1. just a newguy

    Whats the minimum rq to join a group?

    Whats the minimum requirements to join a group? I've been on here for a few months and haven't actually posted anything so I assume that's why?
  2. clex

    Has anyone else noticed the aggression?

    After scrolling through a couple of threads I’ve noticed there is a lot of aggressive behavior and sometimes down right rude in the beast chat forums especially all I want to ask is, why? I don’t find a point in commenting something rude or unhelpful
  3. S

    Has anyone ever tried with a wolf/wolfdog (male or female)

    Whats up guys im new to the site, so im just curious if anyone has actually successfully manage to mate with one. I cant find any vids/pics of any, other than the fake wolf-looking vids that are on the other sites, hopefully you guys can lend be a hand on that
  4. clex

    is docking safe?

    I'm wondering if docking with male K9s is safe. I want to be sure before I even think of trying it. I'm wondering if it's uncomfortable for them or even painful and what damage it could do if it does any.
  5. SkinnySubBitchSissy

    Who Would Let Their Dog Make Me Their Bitch?

    I'd just like to know as I'm new to zoo. I'm a young fem cd, skinny, 5'8, weigh 47 kilos or 7.5 stone. I love to be tied up and have no control, really need to be a slut for many big dogs, showed who's the bitch.
  6. SkinnySubBitchSissy

    There Is M/M Animals But Why No SubMales/Animals?

    Personally I don't want to be penertating male or female animals but I am into being being fu#ked by male animals. Why isn't there a place for males, sissies, cds and/or femboys that ONLY get fucked by Animals? It just makes sense and people could find what they are looking for much easier...
  7. cathead_biscuits

    Should I just give in to the lewd?

    I try to hold back my urges to discuss my sexual fantasies with others, especially with strangers. I have bad and good experiences sharing with my partners my zoo ways. But I would like to find someone who is mentally stable but just has my zoo tendencies as well right off the bat 🦇. It’s...
  8. Oberdan

    Best dog breed for licking penis

    Hello guys, i wanted to know your opinion on which dog breeds do you think are the best to lick penis (no sex). Or maybe just something more general like "Which is best to lick penis, Small or big dogs?"
  9. johnbaathlocke

    What is a good episode to introduce a fellow youngster into the podcasts and the topic itself?

    I spent a a winter month last year in some village without any internet or smartphones with my family but I had the stray dogs there. long lame story later, our totalitarian government took them and either killed them directly or put them in the dog cannibalism prison There is some fellow...
  10. V

    Just sexual? or romantic? How can you tell?

    For a good few years I have been figuring out that I am bisexual/queer anf that was hard to do. But now I am figuring out that I like female mares in ways I didn't think was possible. I find them attractive and I want to have sex with them but I don't know if it's just a sexual attraction or if...
  11. Rose_Villa

    For furries, who’s your favorite suit maker?

    Mines either DHC or DexterousZombie, but I also rlly like Alecrim carmim, Morefurless is cool too tho.
  12. B

    Tips for a newbie?

    I've only recently admitted to myself that this is something I want to actively explore. Unfortunately I don't have an animal I can try anything with, so does anyone have any tips or advice for a beginner?
  13. SamoyedEnjoyer

    Which animal would be nice to go on a date with?

    Ignoring any incompatibilities between human and animal, just looking at things like personality for example, what are some animals you think you could go on a nice date with and what are some animals that would be terrible to have a date with? I personally think maybe a fox could be pretty...
  14. Jobungus

    What is the MOST exotic zoo you've ever watched?

    Okay, so, first post, and it's a heater. I don't just mean those vids of naked women pushing themselves on to sad orang-utans, I mean full dick in holes. Whether it's animal on animal, or some dude goin balls deep in a different species' pussy. I think the most fucked up video I've seen...
  15. Panda Chen

    Worry or Loneliness?

    Was wondering what people would choose of worry or loneliness. If I have no one around I feel lonely but if there is an individual there I constantly worry about loss or harm to them or any number of other things. Not sure which is worse at this point. For the purpose of this thread it can be...
  16. W

    How did you meet your sig other?

    I'm asking this because I've been curious how other zoos have found people who accept or are ibto it as well. My 2nd gf got me into it at 17 broke up then to retaliate made people think I was the weird one into it. Other girls knew about it but always backfired. I want to find out how others...
  17. S

    Question thing I guess. Attempting to explain who I am in relation to this place..

    Hello, I made this account just for the sake of posting this, I have a question for everyone here (this is not going to be an insult please read). Ok, so for context I sort people who are sexually attracted to animals into 5 different types: Type 1 are the people who are attracted to real world...
  18. R

    Signs to look for?

    Does anyone know any signs to look for if a woman is into it with her dog? And also when dogs sniff privates a lot is that something that could be a sign?
  19. K

    Guide them or Let them find it

    So with all the videos I have seen with dogs some of them guide the dog into their holes an others just let them find the hole. I have a feeling I might get a chance with a boy here soon just want some input on how I could let him go at it. I would like to try something new to get the knot this...
  20. Aphemmy

    How to get a neutered dog hard?

    Hello! Im new to IRL Zoo, but i would like to know how to get a neutered dog erect? i saw somewhere in another thread that theres some special trick to doing it, and theres a big Pyrenees that im very interested in~.
  21. C

    Female dog is in heat

    My female husky is in heat, and i really want to have sex with her, but I’m not sure. How should i go about this?
  22. M


    Biggest question I must ask, do you guys go balls deep into your mare and fill her up? Because it just seems the only way to go in my opinion.
  23. B

    Female dogs, how would you know that they want it, and if they are enjoying it?

    I know that male dogs in the wild would fuck bitches at any chance they get while they are fertile, but how would I know when the female dog wants sex? Will she make it obvious? And how would I know if the dog likes it or not? Also as a side note, from the videos I’ve seen male dog don’t take a...
  24. C

    Fantasies about zoophilia being widely accepted

    Ever fantasized about zoophilia being a widely accepted sexuality, just as (most of) the other sexualities are? Imagine zoo farms where properly trained, healthy, and happy animals can mount or be mounted by a loving human with no fear or shame! It would probably cost a decent amount of money...
  25. N

    Question for those who don’t own your animal partner…

    Those of y’all that don’t own an animal, how to you find them to breed with? I live in the Midwest and the community is very small and I’m wondering what ways there is to fin an intact male to breed with.
  26. 2

    Why aren't there more fleshlight vids?

    It may sound weird but I wish there more videos of dogs and fleshlights. Honestly though with a fleshlight you can see how just how rock hard they get, and on top of that you get to see the huge load they bust in the process. What does everybody else think about this?
  27. WolfWitch

    How do you prefer to sleep???

    So I'm laying here in bed trying to fall asleep when a thought popped into my head. How do you prefer to sleep and why??? Example I like to sleep naked because I feel constricted if I wear pjs plus I like giving my partner the ability to fondle me while I sleep. It has lead to many great ways of...
  28. WolfWitch

    What is you ideal partner???

    What is your ideal human and/or beast partner??? (This includes realistic and fanciful.)
  29. WolfWitch

    Kinky and you know it

    Wondering what other kinks people like to incorporate with their beastialty???
  30. K

    Questions about shy female dog.

    Hi, this is the first time i ask something like this, and overall my first time posting anything in this forum. I have a female dog called Luna (moon in Spanish), a Dogo Argentino Pit Bull , she's been my partner for almost 3 years now, and I've raised her since she was only a few months old...