zoo girl

  1. BroodMare87

    Just fancied sharing some of my juicy fantasies (F)

    In no particular order: Being pinned and mated by a alpha male beast with a huge cock while I struggle underneath his grasp. Being impregnated by said beast. I kinda like egg laying /birthing objects and the notion of ovipositors toys too.. Also fantasise about having a cock , the sensation...
  2. Daddy'sPuppy

    Hello from a Canadian girl 🍁💗

    Hello! Just posting here for fun and was just wondering if there's any Zoo groups that I could possibly join? Either Telegram or Discord or both! Since I can't DM here just yet, just shoot me a message for my information on DELETED 2. Do not include phone numbers, emails, KiK, Telegram, Wickr...
  3. Z

    Amizades ni telegram:)

    Pra brs somente,busco amizade pra falar sobre zoo no telegram
  4. girlzoo.bcn

    Hello from Barcelona

    Hello! Im a young woman and Love zoo.
  5. Enis_Pitbull

    My Balkan Zoo members group in Zooville Chat

    Hi, This post goes to all Balkan people in Europe who are here and want to connect with us :) I have created an Balkan Zoo members chat room in the Zoville Chat and want to introduce to you all who likes to join. Feel free to write me there in Zooville Chat and I will add you in our room. The...
  6. S

    Struggling Zoophile wanting to meet more of my kind

    Hello, Fellow Zoophile here, been struggling with my sexuality for a while. I went through many phases of this, and honestly am at a point in my life where I'm ready to learn. I've only ever met 1 Zoophile and we had online sex. A little backstory: I started experimenting as a child with...
  7. KnottyDallasGirl


    How many of ya'll are into watching a guy or gal get fucked by a dog or horse? Preferably in person and just not in a video. There's nothing I'd love more than to have an owner watch their pup mount and fuck me while cheering the dog on.
  8. Lust4Zoo_bbw

    New here ~ 28 Female

    Hello y'all! ❤ I've been living in the shadows with my love of zoo, and was excited to find a community with lots of people who are also like-minded! I'm 28 years old, American, divorced, and have been active on and off for the last 16 years though I don't have much experience. I'm hoping that...
  9. Dingo

    El Dingo y mi novia

    Despues de esto dejo que mi perro me la chupara toda para despues ella chuparlo. Se comio mi lecher con babas de perro
  10. N

    Who's in control?

    Who's in control? A woman or the dog? Who is in control of the action, at the moment they are fucking deliciously I saw this video with this question, and I decided to know your opinion
  11. Aqua1810

    Hay chicas de habla hispana?

    Me gustaría conocer otras chicas interesadas en el tema ❤️