1. JoostNL

    Plush recommendation! Si

    Sitting husky 90cm. It has iron wire in its frond legs to bend it in every shape.
  2. Pawluv

    Anyone adopt their first dog after starting self acceptance and before any zoo experiences?

    I have been into zoo porn for many years. Now I’m considering getting a small breed dog (I live in an apartment . I’ve never had a dog before but having a cat and him being a huge emotional support for me makes me want a dog even more. I’ve never had a zoo experience except for one time offering...
  3. fuckedbydog01

    When's a good age to have my dog mount me?

    I have a 6-7 month old intact male golden retriever. Was just wondering if that's too early to try to have him mount me. If it is please let me know and what age is a good age to start. Sorry if this is the wrong thread
  4. E

    Hi! New Here! I prefer more romantic/playful fantasies with a dog

    Hi! So i really prefer fantasies of have a passionate fucking or playful sex with a male dog! like all the super fetish, kinky, or stuff that is depicted as "Soooo dirty" just doesnt do it for me. I think a lot of this is because im a transwoman and the reality for us in porn has always been we...
  5. Nosfura2

    LMAO Dog Chiropractor Video

    Was sent this video from a mate... Cracked up laughing.. The expression on the dogs faces are like ''WTF did you just do to me...???'' 🤣
  6. ttk9

    Peculiar taste for porn?

    My boyfriend and i love to spend nights watching zoo porn (especially with dogs and horses <3) I actually enjoy closing my eyes and let my imagination run wild while i just listen, while his pleasure is watching, but with no sound. what makes him incredibly hard is watching the full process of a...
  7. xDragoon

    Hundebesitzer Nähe Saarland

    heyho, würde mal wissen ob es nette leute gibt die zoo sind, einen hund haben und eventuell so freundlich sind mich mal ein wenig damit ausleben könnte um neue erfahrungen zu sammeln. können auch gerne aufnahmen machen oder sonstiges. mfg
  8. huskiesanddogs

    New Dog

    I’m thinking of getting another female husky pup. I already have one who’s two years old. Is there anything to look out for for compatibility in the future (I’ve seen posts where people can’t fit inside them when trying to penetrate). Obviously it’s not the only reason I want her, but still...
  9. huskiesanddogs


    For guys with female dogs, do you pull out or cum inside? I personally cum inside, but I wanted to know some other peoples opinions. Any pics?
  10. SaltyDog

    Look At my Zoo Related T-Shirts!

    The 1st one I found at a local store, Walmart maybe? The other two I found online somewhere... and ordered them quick (!) as I could not believe my fortune for finding them. Needless to say, I can only wear the 1st one in public... The others are simply too provoking for most people. When I...
  11. huskiesanddogs

    New here! (Dog picture)

    Hey everyone! I’m new here, so I just wanted to say hi. Any advice for the site? Here’s a picture of my girl.
  12. Ebonywantsdog

    Hello new Dallas Texas gal here 😍 Any texas men?

    Non-owner. Hi :3! i’ve been using reddit trying to find a zoo experience for ages and i’m mad i didn’t just google this lol. I’m real and willing to verify so pleseee if anyone is near me with an animal let’s make it happen. Read my bio for my ideal situation but at this point i’ll take...
  13. VadiaNoCio

    temptation of the day

    Good morning, I just got back from the gym and during the whole journey back home a stray dog followed me right by my side, I live in an apartment and unfortunately I can't take care of him but all I want now is to let him in at home, get down on all fours and see if he's into it as much as I...
  14. gayzoolover

    New here, I want to make zoo friends 😊

    Hi, I'm new in this page, I would like to have friends with the same interests.
  15. K

    Need some Advice please

    Hello one and all, I'm a male in my 30s here. hope everyone is well! Sorry if I go into details, here I might be a little bit disgusting, but I am scared and I don't know who else to ask.. I am a little scared tbh and need advice.. So about 2/3 weeks ago I had sex with my sister's dog and...
  16. RexShepherd

    Cheems the dog has passed away

    Cheems, the world famous meme dog has sadly passed away.
  17. J

    List what to keep in mind when getting a dog

    Hey, uhm, so I'm kinda new to this whole zoophilia "thing" and I kind of made a list of what to know when getting a lover. -Show a lot of love and affection to your dog -Get a dog, that fits your lifestyle and the climate you live in -Show your dog a lot of attention -The dog should be a...
  18. F

    Is dog sitting a good Idea?

    I want a dog cock so bad, I dont have a dog and I cant get one because of the place im in atm. So i was thinking I can dog sit so that I can have a dog to my self, I was just wondering if dog sitting to get a doggy cock is a good idea? and if so Id love to hear about everyones experience with...
  19. F

    QnA on dogs

    I have a few questions about dogs, I dont have one but id love to have one, but can someone tell me what a dog cock smells like, what it taste like, what dog cum taste like, and what does it feel like to be fucked by a dog, also what does it feel like to have a dog cum inside you, just kinda...
  20. ausfatgoth

    Letting a dog throat fuck u

    Tbh i really wanna let a dog do this but like what if he knots my mouth and im just stuck there with a dogs dick down my throat 😭
  21. JackCouger

    New member!

    hi! I understand the apprehension towards new users here, It's clear that im sure plenty of people have tried to infiltrate places like this, but im a genuine zoo, promise. I tried signing up a few months ago but the registry wasn't working, fuck ive been trying to get in contact with you lot...
  22. ThorianRed

    My best friend and lover

    This is my 5 year old husky/malamute mix Thor. He has been my best friend since about 2 weeks after he was born and with me every step of the way. The first dog to successfully tie with me and make me his.
  23. J

    I’m married but still love zoo, do I tell my wife?

    Has anyone had experience with telling their significant other about their zoo experiences? We have a female dog that sucks my cock with such enthusiasm and I’ll partake in it with the pup while my wife is at work sometimes. We also have calf’s, and many other farm animals that I’ve let milk me...
  24. Cookilov

    ¿How it feels being inside a dog pussy?

    Hello, I'm new here, and I'm so Interested in have sex with a doggie girl, I've been watching some videos since years ago. I would be happy to know how it feels being inside a cookie. Could you please share your experiences? Bc, I don't have any girl. :(
  25. J

    My dog sucks me so good!

    I have a Shepard mix that’s one of the rare ones who will hop up in my lap and as soon as I pull my cock out, she muzzles it and starts suckling hard until I cum. She works hard for her treat at the end 😉 anyone else have a dog that does this or have had an experience like it?
  26. pes

    Tastes and smells

    This thread aims to collect interesting information about what animal genitalia smells and tastes like for various species. If you come across a post somewhere which adds more information or a new species, feel free to post a link below and I will add it. It is intended to give you a general...
  27. B

    Hello from Denmark/Sweden (28M)

    Hello all! Finally convinced myself to make a proper profile. I find myself repeatedly coming back to the site looking and hoping for something to happen. So figured it was finally time to do a bit more. Would love to get mounted by a dog or horse, or just to get to touch, play and taste them...
  28. Oscar's slave

    What was the largest penis size your partner had?

    What was the largest penis size your partner had? I mean the Dog...And did you have oral sex with him?
  29. Oscar's slave

    Which one of you dominates ? You or the dog? And how do you show it?

    I was wondering which one of you is dominating? You or the dog? And how do you show it?