1. S

    Ever Had A Maregasm Facial?

    Don't know if this has been posted, but been wanting to ask. Have you ever had a facial from a mare while eating out her pussy? if so what was it like? :love:🤤🤤🤤 Always found maregasms so incredibly hot (especially cumming on a guys dick) and videos where a guy eats out a mare, also very hot...
  2. Blazzy

    Straight men into Zoo pussy?

    I'm a straight guy that likes zoo pussy. I've noticed that most men on here are either bi or gay. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that, but I'm just curious if there are any other guys who are attracted to female zoo pussy, because it seems like that is a minority on here.
  3. Cowboi69

    Is what I'm doing wrong?

    The a few days ago after giving my mare a treat she started licking my groin area. After that I had an idea to give her a treat when she licked my pants in that spot. So I started doing that, but after reading the post on training I'm conflicted. Should I stop this "training"/behavior? I've...
  4. T

    Finnish 29yo guy

    Finnish 29yo guy here! Looking to find my first zoo experience from here. Preferably with mare but I also like any other large animal. I love fisting as well.
  5. H

    First Post

    Hello, just registered here. 28 yo male living in south eastern Massachusetts. Anyone who can point me in the direction of the owner of a mare is someone I'd consider a friend 🙂
  6. L


    I was with a friend who had horse and they told me to carress a mare breast because they like it. At first, I was like... really?! 😍 I touched it and wow! The mare was so relaxed and it seems that she enjoyed it! Now I understand why people prefer more horse than dogs etc. Now I want...
  7. L

    More ladies into horse...

    I am doing horseback riding regularly since a while now and see that there is A LOT of woman in the field. I am suprised! 😮 Not many guys are into this and it's fine by me. 😁 I wonder now...if some of those ladies are in those activities practice zoophilia with their horse or not? What are...
  8. ZooBag

    What Is it like to have sex with a mare? I would like to strike up a conversation, especially since I’m new here.

    Generally just wondering, I’m really curious about this whole thing and wanting to know more, HMU if you wanna chat. ^^
  9. L

    How do you seduce a mare?

    How can a human seduce a mare so that she can fully trust you for sex? Is it by giving them food,grooming or something else??
  10. C

    Need some tips for an equine relationship

    Hello, I'm going to see a mare I like next week and I'm thinking of buying her. I would like to establish a real relationship with her, a kind of connection with her. So I would like to know if any of you have experience with human-animal relationships, especially with mares. I'm really bad at...
  11. L

    I did some horse riding for the first time...

    I really enjoy it. I didn't know that services like that were accessible to the public. I really bonded with ny horse when I was riding with it. I thought that I would fall or the horse might bite me but it went really well. Thr creepy part of myself love the smell of the horse and I like...
  12. M

    Keeping a mare and stallion together

    Hey, sorry if this is a repost I couldn’t find one like it. Could I have a full sized mare and a much smaller stallion together in the same stall? I’m looking to own in the future (in my own stable) and since a companion is necessary would a quarter horse mare and a Shetland pony stallion get...
  13. Walzoweed

    Who else thought there weren't as many zoophile's out there?

    Since only finding this website today, Im now starting to realize how many Zoophiles there are just in my local area, I live in Scotland (which in comparison to many other countries in Europe, has quite a small population) - yet I have found many profiles and chats all dedicated to areas mere...
  14. Koula

    20 year old male in El Paso Texas

    Looking for near by owners to share and start friendships with
  15. C

    Есть владельцы кобыл из Мск? Хотелось бы попробовать.(За деньги)

    Хотелось бы получить опыт с лошадью.
  16. Juniork9

    When I found out I was a zoophile?

    I am from the interior of Brazil and the zoophilia is almost natural. At nine or ten, my cousins and I ate chickens. It was normal to hear reports from people who related only to bitches, mares, donkeys. And even an aunt who would identify with a Brazilian line. But, things started to get...
  17. Olivee007

    Intersex mare. Born with testicles and vagina

    Didn't know where this would belong. But i found it interesting. Discuss below your thoughts
  18. bitchlover97

    Bump if you not long fucked your mare/bitch

    For those with the love of animal pussy type bump if you not long enjoyed there pussy hole
  19. bitchlover97

    the donkeys i love

    Here is some photos of the donkeys to me kelly is the sexiest i would never be out of her pussy, but i enjoy the others just curious if any of you would enjoy fucking these donkeys
  20. TheoTheGermanShephard

    Vixenmaker and Maremaker Review

    Hallowww everybody I hope all of you have a great day. :gsd_happysmile: As mentioned in the threadtitle I wanted to make a review about the Vixen- and Maremaker from Flurb! . I personally bought them to make my self a mare or a nice bitch for my German Shepherd. uwu I also will attach some...
  21. S

    Mare being hard to understand

    Hello ! I do own a mare since many years now, we're having good moments and experiences (not sexual) and i'm trying to introduce her to sex. To make it short, she is really a special mare, she has special moods, never show any sign of heat or anything and it's really hard to know what she...
  22. Kaksoipistededede

    Geldings intercoursing with Mares, good or bad?

    I heard conflicting views/arguments about geldings that have intercourse with mares. Is it good or bad for them? (Physically and psychologically) IMHO I believe they have fun doing it, otherwise they wouldn't do it. I don't know if i can view, what i found online, as non prejudiced, Is someone...
  23. Shyfur

    20M Arkansas fur looking for a mare uwu

    Hi all, new to all this but not to zoo. It all started for me waay back when I was 8, watching the other boys take turns on our mare, n by thcourage I got old enough and built up the courage, we had to move onto a different farm with stallions... didnt stop me tho! I've had fun with dogs and...
  24. doggo_deer

    Animal taste?

    I've heard consistently that mares taste and smell distinctly of fresh hay or recently cut grass. I'm curious, though, what other female animals smell/taste like. Such as dogs, cows, goats, sheep, llamas/alpacas, if donkeys are the same as horses, etc. If you know, please share!
  25. FloofyNewfie

    What are your animals to you?

    So I've seen the answer to this question vary wildly. Some people call their animals Mates, Husbands/Wives, or even just companions. I tend you use the word "Mate" to describe my Newfoundland girl, while I see my mutt girl as more of a pet, but in some ways still a mate as well. But I do treat...
  26. Ilovemarepuss

    New mare.

    I’ve just recently got a new mare. I’ve began to bond with her. Grooming etc. I just don’t know how long I should wait to begin to try to have sex and pleasure her. She let me have a little feel yesterday. But she has only been in the new field for a day. Any tips? Thanks. Picture attached.
  27. Ilovemarepuss

    North wales.

    Is anyone from around North Wales or closer. Interested in mares. I’ve had a few but my opportunity disappeared.
  28. S

    Mare lover from Elsass

    Hi, everyone ! I'm around 20, from Strasbourg, in France. I've always loved animals in general since very young, and discovered my further love for them at 12, especially for bitches and mares. I've already experienced with a mare, but only once ( it was very pleasant, tbh ^^ ). Seeking for...