1. smpl103847

    30, NB, Pennsylvania; new to being open about this

    As the title says: 30 yrs old, black, chubby build, furry PA native, around Pittsburgh Metro Area; likely moving to Colorado sometime soon Masc-lean Non-binary (male at birth; He/They predominantly, but otherwise any is fine) Bisexual/pansexual for humans; straight for non-humans In an open...
  2. seahorse999

    First time help with mare?

    Hi guys!👋 I'm very new on here so apologies if I'm slow or anything lol 😆 Basically a few weeks ago I was helping out my friend with her horses and came to the realisation that I want to try to have a bond and possibly even sex with a mare I have been looking at zoo stuff for about a year or so...
  3. Centaurluv

    Dark Fantasies UK Horsetoy Review

    Hey guys! i'm very new to this forum but i recently bought a horse sextoy from Dark Fantasies UK and i just HAVE to share this with you. TL;DR 4/5 stars, minor things that they can easily improve upon. and from what tgeir GREAT customer service tells me, they are already doing. 1. Size Oh my...
  4. I

    I only get more curious? And desires build up.

    I live in Iceland, in a cabin out in the country. Behind my cabin is a fence with 4 mares, every day I go and give them carrots and hay and of course pet them a little. But every day I want to move more and more towards their vulvas. I see them when they rase their tails, I see a their...
  5. Hottohotie

    I am in search of an action partner

    Hello, I'm looking for a partner to do text roleplays, I only play sexual relations between a human man and a mare, I can play the human or the mare, you know, as long as you treat it with respect, lets go!
  6. S

    Things related to mares.

    Hi all! I'd like to ask if anyone has any personal (or non-personal) long stories, facts, tips, advice, or just information related to mares, I'd love it if you could share.
  7. horselover4life

    Are draft/draught horses great sex partners

    I know there are many like me who loves the idea of having some sexual interaction with a draft horse one way or another. A few might even have firsthand experience. They are beautiful large, masculine animals with the best temperament, real gentle giants. My question is this. How practical is...
  8. L

    what is the thing do you love most about mares?

    i really love their big butts, specially their buttholes, I just wann hug them and lick them, horses do have the best butts
  9. dejenerek

    uno de mis artista zoo favorito (furronika)

  10. tnstud


    has anyone here nursed directly from an utter of a mare or cow? I've had the chance to once, and really would love to again. I dont know I can really explain or describe the feeling I get from it, or even just the thought of it, other than I already have a thing for nursing in general.
  11. A

    What would you say is the best horse-breed for a first time owner/trainer

    I have read a lot of "top 10 horse breeds for a first time breeder/trainer" and I have an idea about what a good first horse could be. So I wanted to know what your experiance with different breeds have been. What breed would you say is the best? Also what age would you say is the best to get...
  12. M

    Tips to fuck with cows/mares

    Hi, I'm looking for some tips to fuck cows/mares, since I'm going to a farm for a few weeks and I want to try it I will post some pics if i succed ;)
  13. M

    Newbie here

    New here! Mainly interested in mares. Can anyone share there experiences? How they got involved? I do not currently own any mares or horses, Is there ways to still experience it, if so how did it happen for you? I have tons of experience with horse care and would have no problem keeping and...
  14. M

    What’s your experience with mares?

    Hey everyone! I’m new here, interested in hearing peoples experiences and stories, mainly involving mares, I also have tons of questions! I would love to chat with anyone who has experience with having sex with a mare :) it’s one’s of my biggest dreams and fantasies, I’d love to make it happen...
  15. alisacolato

    Gay men goes straight when it comes to zoo (mare/bitch pussy)

    Disclaimer: I don´t want to sound hutrful with this thread, I just don´t know how to describe it. But I want to know if anyone here identifies as gay man but likes females animals. For example if you don´t like women but you are into bitches and mares pussy. It´s weird for me to think about it...
  16. B

    Any good European / French site ?

    Hi, I am looking for a European or French site to buy an artificial mare's vagina. Does anyone have a good site with reasonable prices and not too much shipping costs? Thanks in advance
  17. V

    Just sexual? or romantic? How can you tell?

    For a good few years I have been figuring out that I am bisexual/queer anf that was hard to do. But now I am figuring out that I like female mares in ways I didn't think was possible. I find them attractive and I want to have sex with them but I don't know if it's just a sexual attraction or if...
  18. sanctuarybody

    25YO Bi Male UK (Looking for K9/Mare Owners)

    Hey everyone! I’m a bisexual guy in his mid twenties with male and female dog experience and looking to add to this after my dog sadly passed earlier this year. Also into trying my first mare if any farmers are looking for new mates etc! Hope to chat to some of you ☺️
  19. H


    Hello everyone, I am glad to find people that like to love animals as much as I do, I absolutely love horses and sure am glad there’s an entire community here that loves them equally. Mares, stallions, perfect, specially fillies <3 I hope I can provide good discussions and be a good member...
  20. H

    Who is very glad my little pony porn exists?

    I was into horses way before my little pony came out, but as soon as I realized that my little pony porn existed, it was such a relief, since I was gonna be able to get off more to cartoon horses as real horses. I’m a certain sense, that’s what brought me into the show, to be able to watch more...
  21. Ilovemarepuss

    Potential new girl

    So this may be my potential new girlie. The land and her paperwork are hopefully going through tomorrow. So looking forward to giving her the life she deserves. Loved and cherished. She will be my FIRST rescue. If anyone has any tips, hints on rescues then please drop a comment or DM. I'm...
  22. GoopeyMoose

    Hows it going! New to Zooville, Not To Zoo.

    Well, i guess ill just give a little intro im 30, Male, Bi, and pretty heavily zoo. have been for a very long time. I was homeschooled in MD, grew up on a horse farm and had plenty of horses, rode competitively for years. Dressage, Western, Hunter Jumping, Showmanship. Was very outdoorsy and...
  23. Angradetty

    Is it weird that I like when the dude’s being verbal and talking while fucking a mare?

    Hi hi. Kinda new here so I wasn’t too sure where exactly to post this, but lately I’ve been watching male/mare porn and I’ve found that when the dude is moaning and groaning and talking about how good it feels to be balls deep into some sopping wet cunt is Extremely hot. I’ve always wanted to...
  24. N

    How to have fun with a mare in a field without a shelter ?

    I (24M) am quite new to the zoo world, so I'm asking you for some things that you might find obvious (forgive my ignorance). I have access to two mares in a field next to a trail. I'm currently getting to know them, and I'd love to go further than the classical grooming. To do so, I think the...
  25. S

    Mare cum

    idk what it is but like mare pussy is so insanely hot 🤤, especially when they cum while being fucked. I have a fantasy where id love to have a sexy mare cum in a jar or something so i can mix it in with food or drink it a little bit later. Something about mare cum:love: heck id even jerk off...
  26. S

    Ever Had A Maregasm Facial?

    Don't know if this has been posted, but been wanting to ask. Have you ever had a facial from a mare while eating out her pussy? if so what was it like? :love:🤤🤤🤤 Always found maregasms so incredibly hot (especially cumming on a guys dick) and videos where a guy eats out a mare, also very hot...
  27. Blazzy

    Straight men into Zoo pussy?

    I'm a straight guy that likes zoo pussy. I've noticed that most men on here are either bi or gay. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that, but I'm just curious if there are any other guys who are attracted to female zoo pussy, because it seems like that is a minority on here.
  28. Cowboi69

    Is what I'm doing wrong?

    The a few days ago after giving my mare a treat she started licking my groin area. After that I had an idea to give her a treat when she licked my pants in that spot. So I started doing that, but after reading the post on training I'm conflicted. Should I stop this "training"/behavior? I've...
  29. T

    Finnish 29yo guy

    Finnish 29yo guy here! Looking to find my first zoo experience from here. Preferably with mare but I also like any other large animal. I love fisting as well.
  30. H

    First Post

    Hello, just registered here. 28 yo male living in south eastern Massachusetts. Anyone who can point me in the direction of the owner of a mare is someone I'd consider a friend 🙂