; Difference between vaginal and anal

    Hi, I understand mares are (generally) much larger than our canine friends. Therefore, I would like to find out how sex with mares feel different when comparing in terms of vaginal versus anal sex (among the same mare)? Like is anal much tighter, smoother, etc? It will be good to hear one's...
  28. wolfyguy

    Looseness and tightness of vaginas and anal.

    Hi everyone, There are many dog breeds out there, so I was wondering if anyone can say how the experience of dog pussy is different in comparison for medium and larger breeds? For example, do Saint Bernards feel too loose in both vaginal or anal? What is the comparison of anal and vagina...
  29. Z

    What does the inside texture of horse anus feel like?

    According to in this sub area it is "warm, wet, firm, and tight around the entrance", but what is the texture like when you are inside? There must be something you'll feel apart from the grip when moving in and out...
  30. N9neKnots

    M/M k9 cleaning question.

    After being fucked by a dog is there a way to safely clean their dick or are they able to fully clean themselves after anal?