1. T


    Idk how to start. ouhm, first of All. I would like to know if anyone has experieces with knots in the ass. i mean... probaly yes. but ouhm, im pretty tight on the backdoor, and idc if it would even fit... Also, im not Sure, how it would affect my butt. what does it Change beeing knoted...
  2. Zhike

    Officially discussed bestiality with my boyfriend

    Gay male here. I've been with my boyfriend for a little over a month now, and when we first met it was through online messaging. We pretty quickly delved into kink discussion after the first time we jacked off together, and the question came up of "what's the most extreme or taboo thing you're...
  3. OwOshep

    Finding fellow canine lovers in the UK

    Just a male looking around for some fellow knot lovers, been a few years since I had to let my shepherd go so I've grown to crave the swell of a knot again
  4. Pyotr1745

    Has anyone tried anal with a Stallion?

    Greetings everyone. So for a bit of context, i'm bisexual, i love humans as equaly as animals put for zoo i really love horses over all. so as a bi horsezoo i´d like to have both stallions and mares to pleasure myself and also them, specially because horse anuses are amazing so i was wondering...
  5. A

    Looking to join some zoo telegram groups

    Hey there! I know my profile is pretty blank thats because im pretty new and don’t really know how to use this forum lol. Would love to chat with like minded pervs on telegram so just pm me your user and lets have fun(: ill be way more open there
  6. Z

    What does the inside texture of horse anus feel like?

    According to in this sub area it is "warm, wet, firm, and tight around the entrance", but what is the texture like when you are inside? There must be something you'll feel apart from the grip when moving in and out...
  7. tailholeluvr

    Rimming Dogs - How To and Safety?

    Hello! I am fairly new to accepting my sexuality and my non human attractions. I have never been with an animal beyond some fondling, licking and kissing as a little kid. But I would love to eventually with time have more experiences with animals. I am very attracted to horses and dogs, dogs...
  8. Doglover001

    porn/sex preferences

    I've noticed a heavy preference for female on animal and m/m and would like to see if its accurate or just confirmation bias.
  9. paradox123

    From Sweden

    Hi, 28 gay male from Sweden who's browsed zoo porn for a few years now. I'm active on two sites where you can share zoo porn. Wish to connect more with fellow zoophiles and finallt made an account here ^^
  10. knottyshep

    friend is about to take his first knot

    he doesnt use toys or butt play. hes going to be fucked by a pit with maybe 6-7inch dick, the width worries me. will there any problems for him?
  11. Ilyasha

    Есть желание познакомится с парнем, я парень, с Москвы...

    Хочу пазнакомится с парнем, и вместе иногда шалить. Я с Москвы, но ищу по все стране... работаю программистом и на себя, могу работать в любом месте и городе. Ты до 30 и не полный. Мне за 30 но выгляжу на 28. Пишите фото в личку. Не готов на встречу - не пиши. Фото мое.
  12. E minor


    Приветствую всех! Покидайте, пожалуйста, ссылки на порноистории о геях-зоофилах. Можно с собаками, можно с лошадьми, но главное - это два самца. Буду очень признателен)
  13. D

    Texas guys?

    Hey everyone! Just found the community and im so excited I'm not alone anymore!!!! :) anybody maybe wanna chat? I'm still sorta new :)