1. Legna437

    How safe is sex with animals?

    I'm a bottom looking to actually have some experiences, but I want to know what the health risks are and what I should watch out for while I'm pleasing my animal companion. How likely am I to get some kind of sickness from a dog companion I have or even some kind of parasite? Thank you for the...
  2. Z

    Favourite horses

    Love to see all your gorgeous horses. Here’s mine.
  3. KadeBoltz

    Treats and unique Meals.

    Do any of you have a special treat or meal that you make for your companions. I get Dried Shredded Beef or Chipped Beef and mix it with various fruits. I use Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries and Mangos, my special guy likes these as snacks and I feel like the sweetness balances out the...
  4. G

    Adopting a dog

    Hiya guys:) I’ve done some searching through the forum and have gotten some insight through the way but thought no harm in asking a more personalized question. My partner and I are looking to adopt a dog. We’re wanting them to not be spayed or neutered as well of course. We currently have two...
  5. H

    What are your companions' favourite activities?

    Hi there! So every single one of our companions and lovers have different personalities and thus individual needs and preferences. I'd like to hear from you what activities your companions love to do!
  6. FloofyNewfie

    How did you obtain your lovers?

    Hello all! I'd like to hear short stories from you all about how you all obtained your animal companions? I'll start with my mutt mix girl. I was looking for a dog at the time and looked on, where else? Good 'ol CraigsList. I had been looking for a little while until I came across this very...