1. H

    Everyday live with our Animal companions

    Hi everyone I'm new on this forum and I would be interested to hear your everyday live with your animal companions. For example how you start your day, what you normally do after work and what kind of romantic relationship you have. I myself don't have animal companion yet, but I'm interested...
  2. Noxadox

    My dogs and me

    Yo all! I was curious to know if others also have "poly" relationships (multiple canine mates)? I live alone with my dogs (5M), and have been for many years. They all get along (💕) and we are happy. Im an indoor nudist, so I'm always naked when I'm home and I can tell they like it (they do...
  3. luke jagger

    Easy to have land and horses in Canada ?

    Heyy guys, I’m living in Europe, and moving to Canada this year. I was wondering if it was common or easy to get horses in Canada ? Is the weather isn’t too cold to have equines ? Thanks for the awnser 😁
  4. LoveNottLust1

    Stuff That's Sus , Possible Zoo?

    What are thing's you've seen that are zoo-ish & made you question if it's zoo related or who made it might be zoo ect
  5. X

    Best breed for me?

    Hi! I'm thinking of getting a mid size female dog this coming summer, a puppy perhaps but not sure. But I'm not entirely sure what breed would be the best for me? I'm 24 years old living alone in a house out in the country. I work mon-fri 7am-4pm as an electrician living in Sweden. I'm mostly...
  6. Disanima

    What would you do?

    Hi, fellow zoo exclusives. I've always considered myself zoo exclusive, I've never felt sexual attraction towards humans (I absolutely hate women's body, but I'm quite neutral with men), so I've always thought that being alone with animals is how I wanted to spend my life. I have a close friend...
  7. pupmumbles

    Any canine breeders or trainers?

    I'm curious as to how many people into beast are professionally around animals. I'd love to meet someone who specifically breeds or trains dog for this lifestyle or just training them in general. Have any of you taken jobs for the chance of having fun with an animal? Like working on a farm?
  8. seedlingming

    How to meet Zoo girls

    Hey all, total newbie here but thanks for having me! Glad we again have a place for us like minded people's! I'm curious how you all meet or met your partners other than sites like this? Been looking for a like minded local uk lass for so long but have never had the balls to ask real people...
  9. lisalaura

    Monkeypox Virus in Dogs

    Hey all So i've been reading that there have been the first possible cases of human to dog transmissions of the Monkeypox Virus. Should i be concerned about my health, and the health of my dog? Or other dogs i'm having conact with...
  10. O

    No idea how to start...

    Well, I started by joining this forum. I'm bi, and I watch zoo porn here and there when I 'accidently' stumble across it. Usually men with canines. I don't know what exists, or what kind of logistics would be involved. But ideally, I would like to find a small group or something in my...
  11. ZetaMachine

    When did zoo 'ruin' you

    Anyone here that's zoo exclusive was there a specific moment you had with an animal that "ruined" humans for you aka make you see animals as a better life companion? If you did I'd love to hear about it sexual or otherwise
  12. dogluver101

    Curiosity with becoming zoo.

    We've all had the feeling one way or another. "I'm I the only one who's interest is animals?" "I'm not sure where to begin with these feelings." You're not alone in this world. There's many that have come to grips with their sexuality, and have accepted it. We all have to find our ways in this...