1. ZZkie

    I wanted to give consent to my Best Friend's (F) Dog

    I've been recently into Beastiality this past week and I really wanted to fuck a female canine so much. And then I remembered that I have my Best Friend's Dog, she's Female and her name is Delcy, she's a half-Pomeranian and half-Dachshund breed. Every time I visit to my friend's house, she...
  2. S

    Things related to mares.

    Hi all! I'd like to ask if anyone has any personal (or non-personal) long stories, facts, tips, advice, or just information related to mares, I'd love it if you could share.
  3. S

    My friend shows me a lot of signs but are she really suggestive?

    Hi, first sorry for my general quietness. I'm on this place about half of 2022 and it's my first thread. Sorry for my mistakes, english iss not my main language. I used the search tool here and I saw various topics about "knowing if someone is into zoo" just in case, but i'm on a different...
  4. zetaoptimis

    New Here well, sorta

    Heyo o/, I'm a 22/m here from NJ raised in a heavily Christian home. I've been viewing this forum since I was pretty young but never thought to make an account or comment. I've been attracted to animals (more specifically dogs, horses, and sheep) ever since I was 13. I came across bestiality...
  5. AdultKing

    Writers in the Zoo community willing to help

    Hey I'm creating a Renpy game right now where you will be playing as a dog (Great Dane) where you will need to try to seduce your dogsitter (Babysitter but for dogs). Atm around 1000 images are rendered including the house and environments also the coding is almost completely done. But the only...
  6. MalinkalyCutie

    When did you first realize you were interested? How did you react?

    Tbh I only had an account here to satiate my own curiosity and watch others. I've always felt quite alone in this topic and have only told 2 irl people that I like this stuff. So I figured this would be the place to ask the question that I always want to ask others who are as well. How did...
  7. S

    Hello! New here and so thankful <3

    Wanted to post and share my thoughts and say thank you so much :) Years ago when i first stumbled upon some zoo videos, never would have expected my admiration and attraction to grow more over time. i realized that there were people who shared a special bond with animals in a way that just...
  8. K

    21M from Australia

    Just saying hi, new to the forum but not new to zoo. Would love to chat with others about their experiences, ive only ever had a couple of experiences but that was years ago and im starting to miss it haha.
  9. M

    La découverte [histoire]

    Je ne sais pas si on peut poster des histoires en Français dans le section "stories and writting", alors dans le doute, je poste une histoire ici. Un mélange d'expériences vécues et de faits romancés. En espérant que cela vous plaise. === Je me souviens d’une après-midi ensoleillée, dans la...
  10. FloofyNewfie

    How did you obtain your lovers?

    Hello all! I'd like to hear short stories from you all about how you all obtained your animal companions? I'll start with my mutt mix girl. I was looking for a dog at the time and looked on, where else? Good 'ol CraigsList. I had been looking for a little while until I came across this very...
  11. rainfallheavens

    27,182 pictures and 34.80 GBs later

    hello and welcome, allow me... austin is my name, california is my home and 23 years old is my age, i have attached some pictures to my post, what you see is my picture gallery on my phone, part of my brain digitally if you will, now my story begins with once upon a time.. when i was just only...