sex toy

  1. B

    Cow Sex Toy?

    I was just wondering... Would anyone happen to know if there are any sex toys out there that are of a cow's pussy?
  2. Q

    Toy Maker Designs?

    Hey all, I was browsing Fur Affinity and came across someone making feral design toys. They said they had sold a few and mentioned something about "beta testers" in the comments. Has anyone bought or used these? I want to buy their cow pussy, but I have been burned (literally) buying from...
  3. ZZGameDev

    ***First Animal Silicone/TPE Sex Doll!***

    Zealous Zookeeper Dev here, check out the group under Fetish-Based-Groups. I'm looking to get a custom sex doll made either out of TPE or Silicone to show you guys the quality of the dolls and make sure that we want to continue with the supplier. I need to know a few things first before I can...
  4. ZZGameDev

    Rancher/Life Sim Game With Beastiality & Toys

    Hey game dev and entrepreneur here, how has nobody made a decent non visual novel game for us Zoos yet? It seems to me that there has been far too little representation in games, toys, etc. and I can't imagine I'm the only one who feels this way. So I'm here to change that with the following...
  5. NordicJackal

    Brand new chance, should I post content?

    Just bought a brand new medium chance, with a cumtube. Should I post content here when I get it? Im a guy btw.
  6. F

    DirtyInternetToys/AmericanMeat Deer Vagina Sex Toy

    Does anyone know about what happened to their deer Doe Vagina Toy? I remember seeing a listing of it on Etsy at some point but then just disappeared. Did anyone actually buy the toy? Was it available for purchase at all? If anyone has info or pictures of the toy i would really appreciate it!
  7. wolfyguy

    American Meat Smooth Hole Option

    Hi, We all know the American Meat Cheval (horse) toy has standard, tight, and Large Ribbed options. However, the single hole horse toy has Standard Smooth and Large Smooth options. Because I understand horse pussy is supposed to be smooth in feel, can anyone say whether or not the smooth...
  8. W

    Natural Akita by ZetaPaws

    Haven't seen much about this toy maker so let me scream about it. I got this toy not too long ago and it has been a monster! Highly recommend. from the listing: "The measurements are 9.5" or 24cm tall overall, 2" or 5cm thick on the shaft, with an oval knot that is 3.5" or 8cm wide x 2.5" or...
  9. W

    Were to get Sheep and Ewe fleshlights and penetrable.

    Is there a place to buy them. If so then where and under what name. I can't find them anywhere online I have looked.
  10. Reston_Z

    The Compendium of Animal-like Sex Toys Makers

    Hopefully this list can help people find and discover toy makers that you might have not known before. For now i hope you enjoy and more may get added on the list dependant on discoveries or suggestion ^^ UK and EU A few canine toys and one equine along with other...
  11. Zaruxin

    Zaruxin - Alternative word for dildos

    A while back ago I made the Zaruxin - Alternative word for masturbators! to figure out a better name or come up with a whole new word for masturbators :unsure: because I and few others (based on poll results) think we need a better sexier word to represent the sex toy. Now I'm making this...
  12. Rockcam

    Any bird toy?

    Birds are my favorite when it comes to zoo but sadly large birds that can either take a cock or give good top are very rare and difficult to come by. So I was wondering is anyone knows of any bird or avian sex toys that are realistic.
  13. FloofyNewfie

    Dildos safe for a female dog?

    So lately, my girl has been starting to beg me for more sex than I can realistically handle. I've been considering getting a dildo to satisfy her needs whenever she has them. I can try to get her off by fingering her, but she's often begging for more. PLUS, I've been thinking about making some...
  14. FloofyNewfie

    Life sized plush toys modified with sex toys?

    I'm actually curious to see if anyone has modified a life sized plush toy to accommodate a sex toy? (Pics if you have one please.) :) For me, I'd want to go as realistic with the plush toy as possible. Which means I'd have to get a non-commercial plush toy handmade. An example would be...
  15. B

    What toy to use without dog at home?

    Hey Guys! I don't have a dog atm and wondered if you have any recommendation on toys to use for myself? Are there any online stores to buy them? thx
  16. K

    Home made animal sex toys

    Anyone know how to make some animal toys from stuff I can find around the house? I’ve tried the balloon thing. (Basically inflate a balloon inside you) It felt good.