french kissing

  1. jacobainsworth257

    When did you first make out with a dog? And what was the biggest dog you have made out with? Longest time?

    Hello! I’m really uncertain of how To wird it, But Ive always been a massive fan of French kissing! If you have any stories do share or dm me, as I’m very curious!
  2. M

    Are you french kissing your fur friend ?

    Are you people french kissing your partner whenever you have 'fun' with them ? If yes, how does it feel or tastes like ? How was your first time doing it ? Anyway, the more detailed the better, pics or vids are welcome :p
  3. jacobainsworth257

    What would French kissing a cow+other animals feel like?

    I’m super curious to see if any of you folks might know what that might feel like? I know cow tongues are rough but the underside of their tongues.. 🤤 I might just wanna hear stories or something you guys may have had!
  4. trujillo94

    Anyone French kiss dogs?

    Drop pics or vids, here’s mine she really enjoys it.
  5. jakeo

    Big dog tongue fetish

    Surly I'm not the only one? Big wet dog tongue drives me crazy!
  6. jakeo

    Long, slobbering dog tongue... would you suck on it?

    I absolutely love big dog tongues and crazy about dog slobber! If a dog lets me... I'll hold its mouth open and suck its tongue into my mouth and swallow all the slobber... Once even swallowed/choked on a GSD's tongue. I have yet to find anyone else with this fetish. Are you out there? 😊
  7. D

    French kissing dogs. Sexy or not?

    I love french kissing dogs, but I know there are people who'll take a doggy cock in any hole but not his tongue.... Given how good it feels to kiss a dog, this seems inconsistent? Would love to hear more about this subtle difference in personal preferences. In my experience most young healthy...