1. J

    New member Texas

    hello I am a new member and a non owner but have been very curious for years and have now decided it is ok. In my teens I played a little bit with our dog but just licking.
  2. sanjivszoro101

    A question for the married/dating women

    Which do you prefer and why?
  3. FluffBall

    Partner into zoo

    I am curious how many of you would feel comfortable having a partner who was Zoo, and one that engaged with other species while you were together. If I had a partner who was into animals, I would be happy to let them explore and I wouldn't consider it cheating, as long as I was informed and knew...
  4. pes

    What about your animal sustains your soul

    For me it is sleeping next to my dog. Feeling his weight against me, feeling the body heat, listening to his breath and heartbeat. It is ultimate pleasure and bliss.
  5. jeffs_ fantasies

    Zoo Life-partner

    Ever had a dream to have a life partner who is a zoo?? Ever though of how exciting and adventurous each day will be? How we would obsess over doggie dicks and bitch pussies? Do you think you could get a life partner of similar interest from here? Or have you already found one? Share your thoughts…
  6. Zhike

    Officially discussed bestiality with my boyfriend

    Gay male here. I've been with my boyfriend for a little over a month now, and when we first met it was through online messaging. We pretty quickly delved into kink discussion after the first time we jacked off together, and the question came up of "what's the most extreme or taboo thing you're...
  7. Ironman23

    How do you let your partner or possibly new partner know about the lifestyle?

    I love to watching my women getting fucked by a Dog. I was only lucky enough to only meet up with one female that was into it and would let me watch. And that only happened by accident of me noticing her dog always trying to hump her when she took her clothes off and me finally hearing her tell...
  8. K

    yaşadığım yerde kadın zoofili partner nasıl bulabilirim ?

    yaşadığım yerde kadın zoofili partner nasıl bulabilirim?
  9. C


    Anyone else feeling lonely? Wish i had a partner to enjoy with... Sorry, not complaining, just wondering if anyone is feeling the same?
  10. Evie

    ZOO and pets

    Being ZOO, of course you have or want to have an animal partner. But does that exclude have other animals as pets? Me, I'm looking for a boy to be tied with, but I also have non-sexual pets. What is the line for you? What determines it?
  11. H

    Thank You

    Hello. My partner & I wanted to Thank you for letting us join! We are new to this type of experience but we are both extremely interested in learning more about it! Have a great evening!! - HillsKC20
  12. FloofyNewfie

    Write a love poem about your animal partners!

    So, I was joking around in another thread and wrote a love poem about my dog. I actually ended up really liking what I wrote because it had a lot of meaning to me. Here's my love poem, (with a few tweaks) "My newfie is truly great. It's love, always love, and never hate. This is not a debate...
  13. M

    Zoo partners?

    How many of us have a partner who is also zoo? Is there any jealousy? Do you view content together? Does it strength or hinder your relationship? How did you two both discover you were zoo? My girl and i are both zoo, we view content together. We both prefer content without humans involved...
  14. FloofyNewfie

    Problems that are uniquely zoo.

    So, about a week ago I was combing and wiping some cum out of my girls fur, which had leaked out of her vagina and had gotten in her long butt/leg fluff. As I was cleaning her, it came to mind that only a zoophile... Only a zoophile, would ever be in a situation where they are cleaning their own...