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  1. Pyotr1745

    Has anyone tried anal with a Stallion?

    Greetings everyone. So for a bit of context, i'm bisexual, i love humans as equaly as animals put for zoo i really love horses over all. so as a bi horsezoo i´d like to have both stallions and mares to pleasure myself and also them, specially because horse anuses are amazing so i was wondering...
  2. wolfyguy

    Mares; Difference between vaginal and anal

    Hi, I understand mares are (generally) much larger than our canine friends. Therefore, I would like to find out how sex with mares feel different when comparing in terms of vaginal versus anal sex (among the same mare)? Like is anal much tighter, smoother, etc? It will be good to hear one's...
  3. wolfyguy

    Looseness and tightness of vaginas and anal.

    Hi everyone, There are many dog breeds out there, so I was wondering if anyone can say how the experience of dog pussy is different in comparison for medium and larger breeds? For example, do Saint Bernards feel too loose in both vaginal or anal? What is the comparison of anal and vagina...
  4. Z

    What does the inside texture of horse anus feel like?

    According to https://www.zoovilleforum.net/threads/what-does-horse-anus-feel-like.26137/ in this sub area it is "warm, wet, firm, and tight around the entrance", but what is the texture like when you are inside? There must be something you'll feel apart from the grip when moving in and out...
  5. N

    M/M k9 cleaning question.

    After being fucked by a dog is there a way to safely clean their dick or are they able to fully clean themselves after anal?
  6. W

    Men into male k9. Preference to topping or bottoming

    Why is anal with male dogs so rare? I find taht most male zoos that are into male k9 play are mostly bottoms only. Lets see what people vote.
  7. abc2020

    How many of you (both sexes) do anal

    Hi My question goes for both females - do you enjoy anal, - guys would you let your female partner fuck you with a strap on?? Guys- If the situation was right would you let a guy fuck you or you fuck him even if you see yourself as straight?? Also, guys would you fuck a male animal, do you?? Xx
  8. tailholeluvr

    Rimming Dogs - How To and Safety?

    Hello! I am fairly new to accepting my sexuality and my non human attractions. I have never been with an animal beyond some fondling, licking and kissing as a little kid. But I would love to eventually with time have more experiences with animals. I am very attracted to horses and dogs, dogs...
  9. Texntyler

    How do you keep the knot in if you can't reach it?

    Periodically I left my dog hump and fuck me but because I like to stretch myself sometimes his knot always comes out and it's painful but I would rather be filled up until his dick goes soft is there a safe way for us to stay tied even though I can't reach? Also so I'm a male and he does knot...
  10. Y

    Training how to's

    I'm interested in getting a male dog. Large breed. I was wondering do you jerk a dog off the same as a human And is it easy to train him to receive a anal (my penis in his anus) I'm only 6 inches and was wondering if it would be difficult for him. Any advice??
  11. Zaruxin

    Zaruxin - Clean Anal Play

    I searched around on here trying to find a thread talking about how to prep for clean anal play, didn't find anything on topic so here I am. During the years I've tried several different methods for having clean anal sex & I've found the one I like the best. 0 - Ass is If you don't mind messy...
  12. W

    It hurts when he gets in (M/M)

    So I’ve been mating with my boy for a few months now, and it’s absolutely great for both of us. He’s a very well equipped 2yo GSD mix. It generally happens like so: he mounts me, and when he finds his way in I need to stimulate him, otherwise he just stops humping and dismounts. That way, he...
  13. S

    Dog in diaper being fucked

    Let's share here pix, videos and our experience of this quite rare and unusual fetish ;) It will be great to add some details like what sex is the dog and what type was the intercourse,additional fetish play and so on :p
  14. Z

    Anal sex with dogs

    This is a thread for general discussion about anal sex with dogs (both giving and receiving). I searched for a thread like this, but couldn't find it. (There's already a thread about anal with animals in general, but that thread is about all non-human animal species: dogs, horses, cows, sheep...
  15. C

    How wide can a cow’s ass stretch?

    Was just thinking, based on how wide cow’s pussies stretch during birthing, if their ass could stretch large enough to fit someone’s head. To clarify, I’m not stupid enough and hope none of you are to try this, but it was an interesting hypothetical I thought of while watching some fisting stuff.
  16. F


    Is it true having sex with animals or being penetrated anally by animals can result in cancer or diseases? I have fantasies of being raped and knotted by an animal, me trying to set free, another animal suddenly knots me. Just a fantasy hahaha never had beast sex
  17. Z

    Has anyone had anal sex with their animal?

    Has anyone had anal sex with their dog, horse, etc.? It can be receiving (such as a dog's penis inside a human's anus), or it can be giving (such as a human penis inside a dog's anus). If so, how often do you do it? There used to be a pinned topic in the "How-to" section about this, but it's...
  18. Z

    Anal sex with dogs (giving, not receiving)

    One of the pinned topics in the How-To section (before the security breach) was about anal with dogs (i.e. a human putting his penis into a dog's anus). Now that pinned topic is gone. Does anyone have a backup of it, and if they do, can they re-post it? Edit: now that the archive is up, here is...