1. C


  2. S

    How do you guys determine what consent is?

    Hello, from my last post I still am not sure if belong here, but I think I will stay at least a little unless you want me gone. Ok so as someone related but not exactly like most of you I don’t know a lot about how things work here, even on a basic level. One huge question I have wounded is how...
  3. doggy.fun2022

    Wondering life

    How do guys go on your day without having sex with your dogs or watching dog porn? cuz I can’t really do that 😞🥵🐶
  4. 2

    Why aren't there more fleshlight vids?

    It may sound weird but I wish there more videos of dogs and fleshlights. Honestly though with a fleshlight you can see how just how rock hard they get, and on top of that you get to see the huge load they bust in the process. What does everybody else think about this?
  5. Y

    Very New, Very Curious. Help? 28M from Ohio lol!

    Hi there, very new to this lifestyle and choice. Curiosity I guess has gotten the best of me and ready to take a dive. Would really like if someone could reach out and maybe teach me about this community and where to go from here.
  6. K

    New from KC area, curious and excited!

    Hey everyone! 26 yo male from Kansas City, totally new here, and looking to make some friends of a like mind. I’ve had some experiences, but no community or group to share them with. I’m sexually open to a variety of unconventional things and would love to get to know other curious individuals...
  7. A

    Been asked to write an intro

    Hello, erm Idk what to put here really. What I can say is that I am knew to adult forums, this being the second adult site I signed up to. I was only recently introduced to this taboo and as my profile says I am still deciding how far I want to progress with this. Erm how to put it? I guess...
  8. BeastCuriousGuy82

    New here…not yet experienced. U.S.

    Hello. Brand new here. No experience but very curious. Have been for years. Dabbled a tiny bit as a kid w the fam lab but nothing too serious or consistent. Be cool to make some friends. Unlikely but locals would be awesome! NE US.
  9. S

    Found out my boyfriend is a zoo. confused and need advice.

    bear with me. english is not my first language. my boyfriend left his laptop unlocked and i saw his posts on here. he is a zoo and he posted about keeping this from me. he posted about wanting to meet up with someone and have his first experience. i am more upset about this as he is planning on...
  10. D

    I'm too curious to try now...

    My curiosity is killing me. I am too curious to know if animal pussy is better than female pussy. I try hiding it away but.... I can't take it anymore. I got some questions about thia lifestyle thought. 1-I see a lot of videos of men having sex with no condom. Is it safe?! Can't you catch...
  11. Bone_Formula

    Hello to everyone here lol

    Hiya. You can call me Bone or BF. I got my name from a username generator to make sure I stay anonymous. I'm a furry from Washington who makes digital art. I'm also attracted to dolphins. I find them very sexy. 😶 I don't plan to be in the position to be screwed by a dolphin, plus how could I be...
  12. dogluver101

    Curiosity with becoming zoo.

    We've all had the feeling one way or another. "I'm I the only one who's interest is animals?" "I'm not sure where to begin with these feelings." You're not alone in this world. There's many that have come to grips with their sexuality, and have accepted it. We all have to find our ways in this...
  13. Awkwardfox

    UK, new here, kinda confused.

    Hey. I'm a guy from the UK, and I honestly would never have described myself as a zoophile. What I'm looking for right now are answers. Because while I don't feel I'd have intercourse with an animal, I do feel a very deep connection to some, especially some cats and dogs. I've probably said "I...