1. contentwarning999

    Dog blow jobs

    Is it hard to get a dog to stay still to suck their cocks? Are they as into it as fucking? In videos the dog always seems disinterested to me.
  2. Oak261515

    Male Chihuahua Topping? Small Breeds?

    Hi, newbie 22F here! I was wondering if it is possible for a male chihuahua to penetrate in missionary, and roughly what size their cocks tend to be. You see, I have quite the shallow vaginal depth limit at about 6 inches. 6.5 is a stretch for me, even with super soft (00-20 shore) silicone...
  3. bruhmoment64

    How do you lot feed your doggo partners? Meal planning, what foods to encourage/avoid etc.

    It seems to me that the general consensus is that dog food or kibble or whatever is pretty terrible when it comes to nutrition and the long term health of our beloved partners. Personally, I’d like to prepare my partners meals for them (I love cooking either way and I imagine I’d get to spend...
  4. bruhmoment64

    How much time in a day do you devote to your doggo partner?

    I want to preface this by saying that I’m a complete newbie to this whole thing. Not only that, I’m also new to owning dogs in general. While I’ve been fortunate enough to have friends with dogs and various other pets, I have never had the luxury of owning pets growing up (parents never let me)...
  5. bruhmoment64

    [Canine Health] Ovary Sparing Spay (OSS) for our female doggo partners

    I want to preface this by saying that I am a complete noob and very new to this whole thing. I intend on first spending my time learning and educating myself as best I can with all the resources available before taking the plunge and finding a partner for myself. This is a big decision for me...
  6. ZarG

    How can I be part of this

    Hi everyone, yup I'm new in this (Not only in the forum) and I'm interested in this, I started to feel sexual attraction for some animals but Now I started to search and keep information for this sexuality. I don't have any experience or history only I'm curious and maybe soon I could be here...
  7. dbcooper098

    Former Dutchcontent dot com users?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone here was ever a member on an ancient site that closed in about 2008 called dutchcontent dot com? I checked it out on thewayback machine and wow I was impressed, but unable to login due to it being shut down. Anyone have any personal anecdotes about the site and...
  8. B

    How Have You Come To Accept Yourself?

    I am into zoophilia, more in a sexual sense than romantic one however I'd never use an animal merely for sex of course I would love them unconditionally, but overall I am struggling to accept this factor in myself. How has everyone else grown to accept it in themselves? I've never acted upon my...
  9. CapyBaraBones

    Is there any charm or symbol for zoos that isn’t zeta?

    I know a lot of people in the furry community that are aware of the zeta symbol and it’s meaning, but is there a symbol tha to lesser known to people who aren’t zoos that is to zoos? Kinda like how no one outside the furry community knows about phipaw, a symbol that helps identify furrys without...
  10. F

    Any kinks that arose from zoophilia?

    Do you guys have any kinks that came from being into beastiality? Like I know a common one is watersports, but what are ones you guys have from being in this kind of group?
  11. H

    A question about the chances of a pussy from multiple dog encounters

    Hello my question is like in the Titel. I came to this question as I had resently read a story and this part very interested me: “While sex with me was still good for Marty, over time the dog changed the way her vagina felt to me. It was not so much that she was stretched out, but now - when...
  12. D

    Why Does K9 Semen Look Different?

    Ive see a lot of vids and most dogs their load is thin and usually cloudy. But I’ve seen some dogs cum same color and consistency as a man’s. Does this very by breed? Some type of health or dietary differences? Is there a difference in taste? Does the creamy white human looking cum taste more...
  13. D

    Finding Someone I Can Be Open With

    Just making this account and the few comments and posts I’ve made feels great. This is something I’ve been into for a long time. Hiding it from the women in my life sucks to put it simply. Kinda just been hoping I’d find a chick that springs it on me so I can fake act surprised. It would feel...
  14. D

    Husky Sex

    My husky has sex with me a lot, most of the time whenever I want to. This is normal? I’ve seen some people say their girls only want it during theyre heats, but mine wants it regardless. Thank you
  15. Obs3cur

    How is fake horse cum done in commercial porn?

    I was wondering because after I made this forum post I got a response of a vid with real horse cum being more liquidy and clear like. So my question is how are those yogurty thick horse cum shots made? Because in some videos it looks like the horse is actually cumming that thick yogurt, so it...
  16. Obs3cur

    Is this real Horse Semen?

    Hey yall I was reading the other posts about how a lot of cum shots in commercial porn are faked, specifically horses where the cum is too yogurty or thick? But is this one real? Because you can kind of see another “pump” of cum, which leads me believe that its real because how could you fake...
  17. FrostO9

    Question for the Women.

    I am genuinely curious. I have watched many many videos and read a lot of "true" stories about women taking a dog knot or a flared horse and the knot or flare getting lodged/stuck inside and it's unable to come out at all until the swelling subsides a bit. My question is how secure is that lock...
  18. G

    normal for a dog's penis to smell and taste coppery/irony?

    Is it normal for a dog's penis to smell and taste very coppery/irony? I only have experience with a neutered male a while back and there was almost no smell or taste. Now I have my dog and he is intact so I'm curious if it is different. He is a 1.5 year old 125lb St. Bernard mix. Almost as soon...
  19. H

    Is it safe to fuck a frog?

    Just wondering? (Just curious)
  20. C

    Nuetered dog inexperienced

    I have only tried 2 times to masturbate him, and he seems to have fun each time. He is a smaller breed (a dachshund) and is nuetered as a pup (about 4yrs old now). I start by playing with his sheath and his knot. His knot swells up pretty big and he gets at least a partial erection. If he is...
  21. A

    Curious about what yall feed your dogs

    Raw or kibbles food brand recommendations etc...
  22. jacobainsworth257

    Okay stupid question but fuck it I’ll ask: larger breeds or smaller breeds and why?

    I’m very bias because I fucking love size difference, but big dogs for sure. More drooly and loving (in my experience) What about you guys? :)
  23. Y

    Guesstimating size?

    I've got a question about my newest boy. I'm a bit morbidly curious about something. I'm not particularly familiar with the variations in sizes or if they really vary much at all. Is there anyway to estimate their size without just getting them excited? He's a former stray and a mutt so no-one...
  24. 9

    Questions for those who would want to discuss or explain.

    This is for those who are ok with these questions and are ok with talking about this, sorry in advance if this seems like a sensitive topic. What do you think of the intelligence level of commonly partnered animals, like dogs and horses? Just that, at first I was a bit zoo curious, but didn’t...
  25. 9

    Curious Visitor.

    Hello, after questioning if I was a zoophile or not, and finding that I wasn’t, I began to think deeper about what I really thought what was right and wrong. And I wanted to ask a question. I think one of the main reasons why zoophilia isn’t accepted, is because animals often share...
  26. S

    Legality in Canada?

    can't find answer anywhere anyone know if viewing zoo pornography is legal in Canada? aware the physical act is illegal, not sure about online content
  27. F

    Can I still jerk off my cat even after hes been neutered

    I know after hes been neutered he cant cum, But will he still get horny and allow me to jerk him off, even if he doesnt cum I still want to jerk him off?
  28. H

    Which bit is more pleasurable

    Hi all I've been into big toys and fisting for ages but I haven't been able to find a stallion to rearrange my insides so I'm thinking about getting a toy. I'm just curious about people's experiences, does more of the enjoyment come from the animal aspect of it or is it more the physical...
  29. Forgottenfox

    Asking for help with white discharge in female dog

    As the title says, I am asking about a pure white discharge of creamy substance from a large female dog that is ten months old and intact. Is this a sign of heat or is it something else? I worry about infection, but there is no redness or strange smell. She isn't licking abnormally, maybe two or...
  30. A

    Am I a zoo?

    Animal mating videos on youtube became my very first porn experience because of how easily accessible they are. I was aroused by them because I didn't know any better. I still watch animals mating and wonder if I'm a pervert because of it. I am not attracted to animals themselves in any way, I...