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Hiya guys:) I’ve done some searching through the forum and have gotten some insight through the way but thought no harm in asking a more personalized question.
My partner and I are looking to adopt a dog. We’re wanting them to not be spayed or neutered as well of course. We currently have two other dogs, a small dog and a 50 pound mix. We’re not sexual with them as they’re spayed. We want a dog to be sexual with and understand that we’re not purchasing someone to just fuxk around with. (People posting about how their dog doesn’t want to be sexual or only getting a dog for sex). We do want the dog for sexual reasons but also are ready for another companion!

So question is where would be the best place to get a dog that’s not spayed or neutered? And what breeds would you suggest would be best on the case of them being accepting sexually? We know we like medium - long hair dogs. Like husky’s or Shepard’s, but wanted to see if anyone had other suggestions on breeds.
We plan on doing more research on each breed before we get the dog:)
For this breed we know we want a female.

Separate note, we know we’re adopting a male beauceron as well (done lots of research!) that won’t be neutered. But we haven’t found much about beaucerons SEXUALLY or details about their Dick (size, length, girth, knot, color, shape) and would appreciate if someone could help out or point me in the best direction.

Thank you my fellow zoo lovers :)


Well at least we already know that if you were to publish a video with that breed of dog, you would be the first to do so.


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Hello @grizzlyy ,

welcome at the forum! I think it is a good thing to ask and your expectations don't sound ways off compared to reality as well.

Regarding "sexual activity scale": There's no such thing. Dogs are individuals as well as humans. Some breeds love stimulation and climaxing (not necessary copulation! Big difference) maybe with a bit higher in chance than other breeds but at the end it takes the individual desires into play.

I wouldn't suggest a small Siberian Husky (or even smaller mix) as those tend to be somewhat envious ("I, I, I!") and quite slim build below the two layers of fur. They are basically at the lower minimums of size for medium / average sized human phalli or comparable toys. It is possible, tho. Female dogs can adjust very well over time of playing / manual stimulation, else they wouldn't be able to copulate with bigger male dogs as well (which they do quite often in nature..).

Alaskan Malamutes don't look that much bigger but their fur layers cover a ways more muscular and broader body below. If you look at a bit bigger Alaskan Malamutes, they reach 2,2x the weight of an usual Siberian Husky. And also their genitals are bigger, even if the fur shape doesn't result in extreme changes.

Nordic dogs are quite interested, curious and love a good feeling, repetitively and outside of heat as well. This requires that they have a positive result from the playtime / sexual activities. If they get negative experiences this might quickly stop and they might be scared, so it is always important to listen to the dog's needs.

One disadvantage is the fur. Lots of shedding. Suggested to trim the private parts and back legs regularly and brush / comb them quite often, as else the two layers of fur either need abstruse amounts of lube or ruin the fun for both participating ones.

Then there are the less-furred breeds which were over the years found often in dog fights or protective / guarding stances, as they tend to listen to their instincts and the commands of the owners (if trained) quite well. But they are also quite interested in everything which makes them feel chilled, good, cared for, aroused, whatever positive emotion comes into play. They also can be quite sex striving, but don't have to.

Breeds of those races with adequate (female dog) sizes without much adjusting time are as example great danes, dobermans, mastiffs. Their characteristics in behavior are for sure different from those of Nordic dog breeds by a lot, no matter their individual sexual desires.

If you go for a German Shepherd Dog breed, I suggest you one of the older DDR-lines with straight back and ways less risk of potential health problems (hip dysplasia, cataract, gastric torsion, ..). They are also very friendly family breeds and not overly hyperactive.
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I’m partial to pits. I love them, they’re giant babies. I hate that they get the reputation they have.