1. Hassathra

    What vaccinations should you get to protect yourself when having sex with animals?

    What vaccinations should you get or give your pet to avoid the risk of contracting any diseases? And also, what can be done to get rid of or at least minimize the risk of catching worms? (When it comes to sex!)
  2. G

    normal for a dog's penis to smell and taste coppery/irony?

    Is it normal for a dog's penis to smell and taste very coppery/irony? I only have experience with a neutered male a while back and there was almost no smell or taste. Now I have my dog and he is intact so I'm curious if it is different. He is a 1.5 year old 125lb St. Bernard mix. Almost as soon...
  3. ZephyrZoo

    What are these little spots on my dog's skin?

    Hey everyone, So this is my girl, she's a young, female pitbull and she's always had one or two little bumps on her skin (she's always had sensitive skin issues) but lately I'm noticing more and more and at the moment it looks like she's been bitten by a thousand mosquitoes. I edited the...
  4. betapup


    So, I heard a story that a woman died from dog cum because she was allergic. I don't know if this is true, nor do I know what's different about dog cum then human that would cause that allergy. Curious if anyone else have heard of this and the best way to test if you have an allergy.
  5. E

    Neutered male dogs and retained sexual interest poll

    This is for people who have had male dogs who were neutered after becoming adults. Did he lose all interest, some interest, or was he largely unaffected? I'm not aware of any reliable data on the subject, so hoping we can get a rough idea by polling the community to see what anecdotal...
  6. justaguy99

    Do you workout/have fitness goals?

    Just curious who here likes to workout! If you have fiteness goals, things you strive for, what you like to do/how you like to workout!
  7. lisalaura

    Monkeypox Virus in Dogs

    Hey all So i've been reading that there have been the first possible cases of human to dog transmissions of the Monkeypox Virus. Should i be concerned about my health, and the health of my dog? Or other dogs i'm having conact with...
  8. B

    Stallions. How the fuck?…

    I mean I understand the appeal of horses, with there big muscles, and dominating body structure, but like… how are you guys able to handle them repeatedly without tearing up your vagina, womb and/or rectum? Some of y’all are crazy.
  9. blackwhitetiger

    Dog Penis Health

    some information that could be useful. Every part of the body can be injured or affected by disease, and this includes a dog’s penis. Problems affecting the penis are uncomfortable and may be a sign of a potentially serious health condition. This guide will help you determine if your dog’s...
  10. D

    Are dog owners required to neuter?

    I'm planning on adopting a puppy, sold by a private seller who recently had a litter of puppies on their farm. The pup I want to adopt has his shots but hasn't been neutered, and I want to know if there would be any repercussions to adopting him and keeping him intact? The owner doesn't plan...
  11. FloofyNewfie

    Things your dog should NOT be chewing on

    I initially posted this as a reply to a user on here, but I figure that that this information should be in a thread of it's own. Here are some things that your dog should NOT be chewing on nor playing with... 1) Rawhide - Dogs can chew off large pieces and swallow it whole. Leading to it...
  12. FloofyNewfie

    OSS and a resuced sex drive?

    So, for right now my Newfoundland girl is unaltered. I've been kicking around the idea about get an Ovary Sparing Spay done when she reaches the age of 6 (she's 3 right now) Even in the times when I am not constantly making love to her, she's always has a strong musky vaginal smell. I fear she...
  13. W

    That fear of breaking my dog’s dick

    My boy’s dick is pretty long, and I’ve always been a little paranoid about breaking it when we mate. Especially when we don’t knot, he sometimes turns quickly and puts himself into positions that seem dangerous. Am I the only one feeling that way? Is it even rational, and have you ever heard of...
  14. pes

    Dog tooth brushing and oral hygiene

    I brush my dog's teeth daily to keep him healthy. The process of teaching him how to do it took about 4 weeks but the whole thing is now voluntary and he lets me do it for a treat. He has not had a problem with bad breath since. And since kissing is a big part of our relationship, I am pretty...
  15. Kaksoipistededede

    Geldings intercoursing with Mares, good or bad?

    I heard conflicting views/arguments about geldings that have intercourse with mares. Is it good or bad for them? (Physically and psychologically) IMHO I believe they have fun doing it, otherwise they wouldn't do it. I don't know if i can view, what i found online, as non prejudiced, Is someone...
  16. G

    Heart Murmurs in Large Breed Puppies

    Hi everyone, This coming weekend I will be picking up my first fur baby! My family has owned plenty of dogs, but this one will be the first I am raising on my own. I picked my fur baby out of the littler when it was born and now that he is 8 weeks old he's ready to come home. The breeder and I...
  17. TogglesHappyZoo


    Zooier Than Thou has started a fundraiser to help a dog that was shot in the spine by a criminal who has faced no consequences. The good news is that there's hope for her to walk again. The bad news is that it will be expensive to get to that point. Please, please consider making an anonymous...