1. contentwarning999

    26, FTM, dog lover, midwest

    Hi! I’m Eliot. I’m 26 and in the Midwest USA, CST. I’m a queer trans man but still have a sweet little pussy. I’m interested in finding an owner of a big dog eventually, but am new to everything so be patient please 🥺. I’d also love to make friends! um um um not sure what else to put. I love...
  2. theplantmid

    Finally discovered this forum

    Hi everyone, I (27M) just recently discovered this forum and I decided that safely accepting my long time interests in zoophilia by means of interacting with others of similar interests is ultimately healthier and better for my mental wellbeing than ignoring, hating, and shaming this part of me...
  3. anonalias01

    Dog BJ fan intro - here to connect and share

    New to ZV, thanks for being here. Im bi male dog sucker mainly setup acct to connect with others and look at homemade vids/pics. If anyone wants to connect please feel free.
  4. stickycandy

    Intro - Artist & New to Zoo

    Hi everyone! I'm 24 m, looking for friends with similar interests and maybe my first zoo experience (although I've seen plenty of porn haha). I'm also an artist and I'd love to draw some zoo stuff! Looking forward to finding a good place here.
  5. S

    dog sucking fan - new user intro

    hi zoo family, i just discovered this community and cant wait to get to know you wonderful animal lovers. im especially interested in sucking dogs and chatting about it. i mainly watch zoo vids of hot girls sucking big dogs but open to other fets. Im mostly into girls but have a big fetish for...
  6. swallowdogcum

    New to ZV legacy user from original forum

    hi its a pleasure to sign up. im a mid-30's zoophile with my major interest being in sucking dogs and watching vids of hotties sucking dogs. some of my faves are sonya, arion, bilara, arkafterdark, donna, and lots more. love chatting and sharing pics/vids. i do have experience jerking/sucking...
  7. Tatelee19902024

    33yo Twink Male from Melbourne

    Hey, I'm based in Melb, hoping to find others in Melb area into the same things and create a furry and fun friendship :P
  8. R

    20 f newbie

    Hi! I’m very new to the zoo community. I like male and female dogs and horses, I’m pretty open to everything. I have session and tg if anyone wants to pm we can chat there or here. Looking to make new zoo friends and learn about the community!! Pls hit me up with tips and friendly advice!!
  9. B

    19F Puppy crazy and love talking about it

    Ive been wondering around here for about a month and would like to make a proper introduction to maybe meet some new folk. I’m 19 and born female and own a male husky/shepard mix. My goal is to grow my intimate life with him slowly, and as of now he eagerly eats my pussy and ass. Have a pup you...
  10. K

    Hey, 40m

    I've been lurking for some time around here, but lately I've been seeing a lot of pro and anti zoo fights on twitter which got me to thinking that I should just accept that I'm a zoo. Not that I'm going to be putting anything on my twitter bio, I don't want to invite a fight 😂 40, male...
  11. Z


    Realized I haven't written an intro yet. Been lurking for some time, enjoying the great content this site has to offer! Don't realy have much experience being zoo, only going down on the family bitch many years ago and letting her lick in my mouth. Enjoyed that quite a bit, but never had a dog...
  12. junkyard_knot

    Curious Transmasc looking for friends, chat

    I’m a non-binary trans man (he/they) who has been curious about K9 as long as I remember. It’s a secret I’ve never truly shared with anyone, save for hints to my partner. I’d love to chat, I have no experience just fantasies and curiosity. I’m open to friends, sharing fantasies, RP, or more.
  13. B

    Hello Everyone

    Hello, I am not new to zoophilia content however I am quiet new here! I have been into Zoo for a large portion of my life however I have never had any personal experiences. I am having hopes of being more proud of my zoosexuality since acceptance towards myself is quiet difficult for me. I...
  14. Wantspups

    WOOF~! It's nice to meet you!

    It was about time I made one of these~ Hello!👋 You can call me Jay (or simply "pup"). I'm 27, cis female, entirely a bottom bitch 💜, bi-sexual, an artist, and an avid lover of the canine variety. Someone on here recommended me to join and so far I've enjoyed my time here. It is nice to find a...
  15. AudreyAnalQueen

    Hello there;)

    Since i forgot the introduction post, im introducing myself before i forget again. Hello! Audrey here. You can call me Audrey or SourNectar (Sour) I'm a trans girl 🏳️‍⚧️, 23yo from Venezuela 🇻🇪. I know English and Spanish. Im willing to make friends and take advices towards my first zoo...
  16. G

    Hello! 23 M and 24 M couple

    Hello! My boyfriend and I go by the names Krypto (Bf 24) and Bolt (Me 23) and we found this cool website. We are an Arkansas couple and Krypto introduced me to this website so I wanted to check it out and have really like what I have found so far. It seems like a lot of fun. Krypto has been...
  17. superboyaiden

    23 y.o. Male, looking for buddies all alike!

    Hello! First ever actual introduction I’ve done so far, so bear with me. My name is Aiden, I’m 23, and I’m a zoophile. (More on the Male and Female Canine side.) I haven’t actually done it yet, considering I don’t have anyone around to do so, but I am looking forward to whenever the time comes...
  18. Doglover187

    My introduction

    Hello all I'm not exactly new here I've popped onto the site from time to time to enjoy the content and read up on stories and experiences up until then I've kinda just been a Lerker lol but figured I'd finally make an Introduction post. I'm mostly into dogs and horses thoe occasionally dip into...
  19. 3SmallFrys

    Obligatory Hello!

    Hey there! I’m sure everyone here does this XD but hello! I’m new here! Happy to meet y’all and ngl here mostly to see pics and vids LMAO but feel free to message me if you want, although may take a tiny bit for me to respond! I’m really into especially pokemon feral art and such, but horse...
  20. Nimbus

    Hellooo 24Ftm

    Hello! I’ve been lurkering on here for about 2 years now, I’ve been really nervous to reach out to fellow like-minded people but here we are!! Looking to connect with fellow New Englanders ahaha
  21. K

    New here

    Hiii im new and have fantasized for too long and have been dying for at least some discussion. Im 22, ftm, and i live in central oregon. I have no real life experience but im so very eager to have some! Also very new to forums lol
  22. kaleidoskull

    (20F Newbie!!)

    Hiii i'm new !! ^_^ i'm also someone whos new to zoophilia and bestiality in general, i'm not sure if im really "into" it but ive been very very very interested for a long time.. im specifically interested in dogs/canines and pigs.. and maybe horses? (horses are a lil scary haha im short id get...
  23. R

    A newbie to the sight

    Kind of just started out here not really sure as to what i'm looking for but I guess I'm just looking to meet like minded folks here on this page and see what this site got to offer not sure if anything will come out of this but I just figure I see what happens I'm 29 yr guy from California...
  24. Kinkyduo12

    New to the Forum

    We’re excited to be here. Adventurous couple 38 and in west coast just experienced our first Knot experience for the wife and excited to explore more.
  25. D

    New here

    Hello! I am new to the site. Actually, I’ve been lurking around for a while, but I just decided to post. I have two dogs, both female and both GSDs, and one likes sex more than the other one. This isn’t my primary language, so I’m sorry for any confusion or misspellings that may occur. Let’s...
  26. RaveRat

    Hii I don’t know where to start!

    Helo! I don’t exactly know where to start here, but I’ve been a zoo for a while now, I’ve had a few animal partners and I would love to be a part of a bigger community like this I just dunno where to start! If anyone could help me out I would super appreciate it! I go by Taylor and I live in...
  27. smpl103847

    30, NB, Pennsylvania; new to being open about this

    As the title says: 30 yrs old, black, chubby build, furry PA native, around Pittsburgh Metro Area; likely moving to Colorado sometime soon Masc-lean Non-binary (male at birth; He/They predominantly, but otherwise any is fine) Bisexual/pansexual for humans; straight for non-humans In an open...
  28. Dick_Dastardly69

    35M PDX, newbie and looking to make friends!

    As title states it would be great to meet some like minded individuals local or not! Feel free to DM I'd be happy to chat as I've ever only opened up about it to one person. Local friends would be even better! I've always been interested but managed to suppress it most my life. I'm super...
  29. S

    New to this

    Hi, I'm new here and to all of this. I've always thought about doing this sort of thing but never acted on it due to life. Now I am finally in the position to actually do it and I can't be more excited to go on this journey. I'm in Arizona and do not currently have a companion but I plan to soon.
  30. TheLustyOne

    Getting Out Of My Shell!

    Hello fellow animal lovers! I am TheLustyOne, fellow zoophile with multiple experiences under my belt. I hope to post some stories regarding my experiences, and I hope everyone here will enjoy them when I do. My sexual orientation is bisexual, and like males and females equally (Though I have...