1. H

    Howdy Horse Lovers

    Howdy howdy, I'm new here! My name basically says it all! Would love to chat with you all, especially those who enjoy a nice, meaty stallion cock like I do!~
  2. Djungelskog


    I figured I'd try and do a new intro now that I've gotten a good feel for the site. Been lurkin ever since joining for the most part, and finally feel like I wanna put myself out there to properly meet new people to actually connect with. I'm a bi guy lookin to get in touch with other zoos and...
  3. FattyPatty

    Hey there from Washington, 34f

    Hey all, excited to become a part of the community here. Love what I'm seeing so far. Feel free to PM if you want to talk. ;)
  4. S

    Hello! New here and so thankful <3

    Wanted to post and share my thoughts and say thank you so much :) Years ago when i first stumbled upon some zoo videos, never would have expected my admiration and attraction to grow more over time. i realized that there were people who shared a special bond with animals in a way that just...
  5. C

    Hello all, I came here to share PMVs!

    Already made my very first PMV post in the male w/ female dog porn section that has been well-received, but just thought I'd introduce myself in the general forum as well. Check it out here if bitch PMVs are your thing...
  6. WolfWitch

    Hello lovelies

    Hello all I'm 29f who is new to the forum and familiar with the kink but sadly never been able to participate. A friend of mine introduced me to this forum and I'm so happy to be here!!!
  7. V

    Just found out about this forum

    Hello!, I just found out about this forum a few days ago. I've always been curious about sex with animals, especially big beautiful muscular dogs. It makes me so horny thinking about submitting to a dog...on my hands and knees being ravaged by a strong beast who only cares about filling me up...
  8. noxn pon


    Hello, not to sure what to put here… 20yr/s old from the U.K. won’t say exactly where for obvious reasons. More or less a newcomer to zoo but became curious enough to start looking more into it a few months ago, so please excuse my naivety when/if I make comments. Been lurking here since...
  9. beardedwonder8491

    37/m New to Sharing, Seeking Friendship

    Hello, 37/M from Florida. First and foremost, i am here to meet like minded people and hopefully make friends. the sexual aspect comes later. I have been active since the age of 15/16. I am newish to the site and definitely new to sharing my interests. I have never really found anyone to be open...
  10. S

    An excited hello from a newly joined couple

    Hello there. We are a perfectly partnered duo (M:36yrs, F:29yrs (neutral pronoun)) residing in the northern Greater Seattle Area. He is bi, slim, and 6ft. They are average height with ample curvature. Both are zoophilic and looking to meet some like minded people! please dont hesitate to...
  11. N

    Been lurking but finally decided to introduce myself

    Hey guys! I am a 24 year old straight guy in central fl, not very experienced and I’m rather private online, im not particularly interested in anything for myself but I do love a kinky girl, I became interested in this community because I used to date a girl who used to love letting her dog get...
  12. runkhorn


    I've been lurking the porn section but wanted to say be sure to say Hi here while I'm still new. It's really nice to meet all yall and I'm super glad to be here. I'm 28, live in the woods and treasure every second I have with my dog. It feels really good to finally reach out to the community...
  13. L

    New to the zoo, Utah local. Any local friends?

    Howdy zoo friends. I'm brand new to this type of community, and happy to have found some like-minded folks to interact with. Local to Logan, Utah and very curious if there are any community members nearby. Would be nice to know I'm not alone in the valley. I don't partake in sex with animals...
  14. KnottedWings

    Hello knotty neighbors!

    Hi there folks, for security purposes you can call me WINGS ;P I've been a zoo since beastforum was around, then shortly afterwards a furry! I can't wait to get back to talking to fellow animal lovers <3 It's been way too long x.x Anyways! Happy to be here :D
  15. knottednellie


    I’m really new to this community and I hope to learn and explore! Maybe make a friend or two! Hope you have a good day! My name is nellie and I live with my pit bull/Labrador mix!
  16. Arnhem

    New Arrival

    Hey, my name is Arnhem. I'm not the most talkative person around but I've developed a growing interest in the zoophilia community and decided on joining this forum as a start. I hope to enjoy my time here! :gsd_happysmile:
  17. ObeyYourRobotOverlords!

    My Introduction!

    Hello! I just joined this forum and I hope ya'll would welcome me into your community! I don't have an bestiality experience myself, but videos of bestiality turn me on for some reason. Like, I don't feel anything sexual to animals but animals and people in sexual situations is incredibly hot...
  18. Riff Raff Ruff

    Learning to accept myself

    Hey y'all. I'm 25yrs old from the states and as per my therapist's advice I've decided to learn to accept myself, ALL of myself by joining this forum and chatt'n with others like me. I've been burying this part of myself for years and I've had enough. I've noticed my attraction to animals right...
  19. C

    Hello :3

    Hi there! I am Tess and I am from the Great White North! Happy to be here and nice to meet you 🤗🤗
  20. kdi69

    New(ish) around here

    Hello, all! I'm K., a mid-thirties, Pan, queer, genderfluid, redhead with a lengthy history of zoo feelings and behaviors. Ummm, interestingly (and sadly), I once interviewed Dr. Miletski for a proposed podcast I intended to do for a sex shop chain I was the marketing director for at the...
  21. MoreBeastThanMan

    Limewire days

    Hi all! I've been really enjoying my time here and reading some of the forum posts, so I thought I'd share a story of my own; my first zoo porn experience. I was about 12 or 13 years old (like so many lol), and I had just discovered Limewire. I was going a bit crazy downloading music and music...
  22. lihal86511

    AMA: Max (24) from Germany

    Hello boys and girls of ZooVille, after almost two years of lurking I have finally built up enough interest in this community to engage in an more active Zoophile lifestyle - starting with this introduction of myself: My name is Max, I'm a 24 year old PhD student and zoo-newb currently living...
  23. Tepenecz

    Old timer but new to the forum

    Hey everyone, nice to meet you. I'm new here, but definitely not new to the scene. I started reading back in the early 1990s on Usenet, spent some time hanging out with other furries in the SPASTIC club on FurryMUCK, and used to haunt the Internet Talkers like Sleepy's...
  24. S

    A newbie intro!

    Suppose I should introduce myself. I'm here on recommendation of a friend and user of this forum. They're one of maybe 2 or 3 people I've ever been comfortable enough to share details with that connect me to anything zoo. I very much prefer my anonymity here and will mostly lurk, but its nice...
  25. V


    Hey, I'm voyer22. I have no idea how to do something like this, but I am so glad to have found this community. I had this gorgeous ex who talked about having dreams about being pregnant to a horse, or when she introduced me to the dog partner she had had through early highschool. It started then...
  26. vixenkiss99

    Popping my 'zoo' cherry

    Hey everyone! I'm Vixen 22 from Leeds (not my real name) and I wanted to introduce myself on here. It's taken me so long to finally build up the courage to search and join a site like this as I was convinced I was some form of anomaly. I've been on and off addicted to watching vids when I was...
  27. 4FoxLov

    Hello from Canada!!

    Hey everyone :D Just a zoo-curious trans man (FtM) from Canada here! I'm so glad I found this forum to chat with likeminded people. Hope to see you guys around!
  28. ShyIntrigue

    Dipping My Toes

    Hey there. I'm 25, ftm, and have absolutely no experience with this community. I've always loved animals, they're one of the biggest parts of my life. I feel a draw to them, and I seem to be liked by even the meanest of pets, haha. But a few years ago, I realized I was also sexually attracted to...
  29. R


    Hello, I've been into zoo for a while and I stumbled upon this site while looking for some kissing videos, for some reason I find them really hot
  30. W

    Hello fellow zoos? (Very confused intro)

    Hello, I’m a 19 M from Canada. For years I’ve always had a pull towards animals but I really wasn’t sure why. I can connect with them super easy and I love them to bits until their gone (even then it’s tough to accept their gone). My current K9 companion (although he was neutered) means as much...