dog and man

  1. S

    Boned yes or no and intreductions

    Should I secretly get fucked by my sisters dog again in the woods?? :) what do we think and hello I am relatively new ;D I am 33 and sort of addicted to porn :3
  2. O

    sperm allergy

    I have a big problem, I really enjoy giving oral sex to my dog, but I almost always get allergies and the rash lasts for days, does anyone know how to make it safer, that doesn't make me happy or as safe as possible
  3. K

    33 male in Los Angeles curious about k9

    Hello! I'm a 33 yo male in Los Angeles, CA. I've always wanted to perform oral on a male dog, but haven't yet had the opportunity. I'd love to chat with or meet any local guys who own a male dog who can help guide me into sucking dog dick.
  4. C

    24 gay guy but straight curious for FD

    Hey, 24 m here from uk. Gay for guys but I’m curious straight for FD. New to all of this so some new friends would be amazing!
  5. doggy.fun2022

    How long can you go without having sex.

    How long can you go without having sex with your partners either is dog or person.
  6. A

    english pointer with a small vagina how to penetrate her

    hello I come to you today because I would like to try zoophilia with my dog who is a 4 year old English pointer but I come up against a problem which is that I cannot penetrate her because her vagina is too small how can I must do to be able to succeed thank you for your help
  7. J

    Is doberman a good dog for zoo?

    Hi Everyone!! I am a zoo lover and I have practiced it and I gotta say I really love and enjoy having a dog lover. My question is, is Doberman a good dog to have and have it as a zoo lover? I really love those type of dogs and my goal is to be able to get him to fuck me. If anyone can advise on...
  8. Madman21

    New dog suggestions

    Hey everyone, I’m gonna be getting a new dog and want to know everyone’s suggestions on a new dog, haven’t decided on male or female yet but if you could add both pluses and negatives it would be appreciate greatly. Bi male here, preferably a medium sized dog breed with a good temper and can...
  9. The tourist

    How do you turn on your dog to have sex with you for the first time

    So I was wondering how do you turn on your dog to fuck you because I tried jerking him off a little but probably I wasn't doing it right
  10. Devianthell_1976

    Hi looking for like minded individuals in OC

    Are you in the 714, 657, 949, 562, 310, 909 or 951 area... Would love to hear from you! I am conveniently located in OC. Looking to meet like minded individuals.
  11. B

    Are men inferior to dogs sexually?

    it's exactly as the title asks, do you (women and gay/bi men) consider sex with male dogs to be universally better than sex with human males? if so is there anything to ever close the gap or do you consider the difference in physiology too greatly in favor of dogs. this is for research so...
  12. R

    dog love

    hello guys well i have a bitch and soon i'm going to move i already practice more i want to go deeper contact me at pm
  13. M

    Doggy lipstick started it all!!!

    So I’d thought I share then ask a question about ‘the’ seminal/foundational moment the light bulb went off in my head and totally rewrote my desires lines snd neurological pathways. I was 12 at an all boys sleep over when a guy called Peter G was in a bean bag and the family Doberman mounted...
  14. T

    First and last post, allergic to dog cum

    20s straight male So for a while I’ve wanted to try it and I’ve watched zoophilia for a few years now and have always teased my male dog for a while now. But today I finally decided to take the leap and helped him mount me. it all was going great until he finished and everything went down hill...
  15. thegreatbigfail

    Receiving Previously Mated Male K9

    Full disclosure: this question isn't for me, but for a friend of mine. As a result, I may not be describing the situation perfectly. I've never met the dog in-question and am trusting what I've been told. I'm also not a zoophile myself and am mostly on this forum for curiosity rather than sexual...
  16. J

    How to find people who will let their dog f*ck you?

    Unfortunately, I don't have a dog/any other animal that can fuck me or I can fuck. I also don't know anybody that would let their dog fuck me and don't know of anywhere to find someone who would. I live in a state where bestiality is illegal, so I don't want to go around yelling it out for all...