1. Kaiozitoooooo

    is it bad to have a smaller penis, to fuck a female dog?

    I'm a femboy, and I like male dogs more than females. but my little dog has a very good way. that turns me on! i have a 14cm penis...can this hurt her? or is it all good? (my english is bad because I'm Colombian)
  2. EnderMRC

    How would you guys describe a horse penis in one word? What about a dog one?

    I was having a conversation with a friend about this topic and now I'm really curious about everyone's opinion.
  3. Nico18X

    Can a dog be precocious?

    Hi all, can a dog be precocious? This morning wanting to masturbate my 3 year old dog, it only took a few seconds for him to ejaculate. I started while his penis was soft and in the sheath, and his knot grew very quickly then ejaculated (after not even 20 seconds).
  4. Prestigio98

    Student, New, from Germany

    Hey! I'm 24, Student, from south germany :) I'm gay, and new in this zoo-thing. I like dogs and welllll, i don't know what else to say, but i would like to meet and to talk with new people, maybe around my age (>31) . I'm really nice to everyone and i respect every opinion and kinks :D i would...
  5. K

    Beastiality in Asia

    Does anyone know of any communities or access on beastiality in Asia? I’m a woman interested in exploring things someday and don’t know where to start.
  6. D

    New User Here :)

    Hey there! I always thought zoophilia was weird, until last night my friend was jokingly reading a zoo AMA to me. It was F/M and the way she described everything made it sound so hot. Decided to make an account on here. I think I don't have access to much because I'm new, but cheers! I'll get...
  7. I

    Allergic to dog cum.

    Had a first real encounter with a male dog a while ago, super awesome. Jerked him off and he licked me up, it was amazing, and I didn't lick his dick or sheath at all. 15 minutes later and my lip gets swollen and my eye starts swelling shut, had to make a run for the ER and had more than a fair...
  8. K

    Can female dogs orgasam if I finger their pussy?

    just a quick question
  9. dpound4zoo

    What is the youngest dog age you can start to "play" with your dog?

    What is the youngest dog age you can start to "play" with your dog?
  10. A

    [M] new here, need help with dog

    Hey, Just a small intro, i'm a male and own a male dog; we've been getting naughty lately after he tried to lick my asshole but the problem is after 10 seconds or so he just stops, then he may start again but sometimes he doesn't. I've always done it without using anything, but is there...
  11. Makuu

    Москва МО, знакомства

    Привет, ищу знакомства по теме :3 Надеюсь в Москве или в московской области найдутся те с кем будет приятно~ 20 лет (почти) 1.74 рост. 56 вес. Есть небольшой опыт с кабелем Иногда бываю в СПб Буду рад общению! :3
  12. Ah3ga0slut

    Newbie here! Really excited to be here

    Hi all! I'm Sam. I'm 20 (21 in 2 months!). I was born female but kind of just vibe so I identify as Non-Binary. I'm Bi/Pansexual. I'm 5'0" and plus sized. I'm polyam with 3 partners as of current. All are long distance and only one is like minded on this subject. I would love to make more...
  13. loljoemoe

    Do spayed dogs enjoy vaginal sex

    My husky has been spayed and I want to maybe get sexual with her but I’m afraid she either will not like it which in that case I would immediately stop what I’m doing I’m not dumb or the spay would make it impossible without causing damage I’m basically just looking for some info on the topic...
  14. M

    First time oral (M/M) tips/tricks/suggestions

    Hello all, I have never had a real life zoo experience before. I’ve been very interested for as long as I can remember but have always been to nervous. But I have decided it’s time I try it out. I have a 4 year old Toller who is unfortunately neutered. I want to try to make him feel good by...
  15. sanjivszoro101

    Married women of ZV, does your husband know if you engage in dog sex?

    Y or N
  16. Sheppermutt

    Shaved Vulva/Genital Area?

    A strange question. Does anyone shave/trim their dogs' genital areas? I know it's a thing for really hairy dogs. Trimming the 'sanitary area' or something like that. But my girl is a shorthair and she really doesn't need any grooming at all. If I was to... shave/trim the fur around her vulva it...
  17. C

    Male dog keeps biting.

    My dog will lick my dick but will bite often. I don't force him or anything and he likes it, but I don't know what to do when he bites.
  18. k9andponycumdump

    is this an unspoken community thing or.... (drugs and dogs)

    my dog was prescribed a drug for heart problems... long story hell be fine tho... when i googled it and realized what i was giving him, i was surprised to find out Turkish gov have a study on this drug. is this common in the community, there is so many moral issues with the use of offlabel...
  19. C

    k9 fleshlights?

    Anyone know where I can get a k9 fleshlight, looking for one for my boyfriend :) can only find them on American Meat all sold out rn anyway are there any other websites?
  20. jacobainsworth257

    When did you first make out with a dog? And what was the biggest dog you have made out with? Longest time?

    Hello! I’m really uncertain of how To wird it, But Ive always been a massive fan of French kissing! If you have any stories do share or dm me, as I’m very curious!
  21. EnderMRC

    How to get mounted?

    I've been trying for a while to get my dog to mount me but it seems like he has no interest in doing so... Any tips?
  22. alisacolato

    Confession: something you like but will never do

    Me first. I would love to feel a horse breeding my ass, but I´m so scared I can get hurt bad.
  23. W

    How long does it take for dogs to fully cum when having sex?

    What do you think is the average duration?
  24. W

    What are the size of your dog's cock?

    I've read on here that dogs are taller than most people, does your own dog reflect that?
  25. RightRotted

    How to go about sexual relationships with small dogs?

    Hello! I’m hoping in the near future to get a male chihuahua and i wanted to ask how to go about having sex with such a small dog? Note: I’m not basing our relationship on sex. This is just for future reference in the event he would want a sexual relationship. Thank you! edit: i’m a trans guy...
  26. pervbagel12

    Would you rather…

    just to see what y’all would like to be
  27. SkinnySubBitchSissy

    New account here, midlands england. Sissy breeding bitch.

    Thanks for the warm welcome to the site, I'm loving it so far! Tell me what you think of my content. Anybody here from midlands also? I'm hoping there is local stallion owners / dog owners. I'm only into male animals as I am 100% bottom, I love cum so much feeling the warm cum drip down into...
  28. SkinnySubBitchSissy

    Do male dogs/horses sense human attraction?

    You can read my posts (in story section) and from my experience I believe animals sense human attraction. For example my horse story, that horse doesn't get hard with other people petting him but he gets hard with me and tries to dominate me. I think they can also sense other emotions like...
  29. Sheppermutt

    Update/warning on vaginal dilators...

    I made this post earlier. My girl has completed the last bit of her heartworm treatment last year, so we're slowly re-introducing hyper speed and other fun activities. With that she can again enjoy orgasms. I again had the house to myself for a bit. In short, she came twice from my fingers and...
  30. D

    Diy dog lube

    What are some good diy anal lube recipes for anal dog sex?