1. K

    Guide them or Let them find it

    So with all the videos I have seen with dogs some of them guide the dog into their holes an others just let them find the hole. I have a feeling I might get a chance with a boy here soon just want some input on how I could let him go at it. I would like to try something new to get the knot this...
  2. Aphemmy

    How to get a neutered dog hard?

    Hello! Im new to IRL Zoo, but i would like to know how to get a neutered dog erect? i saw somewhere in another thread that theres some special trick to doing it, and theres a big Pyrenees that im very interested in~.
  3. C

    Female dog is in heat

    My female husky is in heat, and i really want to have sex with her, but I’m not sure. How should i go about this?
  4. M


    Biggest question I must ask, do you guys go balls deep into your mare and fill her up? Because it just seems the only way to go in my opinion.
  5. B

    Female dogs, how would you know that they want it, and if they are enjoying it?

    I know that male dogs in the wild would fuck bitches at any chance they get while they are fertile, but how would I know when the female dog wants sex? Will she make it obvious? And how would I know if the dog likes it or not? Also as a side note, from the videos I’ve seen male dog don’t take a...
  6. celestiafucker

    Fantasies about zoophilia being widely accepted

    Ever fantasized about zoophilia being a widely accepted sexuality, just as (most of) the other sexualities are? Imagine zoo farms where properly trained, healthy, and happy animals can mount or be mounted by a loving human with no fear or shame! It would probably cost a decent amount of money...
  7. N

    Question for those who don’t own your animal partner…

    Those of y’all that don’t own an animal, how to you find them to breed with? I live in the Midwest and the community is very small and I’m wondering what ways there is to fin an intact male to breed with.
  8. 2

    Why aren't there more fleshlight vids?

    It may sound weird but I wish there more videos of dogs and fleshlights. Honestly though with a fleshlight you can see how just how rock hard they get, and on top of that you get to see the huge load they bust in the process. What does everybody else think about this?
  9. WolfWitch

    How do you prefer to sleep???

    So I'm laying here in bed trying to fall asleep when a thought popped into my head. How do you prefer to sleep and why??? Example I like to sleep naked because I feel constricted if I wear pjs plus I like giving my partner the ability to fondle me while I sleep. It has lead to many great ways of...
  10. WolfWitch

    What is you ideal partner???

    What is your ideal human and/or beast partner??? (This includes realistic and fanciful.)
  11. WolfWitch

    Kinky and you know it

    Wondering what other kinks people like to incorporate with their beastialty???
  12. K

    Questions about shy female dog.

    Hi, this is the first time i ask something like this, and overall my first time posting anything in this forum. I have a female dog called Luna (moon in Spanish), a Dogo Argentino Pit Bull , she's been my partner for almost 3 years now, and I've raised her since she was only a few months old...
  13. C

    zoophilia and bestiality

    is there a difference between zoophilia and bestiality? i’m curious
  14. shitoast

    Why is there never any new content?

    This is a bit of a vague question but I had a thought whilst going through different sites and such. Why is the majority of bestiality content that can be found on the internet filmed ages ago? Sorry if its a dumb question but it seems like most porn sites just constantly repost content filmed...
  15. colorad7

    IUD Issues?

    Has anyone had experience with any type of sexual encounter with an IUD in place? Are there any issues or potential problems? I have a Mirena and I have no experience. I’m wondering if there’s anything I should know or be worried about before my first knot…
  16. S

    When you go Zoo. Do you ever go back?

    Something I'm curious about. Once you have sex with an animal, are you still able to enjoy sex with a human afterwards? Also are there any married couples that have fun with their animals as well as eachother.
  17. L

    I’m in a tight spot

    Okay so I would like to be able to breed with a mare. How would I go around doing this and making sure theyre consenting
  18. sarahsingletono98

    What was your lead in that pushed you / why did you act?

    There are tons of questions about how people started, not many or any, on what the initial push was. So I was curious. What trigger lead you into the lifestyle?
  19. W

    Member statuses?

    How many statuses are there and when you achieve new one? As I understand I have to have certain amount of reaction points and trophy point, but can somebody tell me real numbers? Sorry if it's wrong place to ask about it, but I couldn't find any FAQ or help.
  20. laca240

    Is there a zoophilia game?

    I've always wanted to play a zoophilia game, but so far I haven't found any.
  21. H

    What are some weird kinks that you like?

    I’m curious as I definitely have some more…odd kinks even within the zoo/beast community. For starters, I’d love to someday suck on the udders of a cow and taste their milk (hence my username). Secondly, I would love for a dog to drool on my neck while he has sex with me. Lastly, I’d love to...
  22. Depositer

    What are your preferable living arrangements when having fun with your animal friends?

    One would assume the more isolated you are, the easier it'd be to have fun with a companion. However, for personal meetups or other social gatherings it would be much harder to live alone than lin a city like area. If you were to live out in your dream house with your animal companion, where...
  23. C

    Mare stuff

    One time while I was at a family member’s house I went into the horse pin, I was kinda horny around the house and she was sniffing me in the crouch, and a few moments later she showed me her pussy, what was the crouch sniffing for?
  24. Nico18X

    To do my 1st time, will it change the dog's behavior ?

    Hello everyone i have a 2 year old golden retriever and would love for him to take me. but I'm afraid that after that he will change his behavior, and that he will either demand that he tries to fuck me or someone from my family (I live with my parents). so do you think letting him knot me...
  25. K9FurLife

    Group Discussion vs Group Forum

    Hi All, I noticed in the groups there can be a forum section, a discussion section or both. What's the difference between the forum vs discussion sections? Thanks, K9
  26. PitbullLove

    A Question To The Zooville Admin

    I have some questions for the administrators. Question 1 How big is the forum Zooville in size Gigabit / GB Question 2 How much does the forum grow every day week month?
  27. Sexy sea dragon

    How to give a horse the best hand job?

    Where do they love being rubbed best and what kind of lubs are safe
  28. nephrite

    am i a zoophile?

    im pretty sure, but i dont know for sure. ive felt like this for about a year. i cum much faster when im watching porn of dogs knotting people or fucking them. i find it really hot and fantasize about it..
  29. A

    Basset hounds?

    Just a question not really looking to watch or see anything but how many people have had experiences with basset hounds?
  30. K

    Meetup safety

    Generally how safe is it to arrange meetups on these forums? And what are things one can do to increase their safety if they were to proceed with the meetup? This could be for as a casual meetup or like hosting scenarios. im very curious and would like to have these tips as id like to actually...