1. Sheppermutt

    Issues fingering my canine girl

    Hi all, new here. For some background information... I adopted my girl from the shelter a little over a year ago. She is a German Shepherd mix and is inbetween a medium and large dog classification. (About 46 lbs) They spayed her as was their policy. I think she was in heat when they did it but...
  2. alana22

    How do I teach my dog its okay to lick?

    Hi! Im realatively new to the zoo scene and to this forum aswell and I was hoping for some advice. So my dog was trained to not lick people by her previous owners when she was a puppy and I was wondering how do I encourage licking not just in general but also in a sexual sense. Ive been trying...
  3. W

    Do you only have sex with dogs?

    If you don't do it with dogs alone, are our other partners aware of this?
  4. C

    New to the community

    I just wanted to say hi to the community, it’s refreshing to be around like mined people. I have always wanted to talk with a women about there experiences. If someone reads this and want to chat let me know I would love to talk to you.
  5. K

    Guide them or Let them find it

    So with all the videos I have seen with dogs some of them guide the dog into their holes an others just let them find the hole. I have a feeling I might get a chance with a boy here soon just want some input on how I could let him go at it. I would like to try something new to get the knot this...
  6. lurk_

    How to tell what a stud is packing?

    Basically the title... Obviously bigger breeds have bigger bits but I was just curious to know if anyone had a method for figuring out what a stud is packing before even interacting with them? The swing of their sheath? The tip of their meat poking out when they sit? Is there any easy tell...
  7. VadiaNoCio

    Fun Day

    today after almost a month i'm finally at the family's place, i haven't been here for a day and my partners are already excited wanting to fuck me kkkk Today I am committed to satisfying both of you at least once ;3
  8. B

    Sex With Animals, Better Than Sex With Humans

    Hi everyone. I’m a 24 year old guy from Ohio. I originally experimented with dogs when I was 13. I had a female German Shepherd named Storm. I’m a gay man (and knew that I was gay and attracted to boys from a very young age) but something about the smell of her pussy and her musk always drove me...
  9. K

    Question and female dogs.

    New here and no idea if this is on the correct spot, question is do female dogs have a hymen like a virgin human girl?
  10. AdultKing

    Writers in the Zoo community willing to help

    Hey I'm creating a Renpy game right now where you will be playing as a dog (Great Dane) where you will need to try to seduce your dogsitter (Babysitter but for dogs). Atm around 1000 images are rendered including the house and environments also the coding is almost completely done. But the only...
  11. Thisisnotabot

    Positioning when dog is thrusting causing injuries

    Hi there! I wanted to look for knowledge from everyone here on how is it that you place yourself when being mounted by a dog, my reason for this is that the last times I've tried some fun time with him, him thrusting actually caused me to bleed quite a bit, I imagine from poking something...
  12. A

    english pointer with a small vagina how to penetrate her

    hello I come to you today because I would like to try zoophilia with my dog who is a 4 year old English pointer but I come up against a problem which is that I cannot penetrate her because her vagina is too small how can I must do to be able to succeed thank you for your help
  13. M

    Can you get an illness from a dog?

    Hey, guys so last night I ate out my dog (female) and she also licked my dick and I was wondering if you could get any Illness or disease from it? Thanks
  14. D

    Will my family know?

    I'm a 21 years old girl. Currently visiting my dad, he has a sweet Collie. He licked me already but I wanna take things further. Just with this, now he's always sniffing my ass and trying to mount me in front of everyone. Nobody seems to find that weird, so it's alright. last time he licked me...
  15. FriendlyFoxBoi

    Well, I finally got some experience.

    Hey there folks! I finally had my first zoophilic experience a little while ago, but I didn't think to share until now. For privacy reasons I can't give too many details, but a dog I've known and loved for several years surprised me with a long lickjob session (long for me, anyway...)! I wasn't...
  16. baileybasstard

    New to this.

    Hi I am a 26 yr old male from Lubbock TX, very new to this. Can anyone explain the rules and what can be done on here? I’m straight and mainly interested in seeing a girl get knotted in person. Thanks!
  17. C

    Rhodesian Ridgeback and safe sex

    Hey everyone, I used to have an account here once upon a time but I've long since forgotten my password, starting fresh and in need of help. I'm finally out on my own, the next year is going to be a bit hectic with me away in the bush for 7 months but things should be pretty normal after that...
  18. Polish Rat

    Dog Days (Psie Dni) i Dog Sitting (Psia Opiekunka) [PL]

    Tak więc tym razem to nie manga tylko bardziej komiks ale jest chyba na tyle ciekawy i ładnie wykonany że chyba warto było go przetłumaczyć. Niestety bez polskich znaków bo ciężko znaleźć pasującą czcionkę która do tego ma polskie znaki. Mam nadzieję że to nie będzie jakiś duży problem. Jest...
  19. MalinkalyCutie

    When did you first realize you were interested? How did you react?

    Tbh I only had an account here to satiate my own curiosity and watch others. I've always felt quite alone in this topic and have only told 2 irl people that I like this stuff. So I figured this would be the place to ask the question that I always want to ask others who are as well. How did...
  20. jeffs_ fantasies

    Zoo Life-partner

    Ever had a dream to have a life partner who is a zoo?? Ever though of how exciting and adventurous each day will be? How we would obsess over doggie dicks and bitch pussies? Do you think you could get a life partner of similar interest from here? Or have you already found one? Share your thoughts…
  21. B

    Opinions on neutering?

    My family is much for neutering animals as a form of population and behavior control. I disagree, thinking neutering is pretty fucked up, because there are better alternatives like vasectomies or training your dog use a something else to mount on. When they need to release. (I’m just saying this...
  22. B

    Female dogs, how would you know that they want it, and if they are enjoying it?

    I know that male dogs in the wild would fuck bitches at any chance they get while they are fertile, but how would I know when the female dog wants sex? Will she make it obvious? And how would I know if the dog likes it or not? Also as a side note, from the videos I’ve seen male dog don’t take a...
  23. N

    Question for those who don’t own your animal partner…

    Those of y’all that don’t own an animal, how to you find them to breed with? I live in the Midwest and the community is very small and I’m wondering what ways there is to fin an intact male to breed with.
  24. Twelvepaws

    How many dogs do you have?

    I don't know if there was such a question anymore. So how many dogs do you have? :husky_love: :gsd_love:
  25. Sammy301

    Giving Dogs Viagra, is it Safe?

    No, it is not safe! I've been well informed, and personally wasn't even going to take action before 100% sure. I love animals just as much as the rest. I'm sure I'm not the only person on here who had this question, and hopefully someone else who wouldn't ask learns from my example
  26. ~Junebug~

    Furry friends and toys?

    I always wondered how many zoos used toys with their animal lovers. Not really on themselves but on the animals. Is it pleasurable or is something like a vibrator too scary? I’ve seen a handful of videos here and there of owners using toys on their dogs and horses alike and while some of them...
  27. Eevee

    The smell & taste of (clean) dog ass

    Hi everybody. Since sniffing and rimming the (clean) tailhole of a big male dog is getting more and more one of my biggest/ hottest phantasies and I sadly never got the chance to try it myself, I wanted to ask the more experienced citizens of Zooville: What is it like? Is there any big...
  28. ~Junebug~

    Have you ever taken two dogs at once?

    I am curious if anyone has ever been humped in the front and back at the same time and how that worked…
  29. Cowboi69

    Human food that's ok for dogs

    You treat him/her as your lover, so why not feed her like she is. She probably feels left out that you get to eat tasties but she can't. and this would be a another way for you two to bond on a deeper level. Eating at the dinner table together as couples should. so to do this we'll need some...
  30. kittybabie33

    What was your first time sucking dog cock like?

    My biggest dream is to taste a doggy cock. Nothing makes me wetter than the thought. It looks absolutely addictive. While I daydream about it…. Tell me about your first time tasting your boys! What were you thinking? Feeling? How was the experience? Love this community xx