It hurts when he gets in (M/M)


So I’ve been mating with my boy for a few months now, and it’s absolutely great for both of us. He’s a very well equipped 2yo GSD mix.

It generally happens like so: he mounts me, and when he finds his way in I need to stimulate him, otherwise he just stops humping and dismounts. That way, he keeps humping until he reaches full orgasm and then I have to hold him in place because we never managed to knot directly. To do it, I developed a « technique » of pushing on his knot with my hand until it pops in me, I can take him that way without any problem and it doesn’t even hurt a bit, even when he gets out. It’s crazy good.

That said, I’d love it if he could just knot me without any assistance, and this is where the problem comes in. When he’s very excited, it happens that he does everything by himself and enters me fully from the beginning, with the knot and everything. It would work perfectly if it wasn’t for the fact that it hurts me a lot when it happens, right from the beginning when he’s still fairly small. I really don’t understand why since when we do it as we usually do, it doesn’t hurt at all. I never could get to the point where he stops humping and starts his orgasm since it hurts too much and I just get him off after a few seconds.

I’m always well lubed so I don’t think that’s the issue. Do you have any idea of why it happens and what could I do to prevent it?
Thank you for the help :)
Sounds like you're going too fast too quickly, always remember to warm up and stretch things out before sex, that way it will be more open and willing to fit him in.
That happens to me when I haven't been fucked for awhile. I generally grit my teeth and take it - usually the pain subsides when the knot swells up inside me and he quits humping.
Just a little update for those who are in the same than we were, because we finally managed to do it!

The trick is to hold on the base (the thin part before the knot) as soon as he gets it in and starts humping. Hold it firmly to prevent the knot to rapidly get in and out of you when he’s humping (I think this is what was hurting me), and to help it keep the right trajectory.

You can release it when he starts his orgasm and stops humping, since it is now the knot’s job to keep everything in place :)
Stretch, have a warm enema first, and lube up good. He will slip right in and itll be less painful, been there before