1. Tatelee19902024

    33yo Twink Male from Melbourne

    Hey, I'm based in Melb, hoping to find others in Melb area into the same things and create a furry and fun friendship :P
  2. sourlander

    My boy

    I just wanted to post a few pictures of my big boy Haniball. He is the darker one. And hes just my everything :) Maybe one day i will be brave enough to post my full face too.
  3. ConroyJack

    Zoophilia as same-species fantasy

    Does anyone here engage in zoophilia with an active fantasy, or wish, that they were the same species as the object of their affection? I hope this question doesn't sound ignorant. I'm fascinated with how people perceive and define their own sexuality and sexual identities. I've read a few...
  4. 6ay53551on

    just a kinky gay guy

    hi everyone. :) an european guy in in his early 30s. into men with dogs, preferably male ones. unfortunately no experience (yet), but i'd love to top a dog. i always enjoy chatting with with like-minded people so you can always message me. :)
  5. G

    Hello! 23 M and 24 M couple

    Hello! My boyfriend and I go by the names Krypto (Bf 24) and Bolt (Me 23) and we found this cool website. We are an Arkansas couple and Krypto introduced me to this website so I wanted to check it out and have really like what I have found so far. It seems like a lot of fun. Krypto has been...
  6. Z

    New Friends? :)

    Looking to make new friends with the same 🐕🐴 interest. Guys or girls I don’t mind! Gay here but open to more :)
  7. A

    new lurker here just curious about it

    Just a new lurker intruducing my self. Curious about it, looking to get a better sense of the community. Never done anything and don't feel like it, but i get horny for furry gay porn and for vids of guys getting fucked by knotts. I like to play furry games (bara/yaoi). Still feel guilty for...
  8. railgunsoun0620

    Grupo Telegram gay

    Estaba viendo que hay bastantes personas que han creado grupos zoo pero las mayorías son heteros o solo mujeres y con muchas reglas. El mío será más libre para compartir todo tipo de zoo y morbo tanto hetero como gay para los que se quieran unir manden su usuario de Telegram al privado
  9. gatomontes

    ¿Centro Americanos?

    Hola, thread para hacer amigos y conversar sobre nuestras pasiones y fantasias
  10. huskylover23

    New to the site

    Hey everyone new to the site but have been into zoo for as long as I can remember, 23 gay Male living in soca looking to make new friends and more if the opportunity arises, can’t wait to chat and make new friends
  11. L


    Anyone / owners with male stallion / k9 interested in meeting up?
  12. doggylover2006

    Quiero que me culee un perro

    Ptm, porque es tan difícil lograr encontrarse con alguien que tenga un perro de buen tamaño y que le guste el zoo, tengo un cuerpazo y no me importa que vean mientras lo hago con el perro, solo con que tenga un perro que me culee ya me basta, no importa si el tipo es feo, igual y no pienso en...
  13. S

    BDSM et zoo

    Bonjour, J'ai 50 ans, passif et soumis sur Marseille et j'aimerais savoir comment est considéré un soumis auquel le Maître ou la Maîtresse impose des saillies? Sachant que tous les protagonistes sont consentants, même si le soumis adore subir ce genre de pratique pour d'autres raisons que le...
  14. Sniffr_Pig


    How's it hanging? I'm 37yo gay guy from London. Have always had an attraction towards fit male K9s, I'll try anything twice
  15. ZV_CumSlut

    MX-Monterrey: Busco Perro y Cavallo

    Quien tiene oportunidades para introducirme a complacer su perro o caballo. Soy hombre blanco, pasivo
  16. R

    Men Who Have Been Fucked By Animals, What’s Your Story?

    I’m a lady who finds guys getting fucked by horses/dogs incredibly hot. I think I’ve read every story and watched every porn out there of a man being penetrated by a dog/horse. I’d love to hear your stories! <3
  17. jar16

    New from Orlando Florida

    Hello, I am new to the forum I live in Orlando Florida. I am a 32 year old gay male looking for friends with farm that have donkeys or horses. I am a male animal lover.
  18. oringzoo

    23 M new here

    Hello everyone, I’m a 23 yo guy who is very new to zoophilia. It started when there was a video that went around my school. It was about a man getting mounted by a big dog. I was very interested and wanted to see more so I started looking on my laptop for more vids. Now that I’m older I think...
  19. k9bro

    New Canadian Guy

    Hey everyone, Just signed up after learning about this place just minutes ago. I'm a gay Canadian guy with an interest in dogs exclusively (male and female). Outside of fun sexual stuff, I'm into exercise, games, geek shit. Looking forward to some fun chats in the forums with all of you. Cheers
  20. 2

    Gay couple in the south west looking for fun

    Hey, late 40s gay couple in the south west, one of us has had a few dog experiences, the other is very interested. Looking for mates and chats, and eventually meets with owners. Be good to chat with more experienced folk and anyone in the south west!
  21. T

    Gay Male now in MO from KS

    I can't remember if I introduced myself when I originally joined, but as I've recently moved since then, I figured a new introduction was in order. I'm now in NW Missouri about an hour from KC to the SE. I don't know if I'll meet anyone here, I didn't when I was in KS. But never know. Don't have...
  22. C

    Hello 👋🏻 24m new here

    Hello! I’m glad to have found this community. Curious how long it will take to upgrade from lurker status. I am not an owner, so I wonder if it will take a while because I don’t have a top to share pictures with
  23. cbrnth

    What is your sexual orientation?

    There is a much broader spectrum of sexual orientations than listed in this poll (which is limited), so please select any that you identify with and share other sexual orientations in the comments ❤️
  24. AmongusSUS

    Is it... better?

    What's the best position for you to get fucked by a dog?
  25. Prestigio98

    Student, New, from Germany

    Hey! I'm 24, Student, from south germany :) I'm gay, and new in this zoo-thing. I like dogs and welllll, i don't know what else to say, but i would like to meet and to talk with new people, maybe around my age (>31) . I'm really nice to everyone and i respect every opinion and kinks :D i would...
  26. flymolok9

    new in town

    hi one and all thought id drop by and introduce myself. im a 36 yearold gay lad from the south of the ul. very new to all things zoo and just want to get to know like minded people. feel free to say hi. hopefully cant make some friends that i can have soemthings in comman with
  27. ropervto

    People with non zoo partners, how do you handle your zoo self in the relationship?!

    Currently I’m in a relationship with this guy and I really do love him, but i can’t deny my zoo self. Part of me just wants to keep this to my self but sometimes I feel like I’m doing him wrong…I just don’t want to loose him tbh. How do y’all handle these feelings/situations?
  28. S

    New here.

    Hi, New and curious gay guy here. Curious about cookies and community! ;)
  29. alisacolato

    Gay men goes straight when it comes to zoo (mare/bitch pussy)

    Disclaimer: I don´t want to sound hutrful with this thread, I just don´t know how to describe it. But I want to know if anyone here identifies as gay man but likes females animals. For example if you don´t like women but you are into bitches and mares pussy. It´s weird for me to think about it...
  30. dgmtb

    Soy de Murcia y busco gente

    Hola a todos soy de Murcia y me gusta mucho el rollo de sexo con animales, busco gente con perros o caballos. No encuentro a nadie por la zona o cerca.