Doggy lipstick started it all!!!


So I’d thought I share then ask a question about ‘the’ seminal/foundational moment the light bulb went off in my head and totally rewrote my desires lines snd neurological pathways. I was 12 at an all boys sleep over when a guy called Peter G was in a bean bag and the family Doberman mounted his shoulders from the front and full presented what we all called his ‘lipstick’ - I’ve never seen anything hornier. Of course the dog’s overtures were rejected but I’ve often fantasied about Peter ( who was cute - let’s face it the dog had taste) hunkering down and give the dog a Blowie! While we all gather around and circle jerked. Well that was my moment - that was the moment I knew there was more to my desire than God or society or any one or thing intended. Sometimes I think it’s purely a lack of imagination on behalf of non-zoos to even picture the desire between all animals across species. Simply lazy unimaginative thinking. Do you have a seminal moment? <<DELETED>>

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