1. N

    36 gay male looking to learn

    Hey I’m very new and never played, but have seen the porn and want to see it in person. I want to know if you find it easy to find like minded others? Do you think that’s being a furry is naturally a part of this interest? Reply to this post or private message me.
  2. knotdickvarg

    The Taste?

    I’m curious from women who’ve experienced tasting different dogs, are there different flavors by breed?
  3. illinoiscityboy

    Women of ZV, who has the bigger dick? Your boyfriend/husband or your dog?

    And which do you prefer?
  4. Hihoward

    [ESP] ¿Qué es lo que más los excita del zoo?

    Para revivir esto con un hilo, se me ocurrió preguntarles esto. ¿Qué es lo que más le gusta? Empiezo yo; voyeur, amateur, juro que desde que ví a mí prima con su perro no se me sale de la mente. También caballos, contacto con vergas de perros, orales, creampie, me vuelve loco. ¿A ustedes? Si...
  5. contentwarning999

    Kink and Zoo

    Hello! I was wondering if/how you find kinks in your life interacting with zoo? I know a lot of people don’t see zoo as a kink, so I don’t mean to automatically imply that it is, just that kinks can interplay with it. For example, I have a huge breeding kink, which fits really neatly into zoo...
  6. Z

    Zoo en andalucia y alrededores.

    Buenas. Busco gente para hablar, compartir experiencias, y si estamos a gusto, quiza vernos.
  7. Anus Addict

    Which dog breeds have the most appealing and puffy anuses?

    Surely everyone has their favorite, in my opinion pitbulls and cane corsos 😛😍
  8. Anus Addict

    I have an important question!

    Hello, I have a question for experienced active men (or women), because I would like to try something new for a long time. Do you have any idea how I could get access to some male dogs or stallions? Not including the idea of adopting or buying, as I am relatively young (19) and would have...
  9. frenchkitty

    Dog licking

    Hi! i’m new here and a bit shy but was curious as to what safe porn sites there are in regard to dog licking or just new friends who are mostly interested in it. I’m not into rape or penetration at all just some doggie oral fun and looking for like minded friends.
  10. frenchkitty

    Should i accept this part of myself?

    hello! i’m new here :) i feel like i’m asking the wrong place about this but when i was about 11 years old i started allowing my dog to lick me. I haven’t participated in nearly 5 years because i’ve been so ashamed constantly back and forth and i can’t seem to accept this part of myself. I don’t...
  11. RetriverD

    What do you prefer (couples)

    Take a look to this poll and give me your opinions
  12. T

    Want create a small group ?

    Hey ! I’m looking for a small group with guy (gay). We can create this group on telegram if you want ! 😇 DM me for the telegram
  13. PMMeYourHorsesPussy

    Casual Lewd Petting?

    I'm curious: those who have sex with their animals, do you also touch them lewdly when you pet them? I can imagine like, petting your female dog, and just stroking over her hindquarters, rubbing her spade a little... seems hot ♥ Just being free to touch her there, feel up her warm pussy. I'd...
  14. C

    Confession : butt & crotch sniffing dogs

    Anyone on here get turned on when dogs sniff your private parts? I’m a gay male and I’ve been around dogs all my life wether family or friends so I know that’s just what they do but everytime I’m over and they stick their nose there I get turned on. For me I think it’s the mix of hearing the...
  15. C

    Confession: crotch & butt sniffing dogs

    Anyone on here get turned on when dogs sniff your private parts? I’m a gay male and I’ve been around dogs all my life wether family or friends so I know that’s just what they do but everytime I’m over and they stick their nose there I get turned on. For me I think it’s the mix of hearing the...
  16. contentwarning999

    What I’m excited about if I ever get to be knotted

    -scratches 🤤🤤🤤 fuck the scratches on your sides and the backs of your thighs showing exactly what you did to the people who recognize it. Visible reminders of how eager and clumsy the dog was to take you. Touching them every now and then so they sting and remind you again -kneeling and waiting...
  17. contentwarning999

    First Doggy Dream

    I had my first wet dream about dogs. There was a group of 3-4 of them and they were soooo cute and excited and I really wanted at least one of them to lick me, so I kept trying to hide us under blankets so no one would see. Once one of them, a really pretty Rottweiler, finally did, it came up...
  18. F

    Hello~26FTM Bi

    Hey there, I'm Bone ;3 I'm 26 Non-binary trans masc who's still very fem. I still have a pussy but I've been on T a long time so my dick is pretty big. I'm new here and unsure how active I will be and how quickly it will take me to be comfortable with this choice. Ive been this way forever and...
  19. contentwarning999

    Intense feelings 🙈🙈

    Hi I’m new to everything but I know I am attracted to large dogs and want to be bred by one really badly and I’d really love to just…gush to someone about my feelings and excitement and how attractive dogs are. I’m just really excited by it and learning about myself and just want to be happy and...
  20. m315t3r2

    28 gay European

    Hi guys! Always up for a nice (or not so nice ;)) chat. Into dogs, especially male dogs. Love seeing guys topping them. :love: Sadly no experience yet.
  21. contentwarning999

    Dog blow jobs

    Is it hard to get a dog to stay still to suck their cocks? Are they as into it as fucking? In videos the dog always seems disinterested to me.
  22. contentwarning999

    26, FTM, dog lover, midwest

    Hi! I’m Eliot. I’m 26 and in the Midwest USA, CST. I’m a queer trans man but still have a sweet little pussy. I’m interested in finding an owner of a big dog eventually, but am new to everything so be patient please 🥺. I’d also love to make friends! um um um not sure what else to put. I love...
  23. bruhmoment64

    Things I’ve noticed since I’ve come to understand my Zoophilia better

    [There isn’t really a point to this post, I mostly just wanted to get my thoughts out. Although I would love to hear what you people think. You could share personal experiences and stories, that would be awesome!] I’ve been slowly coming to terms with my love for dogs and it hasn’t really been...
  24. partyhardy

    How was everyone’s weekend? Anyone with same interest wanna be friends?

    Hello all I hope you’ve had a great weekend :) what did you guys do? I went on a family vacation and upon staying at a friends his female Dalmatian was playing with me and I couldn’t help but stare at her big 🐱 however I couldn’t do anything because I was around too many people.
  25. knotinme9891

    Being cut by dog cock?

    The last two times I’ve been fucked by a certain dog his cock has sliced me open in some fashion. First time with him there was quite the pool of blood, second time was not quite as bad. This did not happen in the previous experience I had with a different dog. Curious if there is anything I can...
  26. E

    Interested in dog licking stories

    Long time lurker, first time poster! I'm transmasc and I've always been super turned on by pictures/videos and stories of pussies getting licked by dogs. Would love to hear any stories anyone has, I really wanna know what it feels like!
  27. T

    Besoin d'aide pour un vieu chien mâle

    Bonjour a tous je suis nouveau ici et j'aurais juste besoin de conseils et de renseignements car j'ai un Labrador mâle mais il et âgé d'une dizaine d'années et n'a jamais fait de saillie j'aimerais savoir si c'est encore possible pour lui d'avoir des relations, si oui avait vous des astuces ou...
  28. axiomfox

    my pupper

    This is one of 3 of my dogs he's a shepsky and a few years old, I love him so much he's like a son to me. He has been with me for a while now and tbh id give my life for him! He's secretly my favorite but don't tell the other dogs! He seems to never not be happy you can yell his name and see his...
  29. knotinme9891

    Finally after 20 years…the fetish itch is scratched

    I (f40s) have a dog fetish that began at a young age. 20 years ago I was fucked by a yellow lab and it was incredible. The cum pouring out of me is something I will never forget. I then ignored the urge for 20 years. Until this week, when I was finally again fucked the way I’m meant to be - on...
  30. anonalias01

    Public fantasies

    Anyone else ever fantasize about bring your dog somewhere outside of the beaten path in the woods where you could jerk or suck or whatever while hearing Strangers walk past? Or "accidentally" letting a stranger on the bus see the zoo vid you're watching on your phone? Or asking someone walking...