1. B

    M19, looking for some experiences/introductions

    I've always been curious about it to see myself, only been seeing it online. I'm open to seeing and trying it, but don't necessarily have the resources to try myself, sadly. I only discovered this forum today, and I'm already enticed, frankly. I am in the UK, north west but am not sure if...
  2. jayjaystar

    What’s it like to take a knot?

    I’m a 25 fit twink and I’ve always wondered what it was like to get knotted. Since I was 12 I’ve always been so turned on by dogs but I used to think I was strange . Now that I have accepted it, I find myself craving an experience.
  3. GoddessDelectable

    GoddessDectable -Dallas local, BBW

    Hi everyone, First day on this site and it’s taken me a while to find it. I think I’m coming to terms with the fact that I definitely curious … well, eager about finding people in my area who can help me with my first experience. Don’t be shy! I’m 28, and looking for people in my age range...
  4. FemboyDoggyLover

    Do you think Animal sex toys are a stepping stone for some?

    Heyhey, This just came to mind after watching many people get knotted using dog dick dildos and riding horse cock toys, do you think for some if not many of these people posting their videos have wanted to actually have a go with the real deal due to their toys? I for one would definitely...
  5. Dogsuckergirl


    Has anyone tried having sex with a wolf dog or a wolf? it's too risky? I want as much information as possible about this...I just love these animals haha
  6. S

    How is with boar/pig? (sensation,curiosities,anatomy)

    Hi! I wasn't very interested in wild boar, but I discovered several interesting things about them, mainly about your sperm by the amount and your gelatinous appearance! I would like to know as much information about them, but I can't find anything very specific, only the basic, this specific...
  7. sarahsingletono98

    What was your lead in that pushed you / why did you act?

    There are tons of questions about how people started, not many or any, on what the initial push was. So I was curious. What trigger lead you into the lifestyle?
  8. A

    Been asked to write an intro

    Hello, erm Idk what to put here really. What I can say is that I am knew to adult forums, this being the second adult site I signed up to. I was only recently introduced to this taboo and as my profile says I am still deciding how far I want to progress with this. Erm how to put it? I guess...
  9. lilabit

    New to Zoo. 25F, USA

    I never thought a lot about it until I was asked, but I'm curious about it. When I was maybe 14 I let my dog lick my pussy in my bed and I didn't think anything of it until my mom caught me. She didn't say anything though, so the curiosity stayed with me. I stopped doing that from that point...
  10. dogluver101

    Curiosity with becoming zoo.

    We've all had the feeling one way or another. "I'm I the only one who's interest is animals?" "I'm not sure where to begin with these feelings." You're not alone in this world. There's many that have come to grips with their sexuality, and have accepted it. We all have to find our ways in this...