1. A Plague Doctor

    I guess i should introduce my self

    physical description- I am a college age male, I am skinny but not very well toned (video games are fun, but so are hikes). My main preference is dogs, especially the knotting (idk what it is about knot that makes me so enthralled it just does). I will enjoy anything else and am fairly open...
  2. pebblemuncher

    New Zoo and Artist

    Hiya! New to this forum, but I've been into this particular kink for a while now. I'm also getting into doing nsfw art, so I might be posting some of my work here :) I'm particularly into Pokephilia, furry, and horses! I'm also hoping to get introduced to irl zoo stuff, which I've been...
  3. Beib12345

    Heey everyone 24F 🆕

    Heeey, I just wanted to introduce myself despite being on this site for 1 year!😅 I am 24 years old and I am a girl, curious to discover this world, I always like to learn new things and listen to the experiences of others. I like dogs and I have a male Rottweiler😘 I hope you can help me and...
  4. K

    Lurker introduction

    Hello, I'm a 21 year old bisexual transman from northeast USA. I've had an account for viewing purposes for a while, but now I want to interact more with the community and make friends :)
  5. H


    Hello everyone, I am glad to find people that like to love animals as much as I do, I absolutely love horses and sure am glad there’s an entire community here that loves them equally. Mares, stallions, perfect, specially fillies <3 I hope I can provide good discussions and be a good member...
  6. zetaoptimis

    New Here well, sorta

    Heyo o/, I'm a 22/m here from NJ raised in a heavily Christian home. I've been viewing this forum since I was pretty young but never thought to make an account or comment. I've been attracted to animals (more specifically dogs, horses, and sheep) ever since I was 13. I came across bestiality...
  7. GoopeyMoose

    Hows it going! New to Zooville, Not To Zoo.

    Well, i guess ill just give a little intro im 30, Male, Bi, and pretty heavily zoo. have been for a very long time. I was homeschooled in MD, grew up on a horse farm and had plenty of horses, rode competitively for years. Dressage, Western, Hunter Jumping, Showmanship. Was very outdoorsy and...
  8. P

    From the top

    Hello! I‘m relatively new and wanted to say hey. Would enjoy chattin about interests and experiences that's not a rule violation. I’m a bit shy online but grow out of it in time. Im a late 20’s guy, gay for 2 and 4 leggers, and excited about connecting with like minds here. I enjoy anime...
  9. MoreBeastThanMan22

    I'm Back!

    Hey guys, I signed out of my old account by accident while clearing browser history and haven't been able to get back in, so here's my new account. Hope to reconnect with everyone I was talking to! @TammCa @d7art @EllyDutchMom & others whom's usernames I don't remember.
  10. babygirl21

    lurker here just trying to introduce herself

    I've been a lurker on here for quite a while, but i figure its about time for me to introduce myself! hi everyone, im a 25 year old female who loves doggy cock, cum and pussy! im also very into mare pussy as well :) thats enough about me, i hope to meet some of you soon! thank you for reading :)
  11. mrsnuse

    Hello world!

    Hi all! Finally got around to making a mail account I could use on this site. Been meaning to join for a while, but life has gotten in the way. M30 from scandi. I've been interested in the lifestyle for a long time, and the acceptance came after playing some games featuring zoophilia as a...
  12. Trajans_tofu

    Hiya perverts!

    29m here. I'm vegan, if you're into that.
  13. Aussieknottyslut

    Aussie newbie

    Hi all, just wanted to pop in and say hi. Am new to here and hoping to have lots of fun. Btw, am always bad at intros, lol. Pic for interest
  14. rainbowzluzhy

    New me new introduction

    I've been dead here until recently and I've changed a lot since the past, I know I started some shit on here but for the time being I'm staying away from the dumpster fire since there's a lot of transphobia and stuff ☠️☠️☠️ So hello: I'm a cartoonist and a furry, I go by any pronouns and I'm a...
  15. skullrat

    Woof. (Hi.)

    Hello everyone, I'm a gay furry who slowly morphed into a feral lover, and then again to a dog lover. I've never actually been with a canine since I'm allergic, funnily enough, but Christ do they turn me on. I see a lot of you guys are dealing with some guilt, as am I which might be a little...
  16. acuriouslurker

    Appreciation & introduction post

    Hey, 25M newbie here, who was supposed to only lurk for a few moments out of curiosity and then vanish, but here I am. Just wanted to take a second to appreciate forum girls who are horny enough and brave enough to share their content, which, dare I say makes some of us just a tad happier and...
  17. F

    Hey there out of Germany

    Heyya, I finnaly found the Introductions section so I decided to introduce me Hey, I am SaphireFluff I am new to the Furry and Zoofandom, I am 18 years old and I live in Germany. I am a selftought Software Developer and have a cat my favorite dog breed is Golden retriever and Huskys. I'm here...
  18. D

    new and quiet

    hello. you may call me dph. i am 21. i'm very closeted about my attarction to animals, as i do not wish to lose relationships in my life, but things have slowly escilated to a point where it's difficult to exist without aknowledging it in some level or having a place to be open about things...
  19. H

    Howdy Horse Lovers

    Howdy howdy, I'm new here! My name basically says it all! Would love to chat with you all, especially those who enjoy a nice, meaty stallion cock like I do!~
  20. Djungelskog


    I figured I'd try and do a new intro now that I've gotten a good feel for the site. Been lurkin ever since joining for the most part, and finally feel like I wanna put myself out there to properly meet new people to actually connect with. I'm a bi guy lookin to get in touch with other zoos and...
  21. FattyPatty

    Hey there from Washington, 34f

    Hey all, excited to become a part of the community here. Love what I'm seeing so far. Feel free to PM if you want to talk. ;)
  22. S

    Hello! New here and so thankful <3

    Wanted to post and share my thoughts and say thank you so much :) Years ago when i first stumbled upon some zoo videos, never would have expected my admiration and attraction to grow more over time. i realized that there were people who shared a special bond with animals in a way that just...
  23. C

    Hello all, I came here to share PMVs!

    Already made my very first PMV post in the male w/ female dog porn section that has been well-received, but just thought I'd introduce myself in the general forum as well. Check it out here if bitch PMVs are your thing...
  24. WolfWitch

    Hello lovelies

    Hello all I'm 29f who is new to the forum and familiar with the kink but sadly never been able to participate. A friend of mine introduced me to this forum and I'm so happy to be here!!!
  25. V

    Just found out about this forum

    Hello!, I just found out about this forum a few days ago. I've always been curious about sex with animals, especially big beautiful muscular dogs. It makes me so horny thinking about submitting to a dog...on my hands and knees being ravaged by a strong beast who only cares about filling me up...
  26. noxn pon


    Hello, not to sure what to put here… 20yr/s old from the U.K. won’t say exactly where for obvious reasons. More or less a newcomer to zoo but became curious enough to start looking more into it a few months ago, so please excuse my naivety when/if I make comments. Been lurking here since...
  27. beardedwonder8491

    37/m New to Sharing, Seeking Friendship

    Hello, 37/M from Florida. First and foremost, i am here to meet like minded people and hopefully make friends. the sexual aspect comes later. I have been active since the age of 15/16. I am newish to the site and definitely new to sharing my interests. I have never really found anyone to be open...
  28. Sate&Sinder

    An excited hello from a newly joined couple

    Hello there. We are a perfectly partnered duo (M:36yrs, F:29yrs (neutral pronoun)) residing in the northern Greater Seattle Area. He is bi, slim, and 6ft. They are average height with ample curvature. Both are zoophilic and looking to meet some like minded people! please dont hesitate to...
  29. N

    Been lurking but finally decided to introduce myself

    Hey guys! I am a 24 year old straight guy in central fl, not very experienced and I’m rather private online, im not particularly interested in anything for myself but I do love a kinky girl, I became interested in this community because I used to date a girl who used to love letting her dog get...
  30. runkhorn


    I've been lurking the porn section but wanted to say be sure to say Hi here while I'm still new. It's really nice to meet all yall and I'm super glad to be here. I'm 28, live in the woods and treasure every second I have with my dog. It feels really good to finally reach out to the community...