1. anonalias01

    Public fantasies

    Anyone else ever fantasize about bring your dog somewhere outside of the beaten path in the woods where you could jerk or suck or whatever while hearing Strangers walk past? Or "accidentally" letting a stranger on the bus see the zoo vid you're watching on your phone? Or asking someone walking...
  2. IdkWhyMe

    What is your biggest sexual fantasy, within your realm of possibility?

    This is more so a fantasy but something that is based in reality, so nothing like fucking a 12 foot long cock or etc?
  3. D

    Our Furry Friends

    Let's see everyone's dogs, cats, ect! I love seeing everyone's happy boys and girls! This is my pit mix! I'm not going to post her name as it's unique and as of now there's nothing identifying in the picture.
  4. S

    dog sucking fan - new user intro

    hi zoo family, i just discovered this community and cant wait to get to know you wonderful animal lovers. im especially interested in sucking dogs and chatting about it. i mainly watch zoo vids of hot girls sucking big dogs but open to other fets. Im mostly into girls but have a big fetish for...
  5. O

    Any tips on how to analy penetrate a dog?

    How can I analy penetrate a dog without making him or her feel pain?
  6. lisalaura

    Favourite Youtube Channels

    I have already searched the forum but couldn't find anything on this topic. I wonder which YouTube channels you like. Here are some of my favourites. woof bark growl Beckman's Dog Training
  7. d_oguin

    Pros and cons on sexual intercourse with a dog

    Well, I just wanna know the logical reasons why this could be a bad or good experience. Please explain every possible good and bad aspect about it, I really wanna take a factual desicion on this :3 and i hope there's no regrets after it.
  8. B

    Things I crave

    This is strictly a fetish for me, I love getting my nuts licked by my dog, especially when I’m high! There’s nothing better than just pulling your pants down and having the dog go crazy all over your sack, within 2 minute my whole groin is covered in slobber and drool and when it’s time to cum...
  9. Redfurry

    Needing help/ tips

    I’ve been experimenting with my boy for a while now but he doesn’t mount me I really want to get fucked by him And I’m also scared that it will hurt being my first time Anal Could anyone give me some tips Thanks <3
  10. monsterbwc

    27M and 30M in Los Angeles

    We’re a horse hung couple that has always gotten off together fantasizing about real horse or dog cock. New to the LA area and optimistically waiting for a hung horse or dog in our future. 🐾
  11. G

    Hello! 23 M and 24 M couple

    Hello! My boyfriend and I go by the names Krypto (Bf 24) and Bolt (Me 23) and we found this cool website. We are an Arkansas couple and Krypto introduced me to this website so I wanted to check it out and have really like what I have found so far. It seems like a lot of fun. Krypto has been...
  12. zoofiliabrasil07

    I finally told my girlfriend about my desire for bestiality

    I've been wanting to tell her for a long time that I have a thing for bestiality, especially bitches. I was feeling bad about keeping this from her, so last week I got brave and told her. Her reaction was not what I expected, oddly enough, she accepted, even though I said that as a teenager I...
  13. N

    New F Dog

    Hi i recently save a dog from a home but they didn't tell me that she was operated, is it possible to bring her with time to this(if yes how) or it's just lost cause ? she is 3 years old it's a Australian Shepherd 35-40 pound. I tried to put a finger in her but she seem to have a real discomfort...
  14. D

    Female dog heat

    Hi I’m new here, and as i said in a different post, this is not my main language. I was wondering at what point during a female dogs first heat can I mate them? My brother has a dog and wanted to try with her, but asked me for knowledge because I’ve been mating with dogs longer.
  15. wolfy2020

    Advise me on a good breed of dog.

    Hi, I want to ask you for advice on what kind of dog I should choose. I can't buy one yet or get one from a shelter, but I'm already trying to make the right choice. I like shepherds, huskies, and anything that looks like them, I like dogs of this size, it will be a male. I'd like to hear some...
  16. L

    Help-me choose my new dog and Love.

    Good morning guys, I want to raise a dog to love and give a lot of pleasure, but I don't know which one to choose, I'm unsure of 4 breeds, help me choose by quoting what you know about each breed, knot, dick thickness, balls, amount of semen and etc.. 1 Rothwailler 2 German shepard 3 Labrador...
  17. O

    Help to touch my dog?

    I just have a question. My dog has let me masturbate him when he was younger, I stopped doing it for some time but now I tried to do it again and he bit me. How can he let me touch him?
  18. sophandbear

    Gave my dog 2 handjobs so far

    I did it for the first time in December and it seemed like he enjoyed it but I tried it a second time today and I noticed that sometimes he tries to walk away... I think it's because I'm not doing it properly... should I go back and forth or is there a proper technique?
  19. Jesky

    Rookie me

    Its been a couple weeks now im here and i dont know if i am just stupid or something else but i dont know how to react from people posts, as put a like or a heart. Btw u guys are all awesome, hope one day ill have something to talk about too, im still trying to have a life that makes sense and i...
  20. S

    Dog anatomy?

    So I am actually a little confused and figured this was probably the best place im gonna get an answer to it lol. For me it seems like a lot of people pull back the dogs sheath and then suddenly there is the entire dogs cock knot and all. Is that just like speeding up the process or is it once...
  21. sophandbear

    First time letting my dog lick me

    I am thinking of trying this tomorrow and I have had people tell me to not use peanut butter or anything like that on me but there were also other people telling me to do it so I am confused on how I should do it... if people had bad experiences with using stuff it would be nice to know just so...
  22. cyb3rbunny115

    20F trying to make more friends ♥︎

    Hiii new here but definitely not new to zoo, trying to make more female friends or friends in general! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
  23. Saint Bernard kisses


    Anyone else on here that hates the sound of other humans snoring, but absolutely loves the sound of their doggy companion snoring or is it just me?
  24. V

    New (F) in community - pls educate me

    Hey you all. I'm new here and I haven't try anything than dragon dildos for now. I have some famtasies and now when I find out about this community I want to find someone who will educate me. I want also buy a dog but I don't know how to choose breed. I'm thinking about doberman. Thank you for...
  25. G

    normal for a dog's penis to smell and taste coppery/irony?

    Is it normal for a dog's penis to smell and taste very coppery/irony? I only have experience with a neutered male a while back and there was almost no smell or taste. Now I have my dog and he is intact so I'm curious if it is different. He is a 1.5 year old 125lb St. Bernard mix. Almost as soon...
  26. rocky_dp

    K9 Muscle Massage

    Hey there folks. Question for you. My girl is getting quite old these days (nearly 16 years) and with age of course comes problems particularly with muscles, bones, soreness and mobility. My girl is no exception. She gets around remarkably well for her age but I can tell she hurts sometimes...
  27. Saint Bernard kisses

    Is it just me or do you commonly find yourself spending way more on you dog partn

    Is it just me or do you commonly find yourself spending way more on you dog partner, then on your friends and family. For example this year for Christmas I’ve spent about $25usd on each person, buy my so far I’ve spent about $30 on my Saint girl and I have a cart full of stuff that’s about $100...
  28. pes

    Missing woman howto

    I am going to regret this one day. But I think there is no dog guide written by a zoophile woman about how to have sex with a male dog in the howto section. All of the other female "guides" I have seen in the past were always...
  29. M

    My kinky soul mate.

    Hi everyone, i hope this is posted in the right section, apolagies if not. I am a 41 year old woman in Kent England. My first encounter with a dog happened when i was young, i stayed at my cousins one night and he had a little dog, i slept on the floor and the dog came up to me in the middle of...
  30. jumba

    Where do you (active or not) hang with your pets outside the house?

    I'm curious: where in the world are we? What do we do outside with our furry companions? I'm always curious to know where I might have passed like minded people and never had the courage to strike up a conversation. Without a dog myself, I don't get out for daily walks, but more than once I've...