1. D

    Our Furry Friends

    Let's see everyone's dogs, cats, ect! I love seeing everyone's happy boys and girls! This is my pit mix! I'm not going to post her name as it's unique and as of now there's nothing identifying in the picture.
  2. R

    Hey friends

    For a long time in my life I felt really bad about myself for having an attraction to animals, I'm happy to discover you and learn and follow the forum
  3. loljoemoe

    Do spayed dogs enjoy vaginal sex

    My husky has been spayed and I want to maybe get sexual with her but I’m afraid she either will not like it which in that case I would immediately stop what I’m doing I’m not dumb or the spay would make it impossible without causing damage I’m basically just looking for some info on the topic...
  4. D

    New to the Community 34M

    New to this community and finally feel free to talk w/ others in the lifestyle. Looking forward to the support from everyone and hope to share experiences and fantasy’s.
  5. H

    What are your companions' favourite activities?

    Hi there! So every single one of our companions and lovers have different personalities and thus individual needs and preferences. I'd like to hear from you what activities your companions love to do!
  6. FloofyNewfie

    How did you obtain your lovers?

    Hello all! I'd like to hear short stories from you all about how you all obtained your animal companions? I'll start with my mutt mix girl. I was looking for a dog at the time and looked on, where else? Good 'ol CraigsList. I had been looking for a little while until I came across this very...