1. cmgonzo

    Hi all! Newbie here!

    Figured I've been lurking on here long enough, loving all the posts and meeting new people! Gay guy living in California, 30's, grew up on a farm which grew my interest in zoo. Maybe I'll make a post later about my early horny teen years because that's the closest I've ever been able to get to...
  2. HoundSpirit

    hello to all but especially the doggie girls 😍

    Hey everyone! I'm not new to this lifestyle at all but I just realized my silly ass has never made an introduction jahahah. I'm a 32 yrs old male from Canada I'll give a more specific location to those who earn my trust ;) I'm big into healthy lifestyle and I'm pretty fit and cute if I do say...
  3. C

    M 26 New to this

    Hey, everyone Just wanted to introduce myself, I am a straight guy that enjoys seeing women pleased. I am new to this side of me and want to know more about it. My interests are primarily women with equines, and other would be dogs of course. I like the idea of a woman being flooded with cum...
  4. Horse and Aces

    New horse in town

    Good day everyone. New to the website and glad I was shared the link. I love horses most but I'm always up for whatever is the topic of discussion. I look forward to exploring the forum and making friends and enjoying the content. My DM is always open to meet new people and chat about...
  5. thezoovet

    Hello Male From North East Maryland

    Hello, looking for friends, I'm 23 in great physical shape. I used to own 4 dogs but recently had to send to stay with friends due to my pursuit of education. I am sorry if this is breaking some rules here please have patience I am learning this site. Thank you!
  6. zoophiliaismisunderstood

    Hello World

    I'm newish here 19m, and I just wanted to introduce myself properly, mostly because I've hyped myself up enough to actually step into the light and not be as much of a lurker, so howdy yall, AMA I guess
  7. KnottyFemboy1

    Heya, I’m new here

    I’m new to this site, I’m not sure if I just have a thing for beastiality porn or if I’m a zoo, but I’m here to meet new people and make zoo and beast friends.
  8. tcsuk

    Welcome from UK Midlands

    Hello All, I'm "TC", I'm based in the UK West Midlands. 32, Bisexual Male. However I travel up and down the country quite a lot with work on a daily basis, so I could be wherever! I've been "in to" this life style since I first dabbled around the age of 16, and never found anyone likeminded to...
  9. B

    Wife of couple

    Hi, I'm B, half of a couple. My husband isn't romantically or sexually attracted to animals, but is aware of and supports me. That being said, I've never been in a position to be an owner, so my (minimal) experience is limited to an exgirlfriends partner. I really enjoy writing, but I...
  10. P

    First time here

    Hello im Navi, its my first time posting in this lovely form, I have no experience regarding sexual intercourse let alone with other animals but I've been very interesting in them since a long time and being able to interact with like-minded people is amazing, hopefully i get to chat with you...
  11. babygirl21

    lurker here just trying to introduce herself

    I've been a lurker on here for quite a while, but i figure its about time for me to introduce myself! hi everyone, im a 25 year old female who loves doggy cock, cum and pussy! im also very into mare pussy as well :) thats enough about me, i hope to meet some of you soon! thank you for reading :)
  12. melbourne_stallion

    gday from melbourne australia ^^

    hi ^^ still new and getting used to the site but figured id make myself known properly now that things are a little less chaotic my end I'm a 25 male in melbournes eastern side I'm a gamer furry and major pop culture enthusiast at heart ^^ I got into zoo at the ripe age of 16 though I do...
  13. Trekier


    Greetings to my like-minded folks. I'm a 24 m from South Africa. Always loved animals, have a particular like for Horses and a few rarer tastes in animals. Looking forward to hopefully making a friend or two.
  14. cheekastar

    Hello Everyone

    Straight Male here, recently found this forum. Little bit about myself: I have always liked animals (not sexually). Especially dogs, never owned one myself. Used to constantly watch National Geographic etc. and was curious with the mating habits during my teens. While growing up used to have a...
  15. T

    New Member here…

    My friend turned me on to this website once we both found out that we shared secret interests. It’s nice to know that once was a secret shame could finally feel like something completely new. Anyway, thank you for letting me be a part of this! Mad phoenix
  16. D

    new and quiet

    hello. you may call me dph. i am 21. i'm very closeted about my attarction to animals, as i do not wish to lose relationships in my life, but things have slowly escilated to a point where it's difficult to exist without aknowledging it in some level or having a place to be open about things...
  17. P

    Hia...its nice to meet you all 😊

    New here. Heck new to this whole thing but my new master as sorta got it stuck in my head and now it's all I can think about 😅🥵. Just looking for....well....idk. but I'm here now lol
  18. Tepenecz

    Old timer but new to the forum

    Hey everyone, nice to meet you. I'm new here, but definitely not new to the scene. I started reading back in the early 1990s on Usenet, spent some time hanging out with other furries in the SPASTIC club on FurryMUCK, and used to haunt the Internet Talkers like Sleepy's...
  19. vixenkiss99

    Popping my 'zoo' cherry

    Hey everyone! I'm Vixen 22 from Leeds (not my real name) and I wanted to introduce myself on here. It's taken me so long to finally build up the courage to search and join a site like this as I was convinced I was some form of anomaly. I've been on and off addicted to watching vids when I was...
  20. lilabit

    New to Zoo. 25F, USA

    I never thought a lot about it until I was asked, but I'm curious about it. When I was maybe 14 I let my dog lick my pussy in my bed and I didn't think anything of it until my mom caught me. She didn't say anything though, so the curiosity stayed with me. I stopped doing that from that point...
  21. knottedminnie

    Hiya! I’m Minnie 🐾

    Here’s my introduction! Thought it would be helpful to make some friends & meet people! I’m twenty years old, owner of two Siberian Husky’s, bisexual & in Ireland! I love both dogs & horses equally. :husky_love: I’m experienced a little but mainly love to watch people get fucked & love on...
  22. Z


    Hey ZV, just thought I'd introduce myself! I'm ZFurLife, a proud zoo. I'm not too good with introductions, but here I go anyways. I came out as a zoo a while back now and have had an interest in it ever since I was young. I am open to DM's and I look forward to meeting some of you on this site...
  23. Hachizoo


    Hello everyone my name is Hachi ! It's nice to finally meet so many like minded people but I think it would be a little fair to not lurk and participate here. Enough of the pointless word salad and I'll get to the meat and potatoes of it in a Q&A format :) How old are you? 21 male and bisexual...
  24. rainbowzluzhy

    an introduction to who I am as a person

    hello there! I'm rainbow zluzhy and I'm from Ohio. I'm inspired by the world of zoo and seek current knowledge of it, not only that but I'm apart of it! I'm personally a autozoophile, which means I'm only attracted to the idea of being/acting like an animal. I'll mostly be asking questions and...
  25. hornedgoat

    glad to see I'm not alone

    I can't say I'm new to the zoo world but I always felt guilty about it, I finally worked up the courage to be an active part of the community and I can't describe how relieved I am to see how many of us are out there. I'm looking forward to see how things go!
  26. S

    27 male From Seattle area. First time trying to reach out to like minded people.

    I've been into K9 for years now, but for some reason tonight I wanted to see if there were like minded people out there. I still feel shame about being into this, but as long as nobody or no animal is getting hurt, what does it really matter? At least that's how I look at it. I'm glad to see...
  27. C

    Hey from London

    Hi all, Recently signed up to this out of curiosity after hearing about it on the Zooier than Thou podcast. Im a gay guy in his 30s into video games, drawing and TV shows. This is all kinda new to me. Think I've had certain feelings towards dogs for some time but have kinda been repressing...
  28. AntitheftBOT

    my lil late intro

    Hiiii Im from cali :). but hung and bestiality is something new for me but hope i can meet some cuties here to love me :3 Im lil chubby and i love cumming and being horny I also cum alot!
  29. who1212121

    Tennessee here

    Idk why I'm even trying. But I'd love to become friends with someone near me. Just to talk about it with someone it feels normal with. We ain't even gotta meet up just talk. Hmu 😌
  30. UnderTheFluff

    Hello everyone!

    I've been lurking here for a couple months, you may have seen me liking some posts. I figured now would be time for an introduction. I'm a 20 year old male zoo-exclusive. I've been zoo as long as I can remember. I've had a few real life zoo experiences so far, all with dogs. I've had several...