1. L

    Warm hello from Finland

    Hi! I'm 30 years old male from Finland. My labels are straight, bi-curious, and I've been into dogs and curious about other animals as well ever since I hit puberty. Never had an animal partner, but it is something I plan to do some time in the future. Very happy to find this forum and...
  2. B

    hi :)

    Hi just turned 23 im not very good at talking about myself so jea im interested in Horses and dogy i personally own a Hovawart. i am from the wonderful bavaria Germany and im happy to share some good pics and clips of my dog in the near future im looking to have a wonderful time here chatting...
  3. F


    Hi everyone, I’m Alex, I’m 23 years and I grew up in Canada and currently work in customer service for a online clothing retail company. I found about my interest in animals when I was growing up on a stud farm and now, here I am, trying to find like minded people to talk to.
  4. D

    Introducing myself - 27m Australia

    Hey everyone! I'm new here, hoping to chat (once I get permissions) & get to know like minded people. I've been curious about beast since a teen, though struggled for a long time with understanding & coming to terms with it. Having gone back & forth for so long without really reaching out to...
  5. P

    New here! Saying Hi!

    Hello! I am new here and introducing myself. Don't have any experience yet, but I am very curious and wanting!!
  6. BullGod

    31 / M / MD

    Greetings! Pansexual Top and Zoo-virgin here, highly curious about content and culture. I've lurked tube-sites for years now and have finally made the plunge into a community. I've recently gotten into creating zoo art, so that's predominately what I'll be posting. I look forward to interacting...
  7. ζoo's toon'z

    introduction post

    hello! i go by he/they and i'm a zoo exclusive cartoonist you can call me as toon or mick, i really don't mind activist and advocate for zoosexuality furry and stoner i mainly vibe and play video games lmao therian and fictionkin left wing anarchist punk autistic and generally quiet that's all...
  8. R

    26 M hoping to explore

    Wisconsin furry with a partial fursuit. Been a zoo and a furry since I was a teen but haven't ever done anything with it and never really found any community for it. Would like to do more but for now just hoping to meet new people of a like mind.
  9. C

    29 M Zoo4Lyfe

    I’ve been interested in zoo since I could remember, but I’m finally deciding to admit that to myself and now anyone reading. I’m here to educate myself, find Texas friends, and hopefully a partner. Hello everybody :3 I’m in Austin, would love to meet up and chat. Pansexual af
  10. hhslkb


    Hey everyone, l’m a 18yo bisexual male from the midwestern, i don’t own any dogs as of now, and I'm trying to connect with more people. I came across this website while looking for more group chats to join and i hope i could get into a few in the near future but for now i’m glad you could learn...
  11. K9jack

    Introducing myself

    Hi everyone on this lovely forum! I'm male, definitely 40+ years old, own two dogs, one female (not active) and one male (intact) large breed dog that I hope to train soon enough. I used to be active with my previous dog whom I unfortunately had to put to sleep last year, so even though the new...
  12. wishingbone11

    A New challenger has appeared!

    Hey! All! New gamer-zoo to the village... I don't tend to get too much into detail but I do get into a lot of 3D stuff such as Blender and DAZ3D, It's nice to see you all!
  13. subbybiguy1203

    Hiya 👋

    19 Bisexual guy here, just kinda chilling and looking for my first experience, in the DFW/HEB area of Texas, more of a bottom, open to nearly anything and looking to explore.
  14. shad0w

    hey everyone! 20 y/o aFab enby from the U.K.

    Hey everyone! I wanted to introduce myself- My names shadow and I’m 20 years old, afab enby from the south of the U.K. I’ve been lurking around these forums and engaging in the content for a while but I’m quite new to this. I’m looking to chat and meet likeminded people, learn more and maybe...
  15. S

    New user

    Heya, my name's Mary. I'm a trans girl who honestly was initially planning on just lurking since I don't really have much to contribute but I really wanted to join the otter group as they're my favorite animals and the 10 posts rule kinda messed with that plan (not complaining, I more than...
  16. T

    I’ve lurked for to long

    Good morning/ afternoon/evening everyone. I’m new but I’ve lurked around the site the last couple of day’s and said “fuck it, it’s time to say hi. I’m a 31 M that lives on the west coast of the US. I’m heavily into BDSM and been a zoo for about 4 years. I look forward to sharing the experience...
  17. Mia_Velvetpaw

    Hello (✿◠‿◠)

    Hello Everyone, My name is Mia, 22 years old, from Austria. I'm here to meet people who have the same love & passion as me. I'm a dog-sitter with a deep love for Dog's and want to meet other people to exchange our experience. I want to talk about my love & sexual relation to dogs here, and make...
  18. L

    New Lobo here

    Hi! I'm Lobo91… a 31 y/o male from Germany who got interest in animals since I was a child. Started to do research in Social behavior of animals in school and later at my free time and noticed that the border of interspecial Love and Sex is fluid. My Personal interests are bigger female dogs...
  19. A

    Intro post/question

    Hey there, I'm Alex. I'm new to this site so just wanted to make an intro post. And also aks a question. What is your favorite animal you've sucked/fucked and how was it? Describe either in detail or just give a short answer, I'm just so curious!
  20. F

    Just wanted to introduce myself (Dutch/M)

    I just found out about this amazing community and I just had to join. Zoo has always been a guilty pleasure of mine to watch and to be able to indulge and share with like minded people is something amazing I can't wait to be a part of. Anyway, I just wanted tell you all a bit about myself and...
  21. Knotted Woozle

    Hello! I like animals! A lot!

    Hi everyone! I'm Woozle, at least online, but all my friends just call me "that one dude". I like making love to dogs. I've known I was into dogs for pretty much my whole life and have been part of various online zoo communities for a while and I'm excited to get back to it after a while away...
  22. TG9962

    Intro I guess

    I am a 18 year old from the uk very new to zoo stuff. I got bored of the horny telegram chats for zoo stuff and I wanted to see a place that people liked more of a romantic relationship with there animals as I am more into that than the sexual side. Anyway if anyone has any questions I would...
  23. A Plague Doctor

    I guess i should introduce my self

    physical description- I am a college age male, I am skinny but not very well toned (video games are fun, but so are hikes). My main preference is dogs, especially the knotting (idk what it is about knot that makes me so enthralled it just does). I will enjoy anything else and am fairly open...
  24. pebblemuncher

    New Zoo and Artist

    Hiya! New to this forum, but I've been into this particular kink for a while now. I'm also getting into doing nsfw art, so I might be posting some of my work here :) I'm particularly into Pokephilia, furry, and horses! I'm also hoping to get introduced to irl zoo stuff, which I've been...
  25. Beib12345

    Heey everyone 24F 🆕

    Heeey, I just wanted to introduce myself despite being on this site for 1 year!😅 I am 24 years old and I am a girl, curious to discover this world, I always like to learn new things and listen to the experiences of others. I like dogs and I have a male Rottweiler😘 I hope you can help me and...
  26. K

    Lurker introduction

    Hello, I'm a 21 year old bisexual transman from northeast USA. I've had an account for viewing purposes for a while, but now I want to interact more with the community and make friends :)
  27. H


    Hello everyone, I am glad to find people that like to love animals as much as I do, I absolutely love horses and sure am glad there’s an entire community here that loves them equally. Mares, stallions, perfect, specially fillies <3 I hope I can provide good discussions and be a good member...
  28. zetaoptimis

    New Here well, sorta

    Heyo o/, I'm a 22/m here from NJ raised in a heavily Christian home. I've been viewing this forum since I was pretty young but never thought to make an account or comment. I've been attracted to animals (more specifically dogs, horses, and sheep) ever since I was 13. I came across bestiality...
  29. GoopeyMoose

    Hows it going! New to Zooville, Not To Zoo.

    Well, i guess ill just give a little intro im 30, Male, Bi, and pretty heavily zoo. have been for a very long time. I was homeschooled in MD, grew up on a horse farm and had plenty of horses, rode competitively for years. Dressage, Western, Hunter Jumping, Showmanship. Was very outdoorsy and...
  30. P

    From the top

    Hello! I‘m relatively new and wanted to say hey. Would enjoy chattin about interests and experiences that's not a rule violation. I’m a bit shy online but grow out of it in time. Im a late 20’s guy, gay for 2 and 4 leggers, and excited about connecting with like minds here. I enjoy anime...