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  1. L

    Chatting with other guys who like to have sex with female dogs

    I’m looking to chat with some guys who have had experience with female dogs. How it feels and good open resources.
  2. A

    is dogsitting a good way to have a first dog experience?

    i’ve wanted to be knotted for a very very long time now - would signing up for a dogsitting service be a good way to have a zoo experience safely? obviously i’d have to check for cameras and make sure i know the owners won’t be back that night, has anyone done this before?
  3. A

    18 year old m2f

    heyy im an 18 year old m2f from canada. im a lesbian for humans, but straight for animals. i love dogs, horses, cats, and dolphins im a HUGE cumslut, id love to bathe in a tub full of fresh horse cum. also kinda into rape? only fatansy really for humans, but id 100% be down to get raped by a...
  4. DogSweden

    Female Dog Harness With Handle

    Someone here who has tried Harness With Handle during sex? I can highly recommend this one a fantastic experience. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rabbitgoo-Tactical-Dog-Harness-with-Handle-No-pull-Large-Military-Dog-Vest-US/324141196889
  5. DogAlpha

    Hellooo Zooville 29M Owner

    Hey all! New to the community! Early 30s/M Since beastforum is offline i searched for an other forum and im happy i found this one. Im a K-9 lover and owner of 2 dogs a boy and a girl I have experiences with my male dog and my female. I have attached some pictures to my post I am looking...
  6. D

    Doggie cum stains

    Hello everyone, I have been reading a lot for threads and saw lots of people saying about doggie cum stains, how they found them in their friends apartments, their brother apartments, so i wanna know how these stains look like. I don't have a dog, so I can't find it out myself <3. Can you send...
  7. S

    How to get a male dog horny?

    So I recently found out one of my friends is a zoo, and he has a big, 2 year old German Shepard. Great! The friend hasn't done much with the dog other than having him lick his cum, but was more than happy to let me try and be intimate with him. We met a few times at the park to get him used to...
  8. J

    Hello positive people:)

    Greetings from Russia! I am a friendly, open-minded girl. I love it and I'm ready for new experiments:) I want to discover new sensations, namely to try sex with a dog. I'm new to this topic. I will be happy to give you advice and any help. Write, we will communicate :)
  9. MechWolf

    Should I bring her with me?

    Hello everyone! I would like to hear some opinions about what to do on the situation I'm facing: So, I recently went to my grandma's farm, and there I found this lovely female dog (is it ok to call her "bitch"?) called Koda. She started jumping on my leg as soon as we met, and I returned the...
  10. N

    M/M k9 cleaning question.

    After being fucked by a dog is there a way to safely clean their dick or are they able to fully clean themselves after anal?
  11. MissLove

    ¿Alguna vez los atraparon?

    En mi caso una vez casi me atrapa mi hermano, aún mi perro no me estaba montando pero tenía el short desabotonado. Le dije que lo tenía así para estar más cómoda (estábamos en el patio trasero) no sé si captó la situación, pero nunca dijo o insinuó nada del tema. Después de eso estuve en modo...
  12. J

    Boxer penis + knot

    Hi petlovers, Do you know if a boxer is a great choice to start? Maybe I'm gonna buy one. What is the size of the penis and knot? Thanks!
  13. J

    Share your best dog porn!

    Hi petlovers! Feel free to share your best dog porn! Thanks!
  14. Ilovealltaboo

    23F petite & hornnnyyy

    hey y’all , I’m 23 and always down for a fun and interesting time , I love all taboo and have as long as I can remember, my pussy stays wet and ready so ... I hope to meet like minded friends and explore some new things in life . Xoxoox
  15. Ilovealltaboo

    Taboo groups ?

    I’m 23f verrrrry BISEXUAL, I’m looking for fun and active groups to taboo chat, trade pics videos and stories with ! I’m petite and sexy and always honey so hit me up with your groups !!
  16. pes

    Training animals for sex

    This question comes up from time to time and people have different opinions about it. I am going to present my opinion and why I think it is wrong to train animal to have sex with people. Training/teaching animals to obey commands is most often used to make an animal perform certain...
  17. S

    Dog sex guides/manual please?

    Hello, im new here I just want to know if there are more guides or manuals about how to have sex with dogs because I dont have experience. I recently watched unleashed love but i want to watch more so if you guys know more content about it I would be glad if you share it.
  18. Jewelry Fish

    The Fish Tank

    Hey, I’m Fish. Truth be told, I’ve been eager to start this blog for a while now. I’m a natural-born story teller, always eager to share my experiences with others. I waited for a bit because I was largely unsure of myself and I was still relatively new. But now that I’ve integrated into the...
  19. Ilovealltaboo

    23f , any stories to cum to?

    I’m laying next to my bf just reading and searching, my pussy is so wet anyone care to share their experiences and make me bust??
  20. D

    Traveling with a Dog overseas.

    Are there people who travels with their pet overseas? How was your experience on a plane? Pros? Cons? I think that the big reason why I don't have a pet is because I don't want to be stuck in my country because of a pet 😆 I see a lot if videos in YouTube doing it and seems to be ok.
  21. B

    How big are your dogs cocks?

    Curious to see who and what breed has the largest cock here. I have a GSD that is 10” from tip to knot. Anyone got any bigger?:)
  22. H

    I have questions about Zoophilia, can you help me ? (Outsider)

    Hello you quite unique people (I'm a outsider from another country). I don't want to be rude I just want to understand, you are all free to do whatever you want and I don't care. I have a strange relationship with Zoo (porn), on one hand it aroused me and on another hand it disgusts me (my...
  23. H

    How to discourage behavior?

    Hello all. I've been playing with my friends g shep and now he has a habit of moving people's hands towards his cock. This has not pleased my friend, and is wondering how he can discourage this behaviour. Would still like to do this, just when an object is out so he knows that he can do that now...
  24. G

    Does anyone else like drool and hot breath?

    Call me weird, but I find it so sexy when a dog drools a lot or starts panting. I'd love for a dog to slobber all over my face or French kiss me, I think it would be super sexy. I also wouldn't mind sticking my nose in a dogs mouth when they're panting. Does anyone else like either of these...
  25. D

    Thinking of owning a dog....

    I'm single, i'm in my 40s and I crave for affection. I am thinking that maybe a dog would be good for me. I am doing a lot of research and there are a few things that are stopping me to get one, time, money and the desire to travel. I also don't want to sterilize my future pet unless it a...
  26. Fireboy

    Tengo grupo de telegram

    manden privado un mensaje y les dejo el link
  27. SpagooterMcGee

    Who Initiates? You or your dog?

    New and former lurker to the site and I'm just curious on who usually makes the first move on an average basis? You or your canine lover?
  28. A

    Female Zoowatcher Who wants to chat

    Hey Im a 20yr female who loves to watch zoo vids. I get off to anything taboo and I would to talk with some of you guys here so I can have some like minded friends 😌 Please pm I would to talk to y’all and Im also on telegram too!
  29. bitchlover97

    Doberman lovers😋😜

    Are they anyone who just loves certain dogs like the sexy Dobermans male or female, they make me rock hard even when I see them out and about, these are my fav photos of dobbies, pure sexy
  30. D

    Young Dutch couple looking for dog

    hi! my name is Roos and i am new on this forum