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  1. sarahtinelli

    my cum fetish

    I left huge sealed load inside me one Gypsy h3r5e 10 hours later and still feel liquid inside the uterus a looooooooot cuum around 500ml of ejaculation on average I used a condom to collect semen after masturbating, I used the condom to fill myself when I got home, I heated the semen a little...
  2. B

    Cum fetish

    I’m curious to know if you guys gets turned on by the taste and smell of cum, both human and zoo. I have quite a cum fetish and currently I have a collection of over 100 loads in my freezer for anyone interested to play with :)
  3. J

    Share your best dog porn!

    Hi petlovers! Feel free to share your best dog porn! Thanks!
  4. DecadentArtsAndPoetry

    Bestiality Humour Thread

    I don't know about these mainstream sites and ordinary civil twat vices, but their sites and their fighting with virusses and one nation against the other and company and con artist looking for those naive freaks normals. I rather stay secure and browse only bestiality porn, safest place on the...
  5. J

    What sort of porn here interested you most?

    While most of us who look for porn are often "open minded" in some areas, we should also have a main focus, a main kink we are hoping to find here and else where. Obviously some things are too rare to get to enjoy as often as others but if you think about it, you'll see they are what you truly...
  6. dreamyknotgirl

    Dirty Dreaming

    I just woke up from a super weird, super interesting, super hot at the end dream. So the dream itself was weird, I was part of some game show. Every time I answered something, there was a consequence, though none of them seemed bad. At the end, I was on TV and my legs were spread and I had to...
  7. S

    Dog in diaper being fucked

    Let's share here pix, videos and our experience of this quite rare and unusual fetish ;) It will be great to add some details like what sex is the dog and what type was the intercourse,additional fetish play and so on :p
  8. Jëëco

    Anyone else find house cats sexy?

    I just find house cats sexy, especially when they sit right on your crotch and give you that shoulder look, it's like they're saying "You gonna fuck me or what human~?" Which i find just irresistible. Not being able to actually have sex with one doesn't even bother me, but I did nut on my...
  9. Jëëco

    Does crotch sniffing turn you on too?

    So does anyone else find a dog sniffing your crotch sexy? Because I swear every time a dog starts putting their nose on my dick and balls and hearing that sniffing noise, it's boner city. Once i actually thought about putting dog biscuits in my pants and going to the local dog park. Anyone else...