1. C

    Button Training for Your Companion

    Have you ever seen those videos of people training their dogs to let them know when they need to go outside to pee or poop by pressing a certain button? I've seen this generalized to many other things, such as "press button, get treat". I've always wanted to train a bitch to use buttons when...
  2. Cowboi69

    Is what I'm doing wrong?

    The a few days ago after giving my mare a treat she started licking my groin area. After that I had an idea to give her a treat when she licked my pants in that spot. So I started doing that, but after reading the post on training I'm conflicted. Should I stop this "training"/behavior? I've...
  3. A

    Possible solution to the consent issue with dogs

    So i've recently spoken to someone who practices something called 'cooperative care' with their dog, which is simply put, giving the dog options to agree or disagree to, or continue/discontinue an activity. The dog chooses between two options via hand targeting (touching their noise to the...
  4. F

    Hello all ! Im new !

    Hello everyone , very new to all this amd im asking for advise and people to DM some help . Also would love to talk to my West Va peeps if youre here ! Sorry if i look stupid or anything btw
  5. pes

    Training animals for sex

    1. Training animals for sex. 2. Preventing animals from requesting sex in awkward moments. 1. Training animals for sex with people: This question does come up from time to time and people often have different opinions about it. I am going to present an explanation of what it means to train...
  6. H

    How to discourage behavior?

    Hello all. I've been playing with my friends g shep and now he has a habit of moving people's hands towards his cock. This has not pleased my friend, and is wondering how he can discourage this behaviour. Would still like to do this, just when an object is out so he knows that he can do that now...
  7. TheoTheGermanShephard

    Looking for advice for Tentacle-Dildos

    Helloww Everybody ? As mentioned in the title I'm looking for a tentaclelike dildo preferably shipped from Europe. I would love to hear and see from your dildos and maybe you have some advice for me where I can get decent ones. My current favorite is this one...
  8. Y

    Training how to's

    I'm interested in getting a male dog. Large breed. I was wondering do you jerk a dog off the same as a human And is it easy to train him to receive a anal (my penis in his anus) I'm only 6 inches and was wondering if it would be difficult for him. Any advice??
  9. K

    Missionary Training

    Hey hey really sorry if this has been posted before, I’m still trying to find my way around the site. I’m looking for any advice on how to train my boy to mount in missionary, (he’s a mastiff) We have difficulties on occasion with slight height differences, I’m about half an inch too short to go...
  10. F

    Big Dildo Question

    Hi, I wanted to ask for some advice about taking in a huge dildo in my ass. I know the basics, a lot of lube, enema, etc but something is not working. I have a 13 inch dildo. It's not too wide around but I can only take in 8-9 inches before I hit "a wall" inside me. So how do I get passed this...
  11. B

    Future first time dog owner *In 5-6 Months* / Training for both Zoo & Non Zoo Interactions

    **REAL QUICK, I used the search bar for something regarding both "First time & Zoo Training + Social Skill Training" but could find specifics to help cater to my question** SO, I'm going to be moving to Brazil with my dad and step family, and while stray dogs are very very common where I'll be...
  12. Redleader6

    If anyone is looking for advice or a teacher

    Ive been a trainer for females with male dogs for several years now. Ive done in person and online teaching and breeding. Currently my 7+ years have been exclusively for females with male animals, mostly dogs but a few horses, rarely something else. Im open to helping anyone but im not sure how...
  13. B

    How to train dog?

    Hello, we have a 1 and a half year old un-neutered medium-large male, and we can't get him to hump. He did for awhile a few months ago, and managed to mount both my wife and I. He was actually horny all the time then, but now he won't engage in any sexual activity and he just seems bored by it...