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Curiosity with becoming zoo.

We've all had the feeling one way or another. "I'm I the only one who's interest is animals?" "I'm not sure where to begin with these feelings."
You're not alone in this world. There's many that have come to grips with their sexuality, and have accepted it. We all have to find our ways in this world. There's been times that I had no idea what zoophilia even meant, or why my interests are different from others. This blog was created to detail my story on how I found out to be zoo, and these feelings effected me.

I'm simply going to start out with me, and how I became what I am today.
I've been a zoophile for about 10 years more or less. How I found out about zoophilia was simply hearing news reports while I was younger about someone getting in trouble over having sex with a dog. I'm sure while we were younger who may have heard anything like this, many have thought. "How is it possible?" What I found out. It's very possible.
I've been crazy over felines (big cats) for a short period, and some simple Google searches have found me into more than just felines.
Over time, my curiosity has gone more and more into this type of thing. Till I found out about the word "Zoophilia" and discovered more about it.

I've discovered many other forums over time, first being BeastForum. Than many others like ZooBB, which I was more active on personally. ZooBB was basically a zoophilies forum. Much smaller than BeastForum.

Later in the years, I've had my first dog. Once she grew older, I started learning more into bitch sex. Although, she was a bit smaller than an average lab would be. She was still a great companion nonetheless.
If you have spent some time on the internet, you may see posts from anti's that try to say "Zoophiles only use animals for sex, but shows no affection or romantic feelings towards animals. We consider those bestlist. Ones who only has sex with animal, but shows no affection towards them.
If we were to look into the definition on "Zoophilia." You would see that Zoophilia is the attraction of animals.
A person whom forms emotional and romantic feelings for their animals.

You don't have to have sex with an animal to be considered a zoophile. As the definition doesn't include performing any sexual activity.
We have an Official Zoophiles directory to show you the terms here.
This is where I'll be going more into areas like guilt, disgust, etc.
When I ended up with another dog that was a lab mix female. I've gotten further into being sexually active as being a zoophile.

As I'm thinking from memory the best I can, my first love making with her was exquisite. During this time she was in heat. I can say during this time, I could say I was a dog. As the first session turned into more, and more that same day. Was there guilt on the first? I can say there wasn't much guilt. I spend most of my time holding her and petting her. She wasn't treated well from her last owners as she was abandoned. This was several months before anything has happened. I figured its better giving her some time getting used to a new owner.

Any kind of disgust? There may have been a little bit of disgust. Though just like with guilt, I haven't had much thought on it. There may be more with others who had more thought into it.
My thoughts were more on her care, and being a better owner for her. This doesn't mean to say you have to have sex with a dog to be a better owner. But in the situation I've seen her in, she was in a better environment than before.

If you're wondering how do zoos manage through life with this sort of lifestyle. There may be many types of responses to this post. With me, I just try to live day to day. That may be easy to say for me. But I know for others it may be different. There were times I would think about my dog while I'm away for work. It hasn't been anything that would affect my work or anything when out in public.

This blog post is open for everyone to comment on how they first realized they were into this sort of lifestyle, and if they felt any guilt at all.. This is simply made for new zoophiles that are coming into this world and are trying to find more information on how they can conform with their new interests.
Feel free to type away! What was your first experience like? Did you feel guilt? Felt like you were the only one in this world that had this interest?
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I also felt similar and I also experimented when younger and tried to get a dog to mount me lick me etc and experienced a decent bit of shame cause of it. I have also recently come to grips with my sexuality related to animals. Its nice to see someone share a similar perspective to mine :)
Thank You for your words, I appreciate your perspective
Thank you , i still feel weird talking about it but people here make it much first experiences were brief experimenting not knowing what i was really even doing at age 11...letting the family dog lick me and i tried a couple times sucking with 1 attempt to let him mount me which didnt work and i was too scared to try again but also felt wrong because it was our dog..i dont know...then as getting a little older started watchin g it and becoming more and more aroused and infactuated with it still not letting anyone in on my secret desire. I really want to start and transition my boyfriend has no idea he would probably flap his lips to everyone causing mayheim. And my family would disown me so this is hard.
Thank you for sharing. read different perspective was really inspiring to continue with zoo.
wonderful writing
This helped me a lot im just strating to think about getting in to the acts. thank you
Thank you for sharing. I am new to this community, and reading your perspective was really inspiring.
I love this because I know other people enjoy it as much as me I only wish I had acted on it when younger I was 38 my first time
Always comforting to hear from others who love this lifestyle as much as you.
I have always suspected that Iam a zoophile. What clinched for me, was when I was playing with my friends large and very beautiful dog. He had put his paws on my shoulders so we were face to face,we looked in to each others eyes,and there seemed to a mutal understanding that we wanted to make love. If we had be alone Iam certain this would have happened as I would have certainly made the first move