1. Sub_teefje

    Freshly arrived here!

    Hey all, Freshly arrived today i would love to introduce myself to yall. I am a 31yr Female, Short (4.9 for the Americans, 150cm for EU). I am a bit heavier built with quite the ass, if i may say so. I absolutely love to be dominated/used in good understanding. I am in a long distance open...
  2. B

    Long time lurker, first time poster

    Finally got the courage to post my first thread! Lurking the forum I find this to be a very sexy and fun community. Excited to interact with many of you. As for background: Male, 30s, fit (gotta keep the wife happy or the dog gets all of the attention), not sure how I fell into the fetish but...
  3. Twin cities dog lover

    New to the community, happy to meet you!

    Hello! I’ve been interested in zoo culture for a long time now and for almost all of it felt ashamed of how I felt towards animals due to public views. But I’m finally accepting myself for who I am and want to be a part of the community. So I’ll hopefully be around a lot and I’d love to talk...
  4. KnottyF3mboy

    Hello everyone

    Hey there I am a femboy who really loves being knotted. I have only tried toys but lately I've been wanting the real thing. I am in my early 20's and I hope your day goes well
  5. L

    New to this forum

    Good (insert time of day you are reading this), My name is Dexter, Im a straight 20's male, i am still trying to figure things out as far a my Zoo side but i enjoy the idea of brining pleasure to my male dog but have not gotten the courage to try and see if he is interested. Im also horribly...
  6. T

    Hi! new Transgirl here!

    hello! im a transgirl, 25 years old! i am new here and hoping that i can make my dream come through to have my first wild experience a good boy dog soon! until then, i will enjoy talking with anyone and just expressing this part of myself! have a great day!
  7. r_vk90


    I was surprised when i opened this site and understood tht I'm not so strange guy as i thought before.. Hope everyone is doing well
  8. JoostNL

    Hello like minded friends! I'm new here :)

    Heey all of you, After keeping my fetish surpressed for 27 years I'm finally discovering the benefits from giving in to it. I just love watching women getting mounted and totally losing control for a moment. I'm from the Netherlands (stereotype: tall, blue eyes, blonde). I have a great...
  9. mistka

    Hello all, I love that I found this community! ∞

    Hello! You may call me Mistka or just Mist or even Misty. A quick intro about myself: I'm a twenty-six year old woman living somewhere in this vast world. I have a canine partner, and we've been together for nearly four years, intimate for two. For these past couple of years I felt like I was...
  10. M

    Hello World!

    Heya! I just turned 18 and it finally let me create an account here! So yeah. Today's my Birthday! How is everyone doing on this fine day ^^
  11. D

    New in this place

    Hi. Openminded and curious man from Denmark. (54) Happy, that I finally found someone like me.
  12. brrrownies

    howdy! :D

    hi there, y'all can call me honey! im 24, a trans man, and i wanna be a golden retriever when i grow up! (joking obviously-) been interested in zoo stuff for a while and pretty much exclusively a dog guy! i have two of my own and even tho ive never done anything with them, they're pretty much...
  13. ukhscvhe

    Hi! I'm new here.

    Hallo! I'm super excited to be part of this community. I've been into beastiality for about 10 years, and it's nice to see such a large community online where I can be comfortable with my true self. So, a bit about me: I'm a Bi male, and I prefer dogs and horses. I grew up around both and fell...
  14. T

    27m US, MO

    Hello, You can just call me (TOB)y. Age 27 caucasion male of SW MO, Close Enough to hit the border of the fourstates. I'm a reader, writer, gamer, movie lover, and kinkster of most forms. My sexuality is best defined as open-to-a-lot, given I'll try nearly anything at least once. I know, to...
  15. dogsbitch


    Heyyy everyone hope your having a good day💕 I am 23 year old Femboy from south Ontario Canada. Looking to meet people and have fun I look forword to making vids to post for all of you❤️😈
  16. ShiresEastAO

    Enough lurking, hello ZooVille members!

    Hi everyone, I've perused this forum for quite some time, even before making an account. I want to start being more involved and communicating with other members of the community to make friends and also better understand how people have grown/developed knowing this side of themselves. I'm...
  17. ducksandduck

    Well, I’m here now

    Hello all! I’m pretty sure that a long time ago I heard someone mention something about beastiality, and I thought to myself, “pfft, right. Like I would ever be interested in that… I’m definitely gonna save myself till marriage or something.” Well, fast forward sometime later, and I am most...
  18. G

    I'm back after forgetting my passwords.

    Hi guys. I forgot what my password was for my account and my custom email, so I just decided to create a new account and email. Hi again, and I hope you all are doing well!
  19. BunnyBoyUsagi


    Hi there! I’m new to this site, so I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Bunny, a 21 year old trans guy who’s curious about the world of zoos and everything related. I’ve always had a special interest in animals, and since becoming an adult that’s starting to develop into something more. My main...
  20. ToBeContinued

    Howdy all!

    Just introducing myself! I'm 30(m) from the midwest, I'd say I'm a pretty laid back person. Looking to explore and learn more about my fantasies/interests! I have no experience and am mainly looking to chat with like minded people as of right now. Hope to hear from some of you soon! Anyway...
  21. muttface


    i stumbled across this site on accident the other day and i found myself constantly coming back out of curiosity. lately ive been riding the line between morbid curiosity and genuine sexual interest when it comes to this stuff and its been stressing me out and making me feel bad, so i figured...
  22. browniebaked

    Hi there!

    Been a lurker for a little while and want to start meeting new people, maybe see if the zoo lifestyle is for me. I also do art, so I might start doing zoo drawings if there's interest. Looking forward to talking and sharing stuff!
  23. nolimits92

    Hello everybody

    I just wanted to say hey! Looking forward to learning more and exploring my fantasies with like minded people! Don't have any experience in zoo but I've always been curious. I've never told anyone about it or talked about, so I'm looking to start small and go from there!
  24. L

    Hi everyone, I want to put my dick where a dog has been (dick pic) I'm from Mexico

    Hi everyone, i'm from Mexico City. I think k9 sluts are so hot. To be honest I'm a little bit jealous of those who had a wife that loves to be knotted. Those girls are the best. For now, one of my fantasies is to fuck a k9 girl. I started in this zoo world like 1 year ago, so let your advices...
  25. mryucky

    M 18 newbie

    Hi I'm 18 male, furry, and neurodivergent... Got the courage to come onto here finally! I think big dogs are the sweetest things, animals are always way easier to be around than people for me
  26. N

    Hello, I'm new here and I need help with my account name

    First of all, hello, not long ago I discovered this forum, I've always wanted to have a place where I can express myself, without being judged, I just wanted to know if it's possible to change the profile name, because I admit that I made this profile in a hurry, so if there is a way for me to...
  27. R


    I've been lurking for a while around these parts, and just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a 20 year old male, love animals and sniffing butts :P I wanted to join some of the chats, but all I get is: Your user group is unable to send PCs to anyone. Please notify the site admin of this message...
  28. M

    Hello, I'm new and nervous MTF

    Hi all, I'm on the eastern seaboard and really nervous about posting this. I never really considered myself a zoo despite occasionally watching irl zoo porn and frequently looking at furry zoo porn. Wasn't until I read this article that I discovered a few days ago that I realized a big part of...
  29. L

    Another new person!

    Hey all, I'm new to the forum and inexperienced in zoo. It would be hard for me to explain how exactly I'm into zoo, but I've had my thoughts since I was young. Hope to meet some friends here, even if nothing having to do with kink comes from it. Just want to talk to people who share the kink...
  30. ameliadapuppy

    Hello! im Amelia and looking to make friends and like learn more about what I love

    Sooo hi!! as the title says im looking for friends and people to learn from :) im still new to like talking about it like this but i think its time to explore! so other then dogs...I love games like final fantasy and other rpgs 😁 i love music but mostly metal 🥰 im getting into anime alot atm...