1. knottybutsweet

    30 F new to the community

    I’m open about being zoo online but not in IRL. I’m just here to meet others like me and talk about lovely zoo things ☺️ I don’t plan on meeting up with anyone anytime soon at this moment. Hope to chat with some of you soon 👋🏻 x
  2. Kittü

    21M from Finland

    Heya! Apparently I haven't introducted myself here even after lurking for almost a year! So here's that! I'm a 21-year-old male student from Finland and I have hobbies such as furry art consumption, dancing alone in my room and watching long YouTube videos (even as long as 6 hours, thanks to...
  3. TroiaDelfino

    Hello From A Forever Zoo

    Hello, I'm Troia. I've been attracted to non-human animals for a long as I can remember, longer than other humans for sure. The first among them were dolphins and other cetaceans with many other species following after. These days I find most species sexually attractive to various degrees, but...
  4. Okami no Koibito

    40+M: Introduction

    I guess this has always been a part of me. As a kid growing up in the 80's I watched a lot of cartoons, and if you watched the cartoons I did, you know that female animal cartoons were drawn differently. I didn't have any pets in the house until I was late in my teens, and well, that's probably...
  5. tiredcoyote

    20TM, new here

    may as well make an intro i suppose? you can call me coyote, yote, or generally any nickname/variation of that. im a 20 y/o transman from washington state, and ive been generally attracted to animals since i could even feel attraction, though ive only recently come to terms with being a...
  6. isubmitforknots

    23 trans girl, USA

    Hi all! Im a 23 yr old trans girl from the USA whos just checking stuff out! I am interested in zoo/beast PURELY AS FANTASY (plz do not invite me to engage in an irl experience), but in terms of fantasy i fucking love it. I prefer knots/canines to anything else, but im always willing to try...
  7. qwertyman

    Hello friends! Rhode Island here, finally getting around to my introduction.

    Hello friends. I am as of writing this 28 year old guy, currently living in Rhode Island. I am pan/bi and a zoo, and I have been those for longer than I have had the words to give those feelings names. I usually say I'm bi because it's easier to explain and let's be honest the bi flag looks way...
  8. aridome82

    30 enby looking for friends :)

    I did an intro when I first started but I didn’t get many replies so I thought I’d try again. Hi I’m Ari, I’m non binary (afab) who just got into loving zoo this year! I actually was always a little interested in zoo but it wasn’t until I tried a life cast doggie dildo that made me head over...
  9. J

    Hello, just another introduction

    Hello, I'm not sure how long these should be, but I'd like to say that I'm glad I joined this forum, I've heard a lot about it, but have been nervous to join till now, I don't think i'll post anything too personal, though I will say that I have 0 experience in this fetish, and my curiosity has...
  10. RetrieverOfWomen

    23M EST Gang

    I would assume most people don't care that another sausage is joining the forums but I didn't wanna continue posting without an introduction. From all the threads I have read everyone seems super nice, makes sense since were all part of a group together. Love the Love. I personally am not...
  11. EmmieBaby

    18 Trans UK

    Hii! Nice to meet you all :3 I'm a trans girl from the UK. I don't have much experience other than being licked by a dog, but I want to get more~ Hoping this place can help me! :3 If you would like a pic, i can send one of me! :3
  12. Delphi


    Hiya I'm Delphi, or Del for short. I am Irish and afab. I haven't had any zoo experiences yet but I'd love to try in the future, specifically with dogs or horses. I've had an interest in such things ever since I was young, just never had any male pets lol. Dunno what else to say lmao
  13. goob3590

    New to this!

    First post here, been super nervous to post anything but thought why not give it a try since people here seem friendly :)
  14. Scratty

    Greetings from Scandinavia

    Hello there. I'm a guy in my late 30s! I don't find female animals attractive. But I like it when girls interact with dogs or horses. Even rodents in some regards! I don't know if there is a special word for the type of guy I am. But that's me anyway! I'm not looking for anything special on...
  15. Kevin666

    Greetings! :P

    I've been a lurker on the forums for a while, and didn't create an account in fears that my family might find out about it. Needless to say, temptation took the best of me in the end. So, hello! Greetings to all. Nice to meet you here :3
  16. ThenewguyNL

    A new guy

    Hi everyone. I'm a 42 year old guy from the Netherlands. I've had a little hands on experience but never had a chance to explore. I'm still very curious and now I'm here I hope to be able to talk to like minded People. I also write stories sometimes, based on my fantasies or the little...
  17. DoggyFemboy

    Lil intro ig!

    Heya! I guess you can call me Paprika here since i dont wanna give out my real name and i like Paprika as a name :3 Im currently a nsfw creator on twitter (no i wont give it out for safety) but i was dying to express my love(and lust ofc) for animals somewhere safely without being banned etc...
  18. TayTho

    Hi everyone!

    Heya, I'm pretty new here. I've been deciding for a while if I should sign up to this forum, but I finaly did it! My curiosity grew too big and I just had to do it. I'm completely new to this and only ever had fantasies. Let's see what new things I can learn. Hope to see you all in the comments!
  19. WolfLikeBehaviore

    Hello from IL

    Hi, Wolflikebehaviore from IL During my adolescence I moved to the country in a farm where I spent some summers there. I had some experience and I am fond of anal sex both giving and receiving. I hope to learn lots from this community.
  20. U

    21 M Unsure/wondering if I am a zoo or just into bestiality.

    Hi, I have been lurking around the site for the past weeks or so because I am unsure if I am a zoophille or I am just bestiality kink. I am sorry, if this comes off as rude.
  21. J

    Newbie! 24/M

    My fantasy is to be a huge Doberman. If I was a lucky boy, maybe I’d have a beautiful and open minded owner. ;) In SW TN.
  22. sparklefur420

    New England newbie

    Hi there! I’m a 27 year old female/non binary living in Massachusetts. I’ve been dating an ftm partner for the past 3 years who shares my love of knots and zoo, particularly with canines. I have had very mild experience but I am hoping to change that! I’ve always loved animals in every way and...
  23. WienerSchnitzel

    Belgian Wiener

    Hey everyone! Contrary to what my name suggests, I'm not German. Im a Belgian (East Flanders) 27M that's been into zoo ever since puberty. Unfortunately I live in a very conservative part of Europe, so no other people around to share experiences with. I hope to get in touch with likeminded...
  24. Caz Fechter

    Hello :)

    Hi I'm Caz you may also call me Will/William, I'm New here! Pleased to meet cha Hope everyone's having a great day so far or evening whenever it is you are reading this, I will probably for the most part just lurk around maybe leave a comment or two. Hmm not quite sure what else to include I...
  25. montanabear

    Cake day

    I noticed I missed my one year on the site just a few days ago but I hadn’t ever posted an introduction here, so let’s finally get to it! I’m mid-20M from Montana but in the midwest for school. I’ve been sure of my zooey-ness for only a couple years, but I’ve been questioning it through my...
  26. 7

    New UK

    Not new to browsing zoo stuff, and had been on here a few years back on an account I since forgot the details for... I'm 23M, pan and based in the UK, open to chat. It's nice to meet you all :)
  27. Sub_teefje

    Freshly arrived here!

    Hey all, Freshly arrived today i would love to introduce myself to yall. I am a 31yr Female, Short (4.9 for the Americans, 150cm for EU). I am a bit heavier built with quite the ass, if i may say so. I absolutely love to be dominated/used in good understanding. I am in a long distance open...
  28. B

    Long time lurker, first time poster

    Finally got the courage to post my first thread! Lurking the forum I find this to be a very sexy and fun community. Excited to interact with many of you. As for background: Male, 30s, fit (gotta keep the wife happy or the dog gets all of the attention), not sure how I fell into the fetish but...
  29. Twin cities dog lover

    New to the community, happy to meet you!

    Hello! I’ve been interested in zoo culture for a long time now and for almost all of it felt ashamed of how I felt towards animals due to public views. But I’m finally accepting myself for who I am and want to be a part of the community. So I’ll hopefully be around a lot and I’d love to talk...
  30. KnottyF3mboy

    Hello everyone

    Hey there I am a femboy who really loves being knotted. I have only tried toys but lately I've been wanting the real thing. I am in my early 20's and I hope your day goes well