1. Scratty

    Greetings from Scandinavia

    Hello there. I'm a guy in my late 30s! I don't find female animals attractive. But I like it when girls interact with dogs or horses. Even rodents in some regards! I don't know if there is a special word for the type of guy I am. But that's me anyway! I'm not looking for anything special on...
  2. K

    Need some Advice please

    Hello one and all, I'm a male in my 30s here. hope everyone is well! Sorry if I go into details, here I might be a little bit disgusting, but I am scared and I don't know who else to ask.. I am a little scared tbh and need advice.. So about 2/3 weeks ago I had sex with my sister's dog and...
  3. Sniffr_Pig


    How's it hanging? I'm 37yo gay guy from London. Have always had an attraction towards fit male K9s, I'll try anything twice
  4. Juan Lobo

    If you could have chosen your sex before you were born, what would you choose?

    What sex would you have chosen before you were born? Your votes are anonymous, so don't feel ashamed.
  5. oringzoo

    23 M new here

    Hello everyone, I’m a 23 yo guy who is very new to zoophilia. It started when there was a video that went around my school. It was about a man getting mounted by a big dog. I was very interested and wanted to see more so I started looking on my laptop for more vids. Now that I’m older I think...
  6. K

    New from Melbourne Australia!

    Hi everyone! Melbourne Australia here. 28 male. Looking for other males.
  7. T

    Gay Male now in MO from KS

    I can't remember if I introduced myself when I originally joined, but as I've recently moved since then, I figured a new introduction was in order. I'm now in NW Missouri about an hour from KC to the SE. I don't know if I'll meet anyone here, I didn't when I was in KS. But never know. Don't have...
  8. ukhscvhe

    Hi! I'm new here.

    Hallo! I'm super excited to be part of this community. I've been into beastiality for about 10 years, and it's nice to see such a large community online where I can be comfortable with my true self. So, a bit about me: I'm a Bi male, and I prefer dogs and horses. I grew up around both and fell...
  9. L

    ¿Perros machos o hembras?

    les gusta mas los machos o las hembras y por que? Ami me gustan los machos, sobre todo los pitbull, me gustaria probar con uno
  10. J

    Men who have had experience with a dog, (any gender) how was your first time/what was it like?

    I am a male and a new member of the zoo community and I've just been really curious about other peoples experiences, how it was like and stuff like that. Im looking to hear about first times, because I find it interesting and it might help prepare me when I decide to venture into the sexual...
  11. Makuu

    Москва МО, знакомства

    Привет, ищу знакомства по теме :3 Надеюсь в Москве или в московской области найдутся те с кем будет приятно~ 20 лет (почти) 1.74 рост. 56 вес. Есть небольшой опыт с кабелем Иногда бываю в СПб Буду рад общению! :3
  12. Happydays27

    New Male in the northeast of the US

    Hi, I'm new here and very interested in this lifestyle. I would love to connect with likeminded people and eventually meet up with any ladies / couples to help and / or just watch. I am a 44M in the Northeast US
  13. R

    26 M hoping to explore

    Wisconsin furry with a partial fursuit. Been a zoo and a furry since I was a teen but haven't ever done anything with it and never really found any community for it. Would like to do more but for now just hoping to meet new people of a like mind.
  14. musclezoo

    When did you notice a deeper connection with your best friend?

    Hey :) I’m curious…when did you notice a deeper connection with your best friend. I have a male dog and a stallion and that deeper connection started slowly after some months. Tell me your story!
  15. sanctuarybody

    25YO Bi Male UK (Looking for K9/Mare Owners)

    Hey everyone! I’m a bisexual guy in his mid twenties with male and female dog experience and looking to add to this after my dog sadly passed earlier this year. Also into trying my first mare if any farmers are looking for new mates etc! Hope to chat to some of you ☺️
  16. K

    Whippets in England

    Has anyone ever experienced a male whippet? They look powerful and sleek! And is anyone interested in them in the UK? 🇬🇧
  17. P

    From the top

    Hello! I‘m relatively new and wanted to say hey. Would enjoy chattin about interests and experiences that's not a rule violation. I’m a bit shy online but grow out of it in time. Im a late 20’s guy, gay for 2 and 4 leggers, and excited about connecting with like minds here. I enjoy anime...
  18. beardedwonder8491

    37/m New to Sharing, Seeking Friendship

    Hello, 37/M from Florida. First and foremost, i am here to meet like minded people and hopefully make friends. the sexual aspect comes later. I have been active since the age of 15/16. I am newish to the site and definitely new to sharing my interests. I have never really found anyone to be open...
  19. pes

    Canine anatomical diagrams

    A bunch of various canine anatomical diagrams.
  20. BeastCuriousGuy82

    New here…not yet experienced. U.S.

    Hello. Brand new here. No experience but very curious. Have been for years. Dabbled a tiny bit as a kid w the fam lab but nothing too serious or consistent. Be cool to make some friends. Unlikely but locals would be awesome! NE US.
  21. B

    New and incarcerated

    Well as the title says, I am new on here and have been incarcerated for 3 years now. I am not a murderer or a rapist or a scam artist, I just happened to be at the wrong place wrong time and made a series of stupid decisions. I am 27 nearly 28 and was previously on beastforum, I can honestly say...
  22. MatchaMochi

    Hi everyone! Newbie here from northern Europe.

    Just a random new person from northern Europe here. Never thought that I'd make an intro here due to my shyness and lurker-nature, but I guess there's no harm in doing the introduction at least. I'm 22-year-old pan/asexual (hard to elaborate without going full novel here due to my not-so-good...
  23. H

    How to discourage behavior?

    Hello all. I've been playing with my friends g shep and now he has a habit of moving people's hands towards his cock. This has not pleased my friend, and is wondering how he can discourage this behaviour. Would still like to do this, just when an object is out so he knows that he can do that now...
  24. pes

    How to masturbate and orally please a male dog: A guide to oral sex.

    Oral sex it more or less about masturbating a male dog with the added benefit that in the end you do the masturbation with your mouth. So lets begin with how to masturbate a dog. Castration/neutering: The purpose of castration is the removal of sexual behavior. "Another benefit of castration is...
  25. kmy9

    Older Ozzy Bimal (Bi+Animal)

    Hi all. I'm almost 60 and have had a lust and companion trait for animals and older men. I've been Bimal my whole life and remember no other feelings. Sexually attracted to most animals but more so to older men with animals. I grew up in the 60's-70's where dogs weren't neutered, and a day out...
  26. 7

    New M member from NV

    Hello all. New member that has been into bestiality for years. Just on here to meet people who share the same fetishes and fantasies. Have not had any experience yet but u never know I may give it a try. I deeply enjoy watching videos of females getting licked and dicked by a canine but would...
  27. pes

    Correct orientation of dog penis

    Does anyone know what is the natural position of a male dog's penis inside a female dog? Here is a reference penis photo (from google): You can see that the tip is not in the centre but a little offset. When the penis is inside a female dog's vagina and the male dog has turned around and is...
  28. W

    Where can I find that toy?

    Hi! Not sure if this fits that section entirely, but I don’t know where else to post it. I have that vid laying around of a St Bernard with a toy. I’d love to get something similar for my boy, but I don’t know where to buy it. Any idea? Thanks :)
  29. FloofyNewfie

    Anyone taken a dog's virginity?

    So, I've never gotten the opportunity to take the virginity of a canine. I'm sexually active with my Newfoundland girl but I got her at the age of two from a zoo who's known to share his canines. So, who knows how many cocks have been in her by now? Lol For those who were able to take the...
  30. E minor

    (zoo-virgin asks) What does animal penis and cum smell/taste like? ?

    I have no any sexual experience with animals and I’m interested, what does: Dog Horse Cat (why not?) ... penis and cum smell and taste like? ? Please tell me your impressions about it’s taste. And how different is animals from humans?