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  1. Distant_Shadow

    From Lurker to Introducing Myself to Get Started on Here

    Hello there to people who stumble upon my introduction. Been a lurker here for a while now on and off. I think it might be time for me to step out of my shell more and interact with more of the forum posts on here. I’ve been going back and forth with exploring this side of me and I might as...
  2. ummmm1234

    32 y/o M from San Diego: New to the site... but not to the zoo

    Had an ex that liked me to watch her with her dog. I must confess, I loved it. I listened to the nay sayers when we broke up and broke away from the community for a while, but read an article a while back and decided fuck what others think. So I am back in the kennel and ready to make friends....
  3. lutraphile

    26M Lurker from Scandinavia chiming in

    Hi! Figured out I should actually try to socialise somewhat, so decided it was time to say hello. I joined BF 8+ years ago i believe, and have also been a member of ZV for a while. I am a tad bit asocial and introverted, but to be completely frank I want to belong somewhere also, so I guess this...
  4. knottyornice

    Awkward Dork

    Howdy y'all, uhhhh new and shy user here, with no idea what the FUCK they're even doing, haha! Late 20s ftm (trans dude) in New England, who is thankfully married to a lovely lady Zoo! I'm a total zoo-virgin, and hey, I might never get farther than lurking and daydreaming, but that's okay...
  5. WildDog

    Hello from WildDog!

    Heyo all I've been on here a decent while now, and I figured I should post one of these. I haven't made many posts myself yet but I plan on changing that soon, as I do a fair amount of wildlife photography and I've certainly gotten a handful of interesting snaps over the years~ I'm in my 20s...
  6. J

    [M|18]Hey guys finally decided to do an introduciton

    I'm male, 18 and live in Germany. I teach German and English online. I have a LOT of kinks and am looking for an obedient sub. If you are interested just HMU in the PMs. If you want to know more about me just PM me and we'll have a chat. :D
  7. Dawnly

    Hello! Coal here (not real name) from VA!

    Hello! my name is coal and I'm a young man. and uhhhhhhhh well I've never had sex with an animal before. and I'm new here! (sorry I'm dry idk what to sayyyy)
  8. UnderTheFluff

    Hello everyone!

    I've been lurking here for a couple months, you may have seen me liking some posts. I figured now would be time for an introduction. I'm a 20 year old male zoo-exclusive. I've been zoo as long as I can remember. I've had a few real life zoo experiences so far, all with dogs. I've had several...
  9. S

    New Knotty Girl Ready to Say Hi!

    Hi! My name is Scarlet and I'm a 22 year old Pansexual college girl. I have black hair, hazel eyes, a petite tight little frame with a nice little bubble butt. I'm also dating a girl that's way too good for me. I am in two relationships, one with my beautiful IRL girlfriend that has no idea I'm...
  10. Druid

    Hey y'all! 20M

    I'm new to the site and to the scene, and I hope to make some like minded friends! Feel free to shoot me a message and I'll be happy to talk about whatever! I've never had any experience but I hope to change that, so if anyone is in the Georgia/Alabama area, I'm open to meet ups! I enjoy...
  11. J

    I’m not new

    I’ve always been a connoisseur just thought about finally coming out the shadows this time! I hope everyone as well as your companions are having a wonderful day/night ✌️
  12. Berryblue

    19 m, i dont talk much so introducing

    Hey all! I’m male 19 from NJ. I’ve come here to make friends with others like me, and though the biggest longshot, maybe a relationship? ? which i do doubt very highly. I’m very much into zoophilia and also interested in the psychological side of it! I dont really know what makes me attracted...
  13. Dante

    Ciao! I'm from the venetian area of Italy :)

    I never knew the proportions of this world, I stumbled upon it watching random porn and got me curious. What is the most precious suggestion you can give to a newbie of the forum? I already read the rules :)
  14. FF24

    First time ever in a zoo related community.

    Hi everyone. I'm a guy in my early 20's and I have not done anything zoo. I'm not sure if I consider myself a legit zoophile just yet but I sure want the chance to explore this community more. Let's just say I have an interesting set of interests and fetishes... For a start, my primary...
  15. Slutforanimals

    First introduction from this girl here :)

    Hi everyone, I'm a 23 year old girl who lives in central Europe. I consider myself a zoophile, and I am super into the idea of offering my body to a large, horny male animal, who's in the mood. I don't think I will end up doing it in real life, because I'd have to adopt and raise an animal. If...
  16. Lust4Zoo_bbw

    New here ~ 28 Female

    Hello y'all! ❤ I've been living in the shadows with my love of zoo, and was excited to find a community with lots of people who are also like-minded! I'm 28 years old, American, divorced, and have been active on and off for the last 16 years though I don't have much experience. I'm hoping that...
  17. Stuck-in-a-dream

    Gender, Sexual Orientation/Preference and Age

    This is a partial quote from another post: " does anyone else find it difficult to read a thread like this without knowing the sex/orientation of the posters? " I have been thinking about that very thing every since I joined. I think it would be interesting to know. I am sure I haven't titled...
  18. pes


    I have been here for a while and somehow I completely missed the introduction section. So nice to meet you all. I have been an exclusive zoophile for the past maybe 10 years active with an animal partner most of the time. Now that this is out of the way. I have been missing some sort of a...
  19. I

    Hello everyone, New to the site!

    Hello everyone! I'm 19, a male and I come from Cameroon. I'm pretty new to this community, so it's pleasure to meet you all! This gonna be a great journey for me!:D
  20. petite-pony

    Back in the Saddle (Again)

    Great big 'hello' to everyone here at ZV ...again! Looking to connect with new friends and find some old ones as well. You can call me Pony and I'm by no means new here but it's been so long I think I'll introduce myself again. I'm a horse and dog loving girl who enjoys talking to other like...
  21. Thirsty_Boy

    Just joined - Hello from Sweden (:

    Hey! Bisexual boy from Sweden here, musician/student. I'm always looking for kinky and open-minded people to chat with so feel free to message me if you want to ^^ I'm open to pretty much anything but I would love to meet some Swedes! I've been into zoo stuff since highschool but never really...
  22. FyuR

    Zoo Newbie 28m London

    Hi everyone. Been a fan of zoo for... let's just say a long time and came across this site (giggity) by accident so maybe it's a sign I need to talk to more folks and potentially fulfill some fantasies. I'm 28/m living in North London but I'm from Newcastle originally. I'm bi, I don't lean...
  23. E

    New to the site, but not to zoo

    Hey all! Im new to this site, discovered it a day ago or a bit more. Found it awesome to find such big collections of porn of the best kind. Anyways about me, im 28, very kinky and i would state myself as very experienced regarding zoo activities with equines aswell as canines. Id love to share...
  24. Slaveprecious

    Hello fellow knotties

    Hello everyone! I am new to zoosville(obviously lol) but not new to pet love. I have had fantasies at a very early age as I have always felt a strong attachment with animals(particularly k9). I had my first experience at 15 with a lab. I’m in my 20s and I have my Master/husband and have...
  25. bigbrother

    Hi everyone!

    I’ve been into animals for as long as I can remember, but I’ve never had the opportunity to really explore this part of my sexuality. It’s been so incredible to find this place to meet others with similar thoughts and desires. I’m thrilled to be here and to meet you all. :)
  26. oozelife

    Hello zeeples!

    I'm a 21 year old male in Chicago, quarantined like the rest of y'all. I've been a lurker on this for a while and I thought I'd begin taking part. Being attracted to animals is huge secret for me so I'm a bit nervous to open up about it, even on a site dedicated to it. I'm a fan of canines and...
  27. Casey_

    New here and bored, hit me up

    I'm an 18y/o zoo from Germany, I'm a chemist (only an apprentice tho) and im just looking for some chill convos.
  28. peachyknott

    i’ve missed this place!

    wow it’s so good to see another zoo site up and running! i was on here and beast forum under the same name with the same red bra avatar haha ? i’ve changed my pp up this time though, new year new beginnings right? ☺️
  29. Angie113

    Hey from New England

    Hey all, call me Angie. Ive been a zoophile most of my life. My former lovers were dogs and cats but i no longer sleep with animals. Im here to talk about shared zoo experiences, maybe make friends, and lurk.
  30. Fido’s Fertile Boy

    Hello from Chicago!

    Hey there! I’m ftm and from Chicago! Currently inactive but trying to get active. I’m looking for fellow zoos in my area and just in general!:) Talking to like minded people has helped me so much, it was getting depressing I thought I was the only with these feelings