How did you obtain your lovers?


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Hello all! I'd like to hear short stories from you all about how you all obtained your animal companions?

I'll start with my mutt mix girl. I was looking for a dog at the time and looked on, where else? Good 'ol CraigsList. I had been looking for a little while until I came across this very cute looking doggy girl mutt. From the pictures posted it looked like she was around 50 or so pounds, but as I soon found out, pictures can be deceiving. I am not sure what her exact mix is, although I have a few guesses. I traveled about an hour to go pick her up. But when I got to the house I was very surprised to see a poor neglected bag of bones, she was also a LOT smaller than I had anticipated. She didn't look like her pictures. Her previous owner then told me about how she has no time for her, how she has no toys and is caged for 8-10 hours a day while she works. She had absolutely no training other than potty training. This is not an ideal first "pet"... but I couldn't just leave her there. I couldn't just leave her with someone that was mistreating her and starving her. So, I paid the rehoming fee and took her home with me. And, this was one of my best decisions I've ever made. She's come a long way from where she was when I first met her. But overall she's a spoiled loveable goofball that lives a pampered life now.

Next is my Newfoundland girl. --- She's lived a pretty good life so far, the main issue is eventually everyone in her life either lost their job or lost their home and gave her up. She was bought by my zoo friend off of craigslist. He had initially purchased her to rehome to another zoo. But he ended up losing his job and eventually his home. My friend tried to rehome her several other times only for them to just give up on her and give her back to my friend. This was taking a toll on the newfie girl's mental state. Bouncing from one person to another to another is rough on a dog. My friend didn't have the room for her but kept getting stuck with her when the people he tried to rehome her to kept giving up on her or losing their jobs. Eventually he asked me if I'd be able to take her off of his hands. He didn't even charge me anything for her. He came over and I let the two girls meet each other. Overall the meetup went pretty well, although my mutt mix was definitely nervous at first. I was a little hesitant at first, never in a thousand years did I ever plan to get a dog as large as her. But, I decided to roll with it. And again, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Now our little pack lives happily together, and I couldn't have asked for anything better in life.
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I got my dog via an ad when he was about 1.5 years old. His owners also had three bitches and had wanted him to breed with them, but they told me that due to changes in the man's main job everything didn't work out as planned and they had to ditch the idea of breeding.

However, I learned years later that my dog has hip dysplasia. Since dogs of his breed are required to be x-rayed for HD after they have turned one year old and before they are accepted for breeding by Kennel Clubs, I suspect very much that his previous owners had learned of his condition and wanted to get rid of him due to that.

I am not sure how to feel about this. Of course they should have told me. If I had known this, I wouldn't have taken him for extremely long hikes, I would have avoided stairs earlier and I would have supplemented his food with more nutrients that are especially good for the joints. But would I have taken him at all with such a diagnosis? Probably not when looking for my first dog. And I can't regret that I have.
after reading whats here so far, I have done the same things at different times with different dogs.

the only one I have not yet seen listed is "pick of the litter". which I have done a few times as well.
An ad in Texas. He was only 9 weeks and was the pick of the litter. I actually was going to buy a different pup but Zero caught my eye and we had an instant connection. So I had to pick him instead, he is by far out of all the breeds I’ve had, the best companion ever!
My mix breed, I got him as a pup from a close family friend that started having pretty bad back problems and wouldn't be able to care for him properly. Even after a few surgeries, they're still mostly immobile, so anytime I head to their place to help out with something (mostly splitting wood for winter) I bring their not so smol boi over to visit while I do work. He was an outside dog until I got my own place. He adjusted quite well to the indoor life and pretty much claimed the sofa.

House felt a bit empty, so I checked out craigslist for a few weeks before an ad about a couple looking for a new home for their husky popped up. He was apparently too rowdy and they didn't have the time to even properly walk him daily due to their jobs. I was primarily looking for a female dog, but I had always wanted a husky, so I hit them up and decided to get him. He was thin and needed a good brushing, but other than that, he was completely healthy. A guy I worked with jokingly said for me to not get killed by the big dog. Sure enough, he got the zooms in the front seat and started swinging paws at me. I took a few to the face and damn near went off the road. It's a good thing he settled down and became a big part to my family here.

There's also my other 2 dogs I never talk about. Got them both from the same backyard breeder.
I saw a litter of white shepherds on that part of ebay that I think is similar to craigslist.
I got my pup when I was in a very bad state of mind and I believed a dog would kinda safe me, since I then will have to work with him and actually go outside instead of laying around in bed all day, smoking weed all day, feeling sorry for myself and slowly loose my mind and my ability to socially interact with other human beings.

So I took him home with me and from this day on, life has been a fucking journey. I suffered, I laughed, I learned, I struggled, I succeeded and for the first time in years I haven't felt depressed for a long long period of time. I've always wanted a dog and got the worst dog a first time owner could possibly have and I grew so much through this pup. He taught me to stand up for myself, to not be afraid of being who I am.
It has been two years now and I wouldn't ever change anything if given the opportunity to.

My girl is going to be from a real breeder. I am not going to make that same mistake again. As much as I love my boy, I want my girl to have a solid temperament and be as healthy as possible.
My current ones:

1. Male: son of a former dog of mine. 6 y/o.
2. Male: bought from established breeder. 3 y/o.
3. Male: a gift from a friend. 1 y/o.
4. Female: I acted as an intermediary of a buy that didn't get to a good term. As a result, I assumed the failed transaction by keeping her. Can't regret it. 11 y/o.
My parents bought my first dog from a breeder. Pure Female Husky, we went to get a grey one, but when we saw this brown girl we fell in love. I was never really active with her, but she grew with me. I was 7 when we got her.

I found what you could call my second dog on the street, he didn't live with me all the time, he roamed free during day and at night he would either come to sleep inside my garage, or stay at a friend's shop. We played a lot, but I never allowed him to mount me since I was scared because of his size, and I'm mostly into female dogs.

He brought my girl into my life, my 3rd dog. I went to see if he was alright and found that he wasn't alone, brought them both home and saw that the other dog was female. Fed them both that night and after that the female dog never left. She was starting heat, and after a few days we had our first time, my first time having sex with a female dog. She's still with me.

Found my 4th girl on the street also. She was being chased by dogs trying to mate with her. I was with friends at the time, so I couldn't do much, so I went looking for her at night alone. She lives with a relative now, and we are active from time to time.
Mine came from someone who treated her not fairly for a dog. After i took care of her, her compassion returned then next her feral side subsided while also newfound love for dogs sprung in me. The owner died and i got her afterwards full ownership. Its a sad yet feely kinda story no matter how i think of it. The fact she deep growled at someone when he pushed me tells me i have value to her.
My current ones:

1. Male: son of a former dog of mine. 6 y/o.
2. Male: bought from established breeder. 3 y/o.
3. Male: a gift from a friend. 1 y/o.
4. Female: I acted as an intermediary of a buy that didn't get to a good term. As a result, I assumed the failed transaction by keeping her. Can't regret it. 11 y/o.
Wow, I wish I had a friend who's awesome enough to gift me a dog!
This old lady got sick and couldnt take care of him anymore. We wanted to give her regular updates on him but eventually she stopped responding to our messages
All the dogs I have been with were fated to be with me I think. Since I live in such a rural area a lot of dogs get dumped out here and eventually make their way up to the house looking for food and a warm place to sleep. Being as I can't say no to anything with paws a lot of dogs and some cats have found their home here over the years. Though if I had a special one it would be one of my current dogs. I named him Bones because when I found him here he was literally skin and bones. I was running the tractor and bush hog( a giant mowing deck) down a ditch by the road in front of my property. At the last moment I saw something move in the tall grass I was about to run over with the tractor. I literally stood on the breaks and slid it to a stop. There he was, laying there looking so pitiful. I got him on the tractor and brought him home. I didn't think he was going to make it he was so emaciated and weak he couldn't even walk. Either some one threw him in that dtich or that was as far as he could go but he hardly ever leaves my side since that day.
Got him almost 3 years ago. Found him on a pet rehoming website. Purebred husky. He fathered a litter before I got him and considering how quickly and eagerly he took to licking my pussy, I sometimes wonder if they’d taught him in his old home.
AWWWW... How awfully sweet! I wish you many happy orgasms! ?????????
Never acquired any dog *as* a lover. Yet all were to some degree. If you mean "sexually," then... that came about later.

Our current dog we got because he was soooo adorable! Couldn't resist. A rescue pup, coon hound mix, from a litter whose mom was owned by an indigent single mother. Got him at 8 weeks but were required by contract to have him neutered. We agreed, because he was just such a match for us. Waited till the last moment. Yet, permitted to take part in our sexual play, he does, though he won't mount. Voraciously oral, though! On both of us. And he doesn't mind manual stimulation. Nicely hung, nice knot. And we'll never force him to go further. All up to him. His sexual contributions are icing on the cake -- we love him to death. Such a sweet, sweet personality.
I got 1 of my girls a Doberman via the RSPCA but it was 1 of the workers mum that was selling her she was the runt of the litter but had her for 2 years then she jumped off a cliff :(

She got me interested in dogs so a few years latter when Id stopped moving about i found a Doberman place spoke to them & adopted a older dog she was the same age as my original dobi 8-9 & had the same name as if it was meant to be. As I was a house hubby at the time we developed a close bond we had some fun till she passed about 4 years later.