1. ~Junebug~

    Have you ever taken two dogs at once?

    I am curious if anyone has ever been humped in the front and back at the same time and how that worked…
  2. Cowboi69

    Human food that's ok for dogs

    You treat him/her as your lover, so why not feed her like she is. She probably feels left out that you get to eat tasties but she can't. and this would be a another way for you two to bond on a deeper level. Eating at the dinner table together as couples should. so to do this we'll need some...
  3. kittybabie33

    What was your first time sucking dog cock like?

    My biggest dream is to taste a doggy cock. Nothing makes me wetter than the thought. It looks absolutely addictive. While I daydream about it…. Tell me about your first time tasting your boys! What were you thinking? Feeling? How was the experience? Love this community xx
  4. TamTheTwin

    Zoo/Bestiality motivational posters and memes

    If anyone has any ideas, feel free to suggest them or post your own. I hope this is the correct place, if not please tell me where to post em!
  5. porkrudi

    Teneriffa animal bi tv bitch

    Televiso a Rita buscando contactos reales para parejas como hombres mujeres. Tenga el contacto adecuado para el sexo animal real, especialmente como pollas y esperma. Sería feliz si alguien de Tenerife o Canarias. También desde el continente informaría. Hasta entonces. El amor de. Rita
  6. K9curiouscouple469

    Cleaning up sloppy seconds?

    Does anyone else want to add their own cum to the mix after their S.O. gets railed by an animal and then clean the mess with their lips and tongue or am I just warped?
  7. K9curiouscouple469

    K9curiouscouple here in WV

    M(bi)/F(bi) both 31 married. My wife and I shared our mutual interest in animals and our relationship only improved! She has no first-hand experience and mine is limited to sucking and drinking my dogs cum once upon a time. Not owners but she wants to feel me suck animal cum out of her cunt...
  8. runkhorn

    smell of ears, paws & maw

    Is it just me or is there a distinct smell to your dog's ears that is highly enjoyable and calming? What about paws? I swear clean german shepherd paws smell different than my staffordshire terrier's paws And I think my first super zoo-y thing I ever did was make out with a dog because dog...
  9. Cowboi69

    What breed and gender is your doggo?

    Is the doggo papered? A mutt? Pure? And would you be willing to breed it to someone else's pupper that you met on this site?
  10. Blazzy

    Straight men into Zoo pussy?

    I'm a straight guy that likes zoo pussy. I've noticed that most men on here are either bi or gay. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that, but I'm just curious if there are any other guys who are attracted to female zoo pussy, because it seems like that is a minority on here.
  11. C

    Small dogs cocks

    Hey, I love small dogs and their cocks! I would like to see dicks of other small dogs! Let's have fun! <3
  12. Jimjam10000

    Pornstars eith dogs photoshopped in(deleted thread)

    This is towards the admins really. Hello, I had made a previous thread about pornstars with dogs photoshopped in, and it was deleted. I understand how much posts weren't okay. I was wondering if it's okay that I post fake bestiality without anyone's face showing. Like if they are facing the...
  13. B

    How was your weekend?

    everyone or the vast majority waits for the weekend to go out with friends and get some things done. unfortunately for me it was not like that because I am unable to do many activities. but how was yours? if possible post a picture.
  14. Y

    Good shelters/rescues that don't spay/neuter to get a dog?

    I've been looking into getting a dog and I'm planning to do so in a few months. I wanted to make sure they aren't fixed, for obvious reasons, but I'm not sure which animal shelters don't fix their animals. I'm in the USA, and I'm not sure about other countries, but almost all shelters...
  15. benjaminwonders

    Do you like sucking male dog or licking female dog?

    What is your favourite?
  16. benjaminwonders

    Looking for friendships :)

    Hi, I'm Benjamin, 37 years old from Europe, i am new here and looking for friendships with girls who are into bestiality:)
  17. E

    stary pies

    Wie ktoś może jak zachęcić starego psa do pokrycia mężczyzny?
  18. T

    Finnish 29yo guy

    Finnish 29yo guy here! Looking to find my first zoo experience from here. Preferably with mare but I also like any other large animal. I love fisting as well.
  19. lurk_

    Rimming Canines

    Does anyone have advice on how to safely prepare a canine for rimming? Any health risks from eating out a clean dogs asshole?
  20. Henkehhs

    Any Setter Breed fans out there :)

    Do we have any lovers or owner's of Setter breed dogs out here in the world? 🙂🙏🏻 Irish/English/Gordon- setters, To me they have always been kind of a favourite! 🌟🤗
  21. C

    Dog cock dildos

    How popular are dog cock dildos? Are they mostly bought by people interested un bestiality ? Maybe it could be a first sign in the social acceptance of bestiality at least at the level of a fantasy.
  22. Biguyharrisburg

    What type of porn would you like to see more on zv? Females w/

    I’m curious about what sort of porn people would like to see more of here on Zooville. This particular pole is geared towards those with an interest in seeing Females with Animals but ill also be posting a poll for Males w/ Animals, and one for other categories as well. Cant wait to see people’s...
  23. Biguyharrisburg

    What type of porn would you like to see more of here on zv? - Males w/

    I’m curious about what sort of porn people would like to see more of here on Zooville. This particular pole is geared towards those with an interest in seeing males with Animals but i’ll also be posting a poll for Females w/ Animals, and one for other categories as well. Cant wait to see...
  24. H

    Generally, what bitch breeds can fit an Average

    Hi there, new to this whole scene. I've been thinking, for a long time, about getting an Irish Red Setter. I had a dog when I was younger and I loved him to bits, they're so nice and they're good with people which is a definate must! I have a average penis of about 6.7 inches and about 3...
  25. Cookiesanddonuts

    Dog wanting sex around other people

    Does your dog ever show signs they want sex with you while around others? How do you deal with it?
  26. O


    Hi on some English forum, maybe even on zooville I saw a link to a Russian vk profile. Com girl from the movie "fantazii good girl" do you have such curiosities as names or profiles, socials of these girls from art of zoo, team Russia and another?
  27. O

    Aktorki linki zewn.

    Cześć na jakimś anglojęzycznym forum być może nawet na zooville widziałem swego czasu link do rosyjskiego profilu vk. Com dziewnyczny z filmu "fantazii good girl" czy macie takie ciekawostki jak imiona lub profile, sociale tych dziewczyn z art of zoo, team Russia i tym podobne?
  28. Madman21

    New dog suggestions

    Hey everyone, I’m gonna be getting a new dog and want to know everyone’s suggestions on a new dog, haven’t decided on male or female yet but if you could add both pluses and negatives it would be appreciate greatly. Bi male here, preferably a medium sized dog breed with a good temper and can...
  29. beastofburrden

    New to site owner in southern Cali

    I’m a owner of a active stud and looking to make new friends. Our last friend moved away after collage and my boy would love to have some new friends
  30. 1

    How can I convince my dog not to be sterilized?

    for the moment I don't have a dog but I plan to have one the problem is that I live with my mother and father and I don't know how to convince them not to neuter him if he is a male